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Idle No More: New Shift to an Indigenous Reality

Idle No More: New Shift to an Indigenous Reality

By Hwaa Irfan

The Mau Mau of Kenya did not wait for the dawn of a New Age to lay claim to justice. Tortured and brutalized by the British in the 1950s, members of the Mau Mau have literally confronted Britain with its colonial past and present when lawyer Martyn Day departed from London’s High Court with hopeful news. Prior to that Britain threw a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for the acts of others, despite their continuance to this day.

London’s High Court ruled on October 5 2012 that three living, but now elderly members of the Mau Mau who were seriously tortured (one was castrated) can proceed with their claims against the British government. This means, for the first time ever, victims of British colonialism can due Britain!

“This is an historic judgment that will reverberate around the world,” Day said.

“There will undoubtedly be victims of colonial torture from Malaya to Yemen, from Cyprus to Palestine, who will be reading this judgment with great care.”

Day was welcomed by supporters waiting in expectation outside the High Court, including the 3 non-English speaking octogenarian plaintiffs, Wambugu Wa Nyingi, Jane Muthoni Mara, and Paulo Muoka Nzili who were beaten, raped, and castrated. Joy is joy amongst the indigenous who do not wait to express it! Day’s news back in Nairobi was responded by dance, and nostalgic ballads from the struggle for independence.

Britain of course launched an appeal, which was turned down on October 26.

Connections are not being made, as our colonial global elite clamp down on their citizens around the world stripping hard won rights, and drive thousands into poverty while they gamble with the billions made by the working population – the 95%!

It was in the 1940s that Kenya’s resistance movement, the Mau Mau had gained great support across the nation. Those who died must be turning over in their graves as their country under U.S imperialism take control of Somalia. Under British rule, thousands of Kenyans were driven from their fertile land, and it is Britain that led the recent global bout of and grab in Africa and elsewhere.

Under a pledge of oath, the Mau Mau swore to fight for their independence, and fed into the forests to do so.

By the mid-1950s, 150,000 Kikuyu were detained without trial, and up to 1.5 million displaced, and 30 Europeans killed along with British Kikuyu loyalists who betrayed their homeland.  The kind of treatment meted out by the British was described by one female survivor, Mara. She was 15 at the time and incarcerated at the notorious Gatithi camp. On  the second day four guards pinned her to the ground: one pushed her legs apart and kept them apart with spiked army boots, another kicked a glass bottle of hot water up her vagina.

Another survivor, Paulo Muoka Nzili was castrated with pliers used to castrate cows.

The new puppet government after independence sustained a ban on the Mau Mau and drove the survivors underground. The ban was not lifted until 2003 when most had died.

Since 2009, Katie Engelhart reports they have been trying t get their case heard!

The British lawyer who succeeded in doing so, Martyn Day had this to say:

 “You know, we [Brits] hold ourselves out as being pretty good, fair, decent, honest sorts of people,”

“We look at the Germans and the Japanese and other people who have done really terrible things. We hold ourselves out to be rather different. But actually, one recognizes through cases like this that we have sides to our character that are … not quite as bad, but pretty bad. It’s important that we understand that.”

As many around the world prepared for the dawn of a New Age – the transition from 13 to a new B’aqtun (December 21-22, 2012), many indigenous including the Mayans have been preparing to not uplift humanity, but their own communities as well and that includes rights on a more holistic basis. They are a people who have been faced with what the rest of the world has been experiencing, and has yet to experience.

‘Idle No More’ is the name of the recent round in struggle, which has been taking place in Ottawa, Canada, where the largest student march the world has ever seen took place in 2011-2012. Their mission. . .
“Idle No More calls on all people to join in a revolution which honours and fulfils Indigenous sovereignty which protects the land and water. Colonization continues through attacks to Indigenous rights and damage to the land and water. We must repair these violations; live the spirit and intent of the treaty relationship, work towards justice in action, and protect Mother Earth.

December 10th was the date that indigenous people and allies stood in solidarity across Canada to assert Indigenous sovereignty and to work towards a sustainable, renewable future. The challenge is Desmarai is controlled Canada – the family that owns Power Corporation,  foreign corporations in Europe and China, the French-speaking Quebec media as well as a control over every Canadian Prime Minister since Pierre Trudeau with close ties to the Rothschilds, The Rockefellers, Spanish royalty, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. However, Idle No More, “….recognize that there may be backlash, and encourage people to stay strong and united in spirit.”

One non-native participant n 21st had this to say about the 21st:

“That was the most amazing day I have ever been a part of. We Gathered in Peace. We Gathered In Solidarity. We Stood Proud and Tall. We Spoke in Truths. December 21st 2012, to me, will always be remembered as, the Day I stood up, with all of you, in a We rally. We did this. We set the stage for the world to listen and really hear us. Pride, Peace, Solidarity, will forever be in my Heart, and Mind when I look back upon this day. We, the Grassroots, our Leadership & Non Natives shared a stage, shared our ideas.”

That day Idle No More blocked 17 highways outside of Sault Ste Marie causing disruption to those seeking to go about their affairs. In a country that has achieved its sovereignty through invasion followed by various methods of ethnic cleansing like Australia, it is not only the indigenous who are seeking their identity, but the occupying societies as well, and this is fully recognized by those claiming the right to exist. The elite not only alienated the indigenous, but they also alienated those who profited for them, and alienated the environment as well.

That day, First Nations from around the Salish Sea joined in solidarity including drumming, singing and dancing.

Please sign and share with two friends, who you know will sign and share with 2 friends:


“First Nations Idle No More Cause Road Blocks” cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/story/2012/12/28/sby-first-nations-idle-no-more-road-blockades.html

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Is There Some Family Resemblance Here!

Is There Some Family Resemblance Here!


Mummification can hide some interesting peculiarities, has found allegedly both in Egypt and South America in 2011 – 2012. If the fact that you are still living and breathing after the U.S. global apocalyptic scenario didn’t take place on or before 21 December 2102 didn’t jar your perception of reality, maybe the following will!

In 2011, Egyptian authorities  decided to upgrade the status of the village of Le-Lahun/Kahun which is near the beautifully mysterious city of Fayoum (60km south of Cairo) where lies an expansive area where once whales went to die. In Le-Lahun/Kahun sits a small pyramid complex built in the Middle Kingdom bySenwosret II.

In the Egyptian Gazette, reference to the mummies, were only referred to as rare – not much more than that.  The question is, the picture taken below, is it one of those found in Lahun/Kahun?



