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Helping People Experience the Sharp Edge of the Autistic Experience*

Helping People Experience the Sharp Edge of the Autistic Experience*


By John Shafthauer

The 27 March to 2 April has been Autism Awareness Week, with the 2 April also being Autism Awareness Day. As part of this, The National Autistic Society (NAS) released a video that recreates one of the sharpest edges of the autistic experience – sensory overload.

The NAS said about the video:

Almost everyone in the U.K. (99.5%) has heard of autism but, despite this, only 16% of autistic people and families think the public understands them. One year ago, we launched Too Much Information – our campaign to improve public understanding of autism.

The campaign has been amazingly successful so far – because so many people publicly backed it. But we have a long way to go until everyone understands. This World Autism Awareness Week, we need you to help even more people to get a real understanding of autism and how it affects autistic people.

Sometimes autistic people get too much information. That can mean they need more time to process information. And can mean people think they’re ‘weird’ or rude – or simply ignoring them.

Facing a world which doesn’t understand, our unnerving new film… takes you through how an autistic child experiences an overload of questions. It helps the viewer to understand what autism can feel like. And that’s pretty important to getting the public to better understand autism.


Sensory overload can be debilitating in many circumstances. I have experienced it myself as I am autistic. But my autistic son feels it a lot more intensely than I ever did.

Because of his difficulties processing information, doctors uniformly advised us that he would need one-to-one support in school. But the assessors disagreed when they assessed what level of special educational needs (SEN) he had. And our doctors told us their advice was likely ignored because of the funding cuts implemented by the coalition and Conservative governments.

This left us in a position in which we could either keep fighting for support that may never come, or pull our son out and homeschool him. There’s also been some argument about whether teaching assistants for SEN pupils are actually helpful. The reality of our situation is that in school my son was being taught with pupils a year younger than him and just about keeping up. We opted for homeschooling and he now has a grasp of scientific ideas that I don’t even understand. And he’s only eight years old.

It’s easy for the government to sweep aside people like my son because we appear to be a society that is only tolerant of disabilities when they are outwardly apparent. And this is why videos that help people to understand the complicated experiences some of us face are so important.


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Five Signs When a Man is Connected to his Heart*

Five Signs When a Man is Connected to his Heart*

Gamo People and Sacred Forests of Ethiopia

By Bryan Reeves

What Does it Take to Be a Real Man?

Many men think our power is in our brains or our balls.

Our rational brains are supposed to do all the figuring out, while our testosterone-filled balls supply the driving force.

Intelligence. Determination. Courage. Sheer force of will. These are the masculine convictions of our brains and our balls. And they’re absolutely valid and essential in their own way. But when used in isolation from our true power source for too long, they leave us dead inside, unable to deeply connect with life – including our intimate partners.

When I was a U.S. military officer, I was trained to use those masculine brains’n’balls convictions to accomplish whatever the mission; whatever the cost. After 10 years of operating purely on brains and balls alone, I was completely dead inside. I couldn’t really laugh. I couldn’t at all cry. I had an amazing girlfriend I couldn’t really love. I couldn’t feel much of anything.

I didn’t realize then that the military takes to the extreme what modern culture idolizes: the prioritization of rationality over emotion; the worship of intellectual understanding over embodied knowing. The military intentionally disconnects the brains and balls from embodied knowing because that’s our direct connection to the actual, tangible, visceral life we’re immersed in every moment, regardless of what our brains have to say about it.

The military knows that you can’t take life when you feel connected to life.

The military knows that you can’t take life when you feel connected to life

The military knows that you can’t take life when you feel connected to life


Men, particularly, routinely deny this powerful, embodied connection to life that we cannot experience through our thinking brains alone. Yet this power centre is what enables us to deeply feel our own lives, to feel the world, and to then create truly extraordinary relationships with other people and lives in which we thrive every day.

Truly, when we live from this innate power source which connects us to life itself, we can make entire worlds thrive. This power source isn’t in our brains or our balls. It’s in the heart.

We men tend to think of ‘heart’ as merely something to help us win the game or appeal to a woman’s romantic side. That’s like thinking the sun is only good for heating bath water.

A man genuinely connected to his heart, who lives each day with his brain and balls in proper service to his heart’s deeper wisdom, is a man that breathes life into the world. He can inspire and lift up the world, even if it’s only one person’s world.

How does a man connected to his heart show up every day, not just when his team is down 5 points, with only a minute remaining? What does such a man look like?

