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Registry System Being Set Up to Track Your Vaccination Status*

Kids Flee Deadly Vaccine by David DeesRegistry System Being Set Up to Track Your Vaccination Status*

By Jeffry John Aufderheide

The Centers for Disease Control has been quietly rolling out a nationwide program called the Immunization Information Systems (IIS), registering your vaccine information into a database. This effort has been run in parallel with state vaccine registry implementations.

What is the intention of such programs?

My colleague Leslie Manookian, writer and director of the movie The Greater Good, wrote in a recent article, the “CDC has openly stated that vaccine registries are a tool to identify areas of ‘undervaccination’ so that they can be ‘addressed’ and brought into ‘compliance.’”

I would also add to Leslie’s statement that since the government purchases a large bulk of the vaccines (for example, the Vaccines for Children program), it is in their financial interest to make sure vaccines are consumed regularly.

If you exempt your child from being vaccinated, your refusal is also being tracked and put into the database. If you want to know why this is a big deal, read on.

But first, what does tracking every vaccine you or your children have ever been injected with look like?

Big Plans for You

I want to make this very real for you.

The government collects information on who vaccinates their children and who does not. They know how many children have had their vaccines. They also know how many children have opted out of being vaccinated. They have the data.

The government has big plans and the most outrageous part about this entire scheme is you don’t have a choice – your data is entered. In order to accomplish this task we have to answer 3 basic questions.

1. What data is being tracked?

2. Who has access to the tracked data?

3. What will be done with this data?

Let’s start with the first question of what is being tracked.

Question #1: What Data is Being Tracked?

You’ll be surprised at how much data is being tracked. Some of the data is required while other data sets are optional. Rest assured, what is optional today can become required in short order.

According to the Immunization Information System Functional Standards, 2013 – 2017, the following information will be in their databases:

  • REQUIRED: Patient name: first, middle, last
  • Optional: Patient alias name: first, middle, last
  • Optional: Patient address, phone number
  • Optional: Birthing facility
  • Optional: Patient Social Security number (SSN)
  • REQUIRED: Patient birth date
  • REQUIRED: Patient sex
  • REQUIRED: Patient race
  • REQUIRED: Patient ethnicity
  • Optional: Patient Primary language
  • REQUIRED: Patient birth order
  • Optional: Patient birth registration number
  • REQUIRED: Patient birth State/country
  • Optional: Patient Medicaid number Optional
  • REQUIRED: Mother’s name: First, middle, last, maiden
  • Optional: Mother’s SSN
  • Optional: Father’s name: first, middle, last
  • Optional: Father’s SSN
  • REQUIRED: Vaccine Type
  • REQUIRED: Vaccine Manufacturer
  • Optional: Vaccine dose number
  • Optional: Vaccine expiration date
  • Optional: Vaccine injection site
  • REQUIRED: Vaccination date
  • REQUIRED: Vaccine lot number
  • Optional: Vaccine provider

Do you trust anyone with your personal information? This leads us to the next question …

Question #2: Who Has Access to the Tracked Data?

This is where the language should have you a little concerned because it is extremely vague.

According to the Immunization Information System documentation, data can be provided to “healthcare providers, public health, and other authorized stakeholders.”

It goes on to say schools, child care, and child camps may also have access to the records.

One of the major areas the lawmakers neglected to mention was the power granted to your employer. Consider the fact this past year nurses were actually being fired for not having their flu shot, as reported by Natural News. [4] Imagine if the proper pressure were applied to businesses to meet a government mandate. They would be given access to these records. It’s something for you to chew on.

That brings us to our last question…

Question #3: What Will Be Done with This Data?

The Centers for Disease Control’s goal is to get 95% or greater vaccine compliance. How is this accomplished?

In the short term, if your child is not vaccinated or is behind schedule, expect phone calls, emails, and personal visits from local health authorities. One function of the CDC’s Immunization Information System is to “forecast” vaccines due, past due, or coming due.

When these tactics don’t work or are ignored, expect more a more confrontational strategy. Keep in mind what happened on Christmas Eve 2009.

The U.S. Senate passed H.R. 3590. The bill eventually became Public Law No. 111-148, which gives the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authorization to create “vaccination squads” in local communities and seek out unvaccinated children. The “vaccine squads” are called the Community Preventive Services Task Force.

