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Bill Gates and Population Control

Bill Gates and Population Control

By Hwaa Irfan

There is an old piece of news that should not be allowed to disappear into the archives, because there are people alive who are, and will be affected by it. First of all, one has to thank Bill Gates as the driving force behind the computer and the Internet; after all, without him I might not be able to share this deliberation. However, there are serious concerns with the philanthropic activities of Microsoft co-founder, and the richest man in the world, Bill Gates and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It was in 2007 that Bill Gates spoke to graduates at Harvard University about his dream of an “ideal technology” pertaining to diseases like malaria. A curious term “technology” when applied to human lives. One wonders in his call for pharmaceutical companies to produce the necessary drugs, if he realizes the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, and how it prices profit over human cost. One wonders if he realizes that the nature of human health, well-being, and the environment are a little more complex than the IT that he has been his world since 1975, for in the real world, to find real solutions, one has to listen to, and explore all sides.

The Gates Foundation has put millions, hoping to attract millions, behind their vaccination campaign. The explanation given on the website in brief:

    “Vaccines are one of the most effective health interventions ever developed. We are committed to research on new vaccines, and the delivery of existing and future vaccines to those who need them. We can’t do it alone though. Donors, private industry and other partners are critical to ensuring we can reach every child”

To achieve the above, the campaign, or the “Global Health Program,” aims to “harness advances in science and technology” in developing countries, because these countries are the most neglected. The diseases concerned are diarrhea, HIV-AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. Not stopping there, the Foundation also wants to focus on family planning, nutrition, maternal and neonatal and child health, tobacco control, and vaccine-preventable diseases. The problem is, the element of eugenics!

Short History of Eugenics

The legacy of the Catholic Church using religion to justify oppression and the extermination of non-Christians in the conquering of non-Christians laid the foundation, but a pseudo-science was incorporated months after the publication of Charles Darwin’s ‘The Descent of Man.’ Supporters began to misapply his arguments to the races and classes of man – eugenics. Eugenics is about the “improvement” of humans by selective breeding and culling, as in the annual British elite sport of fox-hunting. Fears grew as the European elite were having fewer children resenting the procreativity of the lower classes. Distorting the message of Christianity like Islam which views spiritual development as the only means towards the furtherance of the development of man; the poor were viewed as unsuitable candidates for bringing children into the world. It did not matter that man’s exploitation of man was an intrinsic factor.

It was in the 19th century that psychiatrists Dr. Benedict Morel, Wilhelm Griesinger, Emil Kraepelin and Henry Maudsley stressed the hereditary, biological and organic causes of mental illnesses and were reflected in the psychiatric texts of that century. Then labeled ‘psychiatric genetics’; eugenics developed at the Galton Laboratory as a spin-off from the Eugenics Societies in England and America. Records show notable members of the Eugenic Societies held influential positions reaching out into the everyday lives of ordinary people. They included:-

      • Dr. W. Norwood East – medical inspector to H.M Prisons for England and Wales, 1930. He was also a lecturer on ‘Crime and Insanity’ at Maudsley Hospital, 1937, an internationally renowned mental institution in S. London where many patients are Muslims and black people. He was also lecturer at the Galton Institute in 1947.

• Mr. A.W. F. Edwards – a membr in 1961 and 1977 active in the Department of Community Medicine at Cambridge University.

• Sir George Eley – member in 1939 , 1977 and Treasurer from 1946 – 1954. He was Chairman of the British Bank of the Middle East 1952 –1977 and director of the Bank of England 1946 – 1966.

• Professor, Dr. Sir Arthur Ellis – member 1937 and 1957. He was assistant physician at the Rockefeller Instittute and director of the Medical Unit , London Hospital 1924 – 1943.

• Professor Eysenk Hans Jurgen – member in 1947 and 1957. He was active in the Institute of Psychiatry at Maudsley Hospital 1946 – 1983. Remains unforgotten by many black people of the 1960s and 1970s as one of the engineers of I.Q tests that proved to be racist in design.

