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Sudan’s Oilgate

Sudan’s Oilgate

No one expected the situation to be resolved with the independence of Southern Sudan in 2011, in fact one could quite easily say that the situation is worse, with foreign interests to add to the chaos while Northern Sudan remains unwilling to pay for its part of the processing and delivery of Southern Sudan’s oil. Once there is oil, there are human rights abuses, and this time Sweden is implicated. Southern Sudan is not a country that is full of people who do not know their best interests though that could be said of them when they separated from Northern Sudan, because as long as President Bashir is still around the problem remains as he is supported by Middle Eastern interests.

In the case of Sweden a legal battle unfolds as prosecutors investigate their oil company, Lundin Oil which is linked to huge human rights abuses. This is a legacy under Bashir since 1997, and not a product of negotiations with Southern Sudanese who had the misfortune to be living above a huge oil reserve. Sudanese correspondent, James Ninrew recalls:

“They used helicopter gunships to bomb houses,” the reverend and civil society leader recalled of the January 2000 attack, in Koch, Unity state. An elderly man and his wife were killed in the attack. “When the houses were on fire, the helicopter gunship landed and the soldiers came out and shot these people.”

In such a vast country, with such severe climatic conditions, and minimal communications network, it is easy to get away with mass human rights violations, but it is Sweden’s public prosecutor, Magnus Elving, who began the investigation, with evidence in an 2010 report, “Unpaid Debt” by the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan, ECOS  that could lead to a criminal case against Lundin Oil.

Whereas Lundin naturally denies all accusations, ECOS evidence highlights otherwise. Whereas Lundin sad they consulted with the communities concerned, ECOS points out that those “consultations” were with influential military-political leaders and the rape, pillage torture and damage caused pales into insignificance the U.S.$1.7mn Lundin paid, and profited to the sum of U.S.$142.5mn in 2003 when it sold its stake!

ECOS asked Austria and Malaysia to investigate their own oil interests in Sudan to make sure that they too are not committing large scale human rights abuses! The result an estimated 12,000 people killed, and 160,000 displaced from the area designated for oil extraction as Block 5A. Located in the Muglad Basin, Block 5A is part of a is part of a huge, fertile floodplain fed by rivers from the Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, all of which are occupied by NATO-US in some form. In 2008, shareholders in Block 5A included:

  • Lundin Petroleum AB  at 40.375%
  • OMV Aktiengesellschaft at      26.125%
  • Petroliam Nasional Berhad at      28.5%

Indiscriminate bombings (not that bombing can actually be targeted), land troops to ensure there are no people left, soldiers positioned to guarantee control of the area along with rape, torture, murder, and driving people into uninhabitable swamps left to die from exhaustion, hunger, and ill-health.

As Ethiopia unleashes the same tactics in its spread of commercialized farming, displacing thousands of people, African governments too have to stand up and be counted!


Ferrie, J “Sweden Runs Into South Sudanese Oilgate.” http://www.ips.org/africa/2011/11/sweden-runs-into-south-sudanese-oilgate/

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Four Countries Battle for 570sq m of Rock!

Four Countries Battle for 570sq m of Rock!


By Hwaa Irfan


Like two year olds, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, and the U.K., of course are all fighting over a 570 square meters rock that protrudes 20 m above sea level. Can one imagine what would happen if that piece of rock was big enough to sustain a human population no matter how small – just think of Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan!

Of course, with the exception of Afghanistan, the reason is oil under what is remaining of what used to be a volcano. The rock is en route for guillemots, northern cormorants, northern gannets, fulmars, and kittiwakes along with a bounty of shellfish, in surrounding waters that possess a long living coral reef.  The birds, shellfish, and the coral reef are the only species to frequent the rock, so given that they can neither speak a European language their rights are inconsequential, and so would it be if they were human as the UN decides who will get the rock!

Rockall forms a part of the 555 million year old North Atlantic Igneous Province where Greenland and Europe split to form the north-east Atlantic Ocean. The rock itself is alkali granite, consisting of rare minerals bazirite, elpidite, and leucophosphite to name a few.

“Rocabarra” finds a place in Irish medieval folklore whereby it is said that the rock will appear at the end of times (“Nuair a thig Rocabarra ris, is dual gun tèid an Saoghal a sgrios“), but was first referred to scientifically in 1703. Why it has taken so long to lay claims is because the bad reputation the rock has for being a fatal place, claiming lives from the ship wrecks that occur there.

A little over 301.4 km from St. Hilda, Scotland, and half way between Ireland and Iceland, of course the British laid strategic claim as far back as 1955, like the American astronauts did when they first landed on the Moon, By sticking a flag in the rock, but the British never registered the claim of what is a part of the “Hatton Rockall Basin.

Surprisingly events do take place on that small piece of rock jutting out of the ocean. A Greenpeace weblog reads:

On June 15th, 1997, three Greenpeace activists – Peter, Meike and Al – attempted to make a home for themselves, on a tiny ledge, 4 by 2.5 metres in size. Their house was just small solar capsule, with two blue and white deckchairs set outside, for comfort.

They raised a flag, and a new country was formed – a new global state called Waveland. From around the world, citizenship applications flooded in, and before long, 15,000 passports had been issued to people who saw the importance of protection rather than exploitation of nature. The pledge for citizenship read:

“Without violence and by bearing witness, to defend nature, to protect the global commons, to reform industrialism, and to secure peace, believing in action, rather than words.”

That was the second event to take place on the rock in the world of humans. Once scientists found oil, the fate of the rock was sealed. U.K. experts believe that the find will replenish the British treasury to the tune of £100bn sterling.

Five years later, the battle ensues. While Britain tries to claim it as British territory by classifying it as an island, Ireland quite logically claims it is a rock where there can be no territorial waters, and therefore the benefits of it should be shared. Nature keeps providing us with opportunities in sustainable living, and the common good, while sometimes we fail to learn those valuable lessons!


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Oil vs. Communities: The Case of Sudan

Oil vs. Communities: The Case of Sudan

By Hwaa Irfan

The ravages of animism, being Muslim, or simply just being black African are probably the images that come to mind when one hears for the continuous strife of Sudan. A land mass so large and uncontainable, Sudan with the exception of Egyptian incursion, has remained the protecting force of the West’s hunger to explore and exploit the beleaguered continent of Africa to the full. The gateway to the North, East and Central Africa, as well as providing another strategic position on the Middle East and its natural resources, the plight that haunts Sudan is not tribalism, but the exploitation of external forces, oil, and an errant ruler. Just as the oil wealth of Iraq has been cordoned off to the South under the allocated jurisdiction of the Kurds, the same is about to happen to Sudan splitting it into two Sudans.

At a time in human underdevelopment on the scale of humanity, when the many crises that beset the world today is pointing to the reality that this was only ever one earth for all people, separation or nationalism has never elevated the status of humanity from self interest to the common good. It has only served to make “nations” quibble, exploit and manipulate positions of power. It has never served to teach us how to share in reciprocity. As such, the level of corruption in the current Sudanese government serves the purposes of those external forces which swears allegiance to nationalism and all its faults.

The Nuer People

The Nei Ti Naath are a pastoral people. Known as the Nuer, Nuerland is partially swamps, and is in one of the regions where good oil deposits have been found in the Upper Nile region of Sudan, which also happens to be the home of the Dinka people. The Nuer people were treated as good for nothing until the discovery of oil on their land, yet, the Nuer successfully fended off external forces in the form of colonial European powers in the 1900s. In fact they are a well organized people that have been successful in expediting the true meaning of democracy without a single leader or group therefore ensuring a homogenous decision-making process. They use the land according to its nature, which is to flood and then dry out. As such, the Nuer migrate with their animals, returning to their settlements of extended families every rainy season, with cultivation of their crops taking place around their settlements, or on higher ground levels.

