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Censoring Flu Research in the Flu Season!

Censoring Flu Research in the Flu Season!


At what point common sense prevails one can never be sure, but when it does happen it seems to disappear as soon as it appears!

As the second bird (Oriental magpie robin) to be found dead from the latest mutation H5N1 in Hong Kong, the U.S. are asking scientists to censor their findings, especially any reference to how scientists mutated H5N1 into a virus that is deadly to humans! In the same period (December 2011), hundreds of crows in Jharkhand, India have also died from H5N1 as well as in Jamshedpur district, in Ranchi, Bokaro, Khuti, and Sahebganj.

The by-line is that the U.S. fears that the information will fall into hands of terrorists, which is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black given past U.S. field experiments on the American public!

So far, two groups of scientists from the Netherlands and the U.S. have submited their findings to Nature and Science, which describes how they succcessfully ‘converted’ bird flu virus which does not spread easily amongst humans to an airbourne form that is communicable through coughs and sneezes, the intent of which at this point is difficult to fathom.  Since bird flu was first detected in 2003, only 331 people have died from it globally. It continues to mutate and the point at which it passes the animal-human barrier is when as much information as possible is needed, especially if it proves to be lethal. Maye at that point, if it is ever reached, the information will passed onto the U.S. pharmaceutical industry to formulate untested vaccines for huge profits unless another country does not get to it first.


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