Not only will the Task Force be working with the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, but on page 1202 of that law, the most relevant responsibilities are listed as:

“(D) carrying out immunization-promoting strategies for participants or clients of public programs, including assessments of immunization status, referrals to health care providers, education, provision [provide] of on-site immunizations, or incentives for immunization;

“(E) providing for home visits that promote immunization through education, assessments of need, referrals, provision of immunizations, or other services;”

“(F) providing reminders or recalls for immunization providers;”

“(G) conducting assessments of, and providing feedback to, immunization providers;”

“(H) any combination of one or more interventions described in this paragraph; or”

“(I) immunization information systems to allow all States to have electronic databases for immunization records.”


The Public Law exclusively states exactly where the data will come from – the Immunization Information Systems. Can you imagine police or sheriffs escorting the vaccine squad(s) for “non-compliant” parents?

At this point, I really can’t put it past them.

Consequently, once this system is completely operational, the sky is the limit. Big Brother has the capability to track more than just vaccines. You can anticipate finding just about any pharmaceutical drug mandated by the government in this same system.

The question then becomes, who influences the government agencies mandating vaccines?

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton


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British Medical Journal Tells Us – Measles Is Not The Scary Disease The Press Want You To Think It Is

____________________Child Health Safety_________________

Magda Taylor of The Informed Parent has been attempting to reintroduce some sense into the mindless panic of the UK media about a small number of measles cases in a small part of Wales in the UK.  Magda has picked some extracts from back copies of The British Medical Journal of the times when measles cases were rife.  She has been finding how relaxed the medical profession was to what was considered then a mild disease.  Today people would think measles has always been public enemy #1 and it has not. 

Compare how one week ago the BBC’s shroud-waver-in-chief Fergus Walsh described measles with how it was described in 1959 a decade before the measles vaccine. 

BBC’s Fergus Walsh last week wrote “Measles is a highly contagious viral infection. Prior to the introduction of a vaccine it was a major public health threat  ….. around one in five infants…

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If You Can’t Get their Babies Get the Parents!

If You Can’t Get their Babies Get the Parents!


By Hwaa Irfan

With growing awareness of the methods employed to make Americans take vaccines in response to scare campaigns the lastest of which was whooping cough, employers like Faith Regional Health Services, Newark are now doing the same to those who wish to work with them. In other words, if want work, take the vaccine a horrible decision one is forced to make if one has experienced unemployment in the U.S. in recent times.

Vaccine awareness is not a part of medical training, because it is accepted as a science that never fails, hence why health professionals are less likely to take vaccines than the public in general, because in general they are more informed.

This decision descending from the Colorado Board of Health voted 7-1 that every worker in a healthcare setting will be required to receive the vaccine or find work outside of the healthcae sector, meaning that one will be out on a black list of some sort.

Colorado is not alone in an imposition that if one succumbs, and the vaccines compromises one health, can put one at great risk of either getting the disease one is being vaccinated against, make one vulnerable to another disease, disable one’s ability to find future employment, or can even be fatal if one has one of the long list of conditions that makes one vulnerable.

Rhode Island against the objections of the healthcare unions, and ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), Rhodes has made it mandatory to take the flus shots for the upcoming winter season. It has been made mandatory for all healthcare professional, nursing homes, home-care agencies, and health related industries. Michigan Department of Community Health is on the verge of doing the same. The irony is, is the reason for the objection by Michigan healthcare workers is the only scientific truth that authorities seem to continually ignore, that the flu vaccine does not work! Some of them have taken shots for other feared diseases, but they are not willing to take the flu-shot.

The Congressional Research Service views vaccines as a pillar of U.S. policy. The Food and Drugs Administration has licensed 46 vaccines, for 20 diseases for use by the American public, with more in the pipeline, are people supposed to blindly believe that there is a need to take that long list of vaccines without suffering any serious side effects given the U.S. credibility over GM foods is at an unequivocal all time low. Does one really expect an infant to take 20 shots by the time they are 2 years old – it’s U.S. policy!