Well preserved at 150-160 centimeters in length, so far seems to date back to 2000B.C. Allegedly, the above photo was provided anonymously from someone at the Egyptian Antiquities Department.

Apparently, inscriptions on the tomb indicate that the mummy was that of a King’s counselor named Osirunet, meaning star or sent from heaven. The mummy was buried with unidentifiable objects to date.

The tomb was found by Dr. Viktor Lubek, Czechoslovakian citizen and retired professor of the University of Pennsylvania in a hidden compartment in or near s small pyramidal structure that contains the Queen Pharaoh covered in a gold and clay mixture over a thin skinned body.




Then there is the mummy found in Peru, with the original picture that was apparently doctored by MSNBC allegedly…


No comment here…  can’t comment really on suppositions, except that the shape of the skull is not from the process of mummification and a couple of interesting occurrences in Egyptian skies that have been taking place – forget about the predictability of what’s happening on the ground when the truth gets hijacked by prejudice, bigotry and fear!?

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The November Total Solar Eclipse and Redressing the Balance of Power

The November Total Solar Eclipse and Redressing the Balance of Power

The total solar eclipse was visible from parts of Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, South America and Antarctica on November 13–14, 2012. I thought it was kind of curious that both Hilary Clinton was in Australia, and the British Royal Family was in New Zealand, at the time of the total Solar Eclipseh. Given the extent that people in power for a long time use astrology, exploit ancient rtituals that we are not supposed to believe in, in order to keep the net they cast over the rest of intact,  I decided to see if there are any connections.

First of all, the New Moon in Scorpio at the time of the total solar eclipse on November 13/14 2012, is in esoteric astrology represents ancient Egyptian Goddess, Hathor, hence the influx of energy related to the divine feminine. Not that Hilary Clinton/ Queen Elizabeth can be refered to as either ‘divine’ or ‘feminine’,  but the Sun to the powerful in royal terms represents royalty/heads of state (which is what Hilary has always had her eyes on), and when it comes to ancient Egyptian practices as reduced to Iluminati and Masonic understanding, occultism is prevalent. If one can recall the title Sun-King as used by  of France, the belief remains strong as represented by the:

  • “All-Seeing Eye” (the pineal gland) on the U.S. dollar – This All-Seeing Eye is repeated again in the lighting system of the London Olympics 2012,
  • The Tree of Knowledge atop a ziggurat is part of the set throughout the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012

Descent from the tree of knowledge to the Industrial Revolution (Babylon)

The date of the London Olympics 2012  27 July was the same date this year that “Tisha B’Av”, an annual fast day in Judaism that commemorates the destruction of both the First Temple and Second Temple in Jerusalem, 655 years apart, but on the same Hebrew calendar date.’

One could go, on, as the whole British Royal Family were present at the opening ceremony (very unusual), but it is worth noting that the British Royal family destination during the November 13/14 total solar eclipse, New Zealand has a strong, proactive freemasons who do a lot of work with the Royal Society of New Zealand.

More pointedly, occultists believe they can use the eclipse to increase their power, and wealth on Earth however this is undermined by the heavenly demand to realign with God’s Laws of Nature. The divine feminine is not about material power, but about rebalancing the negative masculine that has ruled the world, including through the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Hilary Clinton.  It is about internal power/will, and is being cast across all of us not the powerful few. However, by being servants and advocates of ourselves and self interests we anchor the negative in our world that is more of the same, which is what the powerful i.e. global elite are aiming for. Because when we are beholden to man, instead of God, it is man’s bidding we do, and as have experienced man’s bidding is the source of our troubled times by whatever name by sacrificing our own worth, and spiritual selves.

However, this is not about the Truth, it is about what certain circles within global governance believe, and apply not in our interest. Esoteric astrologer, Jessica Adams notes the following:

At 21 Scorpio 56 the Scorpio eclipse will exactly aspect the horoscopes of the following members of the British royal family including the late Princess Diana.

HM The Queen – Ascendant 21 Capricorn 22

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – Asteroid Diana 21 Cancer 57

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge – Saturn 21 Libra 49

Prince Harry – Moon 21 Taurus 20

Princess Diana – Asteroid Psyche 21 Cancer 52 (Exactly conjunct Camilla’s Diana position)

Princess Diana died on a solar eclipse.

Prince Charles married both his wives on a solar eclipse.

Prince William Arthur was born on a solar eclipse, and a rare lunar eclipse the same time the film “The Omen III: The Final Conflict,” was released. His 30th birthday falls on June 21st 2012, the same time as the Summer Solstice, which is celebrated by Wiccans/witches.

A Saros Cycle (known to the Babylonian empire, the Chaldean Empires) is a royal family of related solar eclipses that occurs approximately every 18 years. It can also mean 223-lunar month eclipse cycle. This annular eclipse relates to the annular solar eclipse of 21 May 2012/Rajab 1433. The last Saros (136) occurred, through the reign of 32 English monarchs up to 2009. The total annular solar eclipse of November 13/14 2012, falls under the solar Saros family 133.

The reason why the Royals believe that it is their divine right to rule, is because they claim to be descended from the Judaic Tribe of Judah as portrayed in a book published the same year as Prince Williams birth, Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Sir Laurence Gardner, Chief Royal Genealogist to the Scottish House of Stewart (Prince Diana’s bloodline). If one believes in the literal text of the much mistranslated holy book of the Christians, there are a whole lot of references linked to Prince William; the final result for much of the global population does not fare well (Revelation 13:3, Revelation 13:14, Revelation 17:8, 11, Daniel 11:33-36 etc), but this does mean there is truth in their belief that they are descendents of the royal Tribe of Judah. This firm belief is reflected in Westminster Abbey, the cathedral of the British royals

Referred to as the Cosmoti Pavement, which contains columns of ancient Rome with approval from the Vatican, to the imperial purple stone imported from Egypt. In sacred geometry, the square represents earth, and the circles the heavens/the universe.

This mosaic of sacred geometry was covered (carpeted) when Queen Elizabeth II was coronated on it, and laid to bare for Prince Williams marriage to Kathryn Middleton. Whereas the marriage ceremony of Princess Diana to Charlesat  St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is built on an ancient site of Goddess Diana at Ludgate Hill. Diana died in Paris on an ancient site of ritual sacrifice to the Goddess Diana, now known as the Pont d’Alma tunnel.

The more one explores the connections, the more one is sickened. None of which has been mentioned so far was prior knowledge, and was only triggered by coincidences. Ploughing through questionable material, certain facts become self evident.