1) He’s Deeply Patient

With himself. With others. With life.

When we’re connected to our hearts, we’re able to be patient with, and authentically love, life, ourselves and other people, even when they don’t do what we want them to do – which is almost always.

Woman Wearing "Tudung," or Headscarf

When we are connected with our hearts and life, we can easily cultivate patience


In the military, I was so disconnected from my heart that I hated life. I was imprisoned in my brain. Sex was my only escape. The day I left base for the last time, I headed for the open road with only a backpack and pent-up rage. Little did I know, I was also heading into the darkest night my soul has ever experienced.

That dark night waxed and waned for 12 years and involved angry women and drugs and heartbreak and financial ruin. I was always impatient for the rest of the world to change so I could finally feel good, and I acted out in countless ways to make it change. By its end, my ego had been gutted so profoundly, as I finally had to accept just how little I am in control of anything, or anyone, and just how messy life is; no matter what I do to keep it clean. With every smash against the rocks I took, every despairing night and furious girlfriend, the heavy armour surrounding my heart cracked and weakened, until I gradually discovered an abiding peace and laughter I had never felt in my body before.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi

When I finally emerged from that dark night, I found myself in a new reality that showed me we are all innocent in our ignorance. We are each doing the best we can, all the time, even when it doesn’t look that way. If we truly knew how to do things better, we would.

That one insight gave me access to an embodied patience with people, myself, with life, that I had never known; that no one ever taught me.

That insight was borne of a freshly opened heart.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi

“The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi

“The wound is the place where the light enters you. ~ Rumi

Granted, my patience remains a work in progress, for my brain and my balls still constantly seek to assert their authority.

But my heart is no longer a slave to my brain or my balls. I can move powerfully towards my true heart’s desire – whether that be a woman or a trip to the tropics – with patience enough to allow life its surprise curve balls. Curve balls are half the fun, anyway.

That’s another way you can recognize a man of heart; he makes most things fun…

2) He Laughs Easily and Authentically

I didn’t really know laughter until I was well into my 30s. Oh, I laughed plenty before then. But I took myself, and life, so seriously that my laughter was shallow and intellectual. But I didn’t know that until the wisdom in my heart started showing me the wild beauty in all things.

Rainer Maria Rilke wrote:

“If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches; for the Creator, there is no poverty.

My intellect has always been predisposed to lie to me, by telling me things are worse than they really are. My brain usually says I’ve got to work harder, be better, and do more just to survive; never mind thrive. It says the same about you. And my balls, well, they’re never satisfied for long.

It’s hard to fully let go and surrender to laughter when I believe I’m not yet good enough…or that you aren’t…or that life isn’t.

My heart, on the other hand, is perfectly content to enjoy this moment. It can find the innocence in most any situation, and it can laugh effortlessly at the crazy divine comedy that is life. The heart doesn’t laugh in shallow arrogance through a facade of “I’m better and smarter than you”.

True laughter comes from the heart

True laughter comes from the heart


A man connected to his heart knows we’re all made of the same stuff underneath the surface gloss. The laughter that erupts from that place is profound; divine. It’s like the sound of love tickling itself.

3) He’s Kind to the World

A man connected to his heart is kind to everyone. That doesn’t mean he likes everyone. It doesn’t mean he tolerates everyone. He might even put someone in jail if they prove to threaten the world he envisions. But he can always see the innocence that leads to ignorant, even awful, behavior.

A man connected to his heart can hold compassion for the worst, even as he locks the cell door.

I saw this in my relationships with women who acted in destructive ways, because they did not know how to effectively communicate their pain to me. Stuck in my head, I judged and fought them for their immature behavior, while ignoring the pain at their core.

With an open heart, I’m more able to stay kind with an intimate partner who’s acting out her pain.

And yes, like most things, it’s work in progress.

4) He’s Fully Present

I hear this all the time from women, that their men don’t seem to be present with them.

What does that even mean?

Being fully present is a full-body sport: it requires participation of the head, the heart, AND the balls. When a man lives in his head or his balls alone, his partner won’t feel his presence. One way it reveals itself is through the quality of his listening.

We can feel when a person is fully present with us

When I was trapped in the brain-ball matrix, I would only listen to a girlfriend with the singular intent of evaluating to respond. I wanted to keep our thoughts in agreement because that’s the only place I figured peace of mind – and sex – could happen. My attempt to intellectualize every argument, however, mostly created chaos.

