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Deep State Manipulations in Haiti and Genocide*

Deep State Manipulations in Haiti and Genocide*

By Ezili Danto

Popular former President Aristide survived an assassination attempt this week against the backdrop of increased violence in the world’s first black republic. The mandate of the deeply resented U.N. occupying force MINUSTAH ends in April and is set to be renewed. The violence is orchestrated to justify continued imperialist intervention that benefits foreigners and their local henchmen.

Besides the inexplicable burning down of the Croix Bossales and LaSaline market places, today [Monday, March 20] former president Jean Bertrand Aristide was shot at and at least two people standing in front of his motorcade were hit and killed. Aristide survived the assassination attempt. But these pointed violences, just a few weeks before the U.N. rules on extending its mission in Haiti, are routine.

“At least two people were injured after shots were fired at a motorcade carrying former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Port-au-Prince Monday in an apparent assassination attempt.” –Shots fired at former President of Haiti Aristide.

The same foreign colonial forces that put in puppet president Jovenel Moise are continually manipulating the violence levels in Haiti to perpetuate their presence and colonnial interests in Haiti. (See, Barbarians Inside and at Haiti Gates: Israeli HLSI and Eva PeledNew Rochambeau Expedition to Haiti For Donald Trump led by Kenneth Merten and Haiti Can’t Seem to Disengage from “Henchman” Merten .)

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres recommended that the Haiti U.N. mission (MINUSTAH) “be extended for a final period of six months” after its current mandate expires on April 15, 2017. The U.N. Security Council is expected to decide on whether to extend the Haiti mission on April 11. So, of course, weeks before this critical vote and with a new president in the White House who wants to cut back on U.N. peacekeeping expenditures, the violence in Haiti increases. There’s ample evidence of this pattern since the U.N. got to the foreign cash cow that’s called “Haiti.”

The timing of the whole increased insecurity thing in Haiti, so soon after the rigged elections and the carnival, are orchestrated to rile up the people and set them up for more genocide by U.N. trained police if not the U.S.-Euro colonial forces in U.N. and HLSI uniforms. The alphabet guys and Kenneth Merten are aiming to keep the U.N. or another version of these foreign militaries in Haiti.

They’re angling to prolong the MINUSTAH aka TOURISTAH’s vacation to maintain the colonnial status quo. (See,  L’ONU propose une nouvelle mission en Haïti https://t.co/UZXAUYKV4S  and https://goo.gl/2sKvlE)  The Haiti oligarchs already have tons of private military security contractors to watch over the plundered lands they helped take from the traumatized (earthquake/cholera-fake election-ravaged) Haiti peoples under Obama through Michel Martelly’s decrees and the Clintons’ “earthquake relief” initiatives. But the alphabet guys want their own mercenary crews also. Trump is threatening to cut back on USAID funding and U.N. mission funding.

The Israeli (HLSI)/MOSSAD-CIA contract to build nine custom ports in Haiti and do surveillance was set up by powerful people who, with Digicel telecom and the Bigio, Apaid, Boulos, Abdullah oligarchs, made sure to put a criminal parliament and Jovenel Moise into power against the will of the Haiti majority. They are NOT going to let Jovenel Moise’s illegitimate government fall, no matter what they’re saying to the contrary to Washington. It took these predators more than three years to put Jovenel Moise in power. The rumor that Jovenel Moise and his new PM Guy Lafontant are useless and will fall before the year is out, is just another means to manipulate President Donald Trump into financing the Kenneth Merten-Clinton ilks and more military into Haiti.

Jovenel Moise, the used car parts salesman and water peddler was built-up by Antonia Sola’s PR firm as a big banana exporter. This lie is lifted for all to see now that Moise is president.

The immorality and criminality of the Haitians in politics, in its Parliament, the schooled Diaspora that supports them and the Middle Eastern oligarchs which upholds this deprave carnival is simply unspeakable (See– http://elsie-news.over-blog.com/2017/03/ou-est-passe-la-plantation-de-banane-susceptible-d-exporter-des-bananes-en-alemagne-de-l-homme-banane-fait-president-par-la-ci-une-s)

The situation is terrible. Haiti is saddled with un-elected and illegitimate rulers. Martelly and his crew cleaned out the treasury and left a nearly $2billion PetroCaraibe debt owed to Venezuela and the state cannot even pay the interests on this debt. There’s strikes at the airport, hospitals and teachers, because state employees have not been paid for months on end. The misery, unrest and general dissatisfaction was to be expected.