The Eugenics Society sponsored the Galton Lectures that became the Galton Institute. Francis Galton was the cousin of Charles Darwin , and formulated the definition of eugenics as the study of agencies under social control that may improve or impair the racial quality of future generations physically or mentally.

Experimentation in illicit drugs played a fundamental role in psychiatric genetics. It was in 1900 when the US government planted cannabis, opium and henbane along the banks of the Potomac River where the Pentagon now stands. Subject to controversy, the experiment in the ‘doping of America’ was short-lived. This led to the Food and Drugs Act of 1906. By 1901 N. Dakota banned marriage for alcoholics, the ‘insane’ and sufferers of tuberculosis. Adding to the concept of “unsuitable people” the Royal Commission on Feeble-Minded-ness alarmed many people by stating that their racial type was deteriorating because of the greater fertility of inferior strains and believed that social control of the individual was absolutely essential.

While the idea for the need of psychiatric eugenics grew in Europe and the US the Rockefeller Foundation poured money into Germany to support ‘psychiatric genetics’ in the 1920s including the Galton Laboratory, and found executives to continuously direct the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in Munich and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity. The Swiss psychiatrist Ernst Rudin was involved in both institutions and was assisted by Rockefeller employees Otmar Freiher von Vershauer and Franz J. Kallman. Together the world’s richest families the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, the Harrimans and the British Crown agencies sponsored much of the social engineering enterprises. Carnegie’s Steel, Harriman’s railroad money and Rockefeller’s oil money supported installations like the Station for Experimental Evolution and the Eugenics Record Office, ERO which was also funded by the Eugenics Society. Research from the Galton Institute was employed for practical implementation by both the Society and the Office. The ERO set-up an inspection station on Ellis Island in 1912 for new immigrants. They received I.Q tests of which 80% mainly from South and East Europe were declared ‘feeble-minded’.

Scientific developments were about to give psychiatric eugenics some foundation. The concept of gene-mapping appeared as early as the 1930s with the study of mice, fruit flies and bread mold. At the same time the Rockefeller Foundation discovered that one strain of pneumonococcus could be made into another strain by transferring the DNA free of all protein affecting protein synthesis and cell metabolism. Psychiatric genetics became ‘mental hygiene’ and was now applicable to population control. For this a knowledge in societal make-up was required for which the Population Investigation Committee pioneered the mathematical science of demography which was set-up by the British Eugenics Society in 1936 financed by donations from interested individuals and organizations.

By the 1930s there were 34 US states which had laws against mixed marriages and 24 states had passed laws calling for sterilization of the ‘feeble-minded’, criminals, the poor and the mentally ill. Eventually 80,000 were sterilized in state institutions across the country. The 1935 German sterilization laws were modeled on the US laws .

Between 1930 – 35 the Rockefeller Foundation had financed an anthropological survey looking at ‘eugenically worthwhile populations’ which was carried out by Rudin, Verschuer, Eugen Fischer and others . Also, the Rockefeller Foundation found psychologists and eugenicists in order to form the medical research institution the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation. This was directed by US General Marlborough Churchill who reorganized US military intelligence and the British secret service for WWI. The Macy Foundation managed London’s experiments in mind control and social engineering. In 1932, Rudin headed the Eugenics Foundation which was supported by the British-led eugenics movement, and argued for the killing or sterilization of people whose heredity according to them made these people a public burden or a national scapegoat.

By the mid-30s, Adolf Hitler was made German Chancellor. The governor of the Bank of England arranged for the armament of Nazi Germany and strategically advised the supporters of Hitler – the Rockefellers, the Warburgs and the Harrimans. Rudin became the head of the Racial Hygiene Society and along with his staff were appointed part of the task force of heredity experts that was chaired by SS chief Heinrich Himmler. In 1932 Hitler took over Germany through negotiations at the home of Joachim von Ribbentrop (part of the household of Duke of Connaught). Hitler was Britain’s weapon to break-up Europe into further manageable pieces as in Africa, Central Asia and currently the Middle East. Himmler drew-up the sterilization laws which were published in the US 1933 ‘Eugenical News’ with Hitler’s signature. Additional laws were drawn up including the illegal cohabitation of Aryans with non-Aryans by Otmar Verschuer and Dr. Josef Mengele.