Why is it that the Department of Defense, DOD, carries out research and development programs for vaccines, not only against those bioweapons that the U.S. and allies are so good at producing, but also naturally occuring infectious diseases (USA PATRIOT Act (P.L. 107-56). Why is the USAID over proactive in deseminating this policy to developing countries? And why is someone pro-health, labeled anti-vaccines, as if it is a reactionary notion like being anti-Iran?  Many of the people involved in policy-making have a blind belief and can only repeat like a mantra that belief, for the one’s with the answer are the one’s at the top of pushing the policy in the first place despite governmental evidence for an infection that lasts at the most a week!


Paxton, K. “Forced Flu Shots Gaining Momentum Across the Country” http://www.thedailysheeple.com/forced-flu-shots-gaining-momentum-across-the-country_102012

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U.K: A Re-Vamped Vaccine with a Dangerous Past Now Available!

U.K:  A Re-Vamped Vaccine with a Dangerous Past Now Available!


By Hwaa Irfan

Would you knowingly take a drug that causes encephalitis, bilateral deafness and meningitis? This is the result of a recently revamped vaccine to be made available.

Vaccines like geo-engineering the weather, is not an exact science, in fact they are not sciences at all in the true sense of the meaning of science. Vaccines probably began with innocent intentions that arose out of the devastating affects of disease in the mal-nourished pre-industrial world. The idea was grand, but all it takes is a powerful, influential few to take interest, and realize the potential sitting and waiting that has more to do with self-interests than public health.

When governments turn public health into a campaign based on questionable data, and make it almost criminal to not take the vaccines they desire, or to question those vaccines, one has to ask the simple question why. If the immediate answer is more profits for the rich, then does that justify the intensity to which they apply it these vaccines. When they publicise data that supports vaccines, what happens to the data (some governmental) which proves the dangers/futility of vaccines, and why do they deny the public the right to informed choice. Taken, that the mass treatment policy is the essence of modern allopathic medicine, and so one naturally assumes that vaccines can be applied in the same way, but still the question remains why do they suppress data that contradicts this policy, and the millions of lives that are a consequence of such policies!

With the above in mind, what was once designated as a dangerous vaccine is now back on the scene, by another name! The vaccine concerned was first approved for use in the U.K. as the MMR vaccine Pluserix, which had been banned in Canada according to Christina England for Vactruth.  The reason Canada banned Pluserix was due to the thousands of children that had suffered irreversible side effects from this vaccine, and did the same in the U.K.

In April 1994, Richard Barr, a solicitor, filed class action against ventis Pasteur, SmithKlineBeecham, and Merck, manufacturers of MMR vaccines under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. The vaccines concerned were Immravax, Pluserix-MMR and MMR II. The claim was that MMR is a defective product and should not have been used.

In 1998, when the British Joint Comittee on Vaccines and Immunization, JCVI approved Pluserix, not all on the Committee were amused. Dr. Lucjia Tomljenovic shocked had the following to say which was known to JCVI at the time of approval:

Thus, instead of re-evaluating the vaccination policy, at least until safety concerns were fully evaluated, the JCVI choose to support the existing policy based on incomplete evidence that was available at that time.”

Encephalitis, bilateral deafness and meningitis are but a few of the side effects of Pluserix as decribed in Tomljenovic paper: The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): Are They at Odds?

The same applied to Medi-Mumps, which is now the unlicensed Pavivac which began advertizing in June 2012.

In September 2012 the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, MHRA instead of seeking a ban until such time the vaccine can be proven eitherway responded with a statement:

The MHRA was made aware of information presented on the Children’s Immunisation Centre (CIC) website about Medi-Mumps and a related press release. The MHRA was concerned that the information provided an unbalanced view of the safety and efficacy of the vaccine because it did not mention the MHRA’s concerns and previous CSM advice or that the product was unlicensed. (emphasis added)

We understood that the Medi-Mumps vaccine is manufactured from the same stock and processed in the same way as Pavivac mumps vaccine. (emphasis added) The MHRA, acting on advice from an independent advisory committee, the Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM), has for a number of years objected to the importation of the Pavivac product because there is insufficient information available to assure its safety, quality and efficacy.

Medi-Mumps is available at two U.K. private clinics: The Children’s Immunization Center, and the Early Onset Clinic. Medi-Mumps has been cultured on dog cells—canine kidney cells, which was rejected in 2002 by the Committee on the Safety of Medicines.