The Clinton-Obama-Merten crew set it up with the deep state in order to further kill more innocent Haitians. Everyone in Haiti knows who the money launderers and drug traffickers are because they hold high political positions. But, what folks must understand is that no matter what the money laundering Haitian tokens are doing, it’s NOTHING compared to the CIA-covert operation-drug trafficking uses of Haiti for the global military intelligence complex. Haiti is the place the deep state stash the families of the Christian Arabs who they use to create instability in the Middle East Muslim countries. Haiti is the space where Acra’s cocaine shiploads and unexposed others make tons of monies for the CIA/DEA deep-state operations to conduct their wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, to name a few. No Haitian is more corrupt then their handlers. (Indicted money laundering, drug trafficker Guy Philippe’s current pleadings where he accuses the CIA of getting him into the drug business is a case in point.)

Looking at the most recent public strikes at the airport, by the unpaid teachers and doctors, today’s assassination attempt on Aristide and yesterday’s burning down of the poor market women marketplaces (notice it’s not the Bigio or Mevs businesses in Site Soley that are burned down, but the poorest of the poor’s commercial spaces), but if you know the routine of the alphabet guys in Haiti, you’ll understand that they rule through crisis after crisis. It seems to me these handlers want to create more insecurity to manipulate Trump into sending troops to Haiti or increasing the U.N. troops there more visibly…. I say the U.S. put Jovenel Moise in, let them do what’s necessary for the people to have some peace. Bigio, Digicel, Mevs should pay the teachers, doctors and airport personnel that Martelly left empty handed. For, if Trump takes the bait and sends more corrupt deep state CIA/DEA and military into Haiti, he will cast himself into the same role as the status quo he replaced and probably be a one term president. This won’t help the American working class nor the Haiti working classes.

President Preval just died unexpectedly. It’s a good thing that former President Jean Bertrand Aristide survived this assassination attempt. Be on guard Haitians. This current government is not ours and no Haitian life should be sacrificed to bring in more foreign military to kill Haitians. Stay alive Ayisyen. Sove tèt nou. Pran yon ti chez pou gade. Kite kriminèl yo tiye tèt yo poukont yo. Chanjman ap rive. Ginen poze.

♫♫Boukman o nan Bwa Kayiman
Nou lonmen non w
Nou pa denounen w, nan Bwa Kayiman
Papa Boukman o, nou wè ase
Papa Boukman o, nou rive nan tobout o
Peyi nou divize, lafanmi doz-a-do.
Nou pa te fè Bwa Kayiman
Pou n sèvi etranje.♫♫ 


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After Creating Haiti’s Cholera Crisis, U.N. Can Barely Fight It*

After Creating Haiti’s Cholera Crisis, U.N. Can Barely Fight It*

After years of dodging responsibility, the U.N. is now struggling to help fight the health scourge it created.

It was seven years ago when the outbreak first began. In the last near-decade, Haiti’s cholera outbreak has ravaged hundreds of thousands of lives — killing nearly 10,000 and sickening nearly 800,000 more.

Brought to the country by United Nations peacekeeping forces meant to protect Haitians, the disease shows no sign of slowing down in the region. And after years of dodging responsibility, the international body is now struggling to help fight the health crisis it created.

It wasn’t until December 2016 that then-U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon apologized for Haiti’s cholera outbreak. It was also only then that he proclaimed a “moral responsibility” to end the crisis, announcing in a rare act of contrition a US$400 million strategy that would “provide material assistance and support” to victims.

But the trust fund created to finance the strategy has so far raised only around US$2 million, with just 6 of 193 member states donating.

Last month, Ban’s successor, Antonio Guterres, sent a letter to member states asking for pledges to the trust fund, adding that mandatory dues would be raised if there were no significant pledges by March 6. But the deadline came and went with little response.

Donations to the fund may also now face challenges given the Trump administration’s signalled intention to cut foreign aid. The United States is the U.N.’s biggest single financing source.

The inaction has worsened Haiti’s crisis. Just this year, nearly 2,000 new cases have been reported, amounting to hundreds a week.

“We still have the biggest outbreak of cholera of any country anywhere,” Dr. Louise Ivers, a senior policy adviser at Partners in Health, an international medical aid organization working in Haiti, told the New York Times.

“Here we are, nearly seven years later, and it’s still a big problem.”

The U.N.’s own independent investigator on extreme poverty and human rights, Philip Alston, issued a scathing report condemning the U.N.’s failure to take responsibility for the cholera crisis, calling it “morally unconscionable, legally indefensible and politically self-defeating.”

A country that has suffered from an extensive history of colonial and imperial meddling, Haiti’s cholera outbreak is just the latest in this trajectory. After Hurricane Matthew devastated the region last year, Haitians pressed foreigners to refrain from donating to the American Red Cross, pointing to a reputation of questionable use of funds.

Haitians lost trust in the U.S.-based organization after a damning 2015 report by NPR and ProPublica showed how the Red Cross used more than US$500 million in aid for the 2010 earthquake to build only six of the promised 700 permanent homes.

The question of aid and relief also placed the Clinton Foundation, co-founded by former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her partner and former President Bill Clinton, under the spotlight again for failing to use billions of dollars of aid collected for the country following the 2010 earthquake.