The ERO received a grant from the widow of E.H. Harriman (President George Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush’s partner in Brown Brothers Harriman ) whose objective was to finance Hitler. Seizing all opportunity to continue experiments into ‘psychiatric eugenics’ regardless of war, I.G Farben built a large factory at Auschwitz in Poland to use the cartel’s patents with concentration camp slave labor to make gasoline from coal. SS guards were paid for by Standard Oil while Jews and other prisoners were selected for killing if deemed unfit for slave labor. Rockefeller official David O’Brien wrote

    “…it would be unfortunate if it was chosen to stop research which has no relation to war issues”.

Rockefeller had defended its reputation defining its funding of Nazi German programs as limited to psychiatric research! Today’s largest financial institution Deutsche Bank was also involved in funding the construction of Auschwitz concentration camp along with others.

Psychiatric eugenics the psychological arm of genetic eugenics ( gene testing, cloning, prenatal genetic determination, artificial insemination, birth control and euthanasia) represents the public playing field. Despite the past horrors time and propaganda have eroded from sight the negative implications in the discoveries printed weekly in the press. The past may seem irrelevant, but it has been paving a way to the future.

Psychiatric eugenics became more concrete when the Rockefeller Foundation and the Canadian military joined forces in psychiatric research in 1943. Marijuana was a part of the research at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington where federal cases are kept. Chief psychiatrist, Winfred Overholser a Scottish Riter (freemasons), balanced marijuana and tobacco to induce a state of irresponsibility in the subject and became euphemistically known as the ‘truth drug’. This was given to US soldiers at Army bases under FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover, a Scottish Riter, in order to sift out any subversive elements.

Also in 1943 Otmar Verschuer became medical commander of Auschwitz concentration camp whilst serving as director of Rockefeller’s Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology securing funds for Mengel’s experiments from the German Research Council. The focus was twins. Mengele would hang around the railway cars arriving at Auschwitz to obtain his subjects. Experiments included the draining of blood daily, needles injected into their eyes for research on eye color, experimental blood transfusions and infections, organs and limbs were removed, sex changes were attempted, females were sterilized and the male twins were castrated.

Meanwhile in 1944 Norman Montagu resigned from the Bank of England and began the National Association for Mental Health, NAMH. His wife Priscilla Reyntiens a pro-eugenicist was vice-Chair. Norman’s British group expanded to take control of the world psychiatric profession. Verschuer wrote to the Bureau of Human Heredity in London in 1946 asking for help to continue his work and in 1947 the Bureau moved to Copenhagen and so did Verschuer financed by Rockefeller. In 1948, NAMH gathered the world psychiatric and psychological leaders from the International Congress on Mental Health at the UK’s Ministry of Health and formed the World Federation for Mental Health. Nina Ridenour, technical coordinator to the US delegation wrote in ‘Mental Health in the United States: A Fifty Year History’”

    “…the World Federation for Mental Health… had been created upon the recommendation of the United Nations, WHO and UNESCO because they needed a non-governmental (i.e. unchecked by law or constitution) mental health organization with which they could cooperate”.

The Congress was run by the host NAMH whose patron was the Duchess of Kent, widow of Grand Master of Masons 1939 – 42. By the 1950s, the British psychological warfare unit coordinated a behavioral control group at the Tavistock Institutute involving the Scottish Rite, the CIA, US, Canadian and UN agencies. Known as ‘MK-Ultra’ in the 1970s under the CIA experimentation included brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis and electroshock treatment. Dr. Franz J.Kallman psychiatrist to Rudin who had argued for sterilization of the healthy relatives of schizophrenics (viewed as criminals), Verschuer and others formed the American Society of Human Genetics which organized the Human Genome Project that arose out of the first International Congress in Human Genetics held in Denmark in 1956. In Britain, the British Eugenics Society set-up an Investigation Council in 1958 to:

    “…review the existing status and future possibilities of human artificial insemination genetically, medically, legally, and socially”.

The aim was to ensure continuity of genes from those deemed intellectually superior .