According to Arizona Wilder, author of The Biggest Secret and participant (via mind control) of human sacrificial rituals for the elite, the rituals around the Sun, the Moon, and planetary alignments is a means of harnessing their own power. Wilder writes:

This symbolism relates to the ancient Egyptian legends of Osiris (the father), Horus (the son), and Isis (the virgin mother), which later became the basis for the Jesus stories also. The New World Order, the takeover of the planet via the establishment of a world government, world army (NATO), world central bank and currency, and a micro-chipped population, is known by the Illuminati as “The Age of Horus”. The symbolism of the murder of a pregnant Diana, Princess of Wales, with the Egyptian Dodi Fayed, relates to the arrival of “The Age of Horus” [December 31st].

Head archaeologist, Zahi Hawass and the relevant Egyptian authorities were aware of this at the time, though not declared at the time, and as such refused to go ahead, and have the cap – (December 31st ) put on the Great Pyramid of Giza. This initial ceremony which former president Bush was invited to was to take place on August 11, 12, and 13th, 1999, with the 11th marking a solar eclipse!

The rituals which involved sodomy was to open the fourth dimensional energy and to closed the human pineal gland – i.e. the consciousness on the planet, the One Government One World agenda. Those rituals formed part of other rituals which included the marriage of Sophie Rhys-Jones and Prince Edward on June 19th, 1999, and a series of celestial alignments:

  • May 30th Full Moon
  • June 13th New Moon
  • June 21st Summer Solstice
  • June 28th Full Moon
  • July 13th new Moon
  • July 28th New Moon/Eclipse
  • August 1st Lughnasad ritual
  • August 11, 12 and 13th solar eclipse referred to as the Day of Hecate

The Lugh in Lughnasad is a Sun God of the Celts. The ritual occurs around on a harvest day. The ritual is also Wiccan, and calls on the powers of the four elements.

Day of Hecate is August 13. Hecate is a Greek goddess, the bringer of chaos and death.

To cancel out their negative intentions, we need to have positive ones, not rooted in us as the centre of our own divinity – the I AM phenomena, for that is a part of their agenda, but to raise our own level of vibration through compassion, unconditional love for all, joy, and the knowledge that their fears, are about us, meaning that we ALLUSWE are greater united than the small bigoted parts that they have reduced us down to in order that we may not connect to the Creator of ALL-US-WE, which connects all of us – a connection that they do not want to take place!

At this juncture one must stop, and learn to value all that one takes for granted our fellow human beings regardless of status, faith, and/or race, and the earth that we stand on, and all the creatures it supports. With love, don’t take that increase in pay unless you have to, because the increase will trickle through the mechanism, increase prices, and what goes round comes round, and there we are back to square one, with the same system that keeps us begging financially, physically,  spiritually – in all spheres of our lives!


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The Return of Looted Antiquities

The Return of Looted Antiquities

By Hwaa Irfan

One of the key aspects that dominate the crises that we are going through is possession of material things. That obsession becomes apparent when there is war as in the case of Syria where like Iraq archaeological sites and museums of Syria have been looted, and even destroyed.

The Krak des Chevaliers castle has been destroyed

Assyrian temple has been destroyed at Tell Sheikh Hamad and the wall and towers of al-Madiq castle, one of the most forward Crusader fortresses in the Levant, have been ravaged. It is a different matter however when those possessions serves as record of history, or as sacred items to a past long forgotten or tradition still alive.

The situation is no less for Nigeria even after 52 years of an independence that has been more on paper than a reality.

Examples of Nigerian antiquities are visible in Berlin, Cambridge, Chicago, Columbia, Harvard, London, Oxford, Paris and Yale with Boston Museum making the most of its collection which it believes are to be shared by the world, of course without official Nigerian consent.

The arrogance continues with the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which treats the matter as normal by informing the Benin Royal Family which in turn the Benin Royal Family accepts as a fait-a-complie without response.  Why should they respond to an insult that involves items that were stolen in the 1897 British invasion of Nigeria. One example of “dare and do” is the travelling exhibition by the British Museum, “Ife, Osun State titled Kingdom of Ife: Sculptures from West Africa.”  It was said to be in collaboration with the questionable Nigeria’s National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), the British Museum, Fundacion Marcelino Botin of Spain and the Museum of African Art, New York. Containing over 100 pieces if brass, copper, stone, terracotta and ivory from the NCMM.

Queen/Great Mother Mask of Idia

In that exhibition was the Queen Mask of Idia (British Museum), which was stolen from Nigeria by the British in what has been referred to as the Benin Kingdom Punitive Expedition of 1897

Members of the notorious British Punitive Expedition of 1897 with the aim of unseating the Oba of Benin

The pendant mask is carved in ivory and formed part of the Michael C. Rockefeller Memorial Collection, as a gift from Nelson A. Rockefeller in 1972.   With all the wealth and power of the Rockefellers, they still prefer to steal than pay their way even in their pastimes.

The Queen Mask of Idia came from the Benin Royal Court, and represents a period of Queen Mothers which ended with the ascent of male power by the end of the 15th century. It was a period when women were honoured, and were perceived to have great powers.  The Queen Mask of Idia is a real life image, of the first Queen Mother, and was even worn by kings in ceremony.

Beyond the superstitions, the Queens head represented not her physical head, but her inner mind, representing balance, patience and good countenance. The Queen or more accurately, the Great Mother represented all mothers, united by the flow of blood/menses; and all women represented patience and balance, qualities that men are to emulate in order to survive. The masks serve to dramatize the spiritual and more mystical nature of womanhood which is self-contained, but when angered like the Hindu Kali, seek revenge. Given the obsession of global governors with instruments of power, one wanders how much the perceived possession of such an item is what attracted them to it in the first instance as exampled by the novel-cum-film The Da Vinci Code.

In 1970, member countries adopted UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, but this did not stop the looting that has taken place in Iraq, Syria, and even Egypt during the January 25 2011 youth revolt.

A trickle of items have been returned however as in 2009, when Canada returned the 1,000 year old terracotta effigies, the three Ife bronze heads from the French L’Office central de repression du vol des oeuvres et des objets d’art, and Benin bronze artefacts from Zurich’s Galerie Walu.