While millions of dollars were spent by the foundation on formaldehyde-riddled trailers distributed by Clayton Homes — a top Clinton campaign donor — much of the US$6 billion that the Clintons pledged for the country had yet to be used. And in turn, the faulty trailers caused headaches and illness for those who used them.

In addition, according to WikiLeaks cables, Clinton also lobbied against a minimum wage hike in Haiti back in 2008 and 2009, colluding with corporations taking advantage of sweatshop labour in Haiti to pressure the government to veto the wage increase to keep labor cheap.

Now, adding insult to injury, the United Nations has failed to deliver on promises of getting the cholera outbreak under control after years of wreaking havoc on the poverty and disaster-stricken half-island nation.


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Three Secret Trump Picks to Take Down Latin America’s Left*

Three Secret Trump Picks to Take Down Latin America’s Left*

A government supporter holds a sign showing a picture of Venezuela’s late President Hugo Chavez during an anti-imperialist rally at Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas, Venezuela, Wednesday, March 18, 2015.

A Hugo Chavez alarmist and two ambassadors to El Salvador: the three men promising to take down the left in Latin America are now working for the state.

Of the 400 hires secretly made by Donald Trump to various major state agencies published by ProPublica on Wednesday, several already have a record of messing with Latin American affairs.

Trump has filled about 520 seats in every major federal agency through a process that avoids Senate confirmation and keeps their names confidential.

According to the names obtained and published by ProPublica and DiploPundit, the majority of picks have no previous experience in their roles — some just graduated from high school or college — but were likely picked for working on the Trump campaign.

Three names, though, are worrying for Latin Americans.

Jon Perdue

Trump’s choice for a special assistant to the Treasury Department, Jon Perdue, wrote a book — called “The War of All the People: The Nexus of Latin American Radicalism and Middle Eastern Terrorism” — which according to its description is about how Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “forged an active alliance hell-bent on destroying the established order in the developed world” through an “ideological and political war against the United States, capitalism, and the widely accepted tenets of modernity.” He also wrote the foreword to a book by Evgueni Novikov, an outspoken Soviet defector.

He also suggested a new method for implementing regime change in what he calls “slow tyrannies” without orchestrating a military coup. His technique “focuses on a combination of aggressive diplomacy and economic engagement as a first and necessary step, along with a capability for small-unit operations that can be conducted with a much smaller footprint when necessary,” he wrote in an article for the Jewish Policy Center.

Perdue has also traveled throughout Latin America to put his reasoning into practice, from closely studying Cuban dissidents, to observing the 2009 elections in Honduras which legitimized the coup of a left-wing president, to decrying freedom of speech in Ecuador after President Rafael Correa took action against a conservative paper which called him a dictator.

In 2010 Perdue helped prevent the extradition to Argentina from the U.S. of Roberto Bravo, one of the architects of the 1972 Trelew massacre in Argentina where 16 leftist political prisoners will killed in jail as part of that country’s Dirty War.

Charles Glazer

George W. Bush’s former ambassador to El Salvador will now be a senior advisor at the Department of State. Charles Glazer spent most of his career in investment banking and international brokerage, only serving a two-year stint as a diplomat before being deposed by Barack Obama.

In his short stint, he overlooked the tiny Central American nation right before it shifted from the U.S.-friendly administration to the FMLN, a left-wing party formed from five guerilla groups.

Glazer had actively tried to prevent a win by the “communist-dominated and Chavez-supported” FMLN, according to a cable leaked by WikiLeaks. Besides accelerating economic and anti-gang cooperation through agreements like CAFTA and USAID programs, Glazer urged the U.S. respond to election rhetoric in order to help skew the results, such as keeping Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans in the U.S.

“A decision to cancel TPS during the current electoral cycle would likely be played up by the FMLN in the press and in the campaign as a loss of U.S. support for the country and current administration — an unearned political windfall benefiting the FMLN and influencing the outcome of 2009 elections,” he wrote months before the vote. “Terminating TPS could also dramatically undermine this administration’s ability to support us in Iraq, other peacekeeping missions, and other global and hemispheric issues where we depend on the proactive leadership of the Saca administration.”

El Salvador was the first in the hemisphere after the U.S. to send troops to Iraq — “an expression of gratitude for the U.S. ‘standing by’ the GOES (government of El Salvador) during the Salvadoran civil war” — making the ruling conservative coalition “one of our most important allies in the Western Hemisphere, during a major rise of leftist populist regimes unfriendly to USG (U.S. government) interests,” he added.

Glazer ended his memo assuring the State Department that he would “continue to monitor and report on” any electoral developments that could end up impacting U.S. interests.

Robert Blau

When the Salvadoran embassy was emptied after Glazer’s leave, Robert Blau filled in as a charge d’affaires ad interim from Jan. 2009 to Sept. 2010, following the FLMN’s win. After he retired he was chosen to serve on Trump’s landing team at the State Department.