The Department of Energy, DOE, had many laboratories left over from the atomic bomb project possessing nuclear energy for power and production. They continued to experiment on the biological effects of irradiation at Oak Ridge, Llos Alamos, Livermore and Berkeley. So they had expertise ready to contribute towards the Human Genome Project with the physical capacity to separate chromosomes by size and strain speeding up the whole process. With training medical research developed interdependently from warfare and now consisted of biophysicists, physicists, nuclear medical experts and engineers launching the Manhattan Project for civilian biomedicine. This structure was formulated by the Atomic Energy Commission, AEC. All Manhattan Project reports were declassified for research in the medical and biological fields encouraging manufacturers to produce instrumentation for radiation measurement. One contract to UCLA from AEC for an annual $250,000 was for biophysics, radiology, nuclear medicine and cancer research.

By the mid-1970s hundreds of human genes had been mapped., but previous to this the Rockefellers nurtured debate on the notion of overpopulation. Under the Nixon Administration the official policy of eugenics was still active . The two roads of eugenics and overpopulation met under the Planned Parenthood Federation of America in their 1985 annual report the “Proud our past and planning for our future”. The plan included the continuance of eugenics in the form of birth control and/or sterilization of the ‘mentally retarded’, the ‘physically handicapped’, psychiatric patients, criminals and prisoners. They opened a clinic in Brownsville, New York, a neighborhood of Slavs, Hispanics, Italians and Jewish immigrants disguising abortion as birth control.

The Federally funded Indian Health Service sterilized 3,000 native Americans annually.

    “Surgical sterilization has become increasingly important in recent years as one of the advanced methods of fertility management” said Dr. R. T. Ravenholt, then director of the US office of Population.

This fertility management was successful because of unsuspecting victims. A 26-year old native American woman entered a clinic of a Los Angeles in 1970 seeking a womb transplant because she was having difficulty getting pregnant. After investigation the doctor informed her that she had had a hysterectomy. Sally Torpy in her research discovered through the records (1969 – 1974) of the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, HEW, an increased family planning budget from $51mn – $250mn. From that 192,000 – 548,000 native American women had been sterilized under the directive of USAID which hoped to sterilize 25% of the world’s fertile women, which would be beneficial to US commercial interests. The logic of this can only be understood in the context that the developed countries have encountered decreasing fertility therefore fear a decreased influence on the global political and economic stage.

The Global Health Program

When it comes to global health, one thinks of the U.N. and such organizations, not the initiative of one man. Such is the hard earned wealth of Bill Gates that he can consider such a philanthropic idea. After all, in Islam, it is the rizq, sustenance of Allah, that has been given to the rich to play their role in establishing a societal equilibrium concerning the poor. Therein, it is natural to consider the poor of one’s own country, but to consider the whole world!

Eugenicists will eagerly seek to further such an initiative. As Gates states in the above video:

    “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [number of 9 billion] by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. But there we see an increase of about 1.3 [billion].”

The reasoning behind this goes deeper as Gates considers that this will greatly contribute towards bringing the projected population growth from 2.2 billion down to 1.3 billion on the basis of human Co2 emissions – yes human Co2 emissions!

    “Until we get near to zero [carbon emissions]” he claimed, “the temperature will continue to rise” – which he said would lead to “extremely bad” consequences…

“Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,” Gates said at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in 2010.

Given the recent U.N. declaration that the holes in the ozone layers have stopped proliferating, Bill Gates may have been working in the IT industry for too long, and needs to touch base with the reality that man cannot predict the future, and that there is a greater power. One wonders if in his calculations he has included the current global death rate whether man-made or as a result of natural disasters. With a history of funding well-known pro-abortion programs, why set to do apply the same intention in a country other than one’s own, whereby there are significant issues pertaining to whole families living on the streets, and where increasingly many cannot afford healthcare? Not that one would want to inflict such an inhuman campaign on others, regardless where they come from, and regardless of their status, after all the one thing that God gave us, which seems to be amiss in the Global Health Program is the right to choose. Real choice means being informed, not just about the vaccine, but the nature of the vaccine, and the possible consequences, especially if people are not going to be tested beforehand for suitability. Vaccinosis is something that many do not here about, instead one hears about the importance of vaccines. Vaccinosis is a reaction to a vaccine, which can be mild or it can be acute. A mild reaction includes fever, respiratory problems, vomiting, digestive problems, headaches, swelling in the area vaccinated, fainting or seizures. An acute reaction to a vaccine causes urinary problems, problems with the kidneys, allergies, Attention Deficit Disorder, eczema, bowel dysfunction, autism, asthma, learning problems, or reproductive problems or the problem may defer to the offspring, amongst other reactions.