List of Holders of Benin Bronzes
Berlin – Ethnologisches Museum 580.
Boston, – Museum of Fine Arts 28.
Chicago – Art Institute of Chicago 20, Field Museum 400
Cologne – Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum 73.
Glasgow _ Kelvingrove and St, Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life 22
Hamburg – Museum für Völkerkunde, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe 196
Dresden – Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde 182
Leipzig – Museum für Völkerkunde 87
Leiden – Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde 98
London – British Museum 900
New York – Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art 163
Oxford – Pitt-Rivers Museum/ Pitt-Rivers country residence, Rushmore in Farnham/Dorset 327
Stuttgart – Linden Museum-Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde 80
Vienna – Museum für Völkerkunde 167

The director of the British Museum, Neil MacGregor, argues:

“When you see these objects they will mean more to you in your own experience than they would in London or the place where they were made”

The trouble is, those artefacts were never created to provide an income for Museums, but to be used, and thereafter, to serve as a link to the past not as a record of history, but as a bridge from the material present, to the spiritual past.

The commemorative head of the Oba of Benin.

The request from the return of antiquities intensified summer 2012, with the planned 2013 Museum of Fine Arts exhibition, which contains 32 stolen items. Added to this insult, was the offer of a major collection held by Robert Lehman of the Lehman Bros that was instrumental in the domino effect of the global economic crisis. Amongst the artefacts offered are 34 pieces that were stolen from the Kingdom of Benin by the British as passed down by his great grandfather. Any items of power obviously has not yet kicked in with the Lehmans.
Yusuf Abdallah Usman, Director General of NCMM has published a formal request for the repatriation of the Benin Kingdom bronzes and ivories in possession of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. By July 2012, the Museum began to respond.

The repeated mantra that no official request has been made, ignoring the petition that was made by the Oba of Benin to the British Parliament, as noted and reproduced in Parliamentary records. Even prior to that, the Benin Royal Family sent a demand to museums for the return of artefacts, which has also not been acknowledged. Yet, with Hitler’s daughter as the Chancellor of Germany, the British Parliament has passed a law, Holocaust (Return of Cultural Objects) Act 2009 that enables owners of Nazi looted artworks now in public British museums and galleries not only to obtain compensation for the loss but to receive the looted object., The Act makes it very clear that it only applies to actions relating to Nazi seizures within a specific period.


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The Case of Genocide in Canada

The Case of Genocide in Canada

For those who are tuned into the universal shift in reality, they will be aware of various wavelengths at play both visible and from within the Unseen. For those who are not, but aware of the steps taken towards a one government world, then the two are heavily interlinked. The reason is because of the thousands of experiments carried out on millions of lives around the world, and in particular in the U.S., which arose out of the Montauk Project, which was the realization that we are not separate from the Creator, and that time past the year 2013 represents a barrier beyond which global governance cannot exploit. The program that NASA has been implementing is an extension of those experiments. They more than us believe in the universal shift/2012/the Harmonic Convergence, whatever one wants to call it, and fear that change, because it means their power grip on the world and all its resources will be compromised.

The global economic crisis was to kick start the move towards a one world economy, the global education agenda to mould children into a communist mass that will respond to the will of the state, ‘free sex’ as a means to keep us dumb and useable, the whittling away of the middle class, as a means the education system as we know it, and access to alternative health as a means to keep us under control, and to maintain good consumers, and the infiltration of the New Age movement with derivatives of the theosophical society with organizations (Bridge to Freedom, the I AM Activity, the SummitLighthouse)  and individuals (using Ascended Masters) that will anchor the spiritual self separated from our Creator by making us believe that we are the centre of our own divinity  through concepts that exploit the Truth while anchoring malevolent beings over our earthly domain. This is easily done, for self navigation within spirituality can be easily exploited. The reason for this is because those sound in their religious and/or spiritual beliefs represent a threat to global governance in terms of a) awareness, and b) bringing God back into our lives.

In the goodness and peace of creation, we greet you all.

We know that our enemy is not flesh and blood, but a spiritual power, older than time, inhabiting people and institutions to bring about their ruin and to prey upon the innocent and the earth itself. Its way is through lies and confusion; its means are conquest, torture and death. It can only be expelled from within us and among us by its relentless unmasking with truth and love. It can only be replaced by a new spirit that establishes justice and enshrines the Natural Law of Peace and Equality among all people and creation.

We commenced this spiritual battle against the thing behind the Vatican three years ago in Rome. The final engagement is approaching. And so we ask you to stand now as one heart and one shield to restore what has been taken from us, and end the oldest lie. – ITTCS Council of Elders

Intrinsic to those who have lost faith in their religions, and have technically ‘found’ themselves in spirituality, many have found what exists within the essence of religions, but many unknowingly are misguided. Much inspiration for spiritual evolvement has come through shamanic practices within traditions of indigenous peoples. But those indigenous peoples are not necessarily factored into the one government world, but are factored into the move towards a one government world. The indigenous around the world have grown in strength, not as a threat, but a perceived threat because of a) their philosophies, b) the growing call for justice, c) their open hearts that seek a better world for all including the earth. That factor is genocide/ethnic cleansing despite all the public agreements made with the indigenous in recent times. For…

It is to the British race, which is sending the light of Christunto the dark heathen races, to whom God is granting mastery of the world. – From The Final Report of the Centennial Conference of the Protestant Missions of the World, London, 1888

Rev. Kevin D. Annett who received his ordination in the ordination as a clergyman in the United Church of Canada has been working avidly to correct our miscreations. In his book Hidden No Longer Annett documents the ongoing genocide against the indigenous of Canada. The dedications reads:

“This book is dedicated to the more than 50,000 children who died in “Indian residential schools” operated jointly by the government of Canada and the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada – and to those who continue to suffer and die from the consequences of these crimes.”

It is based in part on the testimonies of survivors:

“I’m Irene Favel. I’m seventy five. I went to residential school in Muscowequan from 1944 to 1949, and I had a rough life. I was mistreated in every way. There was a young girl, and she was pregnant from a priest there. And what they did, she had her baby, and they took the baby, and wrapped it up in a nice pink outfit, and they took it downstairs where I was cooking dinner with the nun. And they took the baby into the furnace room, and they threw that little baby in there and burned it alive. All you could hear was this little cry, like “Uuh!”, and that was it. You could smell that flesh cooking.” (Irene is in the photo above)

Now defrocked Annett gives us insight to some of those catastrophic events. While perusing some aspects will seem familiar as a part of recent developments in population management not only in the West:

1850: The indigenous nations of eastern Canada have been decimated by smallpox and other diseases deliberately introduced by Europeans to barely 10% of their pre-contact numbers. Indian tribes west of the Great Lakes remain mostly untouched by this plague, except on the west coast, where Europeans are beginning to settle.