Blau, according to WikiLeaks, praised “the outgoing (Antonio) Saca Administration (for working) to promote the advancement of democracy and human rights in Cuba. For example, when Fidel Castro resigned as Cuba’s leader in February 2008, President Saca publicly expressed hope for a real democratic transition in Cuba and emphasized the importance of freedom of expression and multiparty elections.”

He also panicked when the FMLN came to power and reformed the prison system, a “backwards” move that involved “loosening of security controls at El Salvador” maximum security prison at Zacatecoluca, granting greater access to family members and other visitors throughout the system, and eliminating vestiges of regimentation such as prisoner uniforms,” halting construction of expanded prisons and increasing the number of those eligible for conditional release in an overcrowded prison system.

“The course changes so far at DGCP (Directorate General of Prisons) are troubling. Whether intentional or not, the reforms Moreno has already implemented will go a long way towards unraveling the significant progress INL (International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs) has achieved in partnership with Caceres and company over the last two years,” he wrote in a 2009 cable, adding it would impact implementation of the Merida Initiative.


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The World Protests on Behalf of Vaccine-Injured Children*

The World Protests on Behalf of Vaccine-Injured Children*

By Christina England

Around the world, parents, grandparents and caregivers are protesting in anger against the dangerous vaccinations they believe are killing their children.

One such protest, spearheaded by Sallie O. Elkordy, is taking place on Sunday, March 5, 2017. Ms. Elkordy explained in her blog, brightfuture83, that this walk, aptly named the “Empty Stroller Walk” because protesters have been asked to walk while pushing an empty stroller, was originally the idea of a grieving grandmother, Sherry Frady, who tragically lost her granddaughter, Bella, following her eight-week routine vaccinations.

Speaking live on The Mary and Sallie show, Mrs. Frady told listeners about the death of her granddaughter in the hope that others may learn from their experiences.

Mrs. Frady began the show by explaining to listeners that before her granddaughter’s eight-week vaccinations, Bella was a healthy baby girl. Sadly, this was about to change.

She stated that:

“Bella had eight vaccinations on that day, including the Prevenar and the hepatitis B. We took her home and she ran a slight fever. 

We gave her Tylenol; the nurse never told us that you shouldn’t give a baby Tylenol for fever, as a fever actually is their way to fight off the toxins from the vaccines, but we gave her Tylenol and after that she felt fine. 

There was no indication to any problems, she never had a runny nose, she never had sniffles, she never had any signs of being ill, until October 3, and on that night she was more fussy and wanted her mom. 

I sat up with her ’til 2am, rocking her, singing to her, watched TV. She was a co-sleeper, how do I broach the subject, um, but I laid her in her spot on the bed and about an hour later I got in bed beside her and she was fine. Her mom was still up with her grandmother. 

So, I went to sleep and about two hours later I woke up and I could feel something was wrong but I didn’t know what. I always wake up before she does to get her bottle and automatically I went to fix her bottle and after I fixed her bottle I came back to bed and by that time my daughter was already in bed asleep on the other side of her and I tried to wake her up and she wouldn’t wake up and it was just a horrible, horrible experience to realize that she wasn’t breathing.”

According to Mrs. Frady, the family was informed by the hospital that Bella had died of double pneumonia and extensive brain damage, caused by encephalitis, a common side effect of vaccinations. Angered by the tragic events of that day, Mrs. Frady wanted to warn others about the dangers of vaccinations. She explained that encephalitis was one of the many adverse reactions listed on the vaccination inserts, which she explained are never offered to parents before vaccinations.

Please join Mrs. Frady and Ms. Elkordy on Sunday, March 5, 2017, and on the first Sunday of every month, on your local Main Street at any time throughout the day, in memory of the many children who have died or have been injured following routine vaccinations.

Similar Protests Have Taken Place Worldwide


In 2009, a mother, Ms. Allison Edwards from Shropshire, U.K., whose son became autistic after receiving the MMR vaccine, was granted permission to demonstrate outside the House of Commons, in protest of MP’s (Members of Parliament) expenses

She told the BBC:

“My son is severely autistic, he is doubly incontinent, he has very little speech, if any at all. He can’t feed himself, he can’t dress himself, he is really going to need to be led around by the hand for the rest of his life … I had to fight for his nappies, the most basic need for his disability and I can’t get what I need and I saw an MP put an expenses claim in for nappies; that is appalling, absolutely appalling.”

On the Age of Autism, she explained her plight in more detail and explained why she felt the need to protest. She wrote:

“You see I have been virtually screaming for the past five years for help through our National Health Service to provide my poor, speechless, doubly incontinent autistic son with the right amount and type of pads. When he turned 5 years of age I was allowed 3 free per day that figure never budged. He is now 12 years old and uses 8 per day. I have to supplement the extras out of my own pocket. In fact he wouldn’t wear the hot and uncomfortable, rustly yellow poly-backed type he was provided with and frequently ripped them and ate the contents causing major distress. How I have dreamt of an MP’s face in front of me when clearing up those night-time messes!”