So with all the regulations, what are they regulating!

The British Medical Association is a registered trade union. Their aim is to:

“to promote the medical and allied sciences, and to maintain the honour and interests of the medical profession”.

Not the advancement of public health.

In the British Medical Bulletin (Volume 62, Issue 1), the guidelines for U.Ks policy on mass immunization is ‘influenced’ by World, Healtjh Organization, WHO mandate for Europe. The globalization of vaccines took place through WHO, and UNICEF. The International Planned Parenthood Foundation, which directs birth control (including vaccines) as a form of eugenics on the African-American peoples partnered with WHO, UNICEF, and the UN Economic and Social Control in 1971. The World Bank and the UN Population Fund have a lending policy that borrowing countries must implement population reduction methods, as outlined in the report World Bank’s Reproductive Health Action Plan 2010-2015 . This policy forms a part of the infamous Milennium Development goals. Eugenicist, and globalist, professor John Cleland in his frustration highlighted the matter in 2006 to the UNs Population Fund, the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, the European Commission, the World Bank and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“It does this cause no service at all to continue to shroud family planning in the obfuscating phrase “sexual and reproductive health”. People don’t really know what it means. If we mean family planning or contraception, we must say it. If we are worried about population growth, we must say it. We must use proper, straightforward language. I am fed up with the political correctness that daren’t say the name population stabilization, hardly dares to mention family planning or contraception out of fear that somebody is going to get offended. It is pathetic!”

Pathetic it is not, but an attempt to make sure we do not understand enough to rebel falling prey to a global consensus in favor of the benefits to the global elite (wealth, power, and control over the means of production and the world’s natural  resources)! The first Director-General of UNESCO was Julian Huxley, a eugenicist like Bill Gates who works avidly with WHO. As Director-General Huxley wrote:

The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore… they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterilisation.

That pretty much outlines who the target population is, an agenda that has remained in place since inception after WWII advanced by modern technologies!

Ministers actions on mass immunization are advised by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). For 30 years JCVI has been proactive in withholding information that proves the danger of MMR vaccine from the public.

“Deliberately concealing information from the parents for the sole purpose of getting them to comply with an “official” vaccination schedule could thus be considered as a form of ethical violation or misconduct. Official documents obtained from the UK Department of Health (DH) and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.” – Tomljenovic

If the period of 2008 till now has proven anything, it is that the public has to educate itself on the truths in order to ensure that justice be done, for when our children fall ill at the hands of government programs, and that illness lasts a lifetime, who will foot the bill, and redeem their lives! That misery becomes the responsibility of the families alone, a costly burden not just financially that can tear a family a part in difficult times! As the U.K. has been dismantling its health system, many doctors have been advised to not refer patients to hospitals because the hospitals cannot afford to carryout the required medical help. A responsibility that has been the governments for so long now leaves the people out in the cold! Reducing the population is one thing, but to render the population incapable of taking care of itself, is a crime against humanity not that population reduction without informed consent is any less a crime!


England, C. “Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged and Given New Name.” http://vactruth.com/2012/09/24/dangerous-vaccine-repackaged/

Maessen, J. “Eugenics Alert: World Bank Population-Reduction Lending Schemes Already Underway.” http://www.infowars.com/eugenics-alert-world-bank-population-reduction-lending-schemes-already-underway/

Salisbury, D.M., Beverley, P.C.L., Miller, E. “Vaccine Programmes and Policies.” http://bmb.oxfordjournals.org/content/62/1/201.full

Tomljenovic, L. “The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention.” http://www.ecomed.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/3-tomljenovic.pdf

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U.K. Released Documents Prove Governmental Concern About Measles Vaccine

U.K. Released Documents Prove Governmental Concern About Measles Vaccine

By Hwaa Irfan

After 30 years of being under lock and key, U.K. documents now released reveal concerns about the single measles vaccine ability to cause Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis, or SSPE Christina England reports. Those documents are:

    1. Letter Referenced Surveillance  on SSPE Retrieved from file FD7/3111 Kew Gardens Archives http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/visit/
    2. ‘Proposed Membership of Expert Group on Surveillance of SSPE’ Retrieved from file FD7/3111 Kew Gardens Archives http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/visit/
    3. Copy Of Notice To Be Circulated  To ABE – Measles Vaccine And Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis’  Retrieved from file FD7/3111 Kew Gardens Archives http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/visit/
    4. ARVI (Adverse Reaction to Vaccination and Immunization) meeting 6th July 1987 Retrieved from Profitable Harm website http://www.profitableharm.com/pdf/JOINT%20CSM-JCVI%20AND%20ARVI%206-7-87.pdf
    5. Dr Carley 10th edition Harrison paper http://www.reversingvaccineinduceddiseases.com/files/3638448/uploaded/SSPE_from_Harrisons%20optimized.pdf
    6. Committee On The Development Of Vaccines And Immunisation Procedures Sub Committee Of Measles Vaccines’  Retrieved from Kew Archives File FD23/5120 http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/visit/
    7. The JCVI Minutes Friday 7th  November 1997 http://www.advisorybodies.doh.gov.uk/jcvi/foi-2005-minutesNov97.pdf
    8. JCVI Minutes PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE  AFTER THE MEASLES VACCIN – CASES REPORTED TO APUDC from 9.1.82 Kew      Archives File FD23/5120 http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/visit/

JCVI is a government selected body that sets the U.K. standards of vaccines and immunization.

Listed in 2000 by the U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, as an emerging disease, SSPE is also sometimes referred to as Dawson Disease. Once considered a rare disease, SSPE/Dawson is projected as a result of persistent infection measles virus resulting in mutation – the word persistent in itself raises a question. It is also protrayed as a disease that is a problem for developing countries, but nothing could be further from what is ahppening on the ground in developed countries!

One wonders how much the 1994 drive to make 93% of British pre-school children take the triple vaccine , MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) is connected with the knowledge of vaccine induced SSPE. All media was applied to scare parents into making their children take MMR, while in the U.S. suggestions of withholding welfare payments were applied if parents refused. From what I recall of measles, it was not exactly a life-threatening experience. American Medical Association statistice for the likelihood of contracting SSPE in 1972 was 1 in a million! The official statistics by the Department of Health in 1989 was 1 in 5,000 children could contract SSPE, which results in the hardening of the brain, but that shot up to 1 in 500 by 1994! What’s the connection… If measles was so life threatening why were the U.S. fatalities in 1990 only 89 out of 27,000! The common denominator amongst those deaths were poor nutrition, and failure to treat complications. Even the common denominator also applied of low income does not count, as African children who get the measles continue with their lives and are less likely to have asthma, eczema and hay fever! Maybe this is nature’s way of increasing our resistance, while human reactions make us more vulnerable.

SSPE/Dawson’s Disease/Measles encephalitis

What we are told by institutions like the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is:

“Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) is a progressive neurological disorder of children and young adults that affects the central nervous system (CNS). It is a slow, but persistent, viral infection caused by defective measles virus. SSPE has been reported from all parts of the world, but it is considered a rare disease in developed countries, with fewer than 10 cases per year reported in the United States. The incidence of SSPE declined by at least 90 percent in countries that have practiced widespread immunization with measles vaccine. The incidence of SSPE is still high in developing countries such as India and Eastern Europe.”

The National Organization for Rare Disorders, a U.S.-based umbrella of voluntary NGOs is a little more honest:

“The disease may develop due to reactivation of the measles virus or an inappropriate immune response to the measles virus. SSPE usually develops 2 to 10 years after the original viral attack.”

SSPE has the same symptoms as HIV encephalitis. The symptoms include:

•Intellectual deterioration

•Memory loss


•Involuntary movements



•Brain inflammation

•Behavioral changes

•Myoclonic jerks

•Progressive dementia

•Neurological deterioration


•Cortical blindness

•Optic atrophy


•Homeostasis disturbances


•Abnormal EEG

•Increased measles antibodies in blood

•Increased measles antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid

•Increased gammaglobulin levels in cerebrospinal fluid

Actual cases experienced by the Canadian research team led by Craig Campbell documented in their 2005 findings included the following case:

Clinical report 2

“A 14-year-old boy born in Canada presented in late 1997, at seven years of age, with staring spells, diagnosed as absence epilepsy but over the next year developed atonic seizures consisting of head drops, myoclonic seizures, and then generalized tonic clonic seizures lasting approximately two minutes. Approximately one year after the onset of his seizures he was losing skills such as tying his shoelaces, and dressing himself and needed to be transferred out of a regular classroom.