When Ismail, son of Muhammed ‘Ali led the 2-year Nile campaign into Sudan for gold and slaves (30,000 slaves in total), the Nuer were one of the people their marauding soldiers came across in 1821. By then there was an intense dislike of the Turks under Muhammed ‘Ali, who earned themselves a reputation for their brutality and heartlessness to the extent that when a celebratory night of dance and music by Ismail and his men took place, Sudanese rose up and set afire the house that Ismail was staying in and attacked all camps where Turks were stationed. However, this uprising also marked the end of Sudan’s freedom. Muhammed ‘Ali went on a campaign of massacres, raiding towns from Kordofan to El-Obeid. The town of Metemma was sacked and burned down, alone with all settlements along the Nile from Berber to Sennar.  All Sudanese male prisoners encountered were emasculated, and ll Sudanese female prisoners had the breasts cut off. All the valley of the Nile from the Ethiopian mountains to the sea fell under Muhammed ‘Ali’s control. By 1983, 70-year old Muhammed ‘Ali brought European engineers to Sudan to build a railway, telegraph, to establish the industry in cotton and indigo, and to develop the slave trade further. The Nubian slaves included girls as young as 12 years of age, but the men who were wanted as fodder for ‘Ali’s army rather than be conscripted, would rather mutilate a part of themselves so that they would be of no use to the Turkish army.

The Nuer, the Dinka, the Shilluks, and the Anuaks had good intercultural, inter-tribal relations until the 19th century intrusion of the Ottomans and the British. As is the art of colonial powers, one each tribe was pitted against the other, just as the case with Muslims in Iraq today. Some members of the Dinka took to their colonial oppressors, and in doing so became untraditionally hostile towards the Nuer until this day.

One of the countries that the Nuer people fled to after Sudan fell under Egyptian control was Ethiopia, and today one can find the Neur language is taught in schools from the elementary to university level, and because of this, the Ethiopian School Certificate is not recognized by the GOSS Ministry of Education. Professor David de Chand, a Nuer resident in the U.S. speaks of the life of xenophobia. Xenophobia was further punishment by the British like the form of collective punishment the Palestinians have had to endure, but in the case of the Neur it has been for resisting British colonialism.  While the U.S. has maintained sanctions against Sudan because of the humanitarian situation, it is from Europe that the push to divide Sudan has been the strongest. De Chand explains:

“The EU has been pushing desperately for the South to cede with the intention of exploiting it at its own expense and rather its own socioeconomic and human resources development. In brief, we would like the Western world to know that the South will not cede from Sudan. Such anticipation on the South ceding is encomiastic and euphoric.

“For instance, if the rest of the South, namely Bahr el-Ghazal and Equatoria would opt to go in the aftermath of 2011 referendum, the Greater Upper will opt to declare itself own independence as a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) that would have closer links with the North and the would not become an integral part of the New Sudan or the New South Sudan for the next 50-100 year and forever. I do certainly have the fullest support from the people of the Greater Upper Nile on this strategic Aristocratic, Socratic thinking and neo-thinking.

“We are democrats, federalists rather than ethnocentrists (tribalists) and secessionists. Our people are underdeveloped and we do need more education, healthcare, hospitals, roads for transport, agro-development for self-sufficiency, self-reliance, food security and good infrastructure before we could dream if ceding from the North. Europe underdeveloped Africa during the colonial years, but is now seeking only continuous exploitation of its people and natural resources at their own expense.

“The Scottish Presbyterian missionary to Uganda, Alexander Murdoch McKay observed in 1889 that “in formers years, the universal aim was to steal Africans from Africa. Today the determination of Europe and North America is to steal Africa from the Africans”. Without the shadow of a doubt, 120 years later Europe and North America appear to still trying to steal both Africa and Africans. They are now using their newly establishment, the so-called ICC, to steal Africans from Africa and try them in mood or Kangaroo courts or mock trials in Western Europe. This is the real political means of destabilizing the African continent- which then makes the political exploitation and domination of Africa; the subsequent extraction and exploitation of African minerals and natural resources relatively much easier and cheaper”.

Now under government control, oil exploration in an area known as 5A located in Nuerland, was based on satellite images from Landsat 1999 – 2003. In the oil rush, the Sudanese government built roads to the oil fields, which led to the military displacing the population. Then the people were besieged from the sky.

“All of a sudden, a helicopter gunship appeared from nowhere,”

“First of all it surrounded the area. For sure they have seen that these are not army people. These are people distributing food. Those of us who know … this kind of [attack] helicopter, we warned people that these people should run away because this is not a relief plane. This is coming to kill you.” – James Ninrew, director of Assistance Mission for Africa.

The Oil Concessions

The comprehensive peace agreement of 2005 between the Arabized North, and the black south gave rights of compensation to those whose rights have been violated by oil contracts. These compensations should be paid by the oil companies, and all oil revenues are to be shared by the North and the South. But the catch is, is that the oil from the South is sold by the North, which also has the oil pipeline, and the port from where to export.

Oil production began in the 1990s with output from:

–        Blocks 1, 2, and 4 in the North, and South of the Abyei region under the Greater Nile Petroleum Company, which includes the Chinese National Petroleum Company, Petronas, and Sudapet.

–        Blocks 3 and 7 is in the Melut Basin of South Sudan under the Petrodar consortium, which consists of the Chinese National Petroleum Company, Petronas, Sudapet, Sinopec. Tri-Ocean Energy  Kuwait

–        Block 5A  in Nuerland is under the White Nile Petroleum Operating Company, which includes Petronas as the major shareholders, and Sudapet

–        Block 5B in the Muglad Basin  is under Ascom, a Moldocan company

–        Block 6 , the Fula oilfield is under the Chinese National Petroleum Company

–        Block B in south east Sudan is under Total.

–        Block EA runs along the Muglad Basin, and is under Star Petroleum from Luxembourg with Sudapet, and Hamla from Norway.

All concessions were granted by the Sudanese government in the North. By 2009, of the 485 billion barrels produced, most was exported to Asia, Ethiopia, and the Netherlands (the U.S. has placed sanctions on any trading with Sudan under the current social climate the precedent of which was set by Darfur), the rest, the 90,000 billion barrels was consumed domestically.

The Current Situation

Following the coalition of 50 NGO’s in Sudan, The European Coalition on Oil in Sudan, ECOS, have been reporting on the situation. In July 2010, it has been noted that 12,000 people have been killed, and 160,000 displaced by Block 5A in Nuerland by the thirst for oil. Said coordinator of ECOS Egbert Wesselink:

“We’re talking about rape, murder, torture, arson, looting, arbitrary bombing by high-altitude bombers as well as by helicopter gunships, driving people into uninhabitable areas like the swamps where many people suffered and died due to exhaustion, hunger, diseases.”

George Riak from Leer town in Block 5A said:

“Thank God that I was not shot but I lost materials. I lost 79 cows, I lost 51 goats and sheep. I lost my two luaks [cattle containers] plus my farms.”

Rightly so Riak is of the belief that communities should be compensated, not just individuals for

“Everything was destroyed,”

But how does one trust a government that puts wealth over its people and their people as inconveniences in the first place.

Lundin Petroleum rejected the claims that had been complicit in the oil crimes, and OMV is under the impression that they have fulfilled their “social responsibilities.”

Oil Crimes

“There is a straight line crossing the swamps of Nuerland where the earth has been methodically scorched and plugged. Rusting metal caps lie beneath fetid ponds of water six feet across. They are the only physical evidence of what will soon be the next generation of Sudan’s oil wells.

“They sit atop man-made hills, bulldozed from the burnt marshes and waiting to be connected to high-pressure pipelines that will pump the crude out of the ground of Unity State and send it north to Port Sudan.

The line of the plugs is matched by the fearsome symmetry of raised and graded roads that have been cut through the fringes of the great Sudd Swamp. This grid of dead-straight scars in the wetlands is a lasting reminder of a brutal meeting between the industrial world and the pastoral life that existed before the discovery of oil.” – Daniel Howden

The three multinational oil companies that have been complicit in the divisive crimes against the oil communities of Sudan are the government owned Malaysian company Petronas, the Austrian energy group OMV, and Sweden’s Lundin Petroleum. These three companies led by Lundin Petroleum are the major stakeholders in the oil production of Sudan, and the land that goes with the oil.

Focusing on Petronas, it market’s itself as having a “… commitment to operational excellence and sustainable development, while conducting our business with integrity mutual respect and understanding…”

Operating two Malaysian oil refineries, Petronas also operates a refinery in Durban, S. Africa, Petronas finalized a contract to develop Iraq’s 46,000 barrels a day Majnoon Oilfield along with Shell, which owns 60%. However, Ethiopia has not been so yielding.  The Ogaden National Liberation Front in fact argued in Petronas favor, at least on an ethical basis, that oil exploration carried out in the eastern region would link the oil company to the war crimes of the Ethiopian government.

