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How Hot Dogs‏ are Made

How Hot Dogs‏ are Made

From Alexandra Bruce

A study at Harvard University determined that processed meats like hot dogs are “unfit for human consumption.”  This presentation may cause you to think twice, the next time you make a grab for a package of wieners.


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Sowing Seeds of Health, Hope and Humanity*

Sowing Seeds of Health, Hope and Humanity*

By: Linda Sechrest

An interview with Vandana Shiva a scientist, philosopher, environmental activist, author, and the founder of Navdanya, a seed freedom movement in India to promote native seeds.

LS: You believe that we need a new paradigm for living on the Earth because the old one is not working. What does that new paradigm look like?

VS: The old paradigm is based on fragmented thought, mechanistic science and on a deepening division between humans on the basis of class—the 1 percent versus 99 percent of the Occupy movement—as well as on gender, race and greed as a virtue. The emerging paradigm, which many of us are now seeing, is based on interconnectedness and equality as diversity, rather than on uniformity, as well as sharing and caring as virtues.

LS: How does your education in quantum theory and the science of interconnection play into the new paradigm?

VS: I wrote my Ph.D. thesis on the Foundations of Quantum Theory, especially the aspect of non-locality or nonseparability, which acknowledges the interconnectedness of the universe.

Quantum theory—the science of interconnectedness, which is the nature of reality—teaches us nonseparability, which is built into the new science of quantum theory and the new biology. Separation between humans and nature was intrinsic to the old mechanistic assumptions developed during the 1600s and 1700s by French philosopher and mathematician, René Descartes; English scientist, Francis Bacon; and English physicist, Sir Isaac Newton.

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox, developed by Albert Einstein and his colleagues, Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, has shown that when a quantum system is subdivided and the two subsystems are separated in space and time, their state is nonseparable. I agree with physicists such as Niels Bohr, Wolfgang Ernst Pauli and David Bohm, who stressed the non-separable wholeness of the universe of physical phenomena.

LS: Which epic myths are you debunking about our industrialized food system?

VS: The first myth is that it is efficient. Using 10 units of energy to produce one unit of food as energy is not efficient.

The second myth is that it improves farmers’ livelihoods. In India, 270,000 farmers have been pushed to suicide, and the majority of family-owned farms in the U.S. have disappeared.

The third myth is that it produces more food. Our study and numerous studies conducted by the United Nations show that ecological farming produces more food.

Most industrial-farmed food now is dedicated to ethanol production for cars and to feeding animals in factory farms. It is not food for people. We have food deserts in cities and in the countryside.

food industryLS: What is the Declaration on Seed Freedom? Why is it important that people sign it?

VS: It is important for everyone to sign the Declaration on Seed Freedom because seed is the first link in the food chain. If we lose seed freedom, we lose food freedom. Seed freedom is threatened by genetically engineered seeds, which are contaminating our farms, thus closing the option for GMO-free food for all.

The seed freedom of farmers is threatened when, after contaminating our crops, corporations sue farmers for “stealing their property.” It is also threatened by the deliberate transformation of the seed from a renewable, self-generative resource to a non-renewable, patented commodity. The most extreme case of non-renewable seed is the “Terminator Technology”, developed with the aim to create sterile seed.

Thirty years ago, most North American and European seed companies were small, family-owned businesses that specialized in varieties adapted to regional climates, with resistance to local pests and diseases. Today, just 10 companies control 30 percent of the commercial seed market worldwide. Just five vegetable seed companies control 75 percent of the global vegetable seed market. Some of these companies, such as Monsanto, are imposing genetically engineered, patented seed on small farmers and are denying citizens’ labeling. In effect, they are robbing us of our most fundamental freedom, our food freedom.

LS: What is the Earth Democracy movement?

VS: I refer to the new paradigm as Earth Democracy, which recognizes that the Earth and all her beings, including humans, have rights and freedoms; that we are interconnected in a web of life, and are all members of an Earth Family. Earth Democracy enables us to make transitions to a living democracy, living economy and living cultures that celebrate life.

LS: How is what is happening in India important here in the U.S.?

VS: The U.S. and India have become deeply intertwined through dominant corporate globalization and Earth Democracy. Monsanto; Cargill, Incorporated; and Walmart are trying to take over India’s food and agriculture like they took over food and agriculture in the U.S. Our movements to resist corporate takeover of our seed, our food and our markets need to be connected.

LS: Can Navdanya, the seed freedom movement you founded in India, be repeated in other countries?

VS: At the Navdanya biodiversity and organic farm in Doon Valley, in Uttarakhand, North India [set at the foothills of the Himalayas], more than 630 varieties of plants are growing, butterflies are flourishing, and earthworms fertilize our soils. People from all over the world come here to learn and observe. For example, our A-Z course on organic farming attracted 55 people from 12 countries.

My colleagues in Italy have started Navdanya there. And the Seed Freedom movement spreading across the world shows that what is being done by Navdanya in India is relevant worldwide.

LS: How has your experience at Navdanya shown you that the future of cities, in any country, lies in gardens and organic connections to the countryside?

VS: As we evolved Navdanya on the basis of diversity and decentralization to offer an alternative to the monoculture and centralization, it became evident that cities can be sources of their own food through urban gardens, and can create their own foodshed by more intimate connections with the countryside. This improves the well-being of the country, those who farm in the country, and those who live in cities. It is a concrete step towards creating Earth Democracy.

LS: What has led you to the conclusion that living cities should be cultivated organically and that living food is the basis for living communities?

VS: Over the past three decades, beginning with my study on the Green Revolution, I realized that chemicals, monoculture and giant farms as the basis of food security constitute a lie that we have been sold.

During the past 25 years, my Navdanya experience has helped me to realize that good farming is like gardening. Biodiverse small farms produce more food and nutrition than large industrial farms. Navdanya’s concept of “Health per Acre” measures nutrition and quality of food instead of the “yield” of commodities.

Industrial food has created a killing culture, which is killing biodiversity, the soil, farmers and our health. Organic agriculture creates living food and living communities.

LS: How does ecological connectedness promote a sense of common humanity?

VS: Ecological interconnectedness is based on Earth citizenship. As citizens of the Earth, we breathe the same air, drink water in the same hydrological cycle, and eat food from a common food web. This makes us aware of our common humanity, and our common rights and responsibilities to the Earth and each other.

LS: Do you have any suggestions for how people in the U.S. can fight for food labeling of genetically engineered food?

VS: The California vote is only one step in labeling of GMOs. Other steps need to be based on creating local, organic, GMO-free food systems.

LS: You have fought Coca-Cola and other multinational giants over the privatization of water in your native India. Now you are doing battle with Monsanto over genetically modified seeds. What keeps you going?