To further the global sterilization campaign, ideas such as directing sharp blasts of ultrasound to a man’s scrotum, rendering him infertile for 6 months is under consideration – this may sound harmless enough, but as many know ultrasound has been used as a tool for diagnosis since the 1970s, but ultrasound can cause negative as well as positive pressure on the object of focus. The pressure exerted causes molecules to both push and pull away from each other, which can lead to cavities in biological tissue, in fact on an ethical basis, experiments on humans cannot be carried out!

Another program funded by the Foundation towards reducing mass sterilization involves penetrating nanoparticles through human skin to deliver the vaccine. One thought that the problem was not the delivery of vaccines, but vaccines themselves. The researchers are Carlos Alberto Guzman of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany and Claus-Michael Lehr and Steffi Hansen of the Helmholtz-Institute for Pharmaceutical Research. The idea is that vaccine are to be delivered as a spray to be triggered by the sweat glands, and it has been postulated that this method opens the door to being sprayed without consent, and without knowledge.

To add insult upon injury, the Foundation not satisfied with handing the health of developing nations over to the pharmaceutical industry, is now including the agricultural industry, which has already monopolized what we grow and what we eat. The Foundation is funding risky genetically modified seeds for, who else, but the “hungry” Africans who have been developing their own sustainable agricultural initiatives. For instance, Nigeria has already developed without the use genetic engineering, a variety of corn that is drought, pest, and disease resistant!

Ignoring the impact of GM crops on non-GM crops, and land fertility, Gates, sorry the Foundation has partnered with a subsidiary of Pioneer Hi-Bred, DuPont in order to produce higher yields of GM corn for drought tolerant areas after he had partnered with the infamous agricultural giant Monsanto. To increase the impact, the seeds are to be given to small farmers for free!

The Gates Foundation seems set on its intent, and one can only pray that human will is more conversant with all the information necessary to make an informed choice, and at the same time are conversant with what life really involves, because even if the intentions of the Foundation are good, in the wrong hands the technology Gates is seeking to develop could be disastrous for hundreds if not millions! Governments should be aware of the implications involved and scrutinize any program from external elements that compromises the population in anyway particularly in light of the falling fertility rate that seems to becoming a growing problem in many countries (the irony is that this is happening moreso in developed countries), or undermines food security.


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The Pill, Our Bodies, and Ourselves

The Pill, Our Bodies, and Ourselves

By Hwaa Irfan

    “I do wish to emphasize that on safety grounds the diaphragm is clearly the best contraceptive”.
    – Djerassi, the inventor of the Pill in the publication “The Politics of Contraceptives

In nature, the human body’s inability to conceive of child is prevented by one of the following conditions:

• Extreme hunger/anorexia due to low body fat which is exampled by young sports women who obsess on keeping their weight down to a minimum level

• Psychological stress

• Menopause

• Born sterile

• Physiological disorder

At the beginning of the journey towards objectification of our bodies as objects of pleasure, middle class women at the turn of the 20th century sought to extrapolate their bodies from its normal function in an attempt to take control of their meaningless lives. The poor were the means by which such women activists as Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger were to exercise, impose and advance systemic birth control at the beginning of the 20th century. Years later, the logic of one Arab Muslim woman to renowned and controversial feminist, Germaine Greer has turned out to be true:

    “A woman who uses the pill is afraid she will bear a sterile child: from her mother’s milk comes the baby’s blood and from his blood originated his semen. And in his blood will remain the chemical made for the prevention of pregnancy. Boys and girls alike, the Pill will make them sterile. And sterility is considered by us a punishment of God”

This was the case with the high oestrogen contraceptive DES (diethylstilboestrol), for the sons and daughters born of women who took DES, had impaired fertility. As many as 5 – 7 million women in California took DES, and of those only 45% of these women were able to have children.