1857: The Gradual Civilization Act is passed in the Legislature of Upper Canada, designed to legally eradicate all indigenous nations through “enfranchisement”,in which land title and nationhood are abolished

1859: Roman Catholic missions are established at Mission, British Columbia (B.C.) and in the Okanagan by Oblate Bishop Paul Durieu, who with Jesuit helps craft a plan to exterminate non-Christian Indian chiefs and replace them with Catholic-controlled leaders. This “Durieu Plan” will serve as the model for later Indian residential schools.

1862-3: A major smallpox epidemic among B.C. interior Indian tribes is introduced by Anglican missionary (and future Bishop of Norwich and member of the House of Lords) Rev. John Sheepshanks, who inoculates hundreds of Indians with the disease. Sheepshanks is acting under the direction of the provincial government and the fur trading Hudson’s Bay Company, which sponsors the first Protestant missions among Indians. More than 90% of Interior Salish and Chilcotin Indians – some 8000 or more people – will die as a result of this germ warfare.

1870: The Crown of England establishes a “clergy reserve” system whereby Catholic and Anglican missionaries are given hundreds of acres of land stolen from indigenous nations, especially in western Canada

1873: The Royal North West Mounted Police, the forerunner of the modern day Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is established as a national paramilitary force with absolute jurisdiction across Canada. Its mandate includes removing all native people onto reservations and clearing a swath of “Indian free” land fifty miles on either side of the westward-expanding Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR).

1876: Under the influence of former Prime Minister, and CPR lawyer, John A. MacDonald, Canada establishes the Indian Act, which reduces all Indians and Metis (mixed) to the status of non-citizens and legal wards of the Canadian state. Henceforth, natives are imprisoned on “reserve land”, denied any legal status or civil rights, and cannot vote, sue in court, own property or conduct any actions on their own behalf. Their status as legal wards of the state remains unchanged to the present day.

1886: The CPR is completed, linking Canada from coast to coast and opening the door to massive European immigration. The same year, all west coast traditional native ceremonies are outlawed, including the potlatch system and indigenous languages.

1889: The federal Department of Indian Affairs is established. Indian “industrial schools” are sanctioned by the federal government, which, in partnership with Catholic and Protestant churches, jointly funds and establishes internment camps for all native children across Canada.

1891: The first medical report of massive deaths in these schools caused by rampant and untreated tuberculosis is issued to the federal government by Dr. George Orton in Alberta. Orton’s report is ignored.

1907: Dr. Peter Bryce, Chief Medical Officer for the federal government’s Department of Indian Affairs (DIA), conducts a national tour of Indian boarding schools to study health conditions. Bryce’s subsequent report to DIA Assistant Superintendent Duncan Campbell Scott documents that over one-half of all the children in these schools are dying because of tuberculosis being deliberately introduced among them by staff. Bryce also claims that the churches running the schools are deliberately suppressing evidence and statistics of these murderous practices.

November 1910: Despite Bryce’s findings, Scott institutionalizes church control over the Indian boarding schools through a contract between the federal government and the Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian and Methodist churches(the latter two being the forerunners of the United Church of Canada). This contract authorizes the schools and provides government funding and protection for them, including the use of the RCMP as the police arm for the schools.

March 1919: Despite soaring death rates in the Indian boarding schools (now called “residential schools”), under church pressure, D.C. Scott abolishes all federal medical inspection of these schools by terminating the position of Head Medical Inspector

April 1920: A federal law is passed making it legally mandatory for every Indian child across Canada seven years and older to be incarcerated in Indian residential schools. Non-cooperative native parents face imprisonment and heavy fines. The number of deaths due to tuberculosis among aboriginal people will triple in the following decade.

Spring, 1925: The United Church of Canada is established by a federal Act of Parliament to “Canadianize and Christianize … the foreign born and heathens”. The church is a financially supported arm of the English Crown, and inherits all the residential schools and stolen native land held by the Methodist and Presbyterian churches

1927: A British Columbia law strips all aboriginal people of the right to hire or consult a lawyer, or represent themselves in court. The same law makes it illegal for any lawyer to assume aboriginal clients.

1928: The Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in the Alberta legislature, allowing any inmate of an Indian residential school to be involuntarily sterilized at the decision of the Principal: a church employee. At least 2800 aboriginal men and women will be made infertile under this law.

1929-30: The government of Canada relinquishes legal guardianship over Indian children in residential schools to the church-appointed school Principal.

1933: An identical Sexual Sterilization Act is passed in the British Columbia legislature. Three sterilization centres are established in heavily-populated native communities: at the R.W. Large (United Church) hospital in Bella Bella; at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital; and at the Charles Camsell (United Church) Indian Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta.

January 1939: Cowichan native children are used in medical experiments conducted by German speaking doctors at the Catholic Kuper Island residential school on Vancouver Island. Several children die as a result. The RCMP suppresses inquiries into the deaths and the German Catholic order running the school, the Montforts, is replaced by the Oblates.

1947-8: Canadian diplomat (and future Prime Minister) Lester Pearson helps to redefine the United Nation’s Genocide Convention to make it inapplicable to Canadian Indian residential schools. Enabling legislation to allow its use within Canada is blocked in Canada’s Parliament

1946-52: Hundreds of Nazi and SS doctors are granted citizenship and immigration to Canada under Project Paperclip, and work at Indian hospitals and other facilities under CIA and military sponsorship, including the Allen Memorial Institute in Montreal. Their research includes trauma-based mind control programs, sterilization techniques and pharmacological drug testing on native children, orphans, and many others.

1962-71: Thousands of aboriginal children are deliberately stolen from their families under a government-sponsored “sixties scoop” program of aggressively destroying native families and continuing the cultural genocide found in residential schools. Many children die in foster homes and in Indian hospitals where they are secretly sent and experimented on, and their cause of death is concealed

1969: Indian Affairs Minister Jean Chretien affirms a genocidal “assimilationist” policy of cultural and legal extinguishment of native nations in a federal “White Paper” tabled in Parliament.

1970: Widespread aboriginal resistance to the White Paper, and a revolt of native parents at the Bluequills Catholic Indian residential school in St. Paul’s, Alberta –where they take the Indian Agent hostage and demand the removal of nuns and priests from the school – forces the government to begin turning over Indian education to local band councils

1972: In anticipation of the ending of the residential schools, the Indian Affairs department orders the destruction of all personal files of Indian people, including original land and property deeds. As a result, the written evidence of land holdings and genealogy of countless native families is destroyed, disrupting Indian land claims

Summer 1978: Red Power, an affiliate of the American Indian Movement (AIM), occupies Indian Affairs offices in Vancouver and publishes records of sterilizations at west coast Indian hospitals. Red Power calls for an abolition of the Indian Act, reservations and the puppet Indian band councils.