VS: We have a beautiful text in India, the Bhagavad Gita, in which [Hindu deity/avatar] Krishna gives a simple lesson: Do not measure the fruit of your action; rather, measure your obligation of action. You have to find out what is the right thing to do. That is your duty. Whether you win or lose is not an issue. The obligation to do the right thing is the issue.

From childhood, I have been an ecologist and nature lover. My right thing and duty is to protect the diversity of species and their intrinsic value. Their integrity is vital, as are the rights of our farmers to have seed—the most fundamental source of livelihood in a poor country. Today, 80 percent of the world’s food is produced by small farmers such as those that we have in India. Our small farmers are 1.2 billion East Indians.

I believe that we have forgotten what smallness means when it is multiplied many times. We’ve also become accustomed to the dinosaur mentality. We only see the big and have forgotten that dinosaurs are extinct.


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Are You Drinking/Eating Aborted Foetal Cells?

Are You Drinking/Eating Aborted Foetal Cells?

How much more barbaric can 21st century man get! If the price is right they’d sell us blind!

The companies concerned are Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, Solae, Nestlé and Senomyx.

Senomyx website states:

The company’s key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that are intended to allow for the reduction of MSG, sugar and salt in food and beverage products.…Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

The ingredient is HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an aborted baby to produce those receptors.

In a response to Children of God for Life Nestlé wrote:


In a response to Children of God for Life Pepsico wrote:

“We hope you are reassured to learn that our collaboration with Senomyx is strictly limited to creating lower-calorie, great-tasting beverages for consumers. This will help us achieve our commitment to reduce added sugar per serving by 25% in key brands in key markets over the next decade and ultimately help people live healthier lives.”

HEK 293 is used in the research carried out by Xiaodong Li, Lena Staszewski, […], and Elliot Adler n behalf of Senomyx, Inc, US. HEK 293 are also used by the biotechnology industry to produce therapeutic proteins and viruses for gene therapy.

“…Consequently, we transiently transfected the human T1Rs into a HEK-293-derived cell line that stably expresses Gα15, a promiscuous phospholipase C-linked G protein…”

Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey proposed legislation to ban the production of aborted fetal cell-derived flavor chemicals in Oklahoma. If passed, S.B. 1418 would also reportedly ban the sale of any products that contain flavor chemicals derived from human foetal tissue, which includes Pepsi products as well as products produced by Kraft and Nestle

HEK cell Products:


• All Pepsi soft drinks
• Sierra Mist soft drinks
• Mountain Dew soft drinks
• Mug root beer and other soft drinks
• No Fear beverages
• Ocean Spray beverages
• Seattle’s Best Coffee
• Tazo beverages
• AMP Energy beverages
• Aquafina water
• Aquafina flavored beverages
• DoubleShot energy beverages
• Frappuccino beverages
• Lipton tea and other beverages
• Propel beverages
• SoBe beverages
• Gatorade beverages
• Fiesta Miranda beverages
• Tropicana juices and beverages

Nestles Products

• All coffee creamers
• Maggi Brand instant soups, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasoning, instant noodles

Kraft – Cadbury Adams LLC Products:

• Black Jack chewing gum
• Bubbaloo bubble gum
• Bubblicious bubble gum
• Chiclets
• Clorets
• Dentyne
• Freshen Up Gum
• Sour Cherry Gum (Limited)
• Sour Apple Gum (Limited)
• Stride
• Trident

Cadbury Adams LLC Candies

• Sour Cherry Blasters
• Fruit Mania
• Bassett’s Liquorice All sorts
• Maynards Wine Gum
• Swedish Fish
• Swedish Berries
• Juicy Squirts
• Original Gummies
• Fuzzy Peach
• Sour Chillers
• Sour Patch Kids
• Mini Fruit Gums

Other Cadbury Adams LLC Products

• Certs breath mints
• Halls Cough Drops

Not part of Senomyx – Neocutis Products
This company produces anti wrinkle creams that contain cells from a 14 week gestation aborted male baby. Following is the list of the creams, but we recommend a full boycott of all Neocutis Products.

  • Bio-Gel Prevedem Journee
  • Bio-Serum Lumiere
  • Bio Restorative Skin Cream

Vaccines Containing HEK Cells And the Manufacturers:
MMR II (Merck)

ProQuad (MMR + Chickenpox – Merck)
Varivax (Chickenpox – Merck)
Pentacel (Polio + DTaP + HiB – Sanofi Pasteur)
Vaqta (Hepatitis-A – Merck)
Havrix (Hepatitis-A – Glaxo SmithKline)
Twinrix (Hepatitis-A and B combo – Glaxo)
Zostavax (Shingles – Merck)
Imovax (Rabies – Sanofi Pasteur)

Other medicines:

Pulmozyme (Cystic Fibrosis – Genetech)
Enbrel (Rheumatoid Arthritis – Amgen)


“Comprehensive List Of Companies That Uses Aborted Fetal Cells As Flavor” http://govtslaves.info/comprehensive-list-of-companies-that-uses-aborted-fetal-cells-as-flavor/

Xiaodong Li, Lena Staszewski, Hong Xu, Kyle Durick, Mark Zoller, Elliot Adler

“Human receptors for sweet and umami taste”  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2002 April 2; 99(7): 4692–4696. Published online 2002 March 26. doi: 10.1073/pnas.07209019 PMCID: PMC123709 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC123709/

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Washington Bans Growing of GMOs*

Washington Bans Growing of GMOs*

By Anthony Gucciardi

While some anti-GMO legislation like Prop 37 was shot down through corporation-funded projects and deceptive campaign tactics, one county in Washington state was massively successful in establishing a landmark ruling against Monsanto and GMO crops as a whole. The concerned citizens of San Juan County were able to pass what is known as Initiative Measure No. 2012-4, which actually bans the growth of genetically modified organisms within the county.

And it doesn’t just affect traditional GMO crops.

According to the writing within the legislation, the Initiative actually protects against the growth and cultivation of any genetically modified organism — even animals which have been genetically modified. This specific wording is key when considering that the act of genetic modification is no longer specific to crops. While it is true that crops have been the major focus of GMO cultivation, with upwards of 90 plus percent of corn now reportedly being altered, new disturbing and outlandish biotech projects that twist the genetic coding of more advanced life are becoming much more frequent.

A recent example of such an ‘experiment’ involves the creation of genetically modified cows that actually produce human breast milk. Milk that is intended to feed human infants within the next 10 years or so if certain biotechnology proponents get their way.

I explain in a recent interview with Russia Today how Monsanto attempts to squash any anti-GMO legislation through deep political ties and financial power:

While the Initiative allows for ‘controlled’ use of GMOs by researchers and health care providers only in small and secured environments, it is a landmark in the fight against GMOs on a legislative level. While this Initiative may currently only affect San Juan County, similar Initiatives and propositions may spring up elsewhere in other states and counties. With over 90% of the public in favor of labeling GMOs, it should be no surprise that individuals are actively seeking answers on a political level.