When a man connected to his heart listens, he listens with his entire body (which includes his brain and his balls). He doesn’t just listen for a way into the outcome he wants. He listens with his whole body, for the deeper message beneath the words. He listens at the level of the heart, where the real truth often resides.

His partner can feel this – his presence – when he breathes deeply and listens with his whole body.

5) He’s Passionately Living His True Purpose

The work I did in the military felt completely out of alignment with my true purpose. I was miserable. The day I left, I instinctively knew to run fast and run far. Not from the military, but from living inauthentically.

The pain of that situation – where I had money, prestige, comfort, respect, and misery – left me with no choice but to seek my true purpose in life, wherever that journey would take me.

That’s why I went through such darkness.

A man on his path is a man of heart

A man on his path is a man of heart


To find my path, I had to break the stranglehold my brain and balls had on my heart. They didn’t surrender graciously.

A man connected to his heart lives the truth inside that heart, whatever it looks like. If he’s doing work he doesn’t love, he’s doing it for bigger reasons driven by his authentic heart; perhaps to take care of his family or serve his community.

In my case, after years of running from the imaginary security of a paycheck, in search of authentic work aligned with my heart’s desire, I finally found it in writing and coaching. I’m really good at both, and I make a meaningful difference in people’s lives every day.

But I would never have come this far if not for the immense power in my heart.


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Deportations Begin Under Trump’s Regime*

Deportations Begin Under Trump’s Regime*

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos may have become the first person to be deported due to Trump’s executive order on immigration. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2017 while completing a routine immigration check-in, Garcia de Rayos was taken into custody; she was deported to Mexico the next day.

Guadalupe had met with immigration officials yearly since 2009, when she was released after serving six months in jail (three months in jail and three more months in an Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility). She was initially apprehended in a workplace raid that her lawyers maintain was found to be unconstitutional.

Garcia de Rayos’ supporters quickly rallied around her arrest. On Wednesday evening Puente, a grassroots migrant justice organization based in Phoenix, organized a demonstration at the ICE facility where Garcia was being held. In attendance were her husband and her teenage children. When asked by KNXV whether she had anything to say to President Trump, daughter Jaqueline responded:

I’d ask him, ‘Why he would want to take her from me?’ She hasn’t done anything wrong and I’m not scared of him.

Later that evening seven people were arrested for attempting to physically block the ICE bus from transporting her to Nogales, Sonora.

Protesters blocking Central Ave., main thoroughfare in Phoenix. Police in helicopter saying, “Get out of the street.” pic.twitter.com/qm5BdkUGCU

— Fernanda Santos (@fernandaNYT) February 9, 2017

Protesters also blocked lightrail line. pic.twitter.com/dZ0yFHFvJi

— Fernanda Santos (@fernandaNYT) February 9, 2017

Spontaneous protests also took place across the country in response to other ICE raids in several cities the same night, including a blockade of a highway on-ramp in Los Angeles.

Son and daughter of Guadalupe Garcia stand before ICE bus to prevent her deportation. Both U.S. Citizens. pic.twitter.com/7HGJEVrqzq

— Valeria Fernandez (@valfernandez) February 9, 2017

Garcia de Rayos was deported due to a clause in the executive order, which vows to

prioritize for removal those … aliens who have been convicted of any criminal offense; have been charged with any criminal offense, where such charge has not been resolved; (or) have committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense.

This new executive order threatens to immediately deport any undocumented person living in the United States who has any criminal history, whether found guilty or not, as well as those who have engaged in behavior that might have constituted a criminal offense, should they have been charged and given a fair trial.

In addition to her detention in 2009, Garcia de Reyos was charged with felony impersonation, a charge often attached to persons attempting to live in the country without documentation. Her lawyers maintain that the raid in which Garcia de Rayos was arrested was ruled unconstitutional – a basis on which her conviction could be overturned.

Garcia de Rayos is the mother of two teenage children, Angel and Jacqueline, who were both born in the United States. Although the Obama administration was moving forward with Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA), a program in which parents of U.S.-born children could apply for a three-year renewable work visa and exemption from deportation, it’s becoming clear that this program will not come to fruition under the Trump Administration.

After being deported to Mexico, Garcia de Rayos was temporarily reunited with her children, who crossed the border to visit her.

Family members spoke to the media about what they have been going through in the aftermath of her eviction:

“It’s just the worst thing, it feels like a dream, but this is reality, and we have to face it… We’re going to support our community and my mother and we’re going to keep on fighting. – Son of Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos

DAPA is an accompanying program with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which is fully implemented, but which many fear will be quickly overturned by the new administration.