1980: In response, the federal government establishes the so-called Assembly of First Nations (AFN) as a state-funded collaborating body consisting of self-appointed and unelected “chiefs” from across Canada. The AFN refuses to support indigenous sovereignty or any call to investigate deaths and crimes in Indian residential schools.

October, 1989: Nora Bernard, a residential school survivor from New Brunswick, commences the first lawsuit against the Catholic Church and government of Canada for harm she suffered at a school. Nora will be murdered in December, 2007, just prior to Canada’s “apology” for Indian residential schools

Spring 1993 – January 1995: Native eyewitnesses to murders at the United Church’s Alberni residential school speak publicly of the deaths of children at the school from the pulpit of Rev. Kevin Annett at St. Andrew’s United Church in Port Alberni, B.C. When Annett challenges a secret land deal in stolen native land between his church, the provincial government and church-funder, MacMillan-Bloedel Ltd., he is fired without cause and eventually expelled from the church without due process.

February 1, 1996: The first lawsuit by Alberni Indian residential school survivors is brought against the United Church and federal government.

December 18, 1995: The murder of Indian children at the Alberni residential school receives press coverage for the first time, at a protest organized by Rev.Kevin Annett. Eyewitness Harriett Nahanee tells reporters in The Vancouver Sun how she witnessed Rev. Alfred Caldwell kick Maisie Shaw, age 14, to her death in 1946.

October 27, 1998: After the sudden deaths of two natives suing the United Church, lawyers for the church admit that the latter has engaged with the government in a joint cover-up of crimes at the Alberni Indian residential school since at least 1960, and that church officials and staff kidnapped children into that school.

March 1999: In response to the IHRAAM Tribunal and growing lawsuits by survivors, the Canadian government announces an “Aboriginal Healing Fund”(AHF) of $350 million. The AHF, however, does not aid survivors but state-favoured native chiefs, and is used as a hush fund. Recipients of the fund must agree never to sue the government or churches. More than half of it is consumed in administrative costs.

April 26, 2000: Health Canada officials admit that their department conducted involuntary medical and dental experiments on children in Indian residential schools during the 1940’s and ‘50’s, including deliberately denying them dental care and essential food and vitamins.

Autumn 2000: Facing more than 10,000 lawsuits from survivors, the churches successfully lobby the government to enact legislation to limit the scope of lawsuits and assume primary liability for residential school damages. Courts in Alberta and the Maritimes deny survivors the right to sue the churches for violation of their civil rights and for genocide)

Summer-Fall, 2001: Judicial decisions across Canada restrict the claims of survivors and prevent them from suing the churches for any issues beyond tort offenses of “physical and sexual abuse”.

Spring 2002: After a massive and fraudulent public scare campaign by the churches that they face “bankruptcy” because of pending residential school lawsuits, the government assumes full liability for damages, including for compensation payments, despite rulings of Canadian courts that both church and state are equally liable. Many lawsuits are annulled or lumped into class action suits contained and limited by government-allied lawyers like those of the Merchant Law Group

April 2004: After receiving a Spanish version of Kevin Annett’s book Hidden from History, five Mayan indigenous groups in Guatemala issue a “denuncia”, or public demand, to the Canadian government to answer charges of genocide. The government refuses to address genocide in its response, and the Mayans begin to lobby at the U.N. for an investigation into crimes in Canadian Indian residential schools.

Autumn 2005: Eyewitnesses disclose to Kevin Annett locations of mass burial sites near former Indian residential schools across B.C. In response, Annett and survivors form “Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared” (FRD), with supporters in Winnipeg and Toronto. Kevin Annett, Lori O’Rorke and Louie Lawless commence production of the documentary film“Unrepentant”with natives on Vancouver Island. The film is based on Kevin’s work and books, and is the first film ever to document genocide and murder in Canadian Indian residential schools

February 2008: The Harper government declares that, although “enormous numbers of deaths” occurred in Indian residential schools, no criminal charges will be laid against the churches responsible for the schools

October 2008: Documents obtained by reporters through Freedom of Information show that the government’s supposed “Missing Children’s’ Task Force” has never convened, and never intended to publicize any of its research into burialsites or dead children at the residential schools.

February 2010: Widespread exposures of child abuse and cover-up in the Roman Catholic church break into the news. Pope Joseph Ratzinger is found to have organized and ordered the concealment of these crimes and has aided and harbored known child raping priests, in a Vatican document known as “Criminales Solicitations.”  Legal actions begin to have Ratzinger subpoenaed and even arrested.

The papal laws of “Terra Nullius”, or “the land of no-one” is alive and kicking in the world we live in today, and is the basic formula to a One Government World. However, this time round, it includes their own population through education, health, social services being introduced through austerity measures, and economic control via the European Central Bank. We have been entrained over generations to believe we are separate, and through that separateness all forms of bigotry reigns. It is how global governance maintains its continuance, leaving us to slaughter each other, or to turn a blind eye to the slaughtering and exploitation of others, including our own, for they know, what we have forgotten that we are One. It is in this knowledge that our internal liberation begins. The indigenous who have maintained contact with who they are have maintained and teach this oneness in the Greater Oneness, despite the huge crimes that have been perpetrated against them.

Public Announcement and Instructions to Citizen Jurors

Brussels: Monday, November 5, 2012 6:30 pm GMT

The first evidence in the opening case in the docket of our Court is now posted online for examination and a verdict by our Citizen Jurors and the world community.

This first posting addresses the evidence of intentional genocide by the churches and government of Canada, and the Crown of England and the Vatican, according to the first three of the five defined crimes in the indictment. The final two crimes will be addressed in the second online posting of this case, to occur around November 15, 2012.

Further instructions will be issued to our citizen Jurors and other Court officers.

We urge the world community to follow the evidence and participate in the sentencing and enforcement procedures of the Court that will follow the verdict, after the other four cases in the Docket.