It also shows that Monsanto and fellow mega corporations cannot wipe out each new piece of legislation that seeks to threaten profits in favor of consumer health. While the mega corps were successful in taking down Prop 37 through spending over $45 million in deceptive advertising, illegally using the FDA seal and fabricating a quote, and even posing as voter groups to trick voters into voting against the proposition, they simply cannot stomp out labeling or bans in every county or state nationwide.

As more and more people begin to realize the reality of GMO and how they can devastate both health and the environment, Monsanto will have a lot more to deal with than just a few pieces of legislation.


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Canada Clamps Down on Healthy Living!

Canada Clamps Down on Healthy Living!


Healthy living means, greater freedom and less dependency on costly methods that may never return one’s good health. Healthy living also means being able to think and act more clearly, and fewer profits for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the problem for the government must be the “fewer profits for pharmaceutical companies” part of the equation.

The U.K. has been more above the board when it comes to ‘reducing’ health choices for the population, but Canada seems to be following in the footsteps of its neighbour America.

In fact it has been going on for quite a while.

According to Canadians for True Health and Social Justice, whose records go back to 1990,  it began with confiscating the salmon oil from the Alive Health Center in British Columbia. So far, the following have been raided/confiscated:

  • $150,000 worth of natural health products that never returned to Marigold Pharmacy, British Columbia
  • $300,000 worth of products were taken and never returned to N.A.F.T.A., Alberta
  • The Canadian Medical Association closed down an alternative cancer therapy centre, Breuss Cancer Clinic, Quebec
  • Dr. Joseph Krop, Ontario was attacked by the Canadian Medical Association for practicing Environmental Medicine
  • True Hope was raided at a cost of $2mn.

These raids were carried out by Health Canada, NAPRA and RCMP.

Then there are the products that have been banned from Canada:

  • Boiron – Flu remedies which were in greater demand than the flu shots
  • New Chapter, which offers immune care products including garlic Liver Force, and Living Sheild Throat Spray
  • Ear candles, which are recognized by the government as a medical device to the extent they made their own version
  • Cell Food
  • Zinc-Carno E, Choline Alfoscerate, Adrenal, Advanced Prenatal, Advanced Whey, PMS Less, Omega Natal, Omega EPA, Cosmaderm, Stimuliv, Omega 3 Vegan, Omega Cardio, Toco 3Nol Max, Nausea Relief, Cran UTI, Bearlic, Cardana, Vit D3 60’s produced by AOR, an Orthomolecular Canadian company
  • Most single homeopathic remedies and all homeopathic nosodes
  • Hylauronic Acid
  • Oregano Oil
  • Amino Acid – L-Tryptophan – 200mg – banned – potency too high
  • Nattokinase
  • Hemp Nuts
  • Citronella and Oil of Wintergreen

    Hylands – Teething tablets… top product for teething! sold for over 20 years and had to be reformulated – and a new label – all of which cost much money.
  • Brochures / Educational Info- can no longer be distributed
  • Essential Oils – must now have a DIN# or Pesticide#

Making isolated attacks on businesses is one thing, especially where they are far apart which slows down the likelihood of an agenda becoming apparent, but banning products is more obvious, and with 2011/12 protests which brought out thousands, the element of fear is slowly being removed.

As such, a Class Action Law suit has been taken out against Health Canada. The complainants are

  • Nick Mancuso as a consumer advocate
  • Marilyn Nelson – National Health Freedom Canada
  • David Roland – Natural Freedom Advocate

The Class Action argues:

1) Dietary supplements and vitamins (“natural health products”) are safe. In the entire 50+ history of the health food industry in Canada, these innocuous products have caused zero fatalities.

2) Consumers are sufficiently protected from possible harm and fraud with respect to these products by the Food and Drugs Act, the Competition Act, Canadian Advertising Standards, and the Criminal Code. The Natural Health Product Regulations are unnecessary in that they do not provide any additional protection to consumers.

3) The Natural Health Product Regulations and the NPN Licensing Scheme are ultra vires (unlawful) in that they contravene the Constitution Act, 1867. Health Canada does NOT have any legal authority to regulate health products, as such.

4) Health Canada has the right to restrict only those products that have been proven to have caused death or serious injury. In the absence of proven harm, dietary supplements and vitamins must be presumed to be safe (i.e., innocent until proven guilty). Health Canada has unlawfully reversed this onus, however, by insisting that suppliers prove their products “not unsafe” before being granted permission to sell them.

5) The oppressive and unlawful NHP Regulations have restricted many thousands of safe and effective products from the market, thus depriving consumers of their freedom to choose valuable health options (in apparent violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

For more Information contact: http://naturalhealthfreedomcanada.com
Marilyn Nelson: (905) 509-5885
David Rowland: (519) 341-4684



“Summary of Raids by Health Canada, RCMP and NAPRA across Canada.” http://thehealingjournal.com/node/3324

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Hooray ! Tanzania Says No to GMOs*

Hooray ! Tanzania Says No to GMOs*

THE government has said that it is not ready to adopt Genetic Modified Foods and Organisms (GMO) technology as the National Assembly on Monday evening passed the Bill proposing for the establishment of “The Plant Breeders’ Rights Act, 2012”.

The Bill was endorsed amid heated debate by Members of the Parliament who expressed concern that it would open doors for multinational companies to come in the country and develop genetically modified seeds and in the process undermine traditional ones.

Minister for Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Mr Christopher Chizza said that the Bill aimed at replacing another law enacted by Parliament in 2002, The Protection of New Plant Varieties (Plant Breeders’ Rights) Act, 2002. He said that the 2002 law does not attract researchers to research on seeds and that the new law would increase morale by introducing royalty and copyrights.

Mr Chizza said while tabling the Bill in the House for the second time that the government had no intention to open doors for GMOs but it was a move aimed at looking for quality and high yield seeds. “For a GMO to be introduced in the country there are strict liabilities attached under the Environmental Management Act, 2004, therefore there is no need to panic because we are all patriotic and we would not like to put the future of our country in doubt,” he said.

He added that the government has its experts at Mikocheni area in Dar es Salaam who are conducting research on GMOs and that the experts have been cautioned not to make any dubious recommendations because of the sensitivity of the matter. “The government is committed in preserving local seeds and we will not let them be replaced by foreign seeds,” he said.

He said that the Bill was a move by the government to adhere to the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV) ratified by parliament in 2010. “The law is not a result of external forces but it is aimed at protecting the rights of researchers on new varieties of seeds,” he said.