“We urge Petronas to exercise corporate responsibility and steer clear of Ogaden so long as our people are victims of genocide and their rights to determine their own future are violently denied.”

However greed has no boundaries, as the situation outlined by ONFL has not been enough to deter Petronas, as they have recently pursued the Ethiopian government.  Petronas has asked the Ethiopian government to agree to sell all of its oil and gas concessions to a locally owned firm. Who would be silly enough to put all their eggs in one basket! The locally owned firm is South West Energy (H.K), which just happens to be registered in Hong Kong has offered to buy all of Petronas interests in the Horn of Africa.

Yet, it is the Malaysian state of Kelantan that finds itself having to sue Petronas in August 2010, because Petronas has failed not paid the 5% royalty outstanding to the state for oil extracted off its shores under the Petroleum Development Act of 1974. Once royalty is paid, in return states would surrender their control of the petroleum to Petronas, a state owned company.

Meanwhile, early in 2010, it has been found that there is a huge discrepancy over the actual oil production with the official Sudanese figures differing from the Chinese-led consortium: Chinese National Petroleum Company, Petronas, and Sudapet (owned by the Sudanese government, and others.The discrepancy was discovered by Global Witness who found that the Chinese figures were 12% greater or 12 million barrels of oil worth U.S.$370mn.

ECOS calls on Lundin Petroleum, Petronas, and OMV and their home governments to account for the injustices suffered by the victims of the oil wars in Block 5A. Some inroad has been made concerning OMV, has the Swedish Public Prosecutor has been pursuing a criminal investigation, which is more than the Malaysian, Austrian and Sudanese government has done in violation of  the Sudanese International Humanitarian Law for the period 1997 – 2003.


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Not Another Puppet Government!

From Infowar.comNot Another Puppet Government!

By Hwaa Irfan

  {Who amasses wealth and considers it a provision (against mishap); he thinks that his wealth will make him immortal} (Al Humazah 104: 2-3)

I am no politician, and neither do I have the desire to be one, but sometimes, a few words need to be said about a situation.

As the U.S. and allies try to intimidate Iraq into forming a hurried new government given the way in which the country has been raped by the same forces physically, economically, culturally, in terms of mores and in terms of identity, let us remember why forming a new government under the kind of background which is equivalent to the rape and plunder of the Mongols. Should be taken with great care and deliberation.  Let us also be reminded of the decreasing sense of responsibility these countries have for their own citizens, and the way in which Gaza has been treated by these same countries for voting in its own interest. Let us also realize that regardless of its oil-rich wealth that Iraq should be left to find its feet on its own terms with only the support of those it calls upon, and not those whose bestiality in war relinquished them from the right to have a say! If they do not have the decency to make another one of their meaningless apologies, then at least they can leave them be including those Iraqis who would sell their souls for a piece of the American pie!

The Merchants of Death and War Profiteering

It was President Roosevelt who said:

“The grave menace to the peace of the world is due in no small measure to the uncontrolled activities of the manufacturers and merchants of engines of destruction”. 

In the mid-nineties, the U.S. federal government funded research and development carried out by the U.S. military to the tune of $50bn for U.S. Forces to protect Middle Eastern oilfields and shipping lanes unbeknown to American citizens.  In the early days of U.S occupation, the American corporation Kellogg Brown, and Root, KBR, was initially chosen by the Pentagon to extinguish the oil well fires (set by Iraqis to prevent U.S claims). It was awarded without competition, the Iraqi oil well contracts. KBR was a subsidiary of Halliburton, which was headed by the former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney of the Enron scandal. Cheney was deputy chief of staff under the Gerald Ford Administration of 1976, a critical member of the project “A New American Century, and was Defense Secretary in the previous Bush (the elder) regime before becoming Vice-President in the George H.W Bush Administration.  So there we have three companies directly linked to Cheney: 

Enron – was the iconic legacy that represented the U.S. war profiteers of WWI and WWII placing business, politics and energy into the same package. Close to the Bush family for two generations,. The gas production of Bush senior was sold to Enron in the 1990s, with the aim to make Enron into an international energy entity. The Enron former chief, Ken Lay was chosen by Bush senior to organize the annual G-7 Economic Summit in Texas in the 1990s, and was a major donor and partner in the re-election of Bush elder, and was forefront in the deregulation of energy and utilities spending $5 million in its deregulation campaign of 1999-2000.  According to former White House strategist, Ken Phillips, “… half of Bush’s twenty largest donors had major ties to Enron”. 

Halliburton – with serious financial mismanagement and accountability being awarded extravagant amounts ($300 mn. in 1995, $800mn, in 1999, $2.3bn. with Cheney as CEO) by the two Bush Administrations. Halliburton received contracts to support U.S. soldiers in Zaire, Haiti, Somalia, the Balkans, and Saudi Arabia. Halliburton built Guantanamo Bay, and was the first private militarized company for the U.S, as a part of its new global military strategy advancing high-tech wars to be of the government, but not from the government, and not totally dependent on the government for its survival (i.e. able to take contracts from other countries e.g. Russia and the U.K.).

KBR – a unit of Halliburton had carried out Federal building projects around the world for 10 years prior to 9/11. Is the exclusive logistic supplier for the U.S. Navy and the Army. 

The Defense Department had given over 3,000 contracts since 1994, 2,700 of which went to Booz, Allen and Hamilton, and KBR. U.S.  Enron, Halliburton, and KBR had become hugely influential in the domestic and foreign policies of the Administration. Both KBR, and Halliburton were charged with breaking U.S. sanctions, and human rights, but both corporations were encouraged and financed to do so by the U.S. Administration. Twenty four U.S. companies were mentioned in that report, companies which gave substantial support especially when it came to the development and the use of the biological weapons program, and the missile and nuclear weapons program albeit illegal!

It was Cheney’s scaremongering or rather his failing empire  which projected  an unsustainable U.S. when it came to oil.  In a 2000 report to New American Century Cheney a key member raised the call to invade Iraq with Iraq’s oil second to Saudi Arabia.  Cheney along with Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, and Lewis Libby formulated the blue print which was to lead to the plundering of Iraqi historical and cultural antiquities, the oil for blood program, the recruitment of thugs and street gangs into the U.S. force to humiliate Iraqi men, women and children, the siphoning off of Iraqi oil, the hunger and destitution of many Iraqi children, the prostitution and rape of Iraqi women, the kidnapping of Iraqi  scientific minds, and the death of 1,366,350 Iraqis, and the demonization of Arabs and subsequently Muslims, other religious-ethnic groups, the false notion of the “war on terrorism”, the domination of the world’s resources in the form of T.R.I.P.S (trade and patenting), and the global deterioration in values at the governmental level and at the level of civil society. 

Twenty –seven years ago, Donald Rumsfeld and others went to Baghdad to convince Saddam Hussein to support Bechtel in the construction of an oil pipeline from Iraq to Aqaba in Jordan. In 2002, Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co. (Israel’s Energy Storage and Transport Company) planned to transport crude oil from Russia to Central Asia, specifically from the Mediterranean city of Ashkelon to Eilat Harbor on the Red Sea via a 254km pipeline. The effect would be to reverse the current flow from Egypt’s Abu Rodeis oilfields in the Sinai desert to Israeli petrochemical plants in Haifa and Ashdod.

In February 2003, the same years as the invasion, Chair of Bechtel, Riley Bechtel was appointed to President Bush Jnr. Export Council. Ross Connolly, a former Bechtel executive became executive vice president, and chief officer of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation that established U.S. investments around the world. In fact investment banking is the brain child of war profiteering.

In April 2004, the corporation Bechtel was awarded a contract worth $600mn. by USAID to rebuild the infrastructure that the American allies destroyed, which included Iraq’s power generation, water and sewerage facilities, and other public facilities. Bechtel builds, operates, and maintains water systems in many countries. It was proactive in the privatization of water in Bolivia with the support of the World Bank, which was greatly hindered by the actions of the Bolivian people.  