The Prosecutors Office of The International Common Law Court of Justice
(Brussels-London-Dublin-New York-Ottawa)


Annett, K. “Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada Past and Present.” http://www.scribd.com/doc/86619003/Hidden-No-Longer-Genocide-in-Canada-Past-and-Present-by-Kevin-D-Annett-M-A-M-Div

“Historic Commencement of The International Common Law Court of Justice: The Case of Genocide in Canada.” http://itccs.org/2012/11/06/historic-commencement-of-the-international-common-law-court-of-justice-the-case-of-genocide-in-canada/

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Basque: A 7,000 Year Old European Language and a People Exist

Basque: A 7,000 Year Old European Language and a People Exist


By Hwaa Irfan

If one is still under the illusion that there is more freedom today than there was say, 20 years ago, then one would only have to take a look at the Basque people, a people whose ongoing struggle used to appear frequently in mainstream news. Their struggle first hit the news through the Basque separatist group Eta, through their campaign of bombings in the 60s onwards, until Eta was and still is categorized as a terrorist group by Spain, the EU, and the US of course. Despite their ceasefire in 2009, their struggle continues as it was only in 2011, Arnaldo Otegi Basque activist and leader of the Basque separatist group Batasuna was jailed.

What are they Fighting For?

They are fighting for Euskal Herria, (País Vasco/Vasconia in Spanish) – Basque which stretches from Bilbao in the north of Spain to Bayonne in southwest France. Simply put they, the Basque people want independence from the rest of Spain, but why?

They are a people who are documented by Greek historians such as Pliny, and Ptolemy. They are a people who did not engage themselves in the quarrels of ancient Europe, accept when it was a matter of defense as in the case against the Barbarians of 3rd and 5th century A.D. After several attempts were made to encroach on their territory, the Basque people  became more consolidated politically, and as such boundaries were formed in 1016 between Navarre and the County of Castile. However, like today, that did not stop outsiders from trying to invade. Navarre was to be invaded by Castile, Pope Julius II, Henry VIII of England, Maximilian of Austria, Ferdinand the Catholic. By the early 16th century, a treaty was to consolidate Basque territory further in the Cortes of Burgos which states:

“united on an equal basis, each retaining (Castile and Navarre) its ancient character in laws, territory, and government.”

And so the Basque statute system was born to include the areas: Alava, Guipuzcoa, Vizcaya. With each new King, the agreements were ratified. They were governed by Biltzar in French Basque country, and by the General Assemblies in those areas with Spanish Administration. However in the 1839 Carlist War did not honor these agreements starting with compulsory national service in the Spanish Army and the payment of taxes. With the establishment of the Spanish republic on 14th April 1931, the issue of Basque self determination has been on the table ever since being divided into three political and legal entities that runs along the Bay of Biscay or Cantabria Sea as it is known in Basque:

  • The Autonomous Community of Euskadi/Basque Country/Basque Autonomous Community: Alava-Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.
  • The Autonomous Community of Navarre/Comunidad Foral de Navarra
  • Iparralde/the French Basque Country/Euskal Herria, including Lapurdi/Labourd, Zuberoa/Soule, and Behenafarroa/Lower Navarre.

Who are They?

For 7,000 years they were able to maintain their own culture because they were pretty much isolated from mainstream Europe. Protected from the incursions of Christendom by mountains and valleys until their geography could protect them no more, they are people with a distinct identity, faith, and all the offspring of culture. They have their own flag: green, red, and white in the style of the English Union Jack, and their own cuisine. They also have their own language known as Euskera/Eskuera/Üskera which today is spoken by over 3 million people with varying dialects. Their language was spoken in Acquitaine, and in Catalonia. Although against their self determination, the U.S. used their language in WWII, as the secret language that was used in transmissions to throw off the Japanese. Euskera/Eskuera/Üskera is a language that shares no known roots with any other linguistic branch, and is the only living language prior to Roman conquest.

However those in the French part of Basque, have been ‘ethnically cleansed’ in the sense that France did everything to suffocate Basque expression, the same manner that France has been suffocating Franco-Muslim expression.

Society was patriarchal, whereby the wife-mother worked inside the home, and much of the responsibility of the home fell on her shoulders. The farmhouse was the center of daily life, and it was common to have several generations living under one roof, usually the firstborn inherited the farm to prevent the property from being divided.

However, politics and Catholicism has taken the place of their original faith and with the struggle for autonomy leisure has become a part of their lifestyle. As family remains the most important institution, faithfulness and respect are valued as important pillars of marriage between husband and wife, and love, respect, and sacrifice between children and parents. However, very few traditional communities are impervious to external influences, so divorce, abortion, and single mothers have become accepted practices in Basque society. Equality between men and women is ensured by the 2005 Gender Equality Act which was passed by the Basque Parliament.

A Peoples’ Democracy in Action

Their sense of community remains strong despite the transformation from a traditionally rural society, to an increasingly urbanized with the trappings of modern living. The people of Basque have not become a total fatality of capitalism in that the family remains the most important institution followed by a strong work ethic to sustain their families as opposed to work for the sake of work. This is probably the main reason why social participation is an essential part of Basque life whereby any reason to come together is only natural.

Their traditional biltzar system continues to this day, whereby the people from a group of homes come together to make joint decisions: they come together to decide who will run for local elections, or neighbours work together for community projects, from repairing roads to re-roofing a neighbour’s house, forming a cooperative, improving the local economy, rotating responsibilities, and even expecting representatives to live in the areas they represent so they can be kept an eye (that’s a thought for the youth of the Lotus Revolution)! In general they have a fundamental belief in human rights, and the right to not be mistreated, what a good example of how to run a people’s democracy! Representatives are therefore accessible, and are expected to be respectful and committed. Politics is viewed as a right for citizen participation, along with the right to express one’s opinion, a dwindling factor in the exemplar Western democracy, along with the right to assembly and the right to protest in a political system that has 7 not 2 major political parties that range from nationalists to non-nationalists. As a modern society though, Basque shares the problem of youth unemployment and housing with the rest of the world. They also struggle with the concept of identity in a changing world. This is partly supported by their unique language, and also their education system. They have a unique aspect to their education system known as ikastolas. The ikastolas was a popular response to the banning of their language under Franco, and they are privately run schools managed by parents, where learning takes place in the language of the Basque people Euskera/Eskuera/Üskera, but with 8 regional dialects and 24 subdialects there is a need for standardization when it comes to education and official documents. However, the forms of expression through their artistes, filmmakers, writers, and architects have all helped to keep Basque culture a buoyant reality.