Earlier, legislators hailed the government for coming up with the Bill saying it would increase availability of seeds and motivate researchers. The MPs also said that the law would help in realizing real objectives of government’s policy of Kilimo Kwanza (Agriculture First) which has been hindered by inadequate quality seeds.

Prof Peter Msola (Kilolo-CCM) said that the law has come at an opportune time as seeds production in the country remain poor at almost 25 per cent of the demand, making the country dependent on seeds from abroad. “Through the implementation of this law we will be able to improve technologically but the government should also fulfil its promise of putting aside one per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for research purposes,” he said.

He said that since the promise of putting aside that amount was made, the government has not been able to fulfil it, saying there was a need to improve in the future. Mr Salim Hemed Hamis (Chambani-CUF) said that the Bill would improve agriculture by introducing modern seeds. He said that the maximum demand of seeds in the country was at 120,000 tons per annum and 60,000 tons on average but the country’s capacity on the same is at around 28,000 tons.

Mr Suleiman Jafo (Kisarawe-CCM) said that researchers in the country were being demoralized by the fact that their work in discovering better seeds is never honoured. “Having this law in place will boost morale among our researchers and make them work hard than ever before as they are sure of getting royalty from their work and copyrights for their innovations,” he said.

He emphasized on the need for the government to live up to its promises by setting aside one per cent of the country’s GDP for research. “Nothing will be discovered without researches and there cannot be researches without funds, therefore the need to put aside enough money for that purpose is vital,” he said. Mr Jafo also called for improved research institutions in terms of working environment and ensure that mentors therein are motivated enough to play their role accordingly.


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List of Genetically Modified Products*

List of Genetically Modified Products*


By Gillian


Baby Food ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Nabisco (Phillip Morris) -Arrowroot Teething Biscuits -Infant formula Carnation Infant Formulas(Nestle) -AlSoy -Good Start -Follow-Up -Follow-Up Soy

Enfamil Infant Formulas (Mead Johnson)-Enfamil with Iron -Enfamil Low Iron -Enfamil A.R. -Enfamil Nutramigen -Enfamil Lacto Free -Enfamil 22 -Enfamil Next step (soy and milk-based varieties) -Enfamil Pro-Soybee

Isomil Infant Formulas (Abbot Labs) -Isomil Soy -Isomil Soy for Diarrhea -Similac(Abbot Labs) -Similac Lactose Free -Similac with Iron -Similac Low Iron -Similac Alimentum

Baking ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Aunt Jemima (Quaker) -Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix -Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix -Cornbread Mix -Easy Mix Coffee Cake

Betty Crocker (General Mills) -Pie Crust Mix -Original Pancake Mix -Complete Pancake Mix -Buttermilk Complete Pancake Mix -Muffin Mixes -Banana Nut -Lemon Poppy Seed -Blueberry -Wild Blueberry -Chocolate Chip -Apple Streusel -Quick Bread Mixes Banana -Cinnamon Streusel -Lemon Poppy Seed -Cranberry Orange -Gingerbread -Cookie Mixes Chocolate Chip -Double Chocolate Chunk -Sugar -Peanut Butter

Bisquik (Betty Crocker/General Mills) -Original -Reduced Fat -Shake ‘n Pour Pancake Mix -Shake ‘n Pour Buttermilk Pancake Mix -Shake ‘n Pour Blueberry Pancake Mix

Duncan Hines (Aurora Foods) -Muffin Mixes -Kellogg’s All-Bran Apple Cinnamon -Kellogg’s All-Bran Blueberry -Blueberry -Blueberry Crumb -Chocolate Chip

Hungry Jack (Pillsbury) -Buttermilk Pancake Mix -Extra Light & Fluffy Pancake Mix (all varieties) -Jiffy -Corn Muffin Mix -Blueberry Muffin Mix -Raspberry Muffin Mix -Pie Crust Mix

Mrs. Butterworths (Aurora Foods) -Complete Pancake Mix -Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Pepperidge Farms (Campbell’s) -Buttermilk Pancake Mix -Pillsbury -Quick Bread & Muffin Mixes -Blueberry -Chocolate Chip -Banana -Cranberry -Lemon Poppyseed -Nut -Hot Roll Mix -Gingerbread

Bakers (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Unsweetened Chocolate -Semi-Sweet Chocolate -German Sweet Chocolate -White Chocolate -Hershey’s -Semi-Sweet Baking Chips -Milk Chocolate Chips -Mini Kisses -Nestle -Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips -Milk Chocolate Chips -White Chocolate -Butterscotch Chips -Semi-Sweet Chocolate Baking Bars

Bread ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Holsum (Interstate Bakeries) -Holsum Thin Sliced -Roman Meal -12 Grain -Round Top -Home Pride -Buttertop White -Buttertop Wheat

Pepperidge Farms (Campbell’s) -Cinnamon Swirl -Light Oatmeal -Light Wheat -100% Whole Wheat -Hearty Slices -7 Grain -9 Grain -Crunchy Oat -Whole Wheat -Light Side -Oatmeal -Wheat -7 Grain -Soft Dinner Rolls -Club Rolls -Sandwich Buns -Hoagie Rolls

Thomas’ (Bestfoods) -English Muffins Original -Cinnamon Raisin -Honey Wheat -Oat Bran -Blueberry -Maple French Toast Toast-r-Cakes Blueberry Toast-r-Cakes Corn Muffins

Wonder (Interstate Bakeries) -White Sandwich Bread -Country Grain -Buttermilk -Thin Sandwich -Light Wheat -100% Stoneground Wheat -Fat Free Multigrain -Premium Potato -Beefsteak Rye -Wonder Hamburger Buns

Breakfast ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Kellogg’s -Pop Tarts (all varieties) -Pop Tarts Snack Stix (all) -Nutri-Grain Bars (all) -Nutri-Grain Fruit Filled Squares (all) -Nutri-Grain Twists (all) -Fruit-Full Squares (all)

Nabisco (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Fruit & Grain Bars (all varieties) –Nature Valley (General Mills) -Oats & Honey Granola Bars -Peanut Butter Granola Bars -Cinnamon Granola Bars

Pillsbury (General Mills) -Toaster Scrambles & Strudels (all varieties)

Quaker -Chewy Granola Bars (all varieties) -Fruit & Oatmeal Bars (all varieties) -Aunt Jemima Frozen Waffles -Buttermilk -Blueberry

Eggo Frozen Waffles (Kellogg’s) -Homestyle -Buttermilk -Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat -Nutri-Grain Multi Grain -Cinnamon Toast -Blueberry -Strawberry -Apple Cinnamon -Banana Bread