The Pill

According to Dr. Mercola, the Economist wrote:

    “The birth control pill, which the FDA approved 50 years ago, was the first medicine designed to be taken by people who were not sick. In 1999, it was called the most important scientific advance of the 20th century”

Carl Djerassi, the inventor of the Pill in the early 1950s acclaimed:

    “… it is the only patent for a drug listed in the National Inventors Hall of Fame in Washington”

The body in full health has all that it needs to sustain itself outside of the necessary “foods” for sustenance and maintenance, and outside of external forces which may undermine the functioning of the body as a part of nature’s law. The hormonal system of the body plays a fundamental role as “gofers” of the body transporting any necessary chemical deposits to their target points. When we add artificial hormones to what we already have for whatever reason, we upset the workings of the body’s own hormones.
Progesterone was chosen in the early 20th century because even then, the carcinogenic properties of estrogen although miscalculated, had been recognized. But what are the overall implications when the entire endocrine system is disrupted?

A case presented to the British High Court of 100+ women, involved Organon Laboratories, Schering Healthcare and Wyeth. Filed under the Consumer Protection Act, the argument was that ‘the pill’ is unsafe and further research should have been carried out before the third generation pill was introduced in the early ‘80s. Representing lawyer Martyn Day informed the media:

    “We now know that these third generation pills double the risk of women for developing dangerous blood clots.”

Naturally, the manufacturers argue that the third generation pill is safe and that the legal action is unfounded.

Most mainstream pro-contraceptive studies will admit to, but play down the risk of contracting cancer from taking the Pill over a long period of time. However, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, IARC, a wing of W.H.O., have found otherwise from evaluation of extensive long term research of scientific evidence. One of the side effects of the Pill is liver cancer, which under normal circumstances is a rare disease. which is quite logical as the liver the is the organ through which our blood is cleansed via a process of detoxification . The IARC came to the conclusion that the combined oestrogen-progesterone Pill, and the progesterone-oestrogen combination applied in menopausal therapy are carcinogens in the human body. In 2007 the National Cancer Institute, US, found that:

• Over 5500 women died from liver cancer as a result of using the Pill

• 3600 women died from cervical cancer as a result of using the Pill

• 40,000 died from breast cancer as a result of taking the Pill

In 2003, the U.S., National Cancer Institute, NCI found that in the case of breast cancer amongst young women, the adolescent anatomy is vulnerable to carcinogens like the Pill, because they have not experienced 9 months of pregnancy.

Justice Sandra Day O-Connor had the following damning statement to give on the Pill:

    “It is because our entire culture is organized around contraception and its twisted sister abortion?

    “For two decades, people have organized intimate relationships… in reliance on the availability of abortion in the event that contraception should fail…”

Our Bodies

Dr. Mercola reminds us of what we expect of the body when we take the Pill:

• Preventing your ovaries from releasing eggs

• Thickening your cervical mucus to help block sperm from fertilizing an egg

• Thinning the lining of your uterus, which would make it difficult for an egg to implant, should it become fertilized

In other words we are expecting the body to behave unnaturally. The risks women open themselves up to are:

• Cancer

• Fatal blood clots

• Thinner bones

• Impaired muscle gains

• Long-term sexual dysfunction

• Heart disease

• Early menopause

• Reduced fertility in the male and female children of women who take the Pill long term.

After the 1995 pill scare, British women’s use of the pill had dropped sharply and so did the incidence of venous thromboembolism among oral contraceptive users. The clotting of blood mainly in the calves causes red, swollen and painful legs. The blood clot travels in the bloodstream resulting in what is known as venous thromboembolism. A clot can lodge in the lungs causing pulmonary embolism resulting in breathlessness, sharp pains in the chest and possible collapse.