Since the elections, grassroots organizations in Tucson and Phoenix have been working to further reinforce safety networks among undocumented communities. However, many people are increasingly apprehensive about the possibility of deportation. When asked how she and her son had been doing since the election, one anonymous undocumented Tucson woman said “We’ve been staying inside.


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If You’re Poor the State Takes Away Your Children*

If You’re Poor the State Takes Away Your Children*

Kirsten Fauquet and John Stratzman, in their apartment in New London on Oct. 5, 2016, talk about their son “Dylan,” who nearly died in a Groton foster home. (Deborah Straszheim/The Day)

Kirsten Fauquet and John Stratzman, in their apartment in New London on Oct. 5, 2016, talk about their son “Dylan,” who nearly died in a Groton foster home. (Deborah Straszheim/The Day)

Kirsten Fauquet and John Stratzman, in their apartment in New London on Oct. 5, 2016, talk about their son “Dylan,” who nearly died in a Groton foster home. (Deborah Straszheim/The Day)

By Deborah Straszheim

The Day – Excerpts:

The Department of Children and Families is seeking to terminate the parental rights of a New London (Connecticut) couple whose son nearly died in a Groton foster home — an outcome, advocates say, that highlights the downward spiral of poor families who become trapped in the child welfare system.

Once poor parents become involved with DCF, they don’t have the legal resources to fight; they’re required to fix housing and financial problems to get their children back and there’s no public scrutiny or recourse if they feel they’re treated unfairly within the confines of private, juvenile court, advocates said.

“The confusion of poverty with neglect is the single biggest problem in American child welfare,” said Richard Wexler, executive director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.

Poor parents are more likely than middle-class parents to have their parental rights terminated because they’re more likely to have their children taken in the first place, he said.

The department served 73,360 children in 2016 and had 2,310 children enter DCF care, or 3 percent of the total served. Of the substantiated investigations by DCF, 90% are for neglect and 10% are for abuse.

Martin Guggenheim, a professor of law at New York University and co-director of the Family Defense Clinic, said the only children in foster care in the United States come from poor families. People turn a blind eye to the same behaviour or inadequate parenting in middle-class neighborhoods, he said.

“Despite the rhetoric that children only be raised by adequate parents, we only apply that to one side of town,” he said.

“With poor people, we regulate their lives much more closely. And we always pass the test that we didn’t do this because of poverty. Because there is always something to pin it on beyond poverty,” he said.

The process of terminating parental rights starts the moment children are removed from custody of their parents, said attorney Michael H. Agranoff, who worked in the juvenile system for 26 years representing families in cases against DCF. He said he is familiar with the New London case, though he could not comment on it directly.

“Even though you grew up thinking you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that doesn’t hold in DCF cases,” he said.

Courts typically uphold orders of temporary custody because no judge wants a child injured or killed on his or her watch, Agranoff said.

Kirsten Fauquet and John Stratzman’s toddler son became the focus of attention last year after he nearly starved to death in foster care in November 2015. The child, one of five children removed from their home, has been in multiple homes since then.

Lisa Vincent, the lawyer representing Fauquet, said she would fight the petition to terminate parental rights.

Continue reading the full article at The Day.


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What Unconditional Love Can Do to a Severely Disabled Child*

What Unconditional Love Can Do to a Severely Disabled Child*

By Brianna Acuesta

Baby Ryan

When Priscilla Morse was browsing through Facebook in 2015, she and her husband David already had four children of their own and were living in the U.S. She came across a photo of a 7-year-old Bulgarian orphan with several severe medical conditions on her newsfeed and, despite it being a crazy and seemingly irrational decision, Priscilla decided that her family was going to welcome him into their home and save his life.

The ill boy was Ryan and he lived in Bulgaria, meaning the Morse family would have to endure a foreign adoption process before they could bring him home to help. After they were cleared to adopt him, Priscilla went alone to Bulgaria and brought Ryan back to America. The family immediately had him tested thoroughly to determine what his ailments were, and the results were less than promising.

The doctors couldn’t believe that this tiny child was seven years old because his size alone indicated that he was more likely a toddler. In a post earlier this year, Priscilla recalled how,

“Grown men, doctors who have probably seen horrible things over the years, held Ryan’s little hand and cried. No one could understand how this was allowed to happen, and when I said there were orphanages full of kids just like him, they just stared at me in shock. Everyone told me to prepare for him to die.”