Hungry Jack Frozen Waffles (Pillsbury/General Mills) -Homestyle -Buttermilk

Cereal ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

General Mills -Cheerios -Wheaties -Total -Corn Chex -Lucky Charms -Trix -Kix -Golden Grahams -Cinnamon Grahams -Count Chocula -Honey Nut Chex -Frosted Cheerios -Apple Cinnamon Cheerios -Multi-Grain Cheerios -Frosted Wheaties -Brown Sugar & Oat Total -Basic 4 -Reeses Puffs -French Toast Crunch

Kellogg’s -Frosted Flakes -Corn Flakes -Special K -Raisin Bran -Rice Krispies -Corn Pops -Product 19 -Smacks -Froot Loops -Marshmallow Blasted Fruit Loops -Apple Jacks -Crispix -Smart Start -All-Bran -Complete Wheat Bran -Complete Oat Bran -Just Right Fruit & Nut -Honey Crunch Corn Flakes -Raisin Bran Crunch -Cracklin’ Oat Bran

Country Inn Specialties (all varieties) -Mothers Cereals (Quaker) -Toasted Oat Bran -Peanut Butter Bumpers -Groovy Grahams -Harvest Oat Flakes -Harvest Oat Flakes w/Apples & Almonds -Honey Round Ups

Post (Kraft-Phillip Morris) -Raisin Bran -Bran Flakes -Grape Nut Flakes -Grape Nut O’s -Fruit & Fibre date, raisin and walnut -Fruit & Fibre peach, raisin and almond -Honey Bunch of Oats -Honey Nut Shredded Wheat -Honey Comb -Golden Crisp -Waffle Crisp -Cocoa Pebbles -Cinna-Crunch Pebbles -Fruity Pebbles -Alpha-Bits -Post Selects Cranberry Almond -Post Selects Banana Nut Crunch -Post Selects Blueberry Morning -Post Selects Great Grains

Quaker -Life -Cinnamon Life -100% Natural Granola -Toasted Oatmeal -Toasted Oatmeal Honey Nut -Oat Bran -Cap’n Crunch -Cap’n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch -Cap’n Crunch Crunchling Berries

Chocolate ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Cadbury (Cadbury/Hershey’s) -Mounds -Almond Joy -York Peppermint Patty -Dairy Milk -Roast Almond -Fruit & Nut -Hershey’s -Kit-Kat -Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups -Mr. Goodbar -Special Dark -Milk Chocolate -Kisses -Symphony

Kraft (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Toblerone (all varieties) -Mars

-M&M (all varieties) -Snickers -Three Musketeers -Milky Way -Twix

Nestle -Crunch -Milk Chocolate -Chunky -Butterfinger -100 Grand

Carnation (Nestle)

Hot Cocoa Mixes: -Rich Chocolate -Double Chocolate -Milk Chocolate -Marshmallow Madness -Mini Marshmallow -No Sugar

Hershey’s -Chocolate Syrup -Special Dark Chocolate Syrup -Strawberry Syrup

Nestle -Nesquik -Strawberry Nesquik

Swiss Miss (ConAgra) -Chocolate Sensation -Milk Chocolate -Marshmallow Lovers -Marshmallow Lovers Fat Free -No Sugar Added

Condiments ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Del Monte (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Ketchup -Heinz -Ketchup (regular & no salt) -Chili Sauce -Cocktail Sauce -Heinz 57 Steak Sauce

Hellman’s (Bestfoods) -Real Mayonnaise -Light Mayonnaise -Low-Fat Mayonnaise

Hunt’s (ConAgra) -Ketchup (regular & no salt) -KC Masterpiece -Original BBQ sauce -Garlic & Herb Marinade -Honey Teriyaki Marinade

Kraft (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Miracle Whip (all varieties) -Kraft Mayonnaise (all) -Thick & Spicy BBQ sauces (all varieties) -Char Grill BBQ sauce -Honey Hickory BBQ sauce

Nabisco (Nabiso/Phillip Morris) -A-1 Steak Sauce Open Pit (Vlasic/Campbells) -BBQ sauces (all) -Chi-Chi’s (Hormel) -Fiesta Salsa (all varieties) -Old El Paso (Pillsbury) -Thick & Chunky Salsa -Garden Pepper Salsa -Taco Sauce -Picante Sauce

Ortega (Nestle) -Taco Sauce -Salsa Prima Homestyle -Salsa Prima Roasted Garlic -Salsa Prima 3 Bell Pepper -Thick & Chunky Salsa

Pace (Campbells) -Chunky Salsa -Picante Sauce

Tostitos Salsa (Frito-Lay/Pepsi) -All Natural -All Natural Thick & Chunky -Roasted Garlic -Restaurant Style

Cookies ~Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Delicious Brands (Parmalat) -Animal Crackers -Ginger Snaps -Fig Bars -Oatmeal -Sugar-Free Duplex -Honey Grahams -Cinnamon Grahams -Fat Free Vanilla Wafers -English Toffee Heath Cookies -Butterfinger Cookies -Skippy Peanut Butter Cookies

Famous Amos (Keebler/Flowers Industries) -Chocolate Chip -Oatmeal Raisin -Chocolate Sandwich -Peanut Butter Sandwich -Vanilla Sandwich -Oatmeal Macaroon Sandwich

Frookies (Delicious Brands/Parmalat) -Peanut Butter Chunk -Chocolate Chip -Double Chocolate -Frookwich Vanilla -Frookwich Chocolate -Frookwich Peanut Butter -Frookwich Lemon -Funky Monkeys Chocolate -Ginger Snaps -Lemon Wafers

Keebler (Keebler/Flowers Industries) -Chips Deluxe -Sandies -E.L. Fudge -Soft Batch Chocolate Chip -Golden Vanilla Wafers -Droxies -Vienna Fingers -Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes -Fudge Shoppe Double Fudge & Caramel -Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stix -Fudge Shoppe Peanut Butter Fudge Stix -Country Style Oatmeal -Graham Originals -Graham Cinnamon Crisp -Graham Chocolate -Graham Honey Low Fat -Crème Filled Wafers -Chocolate Filled Wafers

Nabisco (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Oreo,(all varieties) -Chips Ahoy!(all varieties) -Fig Newtons (and all Newtons varities) -Lorna Doone -Nutter Butters -Barnum Animal Crackers -Nilla Wafers -Nilla Chocolate Wafers -Pecanz Shortbread -Family Favorites Oatmeal -Famous Wafers -Fudge Covered Mystic Sticks -Honey Maid Graham Crackers -Honey Maid Cinnamon Grahams -Honey Maid Chocolate Grahams -Honey Maid Oatmeal Crunch -Teddy Grahams -Teddy Grahams Cinnamon -Teddy Grahams Chocolate -Teddy Grahams Chocolate Chips -Café Cremes Vanilla -Café Crème Cappuccino