Rape of a History

Envy to the point of greed is an ugly characteristic in man, To want something that somebody is or has, and then to disguise one’s actions in order to destroy or obtain it has become too acceptable. From time-to-time, we come across it in our daily lives, and unfortunately it is becoming increasingly so.The history of colonization of the region is full of spilt blood. Ancient Mesopotamia, the world’s first urban civilization, with the world’s first city, Samaria, was south of modern Iraq. This was as a result of the annual floods that led to establishing the world’s first agricultural system, allowing for a settled life. Alas, in 1258, the Mongols completely destroyed the Iraqi irrigation system and killed thousands of Iraqis. Those deaths were heavily mourned, but it was not until the 20th century that agricultural land began to recover from the Mongol onslaught.

European interest in the region began in the 19th century. British and French archaeologists turned the Western perception of Iraq’s history upside down when they found the remains of a civilization that had discovered the wheel over 5000 years ago, and had established the key mathematical concept of “0,” the division of the circle into 360 degrees, multiplication tables, square roots, cubes, logarithms, the value of “pi” etc. They discovered theological concepts older than Judaism and Christianity.

Having excavated the ancient cities of Nineveh and Nimrod, those British and French archaeologists found huge libraries of clay tablets and sculptures that can be seen today at the British Museum and the Louvre!

Having this in mind, one should consider the method of this 21st century re-colonization, whereby the heritage of a people continues to be plundered. The Museum at Mosul was once packed with 7000-year old artifacts, and, as in the mind of Patrick Martin of the World Socialist Web Site, the widespread plundering of Mosul, Baghdad, Basra, and Kirkuk was deliberately encouraged by the Pentagon and the Bush Jnr. Administration. The National Museum alone was stripped of over 50,000 artifacts, and the Museum catalog was destroyed, which all of which remained intact under the barbaric ruler Saddam Hussein. The catalog would have identified the artifacts stolen. In defense of the people, obliterate their past, their identity, so that they can be conquered?

Mcguire Gibson, President of the American Association for Research in Baghdad at the time stated:

“It looks as if part of the theft was a very, very deliberate planned action… [the thieves] were able to take out the very important, the very best material”.

The U.S. Business Weekly magazine stated:

“They knew just what they were looking for because dealers ordered the most important pieces well in advance”.

Ann Talbot, also of the World Socialist Web Site commented on the systemic destruction of the Ministry of Irrigation: 

“We might say that by this act the U.S. Administration seeks to drive Iraq back to the Dark Ages, except that Iraq has never known a dark age in the sense that Europe had. By attacking the irrigation system, the U.S, Administration is causing more damage in a few weeks than any other previous invader”. 

 The Britain without the aid of the U.S., invaded more than once. Britain explored and spied on Iraq and navigated its rivers through trading, and became anxious about Iraqi oilfields. After WWI, the British expelled the Turks, ending the Ottoman Empire in that region, and, as in the scramble for Africa, divided up a region that was to form modern-day Iraq. The West has never been able to leave the region alone since then. The regions oilfields supplied the Royal Navy. Favoring Baghdad for colonization, as now, they felt invasion would be met with little resistance. An Anglo-Indian army landed in Basra in 1914. This time, it was the U.S. which claimed Basra, where the British once stood.

Britain and France aimed at absorbing the region into their empires with a mandate from the League of Nations – this was met with local resentment and was perceived as a veiled colonization. To quell the backlash, General Sir Aylman Haldae called for supplied of poisonous gas along with indiscriminate air-power to cut the people off from what is now Kuwait. Britain enforced a monarchial rule under a 1930-Treaty, retaining Iraq as a part of the British Empire. British military bases were maintained along with an agreement to train the Iraqi army. During WWII, the British rushed to protect the oilfields in the North, killing 3,000 Iraqi soldiers. 

Blood for Oil

The rich cultural heritage of the people has held them together for so long despite the temporal man-made laws of the West that has continued to undermine the country because of its inherent wealth. The memories of the people are long, but this type of persistent domination can either strengthen one’s sense of self, and one’s relationship with the Creator, or break one. The Free Officers were determined to right all wrongs and rid Palestine of Zionism. However, Saddam Hussein as a member of the Free Officers, sought to dominate and rose above the other members seizing power in 1979. As the first Shi’a Imam and 4th caliph of the Muslim world ‘Ali ibn ‘Abu Talib commented: 

It is amazing that a ruler can be good… for when he does wrong, he finds someone to back him up and praise him!” 

Playing one against the other, Britain, Germany, France and the U.S. (the heart of the Security Council) armed Saddam against Iran to quell Islam and protect their interests. The U.S. continued to supply Saddam with weapons that would later be used against Kuwait. More blood was to be spilled by both Saddam and the U.S. in the climax to the Gulf War.

In the course of the Gulf War, U.S. bulldozers buried thousands of teenage soldiers; some if them were still alive. The entire country’s infrastructure was destroyed. A report by the Medical Educational Trust declared that 200,000 Iraqi men, women, and children were murdered as a direct consequence of the U.S.-led war on Iraq in 1991. The land was polluted with depleted uranium and water was contaminated with U.S. frigates dumping sought after oil thus slowly poisoning the people. The U.S. prevented Save the Children from sending a plane with medical supplies into northern Iraq where  40,000 people were left in desperation.  The few injured soldiers got media attention, but the charred and twisted bodies in the street did not! Former U.S. attorney general under Lyndon Johnson, Ramsey Clarke said this:

“An incinerated body of an Iraqi soldier on the “Highway of Death”, a name the press has given to the road from Mutlaa, Kuwait to Basra, Iraq. U.S. planes immobilized the convoy by disabling vehicles at its front and rear, then bombing and strafing the resulting traffic jam for hours. More than 2000 vehicles and tens of thousands of charred and dismembered bodies littered the 60 miles of highway. The clear rapid incineration of human beings – suggests the use of napalm, phosphorus, or other incendiary bombs. These are anti-personnel weapons outlawed under the 1977 Geneva Protocols. This massive attack occurred after Saddam Hussein announced a complete troop withdrawal from Kuwait in compliance with UN Resolution 660. Such a massacre of withdrawing Iraqi soldiers violates the Geneva Convention of 1949, common article3, which outlaws the killing of soldiers who “are out of combat”. There are, in addition, strong indications that many of those killed were Palestinian and Kuwaiti civilians trying to escape the impending siege of Kuwait City, and the return of Kuwaiti armed forces. No attempt was made by U.S. military command to distinguish between military personnel and civilians on the “highway of death”. The whole intent of international law with regard to war is to prevent just this sort of indiscriminate and excessive use of force”. 

By this time public opinion had been manipulated to believe in the U.S. story of what took place, not allowing for that within all there is some good as well as not so good.

In 2002, the U.K. and the U.S. intentionally blocked humanitarian aid including vaccines, plasma and painkillers paid for by Iraq with Security Council approval under the Food for Oil program which allowed the U.S. and its allies to oil in exchange for food whilst thousands of Iraqis starve to death. The organization GRAIN reported on legislation that did not apply to Iraq alone, but included Iraq whereby farmers would not be allowed to produce and save their own seeds for agricultural development – the follow-up to T.R.I.P.S.  The U.S. through CPA, made it illegal for Iraqi farmers to produce and keep their own seeds that were not within the globalization domain as of April 2003. Without a democratically elected government in place to protect the natural resources of the people, the U.S. was well placed to make such an economic offensive. This would not have been possible under Saddam Hussein, the tyrant leader that he was, as proven by the fact for years he was the main obstacle behind the U.S. getting the oil deal that they wanted, and which was not in the interest of Iraq, and the Iraqis.

Iraqi Scientists

It was an informed statement when journalist Ann Talbot said that Iraq has never known a dark age in terms of knowledge. Throughout Islamic history, despite the horrific invasions it has experienced, Iraq has continued to produce fine scholars in all fields. No less a field is science, a field that the U.S. has become notorious in Caribbean terms, “liberating from the land”. In fact stealing, kidnapping, incarcerating, and “convincing” scientists has been a past time since WWII, most notably the scientists of Germany shipped and gainfully employed in the establishment and development of U.S. weapons of destruction under the Manhattan Project.