He was diagnosed with dwarfism, scoliosis, cerebral palsy, and clubfoot, all of which adversely affect Ryan’s size. He was also severely malnourished and had grown dark hair all over his body in an effort to keep his body warm.

Despite warnings that he would not survive his childhood and would likely show little improvement, the Morse family refused to sit idly by while their new child suffered through his birth defects. He had already spent seven years in agony and without parents to care for him, and that simply was not an option once he was taken in by the Morse family.

Then something amazing happened: Ryan’s condition and health began to improve. Little by little he gained strength with weight and a loving and mischievous personality emerged where a near lifeless child used to be.

Baby Ryan


It hasn’t always been easy, but the Morse family maintains that the sleepless nights at the hospital have all been worth it. Ryan’s siblings adore him and have been a crucial part in his recovery, and Priscilla said,

The skeletal near death child crying in pain…he doesn’t exist anymore. He’s gone forever and he’s been replaced with a chubby, giggly, happy boy who loves kisses and tickles. He rolls all over and can be a naughty little butterball!”

Ryan’s battle isn’t over, but he has come such a long way since his first doctor’s visit. In the near future, he is scheduled to have a surgery to straighten his spine. He’s still tiny, but he’s full of life in a way that no one who knew him a year ago can believe. If you would like to follow Ryan’s story, you can follow his Facebook page here and get updates on this amazing boy’s progress.

Baby Ryan

Baby Ryan



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California Bill of Rights for Children Claim New Powers over Your Kids*


SB-18 Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California

This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to expand and codify the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California to establish a comprehensive framework that governs the rights of all children and youth in California, outlines the research-based essential needs of California’s children, and establishes standards relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed.

(1) The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest.

 (2) The right to form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being.

(3) The right to live in a safe and healthy environment.

(4) The right to social and emotional well-being.

(5) The right to opportunities to attain optimal cognitive, physical, and social development.

(6) The right to appropriate, quality education and life skills leading to self-sufficiency in adulthood.

(7) The right to appropriate, quality health care.

U.N. Declaration of Rights of a Child (10 principles)

Principle 9
The child shall be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation. He shall not be the subject of traffic, in any form. The child shall not be admitted to employment before an appropriate minimum age; he shall in no case be caused or permitted to engage in any occupation or employment which would prejudice his health or education, or interfere with his physical, mental or moral development.

Principle 10
The child shall be protected from practices which may foster racial, religious and any other form of discrimination. He shall be brought up in a spirit of understanding, tolerance, friendship among peoples, peace and universal brotherhood, and in full consciousness that his energy and talents should be devoted to the service of his fellow men.

Comment: Sounds good doesn’t it? So what’s the problem?  Read it again with the mind of the State…

Watch the full broadcast here:


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Ontario Passes Bill against ‘mum’ and ‘dad’*

Ontario Passes Bill against ‘mum’ and ‘dad’*

By Lianne Laurence

Bill 28, which redefines the family to appease LGBTQ activists, was passed unanimously in the Ontario legislature Tuesday by 79 MPPs from all three parties, with 28 MPPs absent for the vote.

Progressive Conservative MPP  leader Patrick Brown voted for the bill. PC MPPs Monte McNaughton and Rick Nicholls, known to be social conservatives, were not in the assembly.

Newly elected PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff, also known for his social conservative views, had not yet been sworn in after his surprise November 19 victory.

Pro-family groups have criticized the Liberal government for ramming through the controversial “All Families Are Equal Act.”

Bill 28 “completely turns on its head the former understanding of ‘family’ which consisted of individuals united by marriage, blood and adoption,” noted Gwen Landolt of REAL Women in an October 16 critique.

The All Families Are Equal Act legally redefines “mother” and “father” as “parent” to accommodate homosexual couples who conceive children through reproductive means

“It gets rid of ‘mother’ and ‘father’ in family law — mum entirely — to allow for a purely contractual relationship between up to four adult parents, and the children that are legally identified as theirs,” noted Dr. Scott Masson in an analysis of the bill.

He warned the bill is a threat to family and parental rights.

“According to this Bill 28, this new legal ‘family’ can only exist if the traditional, natural family unit is destroyed,” Masson pointed out.

“In the process, it also makes it far easier for the government to seize our children because henceforth we too will only have a contractual — not a natural — bond to our children. As we know, contractual relationships are easy to change.”


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