Pepperidge Farm (Campbell’s) -Milano -Mint Milano -Chessmen -Bordeaux -Brussels -Geneva -Chocolate Chip -Lemon Nut -Shortbread -Sugar -Ginger Men -Raspberry Chantilly -Strawberry Verona -Chocolate Mocha Salzburg -Chocolate Chunk Chesapeake -Chocolate Chunk Nantucket -Chocolate Chunk Sausalito -Oatmeal Raisin Soft Baked

Sesame Street (Keebler) -Cookie Monster -Chocolate Chip -Chocolate Sandwich -Vanilla Sandwich -Cookie Pals -Honey Grahams -Cinnamon Grahams -Frosted Grahams

Snack Wells (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Devil’s Food -Golden Devil’s Food -Mint Crème -Coconut Crème -Chocolate Sandwich -Chocolate Chip -Peanut Butter Chip -Double Chocolate Chip

Crackers ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Keebler (Keebler/Flowers Industries) -Town House -Club -Munch ‘Ems (all varieties) -Wheatables -Zesta Saltines -Toasteds (Wheat, Onion, Sesame & Butter Crisps) -Snax Stix (Wheat, Cheddar & original) -Harvest Bakery (Multigrain, Butter, Corn Bread)

Nabisco (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Ritz (all varieties) -Wheat Thins (all) -Wheatsworth -Triscuits -Waverly -Sociables -Better Cheddars -Premium Saltines (all) -Ritz Snack Mix (all) -Vegetable Flavor Crisps -Swiss Cheese Flavor Crisps -Cheese Nips (all) -Uneeda Biscuits

Pepperidge Farm (Campbell’s) -Butter Thins -Hearty Wheat -Cracker Trio -Cracker Quartet -Three Cheese Snack Stix -Sesame Snack Stix -Pumpernickel Snack Stix -Goldfish (original, cheddar, parmesan, pizza, pretzel) -Goldfish Snack Mix (all)

Red Oval Farms (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Stoned Wheat Thin (all varieties) -Crisp ‘N Light Sourdough Rye -Crisp ‘N Light Wheat

Sunshine (Flowers Industries) -Cheeze-It (original & reduced fat) -Cheeze-It White Cheddar -Cheeze-It Party Mix -Krispy Original Saltines

Frozen Dinners ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Banquet (ConAgra) -Pot Pies (all varieties) -Fried Chicken -Salisbury Steak -Chicken Nugget Meal -Pepperoni Pizza Meal

Budget Gourmet (Heinz) -Roast Beef Supreme -Beef Stroganoff -Three Cheese Lasagne -Chicken Oriental & Vegeatble -Fettuccini Primavera

Green Giant (Pillsbury) -Rice Pilaf with Chicken Flavored Sauce -Rice Medley with Beef Flavored Sauce -Primavera Pasta -Pasta Accents Creamy Cheddar -Create-a-Meals Parmesan Herb Chicken -Cheesy Pasta and Vegetable -Beef Noodle -Sweet & Sour -Mushroom Wine Chicken

Healthy Choice (ConAgra) -Stuffed Pasta Shells -Chicken Parmagiana -Country Breaded Chicken -Roast Chicken Breast -Beef Pot Roast -Chicken & Corn Bread -Cheese & Chicken Tortellini -Lemon Pepper Fish -Shrimp & Vegetable -Macaroni & Cheese

Kid Cuisine (ConAgra) -Chicken Nugget Meal -Fried Chicken -Taco Roll Up -Corn Dog -Cheese Pizza -Fish Stix -Macaroni & Cheese

Lean Cuisine (Stouffer’s/Nestle) -Skillet Sensations Chicken & Vegetable -Broccoli & Beef -Homestyle Beef -Teriyaki Chicken -Chicken Alfredo -Garlic Chicken -Roast Turkey

-Hearty Portions Chicken Florentine -Beef Stroganoff -Cheese & Spinach Manicotti -Salisbury Steak

-Café Classics Baked Fish -Baked Chicken -Chicken a L’Orange -Chicken Parmesan -Meatloaf with Whipped Potatoes

-Everyday Favorites Chicken Fettuccini -Chicken Pie -Angel Hair Pasta -Three Bean Chili with Rice -Macaroni & Cheese

Marie Callenders (ConAgra) -Chicken Pot Pie -Lasagna & Meat Sauce -Turkey & Gravy -Meat Loaf & Gravy -Country Fried Chicken & Gravy -Fettuccini with Broccoli & Cheddar -Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes -Country Fried Pork Chop with Gravy -Chicken Cordon Bleu

Ore-Ida Frozen Potatoes (Heinz) -Fast Fries -Steak fries -Zesties -Shoestrings -Hash Browns -Tater Tots -Potato Wedges -Crispy Crunchies

Rosetto Frozen Pasta (Heinz) -Cheese Ravioli -Beef Ravioli -Italian Sausage Ravioli -Eight Cheese Stuffed Shells -Eight Cheese Broccoli Stuffed Shells

Stouffer’s (Nestle) -Family Style Favorites Macaroni & Cheese -Stuffed Peppers -Broccoli au Gratin -Meat Loaf in Gravy -Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole

-Homestyle Meatloaf -Salisbury Steak -Chicken Breast in Gravy

-Hearty Portions Salisbury Steak -Chicken Fettucini -Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes -Chicken Pot Pie

Swanson (Vlasic/Campbells) -Meat Loaf -Fish & Chips -Salisbury Steak -Chicken Nuggets -Hungry Man Fried Chicken -Roast Chicken -Fisherman’s Platter -Pork Rib

Voila! (Bird’s Eye/Agri-Link Foods) -Chicken Voila! Alfredo -Chicken Voila! Garlic -Chicken Voila! Pesto -Chicken Voila! Three Cheese -Steak Voila! Beef Sirloin -Shrimp Voila! Garlic

Weight Watchers (Heinz) -Smart Ones Fiesta Chicken -Basil Chicken -Ravioli Florentine -Fajita Chicken -Roasted Vegetable Primavera

Energy Bars & Drinks ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Power Bars

Power Bar (Nestle) -Oatmeal Raisin -Apple Cinnamon -Peanut Butter -Vanilla Crisp -Chocolate Peanut Butter -Mocha -Banana -Wild Berry -Harvest Bars Apple Crisp -Blueberry -Chocolate Fudge Brownie -Strawberry -Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Drink Mixes

Carnation Instant Breakfast Mix (Nestle) -Creamy Milk Chocolate -Classic Chocolate -French Vanilla -Strawberry -Café Mocha

Heat & Serve Meals ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Chef Boyardee (ConAgra) -Beefaroni -Macaroni & Cheese -Mini Ravioli -ABC’s & 123′s