Many Iraqi scientists have been interrogated and many have remained in custody. A law unto themselves, the U.S. passed a legislation in earlier 2003 making it legal to “entice” Iraqi scientists granting them permanent resident status under the “Iraqi Scientists Immigration Act of 2003”. The U.S. has been facing a shortage of scientists as revealed by a study published by the National Science Board that found an increase in the number of foreign born scientists to be crucial for the future needs in science, engineering, and technology. The scientists immigration act  is one way of siphoning off the much needed experts of a country, when a country is in need. Angered at the manner in which he was treated, physicist Faleh Hassan, former director of the Al-Razi military industrial site, refused to leave Iraq when the inspectors tried to emotionally compromise him by using his wife’s illness (kidney stones, diabetes, and high blood pressure) as a means to get him to the U.S. Hassan commented to Washington Times:

“We would rather live as beggars in our country than live as kings abroad”.

Under the 2nd Bush Administration, a $16mn plan was being worked at to keep Iraqi scientists out of their imaginary harm’s way. Fearing that the scientists will go to Iran, and unable to appropriate their expertise, the U.S. would rather that nobody else gets that scientific expertise under the “Science, Technology and Engineering Mentorship Initiative for Iraq”.

What has been covered here so far, is only a scratch on the surface, and even then it all seems a bit too “enterprising” but it happened, and it happened to a people who never asked for it. To see the eyes of an escapee ex-Iraqi police officer is sheer agony, as the horror of what he bore witness to and was forced to do, remain a psychological scar. Some Iraqis have fled the country and marry out of their kind in order to keep running. None of us, outside of Iraq can imagine the horror of daily life since the U.S. invasion, and because of that, none of us has the right to tell Iraq how to run their own country. What we can do is remember what man is capable of and raise our voices, and whatever else we have at our disposal to prevent it from happening again to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. We must learn to recognize what is common amongst us, and appreciate the differences, differences which helps in seeing our world, in more ways than one!

Iraq has been balkanized into three regions. When I first wrote about this in 2004, it was laughed at that the U.S. was using the telecommunications system in order to do so. Now it is a fact, along with control of the oil fields, only Iraqis,  can see their country whole again, not you or I!


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ANSWER Coalition Responds to President Obama’s Speech on Iraq

eANSWER Coalition Responds to President Obama’s Speech on Iraq

From A.N.S.W.E.R

It is necessary to separate fact from fiction regarding the announcement by the Obama administration that it is removing “combat brigades” from Iraq.

This is not the time for progressive people to pat themselves on the back, claim “victory” and pretend that the U.S. government is pursuing a different policy than that which was carried out by the previous administration.

Today’s announcement that renames the 50,000 U.S. troops in Iraq is nothing more than the rebranding of the illegal U.S. occupation of Iraq that began with the criminal invasion of the country by hundreds of thousands of U.S. forces on March 20, 2003. Let’s remember, the goal of the Bush administration, too, was not to keep a certain number of U.S. troops in Iraq forever, but instead to exercise U.S. domination over the country and the region.

The Obama administration has maintained the principal military and civilian leaders from the Bush administration. The withdrawal of some combat brigades from Iraq is essentially a redeployment exercise so that tens of thousands more U.S. troops can be sent to Afghanistan.

Since Bush left office, and contrary to the deep desire of the masses of people who constituted the electoral base for President Obama’s November 2008 victory, the U.S. military machine has grown, not diminished. The U.S. military budget has actually increased, not decreased.

The ongoing occupation of Iraq, the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, the increasing threats against Iran, and the enduring U.S.-Israeli war directed against the Palestinian people are all clear indicators that U.S. foreign policy and its military strategy are premised on the pursuit and maintenance of Empire regardless of whether the Democrats or the Republicans occupy the White House.

When he delivered his major address in Cairo on June 4, 2009, President Obama described the war in Iraq as a “war of choice.” That is simply popular vernacular for a war of aggression. The reality of his position, however, was revealed today when President Obama actually called George W. Bush to confer with him in advance of tonight’s address on Iraq. Tonight, President Obama took the occasion to salute Bush as a “patriot” with “love of country and commitment to our security.” George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and other high officials in the Bush administration should be indicted and prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq has shredded Iraqi sovereignty and “succeeded” in killing as many as 1 million Iraqis. The invasion and ongoing occupation has succeeded in ripping apart a once-united country. It is the U.S. invasion that stoked a sectarian civil war. It was a deliberate and conscious policy by the U.S. occupation forces to organize, finance and arm Iraqis along ethno-sectarian lines in order to weaken the nationwide resistance of the people against foreign occupation.

The thousands of organizers and volunteers who have worked with the ANSWER Coalition in organizing mass protests and nearly daily activities in cities throughout the country for the past nine years believe that the U.S. should end all of its foreign occupations, and that the people in Iraq and Afghanistan must have the right of self determination.

The struggle for jobs, social justice, equality and freedom at home cannot be separated from the international struggle against empire, colonialism and war. Last Saturday, Glenn Beck and the forces of right-wing racism tried to hijack the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the millions of people who fought, organized—including for some going to jail and giving their life—in the struggle against racism at home and war abroad. We must take note of the fact that the forces of right-wing racism and militarism are mobilizing throughout the country. Their demagogic attacks against the Obama administration are nothing more than a cover for their real agenda.

We in the ANSWER Coalition believe that it is imperative that all those in the anti-war movement, labor and civil rights movements and others come together in a massive mobilization on Oct. 2 in Washington, D.C., for jobs, peace and justice. Only the mobilization of the people, and not the politicians, can radically change the political climate. When we march together on Oct. 2, we must raise high the banners of “U.S. out of Iraq now,” “End the occupation of Afghanistan Now” and “Money for jobs, schools, health care and housing, not war and occupation.”

A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition

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A Gulf Oil Conspiracy?

A Gulf Oil Conspiracy?

One Christian Texan voice, Texe Marr, is not frightened to say what he thinks about the Gulf Oil spill, and the disaster that is unfolding not only in front of American eyes, but the world at large. True or false, read what he has to say, and think about what is really going on, because the life you think you have, may just be that – what you


you have!

BP Oil Disaster Brings Fabulous Riches to Rothschild, Israel, and China

“And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” – Revelation 6:6

The horrible disaster in the Gulf of Mexico grows more and more dreadful each passing day as up to 100,000 barrels of black goo shoot up like a pluming rocket, straight up out of the fiery bowels of the sea floor. But even as the residents of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and the other Gulf states become drenched in black misery, across the globe a small clique of super-rich plutocrats are enjoying a diametrically opposite reaction. In fact, these calculating agents of deceit are celebrating the BP disaster with unmatched, gleeful joy. Their outrageous scheme has worked to perfection, and their bank accounts already show forth the astonishing success of their little sub-oceanic endeavor.

I’m referring to Rothschild and to his cohorts in crime, the freshly minted billionaire oil oligarchs of Israel and the surprisingly capitalistic new oil barons of Communist Red China.

Never in human history have so few profited so immensely while pulling the wool over the eyes of the ignorant, suffering masses.

Now, it may take a little doing for me to explain the incredible, dark reality of what has just happened to the people of America and to the nations of the world, but let me attempt to do just that in the succeeding brief paragraphs.

Your Future is at Stake

Why are these things important to you? Well, for one thing, your economic future depends on the price of oil. Oil, let us admit, fuels the world. Two years ago I released a bombshell intelligence report entitled Planet Petroleum… At that time, Wall Street and the White House were telling us that oil was a rapidly declining resource and in a few more decades none would be left. The price per barrel, the “experts” told us, would be $250 within a few brief months. Indeed, almost immediately oil’s price shot up to a staggering $147 per barrel and its astronomical rise was expected to continue.

The United States has more oil reserves than all the rest of the world’s nations combined. There is no reason to buy even one single barrel outside the US.

But in my report, I unmasked the lies of Wall Street, the government, and the oil titans and reported the truth: That the planet is awash in petroleum, that there is a never ending supply underground, and that the world would never—repeat, never!—run out of the black stuff. I further reported that in the United States, in the Bakken oil formation in the Dakotas and Montana, geologists had discovered more oil than exists in the entire Middle East. And—get this—I documented that there is more oil stored nearby in the Gulf of Mexico than had heretofore been discovered by oil drillers throughout the world in all the annals of human history.

My Prediction Comes True

What’s more, I revealed that the $140+ price of oil was a scam, boosted artificially by Wall Street bankers (Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs), and I told anyone who would listen that the outrageous high price would soon come tumbling down!