It is easy to understand her anger and frustration and she is not alone.


In 2012, a group of parents from Belgium whose children had died following vaccinations placed a row of tiny white coffins outside the Ministry of Health. They demonstrated their anger by attaching two vaccine syringes in the sign of a crucifix onto each coffin, symbolizing the death of a child snatched cruelly by vaccinations

One coffin, inscribed with the words RIP Notre Fille Stacy, meaning Rest in Peace Our Daughter Stacy, stood out from all the rest. Underneath, carefully placed, was a photo of a baby girl dressed in white. What message could be stronger and more poignant than this, to demonstrate the anger felt by grieving parents on the first day of the World Immunization Week, arranged by the World Health Organization.

World Immunization Week is an annual event organized by WHO to unite countries worldwide for a week of vaccination campaigns, public education and information sharing with the idea of promoting vaccination awareness. It is doubtful this was the kind of vaccination campaigning or vaccination awareness that WHO had in mind, as these parents gave their own interpretation of vaccination awareness by distributing leaflets on the dangers of vaccination demanding vaccination freedom for their country.

Mr. and Mrs. Sirjacobs, parents who organized the protest, said that they were outraged that so many babies and children were being injured and killed after vaccinations. They had organized the protest in memory of their own daughter Stacy, a premature baby who had died just days after receiving nine routine vaccinations at just eight weeks old.

Read the story in full on VacTruth.


In 2015, News Guyana reported that another parent whose baby had died as a result of vaccinations had protested outside the clinic to demand justice for her baby boy.

They wrote:

“The mother and a group of other women protested the clinic as they cry out for justice.

She explained that her son was given a vaccine, which was intended for a 5 – year – old child, after the nurse mixed up his clinic card with that of his cousin.”

They continued:

“K. Critchlow was written on both cards and that’s why she mix them up. He was a very healthy baby when he attended the clinic to get his four-month vaccine, the nurse wrote down all the vaccines in the clinic card before administering the vaccine, and then she go and take out all of the vaccines and put it there and give my son the vaccine for a five year old baby.”

She further noted that she woke her son up to nurse him when she saw him bleeding through his nose.

“When I took him to the hospital they said that he was dead … they said his had brain haemorrhaged and they took a sample … so when we went to ask the nurse if she given him the right vaccine they said it was a mistake.”

Critchlow said the nurse confessed to administering the wrong vaccine; however, they are now trying to cover up the matter and were trying to retrieve the toddler’s clinic card in an attempt to make changes to their record chart.””

The protests continue when parents in China also felt the need to protest on behalf of their vaccine injured children.


In 2016, the South China Morning Post reported that approximately 70 parents of vaccine-injured children had protested outside the health commission in Beijing amid a heavy police presence. They stated that:

“The parents gathered at the main gate of the National Health and Family Planning Commission along with about 10 children who were fit enough to join the demonstration.

They wore blue caps and white masks bearing short slogans, urging justice and awareness about their children’s plight.

According to photographs provided by parents, they held up white T-shirts that read “compulsory vaccines lead to disabilities in children.”They were prevented from wearing the shirts.”

The report continued:

“The protests came after mainland authorities sacked and demoted 357 officials and arrested 202 suspects for their alleged involvement in a scandal in Shandong province, where a racket involving illegally traded vaccines worth 570 million yuan (HK$683.3 million) had thrived since 2010.

After nearly three hours of peaceful protest at the commission, the parents were told to address their grievances to the commission’s petition office.

Parents said they came from across the country but met each other while seeking medical treatment for their children in Beijing.

Yi Wenlong, 47, from Shanxi province, said 67 families signed a petition to take legal action against the commission for “turning a blind eye to poor monitoring of children’s vaccines”.

“The victims developed problems as early as eight years ago, while some were afflicted only recently,” Yi said.”

There are currently 134 new vaccine bills being introduced throughout the U.S., threatening to either limit or completely eradicate vaccine exemptions.  As a consequence, it is likely that the number of protests similar to those I have outlined will increase in number as more and more children become vaccine casualties.

For evidence-based research on vaccinations, visit the GreenMedInfo.com Research Dashboard.


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Trump to Send ISIS Fighters to Guantanamo*

Trump to Send ISIS Fighters to Guantanamo*

The prison is infamous for its past severe and illegal treatment of prisoners.

U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order that would expand Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba and allow the United States to transfer fighters from the Islamic State group and other terror groups captured in battle there like it operated during the presidency of George W. Bush, the New York Times reported Wednesday.

Drafts of the directive have been in circulation at the White House for days and the newspaper obtained the latest draft which sees the Trump administration reversing an initial plan to reopen overseas “black sites” prison facilities the CIA previously used for torturing terror suspects.