Dinty Moore (Hormel) -Beef Stew -Turkey Stew -Chicken & Dumplings -Hormel -Chili with Beans -Chili No Beans -Vegetarian Chili with Beans Kids’ Kitchen (Hormel) -Spaghetti Rings with Meatballs -Macaroni & Cheese -Pizza Wedges with 3 Cheese

Franco-American (Campbell’s) -Spaghetti O’s -Mini Ravioli -Power Rangers Pasta in Sauce

Meat & Dairy Alternatives ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Loma Linda(Worthington/Kellogg’s*) -Meatless Chik Nuggest

Morningstar (Worthington/Kellogg’s*) -Harvest Burger -Better ‘n Burgers -Garden Veggie Patties -Grillers Burgers -Black Bean Burger -Chicken Patties

Natural Touch (Worthington/Kellogg’s*) -Garden Vegetable Pattie -Black Bean Burger -Okra Pattie -Lentil Rice Loaf -Nine Bean Loaf

Worthington (Worthington/Kellogg’s*) -Vegetarian Burger -Savory Slices

Dairy Alternatives

Nutra Blend Soy Beverage(Bestfoods) -Original -Vanilla -Apple -Orange

*A company letter states that they are in the process of converting to non-genetically modified “proteins” in all products.

Meal Mixes & Sauce Packets ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Betty Crocker (General Mills) -Garden Vegetable Pilaf -Creamy Herb Risotto -Garlic Alfredo Fettuccini -Bowl Appetit Cheddar Broccoli -Macaroni & Cheese -Pasta Alfredo

Knorr (Bestfoods) -Mushroom Risotto Italian Rice -Broccoli au Gratin Risotto -Vegetable Primavera Risotto -Risotto Milanese -Original Pilf -Chicken Pilaf -Rotini with 4 Cheese -Bow Tie Pasta with Chicken & Vegetable -Penne with Sun-Dried Tomato -Fettuccini with Alfredo -Classic Sauce Packets Hollandaise

Béarnaise -White -Brown -Lemon Herb -Mushroom Brown -Onion -Roasted Chicken -Roasted Pork -Roasted Turkey

Pasta Sauce Packets Alfredo -Four Cheese -Carbonara -Pesto -Garlic Herb

Lipton (Unilever) -Rice & Sauce Packets Chicken Broccoli -Cheddar Broccoli -Beef Flavor -Spanish -Chicken Flavor -Creamy Chicken -Mushroom

-Sizzle & Stir Skillet Supers Lemon Garlic Chicken & Rice -Spanish Chicken & Rice -Herb Chicken & Bowties -Cheddar Chicken & Shells

Near East (Quaker) -Spicy Tomato Pasta Mix -Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Pasta Mix -Falafel Mix -Lentil Pilaf -Couscous -Tomato Lentil -Parmesan -Toasted Pinenut -Herb Chicken -Broccoli & Cheese -Curry

Pasta Roni (Quaker) -Fettuccini Alfredo -Garlic Alfredo -Angel Hair Pasta with Herbs -Angel Hair Pasta with Parmesan Cheese -Angel Hair Pasta with Tomato Parmesan -Angel Hair Pasta Primavera -Garlic & Olive Oil with Vermicelli

Rice-a-Roni (Quaker) -Rice Pilaf -Beef -Chicken -Fried Rice -Chicken & Broccoli -Long Grain & Wild Rice -Broccoli au Gratin

Uncle Ben’s (Mars) -Long Grain & Wild Rice (Original & with Garlic) -Brown & Wild Rice Mushroom -Country Inn Mexican Fiesta -Country Inn Oriental Fried Rice -Country Inn Chicken & Vegetable -Country Inn Chicken & Broccoli -Natural Select Chicken & Herb -Natural Select Tomato & Basil -Chef’s Recipe Chicken & Vegetable Pilaf -Chef’s Recipe Beans & Rice -Chef’s Recipe Broccoli Rice

Frozen Pizza ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Celeste (Aurora Foods) -Supreme -Pepperoni -Vegetable -Four Cheese -Deluxe -Cheese

Tombstone (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Pepperoni -Supreme -Sausage & Pepperoni -Extra Cheese -Stuffed Crust -Three Cheese

Totino’s (Pillsbury) -Crisp Crust -Pepperoni -Combination

Snack Foods ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Act II Microwave Popcorn (ConAgra) -Butter -Extreme Butter -Corn on the Cob

Frito-Lay* (PepsiCo) -Lays Potato Chips (all varieties) -Ruffles Potato Chips (all) -Doritos Corn Chips (all) -Tostitos Corn Chips (all) -Fritos Corn Chips (all) -Cheetos (all) -Rold Gold Pretzels (all) -Cracker Jack Popcorn

Healthy Choice Microwave Popcorn (ConAgra) -Organic Corn (soy/canola oils)

Mothers Corn Cakes (Quaker) -Butter Pop

Orville Redenbacher Microwave Popcorn (ConAgra) -Original -Homestyle -Butter -Smart Pop -Pour Over -Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Cakes -Chocolate -Caramel -Orville Redenbacher Mini Popcorn Cakes -Butter -Peanut Caramel -Chocolate Peanut

Pop Secret Microwave Popcorn (Betty Crocker/General Mills) -Natural -Homestyle -Jumbo Pop -Extra Butter -Light -94% Fat Free Butter

Pringles (Procter & Gamble) -Original -Low Fat -Pizza-licious -Sour Cream & Onion -Salt & Vinegar -Cheezeums -Quaker Rice Cakes -Peanut Butter -Chocolate Crunch -Cinnamon Streusel -Mini -Chocolate -Ranch -Sour Cream & Onion -Apple Cinnamon -Caramel Corn -Quaker Corn Cakes -White Cheddar -Caramel Corn -Strawberry Crunch -Caramel Chocolate Chip


*Frito has informed its corn and potato suppliers that the company wishes to avoid GE crops, but acknowledges that canola or other oils and ingredients in its products may be from GE sources.