Guess what? It did exactly that. Within the year the price per barrel had plummeted from its $147 peak to only $32 per barrel. The price now sits at or about $78.

In other words, the U.S.A. has more oil available on this continent than all the rest of the world’s nations combined. There is no reason—none, none, none—for us to buy even one single barrel from some foreign potentate in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or Venezuela.

Every American Citizen is Fabulously Rich!

Can you imagine what this means for our economic fortune? Each of us—you and I and our kids and grandchildren—are rich, rich beyond belief.

A conservative estimate of our oil wealth would be that every man, woman, and child alive in the 50 American states is worth a minimum of Five Million Dollars. Each of us is joint heir of this nation’s massive deposits of black gold sitting unused underground on publicly-owned land and under our coastal waters. Think of it—we are all rich and no one, except the greedy elite—suspects it. The people are kept in total, abject stupidity.

Instead, from the early days of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly to today, we have been lied to and tricked into believing that oil is a rare, dwindling resource and that America must turn its eyes overseas to find sufficient energy to meet even our basic needs. What an outrageous lie we have all been fed.

The Gulf Oil Disaster A Criminal Act

Now let me explain to you the main points of what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico and in the decade leading up to this horrible tragedy.

1. Under the ruse of preventing Saddam Hussein from launching nonexistent “weapons of mass destruction,” Bush and Cheney invaded Iraq and seized that nation’s gigantic store of oil. Iraq is second only to Saudi Arabia in global oil production.

2. The U.S.A. then built permanent military bases adjacent to every major Iraqi oil field production facility. This is why we will remain in Iraq indefinitely, to insure the oil flow and gigantic profits continue.

After the conquest of Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi oil fields by the Bush-Cheney administration, oil pipelines were built and began shipping the stolen Iraqi oil through Israel to Rothschild controlled tankers waiting at the Israeli-Lebanon sea coasts. These tankers then make their way to China.

3. The U.S.A. immediately began to build new Iraqi oil pipelines through to Israel, and to Israeli-controlled Lebanese ports where the huge quantities of Iraqi oil are loaded onto waiting oil tankers and transported by sea to China and India. Israel is now an oil-rich theocratic superstate. Rothschild is Israel’s hidden dictator and financial overlord.

4. This Iraqi oil is “owned” lock, stock, and barrel by Rothschild’s front companies. The profit from this oil scam—secreted away in Tel Aviv banks—now reaches obscene levels. To pacify the Iraqis, a pittance is given to the Baghdad government. Iraq’s corrupt politicians and Moslem Imams also get their cut.

5. In China (and to a lesser extent, India), Rothschild and his Jewish banking minions have founded dummy national oil corporations and constructed an astonishing number of new oil refineries. After processing of the crude petroleum, tankers proceed to transport the finished product to distribution outlets and tank storage facilities in China and across the oceans, including in the United States.

6. Chinese national oil companies (actually Rothschild clones) are now the major petroleum suppliers to the whole world. Yet, China possesses little oil of its own—China’s oil largesse comes from its cooperative dealings with Rothschild, Israel, and the U.S.A.

7. Because of the global oversupply problem—too much oil being drilled and pumped up out of the earth—it was decided that the booming Gulf of Mexico oil source must be indefinitely closed down. Chevron, Conoco, Exxon-Mobil, BP and other multinational oil corporations would henceforth be either limited or prohibited from operating oil derricks in the Gulf. Pemex, the Mexican national oil company, would also be limited in its production, and, down south, Brazil’s national oil corporation, Petrobras, would be given a strict quota.

8. China is now the preferred #1 oil spigot for all the world’s economies. Rothschild’s Jewish oil billionaire pals in Israel as well as China’s Communist bureaucrats are today the planet’s new masters of oil.

9. BP, an oil company already infamous for its despoiling the earth, has been made the scapegoat for the closing of much of the Gulf of Mexico’s oil spigots. In preparation for the derrick’s destruction, much of BP’s assets were transferred in advance of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster to other Rothschild affiliates across the world in Libya and the Middle East, and especially the majority of its Russian oil assets, which were turned over to four Russian Jewish billionaires, called the “Oligarchs.”

10. With the knowledge of the Obama administration, a British Royal Navy submarine was used to torpedo BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil derrick, initiating the environmental disaster we now face on our coastlines.

11. The American people and, indeed, the whole people of Earth, are aghast at what has happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Their minds are thus conditioned and ready to accept drilling moratoriums and put an end to would-be plans for American energy independence.

12. The dominance of Rothschild, Israel, and China in the world’s oil market is assured! The supply and thus the price per barrel of oil will be strictly controlled to insure maximum profit.

Rise, O Rise, Rothchild’s Black Gold Empire! Iraqi Oil “Laundered” by Israel and China

In effect, Rothschild and Israel are laundering Iraqi oil through China, stealing it from the Iraqi people, thanks to America’s military occupation of that oppressed country. This is no different than the wealthy Jews (the Oppenheimers) who grabbed and now own South Africa’s diamond mines and pay off Johannesburg black African politicians with puny kickbacks.

It is no different than the American corporations that strip the forests of Malaysia, then ship and sell lumber across the globe, or the foreign cartels that mine copper, tin, palladium, and gold in Indonesia and Africa and market it to the rich across the seas.

What is significant, in this instance, is that the American people and economy are intentionally stymied and stiffed by these oil shenanigans. The bogus environmental movement is accelerated and gains momentum. We, the people, are kept confined to an economic straitjacket, our plentiful oil resources left untapped, while Rothschild and his Jewish oligarchs, along with Red China’s Communist tyrants, reap the treasure of Iraqi and other foreign oil. Obama’s role, of course, is to supply the military and diplomatic muscle of the United States to keep this massive criminal operation flowing. Again, this is the Illuminist doctrine of Ordo Ab Chao, which translates into trillions for the (Jewish) bankers, pennies for the people.

Meanwhile, our once pristine beaches, coastal lands and waters are besotted with unsightly petroleum toxins that are killing both plant and sea life.

Under the circumstances, BP’s relatively puny $20 billion Gulf coast cleanup fund is a joke. To Rothschild, Israel and China, $20 billion is mere chump change.

America in the Deadly Grip of “Creative Destruction”

The upshot is that America, once again, is leveled, its economy robbed. We are being subjected to the damaging and debilitating process that Obama, Bernanke, and the Jewish Illuminati euphemistically call “Creative Destruction.”

Isn’t it revealing that you have read about this unbelievable, sickening scandal here first, in Texe Marrs’ Power of Prophecy newsletter. Who in the Jewish-controlled establishment press would ever reveal these things? Who of the Tea Party leadership—the Lou Dobbs, Sarah Palins, Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, and John McCains—would have the guts, or would dare betray their wealthy benefactors?

With God’s help—and your prayers and financial support—I will continue my non-stop campaign to blow the lid off this unspeakable scandal. And I’ll unmask yet other scams and schemes of the elite. So please, stay tuned. Meanwhile, I sincerely thank you for your friendship and for the confidence you have deposited in this Truth Ministry.

Rothschild’s Black Gold Empire—The Hidden Conspiracy Behind the BP Oil Disaster

The death of the crew of BP’s Gulf Coast oil derrick was not an accident! Texe Marrs unmasks an outrageous Israeli-Red China oil laundering scam. He reveals how BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig was destroyed by a submarine operating out of Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base on the coast of Georgia. Texe also discloses how an unexploded undersea mine (bomb) later washed up on nearby Alabama’s coastline and was found by BP cleanup workers. Also—how the Bolsheviks, in 1920, under the direction of the Rockefeller-Rothschild cartel, deliberately torched and destroyed the oil fields Baku, Azerbaijan, an event which mirrored what happened to BP’s oil derrick and the U.S. Gulf Coast in 2010. Discover who is responsible for America’s environment being despoiled and its oil wealth intentionally kept from world markets. Also learn how Israel and Red China have colluded with the American CIA and military to steal Iraq’s huge oil resources and pocket trillions of dollars. America has been dealt an enormous economic blow—find out how and why!