Venous thromboembolism can also occur as a result of pregnancy, which is the argument used by the British Health Ministry and others to placate the issue. In response to the scare, the Ministry of Health issued a press statement and sent letters to general practitioners and pharmacists highlighting the ‘possible increased’ risk of venous thromboembolism due to low dose oral contraceptives.

These contraceptives contain synthetic desogestrel or gestodene –third- generation oral contraceptives. Women were to be made aware of the risks yet at the same time to be advised that there was no need to change from ‘existing choices’.

This response was based on five studies made in December ’95 – January ’96. All those studies had confirmed that third-generation oral contraceptives double the risk of venous thromboembolism. The European medicine regulators and The Committee for Proprietary Medicinal Products concluded that women on the third-generation combined oral contraceptives Femodene, Femoden ED, Femodette, Marvelon, Mercilon, Minulet, Triadene and Tri-Minulet are only at a slightly higher risk of developing venous thromboembolism than those who used second generation pills, progestagen and levonorgestrel. The U.K authorities concluded their delegations on the issue in 1999 and supplied information for leaflets placed in pill packets. They emphasized no need for women to discontinue the pill. The Department of Health also supported this and emphasized, “THAT THERE IS NO RISK.”

A further refined analysis confirmed that third-generation contraceptives containing progestagen, desogestrel or gestodene are linked to the higher risk of venous thromboembolism. The study also confirmed a risk with second-generation levonorgestrel. Using the British General Practice Research Database, women aged 15-39 who had received pill prescriptions from January ’93 – December ’99 were identified. This study included the period leading up to the pill-scare and the period immediately after. Before the scare, 63% of oral contraceptives used were third-generation. After the scare, it had dropped to 18%. In the study, 106 women had developed venous thromboembolism. Of these, 42 used levonorgestrel and 63 used third-generation contraceptives. During both periods, the incidence of venous thromboembolism was higher for women who used the third-generation pill (equating to 37-41 cases per 100,000) relative to second-generation levonorgestrel (equating to 20-23 per 100,000). This was reflected in the significant corresponding fall in cases after 1995 along with the decreased level of users. The risk factors identified in the World Health Organization’s collaborative study on cardiovascular disease and steroid hormone contraceptives included:

a) body weight over 25kg/m²

b) a history of hypertension in pregnancy

c) a history of varicose veins and c) the presence of rheumatic heart disease.

However, venous thromboembolism only represents the most evident aspect of contraceptive use.

Aging Effects of the Pill

Feminist Germaine Greer had argued against the widespread distribution of oral contraceptives in developing countries by foreign benefactors. Whether in developed or developing nations, the problem still applies.

    “While it is still painfully obvious that our youngest women need contraceptive protection, it seems hardly less obvious that sex steroids are the wrong protection. We cannot afford to trivialize a medication as mysterious and powerful as the contraceptive steroid. If some delayed consequence of its action should make its appearance sometime in the next 20 or 30 years we want to have some chance of tracking down those of our children who are at risk.”

An expert in this field, Professor Erik Odeblad of the Department of Medical Biophysics at the University of Umea in Sweden has been studying the cervix for over 40 years. He discovered the different types and properties of the cervical secretions including G, L, and S-Mucus in the late ‘50s and the P-Mucus in the late ‘80s. The P-Mucus causes the wet-sensation that a woman feels on her peak fertility day. The mucus-producing cells atrophy as a result of contraceptives therefore reducing fertility.

Under healthy circumstances, pregnancy counteracts the normal aging process and rejuvenates the cervix. The cervix of a 33-year old woman becomes that of a 20-year old. Long-term use of the pill reverses this effect and the cervix of a 33-year old woman becomes that of a 45-year old. The cervical canal becomes narrower. The third-generation gestodene pill has a similar effect. Lower dose progestagens are in fact more powerful and persist longer in the body. Like all oral contraceptives, the lower dose pills’ primary purpose is to sterilize by inhibiting the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, critical to human endocrine function. The secondary function is to stimulate G-Mucus secretory cells. This creates a contraceptive barrier to the sperm.

