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Soros’s Coup Causes Hundreds of Thousands of Fake Protestors Rock Rumania*

Soros’s Coup Causes Hundreds of Thousands of Fake Protestors Rock Rumania*

From Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Hundreds of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets in Rumania in an attempted coup by George Soros to overthrow the Rumanian government.

Amid chaotic riots across the country, Rumanians geared up for a sixth day of protests on Sunday under the guise of forcing its government to rid the country of corruption – despite the fact the President had already vowed to do so.

According to Alex Balan, President of the Union of Banat Rumanians, the protests are funded and orchestrated by George Soros in an effort to incite violence and overthrow the democratically elected government in order to install a more globalist-friendly regime.

By Alexa Balan

The following is an official statement, in Mr. Balan’s capacity as President of the Union of Banat Rumanians, in Serbia **
Yesterday’s massive demonstrations in Rumania, where around 100,000 people gathered, were sponsored and organized by Soros financed NGO’s in Romania, and by the Soros funded political party, the USR. They were praised and supported by the openly masonic German president of Rumania, Klaus Iohanis, who incited violence and called for a revolution.

This impostor won a rigged election, he is against Rumanian interests and calls for the so-called Europeanization of Rumania. Their excuse for rioting was the judiciary reform laws adopted by the new Socialist government, which are amnesty laws which would halt the political persecution of patriotic anti-globalist politicians in Rumania, at the hands of the CIA and Soros funded anti-corruption agency DNA. These protect the interests of multinational companies, and prosecutes nationalists by indicting them with false charges.

The present Socialist PSD government was elected by an overwhelming majority vote in December, over 50%, on their promises they would halt the further selling of Rumanian resources to foreigners, their anti IMF stance, Eurosceptic views, raising of pensions, eliminating taxes etc. The USR Soros party which led the maidan protest yesterday, only won 8% in the election. They recruited young deluded people over the internet, their aim was to storm the parliament building and seize power. They openly called for the lynching of government officials by publishing their addresses and phone numbers on the net.

Had they not been defeated by our brave police forces in Bucharest yesterday, they would have set up tents and other maidan like structures in the Bucharest city centre, Victoria square, and we all know to where that leads. We, the Rumanians of Serbia condemn the Soros protest and so do the majority of Rumanians in Rumania, and all over the world in our diaspora. My view is shared also by the Serbian Radical Party leader Dr. Seselj, whom I visited today.


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$45 Million Stolen from Banks Worldwide Shows How Easy It is in a Cashless Society*

$45 Million Stolen from Banks Worldwide Shows How Easy It is in a Cashless Society*

Easy  Money

By Luis Miranda

In one of the biggest bank robberies in history, a global network of hackers seems to have stolen 45 million dollars (34 million euros) in two banks from the Middle East after they violated the security of a business’ credit card processing and withdrawal of money at ATMs in 27 countries, prosecutors said Thursday in the United States.

The Department of Justice charged eight men who allegedly formed a cell of the organization based in New York, and said that seven of them had been arrested. The eighth, supposedly the leader of the cell, was killed in Dominican Republic on April 27.

It is believed that the leaders of the network are outside the United States, but prosecutors declined to elaborate, citing the ongoing investigation. What is clear is the wide range and speed of the crimes: in one of the attacks, in only 10 hours, $ 40 million were withdrawn from ATMs in 24 countries in 36,000 transactions.

“Instead of guns and masks, this organization used computers and Internet cybercrime,” said Loretta Lunch, the Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, in a press conference. “Moving as fast as the data on the Internet, the organization made its way from the computer systems of corporations to the streets of New York,” she added.

The case demonstrates the great threat that cybercrime poses worldwide. It also shows how criminal gangs have become increasingly international and sophisticated, especially those who use the Internet.

Prosecutors highlighted the “surgeon precision” used by the hackers and the global nature of its organization, coordination and speed with which the operations were executed in 27 countries. According to the people in charge of the case, the band broke the computers security of two companies that process credit cards, one in India in December 2012 and another in the United States in February.

The companies were not identified. Hackers increased the balance available and the cash withdrawal limit on prepaid Mastercard credit cards issued by Bank of Muscat in Oman and National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah PSC (RAKBANK) UAE.

The hackers then distributed counterfeit credit cards to people in charge of taking cash worldwide, allowing them to take millions of dollars from ATMs in a few hours. In New York, for example, members of the cell were distributed around town in the afternoon of February 19, armed with cards that have a unique account number from Bank of Muscat.

Ten hours later, 2,904 had completed money orders for $ 2.4 million, the final transaction occurred at about 1:26 am prosecutors said. The teams that withdrew money in other countries were busy doing the same, taking about 40 million from the Bank of Muscat, in addition to the $ 5 million that they stole from RAKBANK in December.

In total, 40,500 withdrawals were conducted in 27 countries during the two incidents. Prosecutors said the method of attack is called “unlimited operations” in the digital underworld. It was not possible to contact representatives of the two banks for comment outside regular business hours.

In a statement, MasterCard said it had cooperated with law enforcement agencies during the investigation and stressed that their systems were not involved or engaged in the attacks. In February,  Bank Muscat revealed it would receive a fee of up to $ 39 million because it had been defrauded overseas with 12 prepaid debit cards used for travel.

An investigation is ongoing to determine if there are other cells operating in the country, said Lynch, adding that law enforcement agencies in the United States have worked with their counterparts in Japan, Canada, Germany, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Latvia, Estonia, Thailand and Malaysia to learn more about the  network that carried out the withdrawals. According to authorities, there were no personal bank accounts involved in the heist.


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