But the latest draft would see Trump ordering Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to use Guantanamo to detain suspected members of “Al-Qaida, the Taliban, and associated forces, including individuals and networks associated with the Islamic State,” the New York Times reported citing the draft.

The executive order would also reverse another order by former President Barack Obama that called for the closure of the prison. Obama made closing Guantanamo one of his 2008 elections campaign promises, however, he failed to do so during the course of his eight-year-long presidency.

During his presidential bid, Trump repeatedly vowed to keep it open, expand it and “load it up with some bad dudes, believe me, we’re gonna load it up,” as he said just days after winning the elections in November.

The prison is infamous for its past severe and illegal treatment of prisoners. The U.S. military and other agencies operate under different regulations outside the U.S. territories, thus allowing them to use torture, hold prisoners without trial and other illegal practices otherwise not permitted in the U.S.

During the Obama administration, most detainees were transferred to other countries. Official figures reveal that nearly 800 prisoners have been held at Guantanamo since the prison opened after the Sept.11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Of those, more than 700 have been released or transferred and nine have died, while 41 men are still held there without internationally recognized charges or trials.

Cuba has repeatedly insisted that the U.S. return the occupied territory as part of the normalization of relations between the two countries that kicked off in Dec. 2014, which now faces an uncertain future as Trump and many of his Cabinet maintain hostile attitude towards the Caribbean socialist nation.


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This is America: Guantánamo Detainee Requires Rectal Surgery Following CIA Sodomy Torture*

‘Tambourine Army’ Gathers Recruits as Jamaicans’ Anger over Child Sexual Abuse Grows*

‘Tambourine Army’ Gathers Recruits as Jamaicans’ Anger over Child Sexual Abuse Grows*

By Emma Lewis

The Tambourine Army is a new activist group focused on the eventual elimination of sexual abuse against women and girls in Jamaica. Much of the healing work they do with survivors of sex abuse is done by the beach. Photo courtesy the Tambourine Army

The Tambourine Army is a new activist group focused on the eventual elimination of sexual abuse against women and girls in Jamaica. Much of the healing work they do with survivors of sex abuse is done by the beach. Photo courtesy the Tambourine Army

The Tambourine Army is a new activist group focused on the eventual elimination of sexual abuse against women and girls in Jamaica. Much of the healing work they do with survivors of sex abuse is done by the beach. Photo courtesy the Tambourine Army, used with permission.

It all started in late 2016, when a 64-year-old pastor at the Nazareth Moravian Church in Jamaica was arrested after allegedly being found in a car sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. Since then, many more cases have come to light, usually perpetrated by men in positions of power. The situation has prompted a greater focus on the problem of child sexual abuse — a long-standing but hidden epidemic in Jamaican society that is often kept secret.

As a result, a new activist “army” has formed, with a strong mission. The Tambourine Army’s Facebook page defines the group as “a radical movement that was formed organically out of an urgent recognition to advocate differently for the rights of women and girls”.

Headed by the founder of WE-Change, the women’s affiliate of LGBT rights group J-FLAG, the name derives from a January 9 incident during a protest by survivors of sexual abuse at the Nazareth Moravian Church. The WE-Change founder became angry and hit the leader of the Moravian Church in Jamaica, Dr. Paul Gardner, on the head with a tambourine, alleging that he had abused her partner as a child. Dr. Gardner and his Vice President Jermaine Gibson resigned soon afterwards and have since also been charged with the sexual abuse of minors, leaving the Moravian Church in disarray.

On her personal Facebook page, the “captain” of the Tambourine Army, Stella Gibson, wrote poignantly about one of her group’s key concerns:

“When a little girl tells you that a man has touched her inappropriately, or that he molested her…When a woman tells you that a man raped her, or that he sexually harassed her…Why do we first question the veracity of that experience that may have taken much bravery and vulnerability and nakedness for the little girl or the woman to share? Why do we then consider how damaging this must be to the man’s character?

When a little boy tells you that a man has touched him inappropriately, or that he molested him or that he raped him…What makes us first believe the boy, become enraged and begin to do everything in our power to get justice for that little boy?

Why can’t we first believe our girls and our women too, and do everything in our power to get justice for them? Why?

Why don’t we at all times, in all circumstances shame the perpetrator and provide healing, care and support for survivors – all survivors?

What is it about a man’s reputation that becomes so critical when he is accused of perpetrating sexual violence against women and girls that we wilfully and sometimes blindly disregard the very humanity of our women and girls?

What kind of society have we have created for ourselves?

Where is the protection of the value and dignity of our women and girls?

I want a different kind of Jamaica for women and girls. And I hope the #TambourineArmy will create that different Jamaica that is needed.

To that end, the #TambourineArmy has put out a call for volunteers as part of its aim to build “one of the largest coalitions of organisations and individuals in Jamaica working to remove the scourge of sexual abuse, rape and all other forms of sexual violence against our children and our women.”