Planet Petroleum—The Great Scarcity Hoax and the Elitist Plot to Control the World by Controlling Oil

Texe Marrs presents documentation that the so-called “oil crisis” is a tragic hoax and lie. In fact, the world is awash with oil and will never run out. Never! A recent find in the Gulf of Mexico uncovered enough oil to fuel the United States for 10,000 years. And that’s only one instance of massive oil discoveries being made across the globe. The elite and the bribed, unpatriotic politicians don’t want you to know these facts. They and their media pals lie incessantly, fear-mongering with the false claim of “peak oil.” Discover why the Zionist billionaires and their marionettes at Exxon, Mobil, Shell, etc. are using oil as a weapon to regulate our lives and rob our pocketbooks. Huge and abundant stores of oil now exist under the earth and in the seabeds, and “we the people” own it—not the wealthy elitists. Isn’t it time we took back what is ours and forced the greedy rich to serve, not plunder, the people? Why pay an incredible $3 to $5 per gallon for gasoline when the price should be no more than a fraction of this?

The original can be found on http://www.texemarrs.com/082010/black_gold.htm

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Is BP Lying?

Is BP Lying?

As British Petroleum are about to start drilling in Lybia, eyes remain focused on what has not yet been resolved as a result of the Gulf Oil crisis in the U.S. A.S.W.E.R Coalition on behalf of the people say B.P and the Obama Administration have been lying, and make the following statement…

“BP is lying. The federal government is lying. Kenneth Feinberg is … well, let’s call it flip-flopping.

“Out-of-work fishers and others from the Gulf Coast are enraged about the double dealing of BP and the Feinberg-led escrow fund. They have just learned that if they earned any income or wages from BP as part of the clean-up effort, the money would be subtracted from any claim they make against the so-called $20 billion escrow fund. That is a direct contradiction from what they had been told earlier.

“But the latest lie turns out be the tip of the iceberg.

“The Obama administration has done an about face on the function of the BP/Obama escrow account plan.

“When Obama announced the escrow account in order to vent the rising tide of political anger that was increasingly directed at his disengaged response to the suffering in the Gulf, he promised and assured the people of the Gulf that “Dissatisfied claimants maintain all current rights under law …” (See White House Fact Sheet: Claims and Escrow, June 16, Office of the Press Secretary)

“Now, Feinberg, the Obama/BP escrow administrator, has announced that in order to receive lump sum payments, claimants will have to execute a waiver of their rights to sue for full or additional relief in the courts. (New York Times, July 16)

“The choice is: Take what is offered, even if it is a portion of what you are entitled to, or else risk ending up like the victims of the Exxon Valdez disaster, fighting it out in court for decades to receive a pittance.

“Responding to criticism, Feinberg has stressed that people have a choice. But this leaves people with a choice driven by desperation, fear and uncertainty.

“This is exactly what BP wants. Is this any different than if individuals were forced to negotiate alone against BP’s army of lawyer-sharks? Here, Obama and Feinberg are doing BP’s bidding for it.

“Is Feinberg BP’s lawyer? Technically, he is a “claims administrator.” But he refuses even to disclose how much his firm is getting paid from BP.

“The choice the Obama/BP escrow account foists upon people is the same that you would expect from a BP lawyer.

“Faced with the need to put food on the table, to pay this month’s rent or mortgage, or the note on a fishing trawler or meet other critical needs, many will feel that they have no choice at all but to take whatever the Obama/BP account offers even if it is far less than what is fair.

“Yet, the fact is: The impact of the damage will not be fully known for years.

“Obama is doing just what BP wants: Force a decision now, in a crisis of desperation and economic pressure, and take away or “waive” thousands of people’s rights.

“Collecting compensation was promised to not come with legal strings attached. The escrow account is looking more to be a vehicle to limit BP’s liability than to distribute compensation.

“What would a fair escrow account do? Compensate in full. No waivers of rights.

“BP and Feinberg are employing a smoke and mirrors propaganda ploy designed to hide their true intention to shield BP. They argue that people shouldn’t be allowed to be “paid twice”—once from the escrow fund and then later from a lawsuit. That is utter nonsense. The fact is: A person cannot recover from a court lawsuit any additional compensatory damages if the escrow account has already paid full compensation.

“The protection BP has against lawsuits is for the escrow account to pay claims in full. Instead they—and Feinberg on behalf of President Obama—want a system for partial compensation that denies desperate people on the Gulf Coast the ability to litigate against BP for full recovery and compensation for losses incurred beyond the next few months.

“The Seize BP! movement has to hold BP, the federal government and Feinberg’s feet to the fire or the working people of the Gulf Coast will be swindled at the very moment that BP’s big shot investors begin to rake in record profits once again”.

Take action now! Send a letter to editor to condemn the continued collusion between the federal government and BP.

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Oil vs. Communities: The Case of Peru

Oil vs. Communities: The Case of Peru

By Hwaa Irfan

This is not only about the oil that Peru has been exploited for, but also the wood for Peru is abundant in natural resources and rich in biodiversity. Ten per cent of Peru’s biodiversity contributes to the planet as a whole, so by its very existence we, no matter where we are in the world benefit. At a time when the balance of the world that supports us is delicate, to continue to plunder to feed our appetites is something we seriously need to think about and change the way in which we have chosen consciously and unconsciously to live. Who knows, the medicine that we may need to treat a new disease may be lost in the exploitation of the very resources we seek to enhance our wasteful lifestyles. As the U.S faces its Nemesis – the Gulf oil leak we should never believe that what is happening is nothing to do with us!

A Megadiverse World

Peru is classified as one of the world’s 10 megadiverse countries for it is rich in animal, plant, genetic, and other natural resources. The ecosystem which it comes under extends to the dry mid-Pacific coast into the Amazon Mountains and rain forest. On its borders with Ecuador there are unique flora and fauna, as well as animals which cannot be found anywhere else. The Andean cloud forests possess its’ own unique wealth in species. The Amazon Basin is biologically diverse and rich with a variety of forests. Home to 25,000 plant species (10% of the world’s total), only 4,400 of these species have known properties and are used locally. Peru comes top with 2,000 species of fish (10% of the world’s total), and second in bird fauna with 1,436 species. There are 222 endangered species with 31 facing extinction. British botanist, David Bellamy who was overwhelmed by the richness in Peru’s diversity and its vast genetic wealth argued that if Peru can be saved it could serve as a basis for “rehabilitating” the rest of the world.

The U.S. inventory on Peru’s wealth is as follows:

• Natural resources: Copper, gold, silver, zinc, lead, iron ore, fish, petroleum, natural gas, and forestry.

• Agriculture Products: coffee, cotton, asparagus, paprika, artichokes, sugarcane, potatoes, rice, banana, maize, poultry, milk, others.

• Exports (2008)–$31.2 billion: gold, copper, fishmeal, petroleum, zinc, textiles, apparel, asparagus, coffee, others.

• Top producer of silver, second in zinc, third in copper and tin, fourth in lead, and sixth in gold.

According to the U.S. government, the ethnic makeup of Peru is Indigenous (45%), mixed background (“mestizo”) (37%), European (15%), African, Japanese, Chinese, and other (3%). Peru is also rich in terms of the caretakers of its megadiverse land, with 14 linguistic families, 44 distinct ethnic groups, and communities which desire no contact with the outside world. Unfortunately, the common feature of most governments around the world today is their lack of genuine interest in the welfare if their population, and this is moreso the case for those countries which have the original (and only true) caretakers of the land to whom we are indebted. We have explored the case of the Niger Delta and Ecuador, so now we explore the case of Peru.

Disenfranchised like most indigenous peoples, native Peruvians are treated with scorn by non-native Peruvians who take on a false superiority complex in order to not feel bad about what they do, and the rights they claim. This takes the form of racism which reveals itself by looking down on anyone who speaks an indigenous tongue, dresses traditionally, and has any mark of tradition in their lifestyle. They are mocked, told to sit in the back of vehicles, and to humble themselves in the presence of a person of a socially recognized higher status. This includes a form of internalized racism practiced by the mistikuna (Quechua term), those of mixed race towards runakua (Quechua term), native people. This is a legacy of Spanish colonialism whose institutions today perpetuate this false sense of superiority, which was based upon the breaking up of indigenous communities whose sense of land is collective, and making the ownership of land an individual affair; thus once impoverished via a process of usurped rights, to steal, and/or purchase the land.