Soda & Juice Drinks ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Coca Cola (Coca Cola) Sprite Cherry Coke Barq’s Root Beer Minute Maid Orange Minute Maid Grape Surge Ultra PepsiCo Pepsi Slice Wild Cherry Pepsi Mug Root Beer Mountain Dew Cadbury/Schweppes 7-Up Dr. Pepper A & W Root Beer Sunkist Orange Schweppes Ginger Ale

Capri Sun juices (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Red Berry -Surfer Cooler -Splash Cooler -Wild Cherry -Strawberry Kiwi -Fruit Punch -Pacific Cooler -Strawberry -Orange -Grape

Fruitopia (Coca Cola) -Grape Beyond -Berry Lemonade -Fruit Integration -Kiwiberry Ruckus -Strawberry Passion -Tremendously Tangerine

Fruit Works (PepsiCo) -Strawberry Melon -Peach Papaya -Pink Lemonade -Apple Raspberry

Gatorade (Quaker) -Lemon Lime -Orange -Fruitpunch -Fierce Grape -Frost Riptide Rush

Hawaiian Punch (Procter & Gamble) -Tropical Fruit -Grape Geyser -Fruit Juicy Red -Strawberry Surfin

Hi-C (Coca Cola) -Pink Lemonade -Watermelon Rapids -Boppin’ Berry -Tropical Punch -Smashin’ Wildberry -Blue Cooler -Blue Moon Berry -Orange -Cherry

Kool Aid (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Blastin’ Berry Cherry -Bluemoon Berry -Kickin’ Kiwi Lime -Tropical Punch -Wild Berry Tea -Ocean Spray -Cranberry Juice Cocktail -Cranapple -CranGrape -CranRaspberry -CranStrawberry -CranMango

Squeeze It (Betty Crocker/General Mills) -Rockin’ Red Puncher -Chucklin’ Cherry -Mystery 2000

Sunny Delight (Procter & Gamble) -Sunny Delight Original -Sunny Delight With Calcium Citrus Punch -Sunny Delight California Style Citrus Punch Tang juices (Kraft/Phillip Morris) -Orange Uproar -Fruit Frenzy -Berry Panic

Tropicana Twisters (PepsiCo) -Grape Berry -Apple Raspberry Blackberry -Cherry Berry -Cranberry Raspberry Strawberry -Pink Grapefruit -Tropical Strawberry -Orange Cranberry -Orange Strawberry Banana

V-8 (Campbells) -V8 Tomato Juices (all varieties) -Strawberry Kiwi -Strawberry Banana -Fruit Medley -Berry Blend -Citrus Blend -Apple Medley -Tropical Blend -Island Blend

Soup ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Campbell’s -Tomato -Chicken Noodle -Cream of Chicken -Cream of Mushroom -Cream of Celery -Cream of Broccoli -Cheddar Cheese -Green Pea -Healthy Request Chicken Noodle -Cream of Chicken -Cream of Mushroom -Cream of Celery -Campbell’s Select Roasted Chicken with Rice

-Grilled Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes -Chicken Rice -Vegetable Beef

-Chunky Beef with Rice -Hearty Chicken & Vegetable -Pepper Steak -Baked Potato with Steak & Cheese -New England Clam Chowder

-Soup to Go Chicken Noodle -Chicken Rice -Garden Vegetable -Vegetable Beef & Rice

Simply Home Chicken Noodle Chicken Rice Garden Vegetable Vegetable Beef with Pasta

Healthy Choice (ConAgra) -Country Vegetable -Fiesta Chicken -Bean & Pasta -Chicken Noodle -Chicken with Rice -Minestrone

Pepperidge Farms (Campbell’s) -Corn Chowder -Lobster Bisque -Chicken & Wild Rice -New England Clam Chowder -Crab Soup

Progresso (Pillsbury) -Tomato Basil -Chicken Noodle -Chicken & Wild Rice -Chicken Barley -Lentil -New England Clam Chowder -Zesty Herb Tomato -Roasted Chicken with Rotini -Fat Free Minestrone -Fat Free Chicken Noodle -Fat Free Lentil -Fat Free Roast Chicken

Tomatoes & Sauces ~ Genetically Engineered Ingredients

Del Monte (Nabisco/Phillip Morris) -Tomato Sauce

Five Brothers Pasta Sauces (Lipton/Unilever) -Summer Vegetable -Five Cheese -Roasted Garlic & Onion -Tomato & Basil

Healthy Choice Pasta Sauces (ConAgra) -Traditional -Garlic & Herb -Sun-Dried Tomato & Herb

Hunts (ConAgra) -Traditional Spaghetti Sauce -Four Cheese Spaghetti Sauce -Tomato Sauce -Tomato Paste

Prego Pasta Sauces (Campbells) -Tomato, Basil & Garlic -Fresh Mushroom -Ricotta Parmesan -Meat Flavored -Roasted Garlic & Herb -Three Cheese -Mini-Meatball -Chicken with Parmesan

Ragu Sauces (Lipton/Unilever) -Old World Traditional -Old World with Meat -Old World Marinara -Old World with Mushrooms -Ragu Robusto Parmesan & Romano -Ragu Robusto Roasted Garlic -Ragu Robusto Sweet Italian Sausage -Ragu Robusto Six Cheese -Ragu Robusto Tomato, Olive Oil & Garlic -Ragu Robusto Classic Italian Meat -Chunky Garden Style Super Garlic -Chunky Garden Style Garden Combo -Chunky Garden Style Tomato, Garlic & Onion -Chunky Garden Style Tomato, Basil & Italian Cheese -Pizza Quick Traditional


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Food By Permission of the Government Only!*

Food By Permission of the Government Only!*


Far too many people are turning a blind eye to the increasing reality that they are living in a policed state. When the day comes, they might not realize that they have no rights at all! If that day does not come, it will only be because there were the few who had their eyes open enough to do something about it!

Here is a simple case of growing one’s own food in a community garden in Canada. Urban gardening has been on the rise because a) people dont trust the food that is being provided in mainstream markets,or  b) they can’t afford the food that is being provided in the mainstream markets.

Jacob Kearey-Moreland reports how the City of Toronto ordered Parks Director Richard Ubbens to remove all live plants and food from the People’s Peas Garden in Queens Park. They were ordered to take the plants and food to the dump and lay sod overtop of this most beautiful free community food garden, without warning, without a chance to remove the rare heirloom plant species or harvest the food.

The garden was planted by Occupy Gardens and allies on May 1st, in defense of local and global food security. While the garden has been growing undisturbed for nearly 5 months, with the help of hundreds in the community, the city deliberately decided to have it removed upon the eve of the Autumn Jam: A Harvest Party and celebration of sharing, community and free local food, which is happening tomorrow from 12-6pm at the garden in Queens Park (northwest section).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The reason? The people did not have permission to grow free food on public land. I come from a city and country where one does not need permission to do the right thing. We are experiencing a “glocal” food crisis, where more and more people are lining up at food banks for kraft dinner and peanut butter, waiting lists for community gardens are growing, food prices rising, and our leaders are nowhere to be seen. Rather they are hiding behind their desk ordering the workers to destroy whatever hope we have left.

We need help sharing this story far and wide.

We will be having our Autumn Jam harvest party/vigil tomorrow as scheduled from 12noon-6pm in the northwest section of Queens Park.

As a side note – last Monday Sept 17th gardeners travelled to Ottawa on a Peas Keeping mission for national, global food security, where we planted a free heart-shaped food garden on Parliament Hill, at which point the RCMP stomped on the plants and threatened arresting people, we removed the plants and relayed the sod.

Jacob Kearey-Moreland
647 379 2324


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