The Army is gaining support, with 80-plus Jamaicans signing up. Human rights lawyer and Chevening Scholar Tenesha Myrie-Condell shared:

“Have to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the amazing and far- reaching activism of WE-Change and especially Stella Gibson. On bringing different stakeholders together, working on and highlighting issues concerned with sexual violence WE-Change is bringing what I will call a new wave of activism to Jamaica! It is honest and non-polite. Absolutely love it!!

Tambourine Army logo

Tambourine Army logo


One of the Army’s tactics has been the #SayTheirNames hashtag, through which women are being encouraged to come forward with their stories of sexual abuse by naming the perpetrators. However, not all Jamaicans have endorsed this radical method, questioning the legal and ethical implications of the campaign. While blogger and academic Annie Paul supported the concept in her newspaper column, she also referred to a television current affairs show in which host Simon Crosskill expressed his reservations:

“‘You can’t allow women to name whoever they feel like,’ he kept protesting, although none of us was suggesting anything remotely like that. No one had said the names of anyone we ‘felt’ like including should be listed. What we had said was that a victim of rape or sexual abuse MUST, and has the right to, call the name of the aggressor in question. Asking victims to name the perpetrators who have harmed them is surely a very basic and fundamental rule to live by.

But my friend, the TV host, wouldn’t countenance the thought of naming and shaming at all, and he wasn’t alone in this. Other prominent journalists have expressed the same opinion. The perpetrator should be reported to the police and have his day in court, they insist. The judiciary must be the ultimate arbiter of guilt, and only then should names be revealed. This despite the fact that the subject had come up in the context of a dysfunctional justice system that more often than not fails to find the accused guilty, particularly when the perpetrator is a man of influence and standing.

On the march

The Army is not just about keyboard activism. Despite the expected challenges, it is already on the march. On February 6, there was a “wear black” campaign as a sign of protest. The group is also planning a Survivor Empowerment March on March 11, in solidarity with the #LifeinLeggings movement. At the march, the group will also present its action plan for change, through partnership with survivors, non-governmental organizations, the media, and the general public.

When it comes to helping survivors, work has already started — the Tambourine Army hosts Healing Circles for survivors. Much of the rehabilitation and support sessions happen by the beach, which the group believes has the power to soothe and restore. Just as importantly, the Army has been mobilizing individuals, groups and organizations to lobby the government to make much needed changes to The Sexual Offences Act which is currently under review, urging Jamaicans to submit recommendations, questions and concerns to the relevant Parliamentary Committee by February 28.

Other organizations are also getting involved. Eve for Life Jamaica, which works with young mothers who are survivors of sexual abuse and spearheaded the #nuhguhdeh campaign aimed at protecting children from predatory older men, came up with an additional hashtag: #16protectionnotpermission, referring to the age of consent.

Building on the momentum, The 51% Coalition — Women in Partnership for Development and Empowerment — has organized a “Meeting of the Minds” on February 7, at which they hope to discuss the many perspectives on violence against women and girls.

Meanwhile, Reverend Clarke, the first Moravian pastor to be charged, appeared in court last week. He was greeted by a number of female supporters who berated the media covering the case. His victim and another sibling (from an impoverished family of ten) are now in state care. Sadly, stories of violence against women by current or former partners continue to appear in the news, as they did last year.

The problem of the sexual abuse of Jamaican girls is an oft-repeated story that is as much about social justice, deep rural poverty, and the plight of vulnerable children as it is about the perpetrators, who are often respected members of the community. Whether the Tambourine Army ultimately wins the battle for radical steps to change hearts and minds — and the status quo — remains to be seen.


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The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal and the Media Cover-Up*

The Clinton-Silsby Trafficking Scandal and the Media Cover-Up*

By William Craddick


Contrary to reports in the media, the crowd sourced investigation labeled by some as “Pizzagate” did not begin with internet sleuths digging through the Wikileaks Podesta Files releases looking for pizza parlours and encoded language discussing human trafficking. It began with the shocking discovery that Hillary and Bill Clinton provided assistance to convicted child trafficker, Laura Silsby, resulting in a reduced sentence for child trafficking.

Silsby was arrested at the Haitian border attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti without documentation. Her sentence and charges were reduced after an intervention by Bill Clinton. In the aftermath of Silsby’s arrest, her originally retained lawyer Jorge Puello was arrested in connection with an international smuggling ring accused of trafficking women and minors from Central America and Haiti. The revelation of this news in November was either ignored by the Western media or attacked by Clinton controlled publications.

  1. Hillary Clinton Intervened Politically on Behalf of Laura Silsby

Laura Silsby is the former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. Emails from her organization can be found in Wikileaks’ Hillary Clinton Email Archive discussing the NGO before her arrest. Silsby’s organization also appears in Clinton’s emails, soliciting donations for their “ministry.” The Refuge was founded by Silsby and Charisa Coulter, both attendees of the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho. Silsby was reported to have a history of bad debts and unpaid wages.

Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but a State Department diplomatic cable revealed that authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.

On January 29, 2010, Silsby was arrested with nine other American nationals attempting to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families according to some reportsCNN reported on February 9, 2010 that this was not the first time Silsby had attempted to traffic children out of Haiti. Haitian police acting on a tip had intercepted Silsby in an earlier, separate attempt to remove 40 children out of the country. She was turned back at the Haitian border. For a brief period, Haitian authorities were considering adding a new kidnapping charge based on this evidence.

Hillary and Bill Clinton took an extraordinary interest in Silsby’s case from the moment she was arrested and almost immediately stepped in on her behalf. The Harvard Human Rights Journal stated that one of Bill Clinton’s first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti “was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens.” On February 7th, 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Bill Clinton had intervened to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby. Prosecutors ultimately sought a six-month sentence in Silsby’s case, reducing charges for conspiracy and child abduction to mere “arranging irregular travel.” A shockingly light penalty given the circumstances of her arrest, which would likely not have been possible but for the intervention of the Clintons in Silsby’s case.

On February 9th, 2010 Hillary Clinton consulted with Counselor Cheryl Mills and other attorneys in an email discussing the U.S. Government’s “options” regarding the arrested Americans. The heavily redacted memo attached to that email does not reveal what these “options” consisted of. However, the State Department’s American Citizens Services is only authorized to offer lists of local, English speaking attorneys to Americans arrested or detained abroad. To go beyond that authorization is a severe violation of protocol and is illegal. Additional emails reveal that the State Department was concerning with making statements on the Silsby scandal and preparing to assist Silsby’s co-conspirators with their return to the United States, although this is consistent with State Department protocol in these situations.

  1. Silsby’s Lawyer and His Wife Were Both Arrested for Involvement in Human Sex Trafficking of Minors and Women

On February 11th, the New York Times reported that Silsby’s original lawyer, Jorge Puello, was suspected of leading an international human trafficking ring involving women and minors. According the the Harvard Human Rights Journal Puello was ultimately arrested in an investigation being led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in connection with the ring. He was wanted in the United States, El Salvador and Costa Rica for his involvement with a network trafficking Central Americans and Haitians.

At the time of his arrest, his wife was already imprisoned in El Salvador and “faced charges of presumed sexual exploitation of minors and women.” Puello was ultimately sentenced to three years in federal prison for “alien smuggling.” Another surprisingly light sentence given the original charges he was sought for. It it not known at this time whether or not Laura Silsby was associated with Puello’s criminal enterprise.

Court hearing held For missionaries suspected of taking kids out of Haiti

Court hearing held For missionaries suspected of taking kids out of Haiti

III. The Daily Beast Engaged in an Illicit Cover Up Operation of the Above Information

On November 3rd, 2016, this author made a post to Reddit containing preliminary research and information on the above story. The post was made to the pro-Trump subreddit r/the_donald due to the forum’s reputation as the only outlet on Reddit where news was not being censored during the U.S. Presidential Election. The same day, Wikileaks tweeted a link to the Reddit post labeling it as a “significant, if partisan, find.”

On November 4th, 2016 The Daily Beast wrote a non-factual and intentionally misleading article covering the Clinton-Silsby scandal. They accused Wikileaks of publicizing a “Reddit conspiracy theory” which was “riddled with incorrect information.” The author, Ben Collins neglected to do basic research on the totality of the links presented in the post as evidence. Mr. Collins attacked the policies of r/the_donald towards freedom of speech and accused the forum of being racist without citing extensive or definitive proof. At no point did The Daily Beast provide proof that the allegations were not true, and did not disprove any of the evidence submitted. A link to an extensive study of the case by the Harvard Human Rights Journal which clearly linked Bill Clinton to the scandal was totally ignored. They similarly failed to acknowledge or address emails published by Wikileaks between Hillary Clinton and her legal counsel which may potentially indicate that she violated State Department policy for the treatment of U.S. citizens arrested or detained abroad.

The Daily Beast is a holding of American media conglomerate InterActiveCorp. Chelsea Clinton, Vice President of the Clinton Foundation and daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, sits on InterActiveCorp’s Board of Directors. The proximity of the Clinton family to the organization responsible for oversight and direction of The Daily Beast raises questions about the publication’s journalistic independence and their commitment to factual and ethical reporting on current events and topics of public interest. Given their slanderous and incorrect reporting on the Clinton-Silsby scandal, it seems clear that they do not hold these values in high regard.

Since her release from detention in Haiti, Laura Silsby has returned to Idaho. In 2015, she married and took the last name Gayler. Silsby is currently employed by software company AlertSense as their Vice President of Marketing. AlertSense works with the Federal Government on FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS). One of IPAWS functions is to issue Amber Alerts during kidnapping events.


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