Peru is a signed up member of Convention 169 (International Labour Organization) – Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Independent Countries, which aims to protect indigenous peoples, and to ensure a proper consultation process is in place. It was ratified by Peru in 1994, but was effective in 1991. None of the periodic reports to ILO have been made public that is not until recently. To the dismay of Peruvian NGO’s it was found that falsified census data was submitted (the last census took place in 2005), with the aim to disguise the country’s real ethnic make-up.

Like everywhere else, wealth and position are the only recognized status to behold which transferred from the colonial master to those who were allowed to rule i.e. Creoles, and mestizos (mixed race) who make up the majority of Peru’s citizens today.

Not Just Oil and Timber

Outcast, the indigenous peoples of Peru have been excluded from playing a part in the direction of their country, when they own by birth right, live and farm 55% of the land that is Peru. Women are being sterilized without their knowledge, and land continues to be written out from under their control, as in the case of Lake Titicaca. They, the poorest, have not been allowed to have I.D’s, and have been completely ignored and neglected. The resources that are being over exploited to the detriment of the land, the biodiversity and genetic pool it supports, and the indigenous peoples are oil, and logging. There 850 mines around Peru, and most of them are in places located in the areas in which indigenous people live. The Achuar people of the Corrientes River, Loreto have been subject to the oil industry Occidental Petroleum, California, and Pluspetrol Norte, Argentina, have polluted the water ways, which is loaded with petroleum waste water, flora and fauna for nearly 30 years. Unacceptable levels of cadmium and lead have been found in the bloodstreams of the local people, especially the children. Petroleum waste water kills algae and microorganisms that fish feed on. The people are deprived of water to bath in, because the river water now causes skin problems, and have no choice but to drink it, as it is their only supply of water.

Even though the government has signed all the international agreements in terms of protecting its natural wealth, in practice this has not happened.

• 72% of the Peruvian Amazon is signed over to fossil fuel extraction

• Mining concessions to foreign investment grew to over 70% between 2002 and 2007

The Peru-United States Free Trade Agreement was signed in by President George W. Bush in 2006, and got Congressional approval in 2007. What Peru was to give beside its natural and genetic resources was no duty on 86% of U.S. exports in consumer and industrial goods, and no duty on ⅔ of U.S. farm exports. The reason it took so long to approve the agreement was because of U.S. opposition to many items. Some were appeased by the open door policy to U.S. exports, and others remained unappeased by the long term implications. Those opposing were the:

• Sierra Club
• Center for Biological Diversity
• Center for International Environmental Law
• Defenders of Wildlife
• Earthjustice
• Endangered Species Coalition
• Friends of the Earth
• Greenpeace

They felt that:

• Laws could be bypassed

• Foreign investors would get the upper hand

• “Would undermine the right of indigenous and local communities to share in the benefits derived from the vast biodiversity of the region and their own traditional knowledge of that biodiversity.”

• Undermined the Convention on Biological Diversity, thus did not protect the rights of the indigenous communities, and their knowledge base of Peruvian biodiversity as was the case with the U.S. company PureWorld Botanicals which patented, maca, a native plant species.

Successive trade agreements, particularly with the U.S. have undermined not only the people and the natural resources of Peru, but the needs of the ecosystem, the balance that must be maintained on this earth, and the future needs of the global population. It has been squarely established that the free-trade agreement only benefits the U.S. A free-trade agreement was signed with the U.S. in 2005, which opened the way for farmers – the indigenous peoples to complain.

The agreement recognizes sovereignty, and the right to protect natural resources, but when self interest comes into play, this is undermined by the following 2007 agreement concerning Intellectual Property Rights:

• “The Peru IPR [intellectual property rights] chapter contributes to a broad strengthening of Peru’s protection and enforcement of IPR. IPR is important to the prosperity of the U.S. economy and the U.S. – Peru agreement represents a significant boost for U.S. commercial interests…”

• “The agreement also advances the U.S. policy objective of ensuring that the first person who acquires a right to a trademark or a geographical indication is the person who has the right to use it”.

• All in all, the 2007 agreement made anything produced by Peru from Peru, but patented by the U.S. considered an act of piracy under copyright law i.e. concerning Intellectual Property Rights.

– Now the Tagaeri and Taromenane tribes on the Ecuadorian border of Peru have been presented with oil companies which have received concessions from the Peruvian government to drill for oil. Whereas the Ecuadorian government has set aside a reserve in this area for the Tagaeri and Taromenane tribes, Peru has not.

– The Garcia government has turned the area in which the Cabellos Largos tribe live, on Brazilian border of Peru into Petroleum Block 135, granting permission to the Pacific Rubiales Energy (Pacific Stratus Energy), Columbian-Canadian oil company the right to explore and drill for oil.

– The Isconahua tribe is an uncontacted tribe, that is a tribe that has chosen voluntary isolation from the rest of the world. They live in the hidden canyons of the Calleria River, and were granted the Isconahua Territorial Reserve (275,665 hectares of land) by the Peruvian government in 1998 at the request of the Peruvian indigenous NGO the AIDESEP. Now Garcia has gone back on that agreement and included that area into Petroleum Block 138 selling concessions to Pacific Rubiales.

– The same happened with the Murunahua/Chitonahuas people, but this time with timber. It began in 1996 with illegal logging, which led to 50% of the Murunahua dying from diseases and violence. At the request of AIDESEP in 1997, the Murunahua Reserve (482,000 hectares) was created, but illegal logging still continues within the Reserve. The Peruvian logging company, Forestal Venao have even constructed a road to transport the wood. Brazil has complained that Forestal Venao has been causing serious environmental damage to the forest and the indigenous peoples on the other side of the border with Brazil. Sixty per cent of Murunahua Reserve has been lost to logging.

– Contact with the Nahua tribe by the British-Dutch Shell Oil Company in 1980s led to the decimation of over half the tribe. What fate befalls them as Garcia’s government has handed over their land in the Kugapakori-Nahua Reserve with the building of the Camisea natural gas pipeline from which there are already frequent oil leaks polluting the rainforest.

The People Stood Up to Be Counted

The first signing of the free trade agreement caused uproar within Peru. Small farmers were not going to remain without a voice. Protests and demonstrations ensued in a country unlike before. When Law 29157 from the agreement was published in 2007, there was reason to be upset, as it called for the privatization of water, foreign investments that would affect 45 million hectares of land for the appropriation of timber, oil and mining ordering landowners to get a legally binding condition to have their land excluded. This is aided and abetted by the Peruvian President Alan Garcia who argued in a local publication that:

    “There are millions of hectares of timber lying idle, another millions of hectares that communities and associations have not and will not cultivate hundreds of mineral deposits that are not dug up and millions of hectares of ocean not used for aquaculture. The rivers that run down both sides of the mountains represent a fortune that reaches the sea without producing electricity.”

Garcia also argued that indigenous peoples of the Amazon do not have a right over land, and that the Amazon should be divided into lots and sold to those who have better use of it. Is this not the same mentality and strategy of the colonizers? Yet in 2006, Garcia told IPS News that he promised to support the indigenous famers and their families through microenterprise. By June 2007, tens of thousands of people marched to support the rights of the indigenous. They marched across country chanting:

    “In defense of the jungle — the jungle is not for sale.”

Those who stood to suffer the most, those who were the poorest, and those who have been allowed no rights in their own country cried out, but those calls were not heard at the U.S. trade debate just as the calls of thousands around the world are prevented from makin it to any debate at the global trade summits. In 2009, to quell a peaceful demonstration of 2,000 indigenous peoples of the Association for the Development of the Peruvian Jungle, helicopters and ground forces were used. The protestors had blocked roads, and had occupied oil facilities to protest the implementation of the trade agreement, i.e. extraction of gas and oil. From that protest 84 people were killed, and hundreds went missing.

As of May 2010, Murunahua Reserve has been made for uncontacted tribes, that is tribes who wish to not have any contact with the outside world. This reserve is off limits to oil and gas companies after it was open for exploration by the Brazilian company Petrobas, but at what price? This was announced in London by the Peruvian governmental body PeruPetro. At the same time 25 new lots (10 million hectares) have been allocated for oil and gas exploration. The Upper Amazon Conservancy report released July 2010 describes how the illegal logging of mahogany wood still continues in the Murunahua Reserve, with more than 80% of the Peru’s mahogany going to the U.S.

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