Normally, G-Mucus secretion takes place in the stomach and the duodenum. Responsible for the production of gastrin in the stomach, G-Mucus stimulates the release of gastric hydrochloric acid and pepsin for digestion.

Progestagen, whether combined or alone as in the mini-pill, has the same action as the ‘morning after pill’, preventing implantation of the embryo, leaving it nowhere to go if conception occurs resulting in abortion. Contraceptives affect mucus production, and the producing cells as a result atrophy, changing the biochemistry of the cervix and reducing fertility.

There are also very strong signs that men could also be affected. A study carried out by the British Environment Agency examined 10 lowland rivers over a five-year period. As a result of estrogen in urine from the contraceptive pill passing through the sewage works, they found 50% of male fish had developed eggs in their testes and many cases had developed female reproductive ducts. This has been linked to the human population’s dramatic fall in sperm count.


Desire, passion, lust may seem to be the only source of pleasure, but is it sustainable emotionally, psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually – might this price on one’s liberty be a bit too high? If you experience the immediate effect of the following after taking the Pill, stop taking the Pill and re-evaluate your life.

• Migraines and nausea

• Weight gain and mood changes

• Irregular bleeding or spotting

• Breast tenderness

• Yeast overgrowth and infection

Today, there are many women who may say “So what it is my life”, but it is not just your life! The dilemma in the individualistic push towards liberty and freedom, and towards the antithesis of what and who we are may be summed up as follows:

    “The individual woman must make what she can of the remote chance of catastrophe to herself and her children if she takes the Pill, and then she must address herself to the much more relevant problem of how she feels while taking it. The commonest effect of steroid munching is depression, from mild to clinical. Depression is one symptom which utterly destroys the quality of life (and with it, sex) so it would appear that the 30% of Pill takers who are depressed should throw away their pills and abstain periodically instead.
    The fact that they do not usually throw away their pills is further evidence of the malaise which underlies much oral contraceptive practice. For far too many women the oral contraceptive is just another version of the line of least resistance. They do not make love when they feel like it, and cannot exert any influence on the frequency of sexual relations or the form they take. For them oral contraception does not open any vistas of new freedom, but simply removes one of the inconveniences of their enforced receptivity.

    “For other women, the threat of unwanted pregnancy is so paralyzing that it destroys their sexual pleasure even when they are not depressed; throwing away the Pill would only work for them if they were sure that other techniques of birth control were both available and equally effective” – G. Greer

Islam has prepared us for what we cannot foresee and is not against the prevention of conception but is against infanticide. If politics doesn’t get in the way of the British women’s legal claim, one prays that more honest and long-term research is carried out. Look not to the instant benefits but to the consequences on the long-term health of women and their offspring. In many cases, the pattern of disease is set into motion by the changing external and internal environment. The cervix, one of the most complex organs of the body, can be damaged by exposure to toxic substances including the synthetic hormones of the pill. If there are women who want to make that choice, allow that choice to be an informed one.

The belief that free wanton sex seems all too normal, as the animal passions have been let loose and roam rampant. In fact, everything from politics to what one buys in the supermarket is sold through women’s bodies as vehicles of the obtainable. The result is dysfunctional and broken families left to build a society, where love, compassion, and bonding unfolds itself in the psychological disorders of many who wish for love, compassion and the bonding that only a healthy family can nurture.

Endometriosis was once known as the “career woman’s disease” because these women were at greater risk of contracting endometriosis. It has since be found that endometriosis occurs in women who have a greater number of menstrual cycles. i.e. the delay of childbirth. Endometriosis is a hormone dependent disease due to the high circulation of oestrogen which would be ameliorated by pregnancy.

It is time women listened to their own voices. Not the voice of the mainstream media that promotes women who cover themselves as being “afraid of their sexuality”, in order that amorphous “they” may free up women’s sexuality for their profit (both illegal and legal). Not the voices of the women who want more women in public positions, not the voices of the state who worry about worker bees for state production, or the voices of men who have lost all sense of responsibility. Not the voices of both men and women who want women to do as men do, but to listen to the voices from their own inner voice which will always center them in their own beingness.

This is an updated version of the article The in Reproductive Management” written in 2002.


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