De Egald, M. “A Short History of the Basque Country.” http://www.buber.net/Basque/History/shorthist.html

Gomeze, I. “The Secret Language.” http://www.buber.net/Basque/Euskara/secret-language.php

“Spanish Basque activist Arnaldo Otegi Jailed.” http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14950650

Zallo, R., Ayuso, M. “The Basque Country.” http://www.kultura.ejgv.euskadi.net/r46-714/es/contenidos/informacion/ezagutu_eh/es_eza_eh/adjuntos/eza_en.pdf

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Hope on the Horizon for Australia’s Indigenous!

Uluru rainbow at sunset

Hope on the Horizon for Australia’s Indigenous!


By Hwaa Irfan


It was as recent as March 2011 when Michael Anderson, the last survivor of the four 1972 founders of the Aboriginal embassy in Canberra, Australia and leader of the 3,000 Euahlayi people, described Australia’s desire to be the last bastion of the Aryan race. This was exampled in 1867 when Prince Alfred’s visit to colonial Australia was deemed as a torch bearer for colonialists. When Anderson made his remark it was in the context of the Australian bid for a seat on U.N’s Security Council. As far as Anderson was concerned:

“Australia does not have the right to be nominated, let alone have a seat there. How can a colonial state of England have such a right? We will make every effort to lobby against Australia getting nominated.”

Since then Queen Elizabeth II of England made a rare royal public appearance on a 10-visit to Australia in October 2011. Royalists and anti-royalists were prepared, but the real reason for her visit was never made apparent.  As the 84 year old Constitutional monarch of Australia and 39 other countries (referred to as the Commonwealth) much of the old British colonial empire is still in place as evidenced by there never dwindling wealth. The Commonwealth is a direct transference of the British Empire into what has become the common wealth, but whom/what? We were reminded of this relationship as the official reason for her trip was to preside as Head of Commonwealth Nations as the two-yearly meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Perth. The theme of that conference attended by representatives from 50 states was ‘Building National Resilience, Building Global Resilience’ though by looking at the recent actions of European globalists over the eurozone crisis, national and global are not mutual unless the national serves the globalists.

Then President Barack Obama visited Australia the following month, November 2011 to increase U.S. military presence as a part of U.S. global governance. But given that the governing nature of the Commonwealth Nation is against unconstitutional overthrow of governments and the U.S. overthrows anything that gets in its way, there is an unpublicized struggle for power between the two entities.

In the mean time, the much unpublicized Occupy Melbourne Movement’s  8th General Assembly passed a proposal to support the creation of a treaty between the First Nations of Australia and the Australian Commonwealth Government following the first call in 1972 by the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra for aboriginal sovereignty.

The Australian Government had planned to peruse a formal recognition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution, but without a treaty the basis of the Constitution the law falls on fallow ground.

Of those indigenous peoples after so much suffering, humiliation, and degradation can give a better example of what it means to be true to one’s self over hundreds of years and attempts to erode that identity, those indigenous of Australia who have never given up on themselves is that example of what it means to fight for something that is worth fighting for.

The way forward comes in many forms, and sometimes from the heavens down instead of from the Earth up to the dismay of materialists who are separated from the Greater Reality, but when one’s consciousness is low, small is one’s perception of the machinations of the world.

Uluru has been calling from the Akashic Records, and change is afoot. The great floods that took place in Australia in 2010 have blessed the land and made it more fertile for a sustainable reality.

The first half of December 2011, witnessed the indigenous of Hope Vale being allowed 110,000 hectares of freehold title land under the State’s Aboriginal Land Act along with an ex-gratia payment of U.S$6.5mn in royalties collected by the government for mining. Home to 1,000 people of 13 clans finally there is real acknowledgement that the indigenous have a right to live, own, and manage their land albeit a percentage of their native land.  This sets an example of what should take place in the sharing of the world’s natural resources instead of the ongoing pillaging, and decimation of peoples in the neo-colonial mentally behind land grab activities.

Still in Queensland, the indigenous Muluridji people have been recognized as the native title holders of 12,030 hectares of land N.W. of Cairns. That also includes the Hann Tableland National Park, Mareeba Tropical Savanna, Wetland Reserve Nature Refuge. The original claim was lodged by the Muluridji Muluridji Tribal Aboriginal Corporation in 1998, and 2001, and has now been recognized by the Courts including the right to access, the right to be on the land, the right to hunt, fish, and the water rights.

In South Australia, the Federal Courts recognized the claims to 20,000 sq km in Bloods Creek by the Eringa and the Wangkangurru/Yarluyandi people. This represents honouring of an eight claim with others going back to 2006. The Wangkangurru/Yarluyandi had to be persistent with previous claims lodged in 1996, 1994 and 2010. Now they have non-exclusive rights to live, hunt, fish, and gather natural resources, and to carryout cultural and religious activities in light of the presence of pastoral lease holders.

As the 40th anniversary of the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra approaches on 26 January 2012 there are still countless issues to address including the Whitehall copy of the Pacific Islander Protection Act 1875 which states:

Nothing herein or in any such Order in Council contained shall extend or be construed to extend to invest Her Majesty, her heirs and successors, with any claim or title whatsoever to dominion or sovereignty over any such islands or places as aforesaid, or to derogate from the rights of the tribes, or people inhabiting such islands or places, or of chiefs or rulers thereof, to such sovereignty or dominion, and a copy of every such Order in Council shall be laid before each House of Parliament within thirty days after the issue thereof, unless Parliament shall not be in session, in which case a copy shall be laid before each House of Parliament within thirty days after the commencement of the next ensuing session.




Anderson, M. “Australia: Who Deleted the Phrase ‘Her Heirs And Successors’?” http://indigenouspeoplesissues.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=13271%3Aaustralia-who-deleted-the-phrase-her-heirs-and-successors&catid=24%3Aaustralia-indigenous-peoples&Itemid=57&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IndigenousPeoplesResources+%28Indigenous+Peoples+Issues+%26+Resources%29


Minister for Finance, Natural Resources and the Arts “Queensland: Handover Of Land Supports Traditional Ownership On Remote Aboriginal Community.”


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Brazil: Video Statement on Protecting Forests, Stopping Dams and Plantations

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Conned and tricked into a situation that threatens their survival, Pirakuma Yawalapiti speaks out on behalf of his people of the Alto Xingu region in Brazil. Their situation has been brought about by the U.N.s  “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation” (REDD) which pays poor countries that are victims of the polluting industries of wealthy countries, but can that money but back the damage that has already been done or offset the con behind carbon credits while wealthy countries continue churning out pollutants, illegal logging, and plundering for natural resources.

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