His past medical history was significant for being born at 26 weeks gestation, and having mild respiratory distress syndrome and then bronchopulmonary dysplasia. No intracranial pathology was detected clinically or by head ultrasound at that time. Since infancy there had been no significant illnesses. There was no history of measles disease or contact in the first year of life. His immunization record confirmed that all immunizations had been appropriately given including MMR in June 1992 at the age of 21 months and measles booster at 6 years of age.

Clinical examination revealed a head circumference of 53.7 cm (80th percentile). Cranial nerves were intact including a normal fundoscopic exam. There was mild hypotonia and normal power. Deep tendon reflexes were generally brisk. Plantars were upgoing bilaterally…

“…The diagnosis of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis was made in April 1999. Given the lack of infant measles infection, the history of prematurity and the atypical EEG the diagnosis of SSPE was only arrived at after extensive investigation into all neurodegenerative disease.”

Note the lack of “infant measles infection”. The question in mind then is whether SSPE was a result of the vaccine (none indicated in the documentation), or a natural occurance!

Clinical report 4

A 16 year old boy born and raised in Iraq until 6 years of age, presented with a diffuse red rash on his upper extremities and trunk in September 1998, followed by a rapid change in behavior over the next three months. He was described as having memory problems, social isolation and poor concentration. He then developed myoclonic jerks of the extremities and was admitted for investigation four months after his rash.

At one year of age the child had suffered a measles-like illness. Family claimed he had received immunizations upon entering Canada but this was not confirmed.

On examination the child manifested significant mental status changes. He was disoriented in all spheres and unable to read, write or speak. Formal motor and sensory exams were not able to be performed given his mental status. There were almost continuous myoclonic seizures.

EEG demonstrated quasi-periodic bursts of high voltage slow wave activity at intervals of 4–9 seconds which correlated with myoclonic jerks seen in the patient. The EEG background was otherwise normal. MRI showed focal signal abnormalities in the left occipital lobe without enhancement. Serum and CSF showed elevated levels of measles IgG (exact values not available) in January 1999. A brain biopsy did not clearly delineate findings of SSPE.

The child was treated with isoprinosine 1 gram tid from diagnosis until death. He also received, via an Ommaya reservoir, intra-venticular IFN-α 1 million units twice a week for two weeks, then three times a week for three weeks and then once a week for a month and then it was discontinued. Seizures were treated with valproic acid 750 mg tid.

He was transferred to a pediatric rehabilitation centre after his diagnosis and in October 1999 he was brought back to hospital with generalized body rigidity, fever and agitation. He developed adult respiratory distress syndrome and renal failure due to rhabdomyolysis. Creatine kinase levels were 47,000. The specific cause for his sudden deterioration was not clear with infection, malignant hyperthermia or dystonic spasm directly related to SSPE considered. He died within two weeks of re-admission and no autopsy was performed.”

The Iraqi boy’s parents stated that he had received a vaccine for measles upon entering Canada, but as the researchers did not pursue this as a possible cause what we are left with is the basic cause of his death SSPE!

Health Politics

By isolating SSPE from autism prevents awareness of a long standing problem, and by portraying the disease as one that is a problem in developing countries reduces the likelihood of lawsuits in developed countries, and increases the likelihood of eroneous vaccine campaigns in those countries where sections of those populations (who react differently) are used as field experiments!

In 1972 the American Medical Association statistics for the likelihood of contracting SSPE was 1 in a million, yet in 1972 SSPE became a serious concern in the U.S. when it was found that the measles vaccine demonstrated the potential to cause vaccine-induced SSPE.

An ‘Expert Group on the Surveillance of SSPE’ was formed, and the findings were shared with the U.K. as Medical Officer F.C. Stallybrass made a written request to UK’s leading experts to attend a meeting on Monday March 13, 1972 in room D1001 of the Alexander Fleming House.

MMR might have been the corresponding solution, but vaccine-induced SSPE remains to be a problem.

MMR, SSPE and Autism

A 6 July meeting , 1987, is documented that focused on adverse reactions to vaccines, and immunization. The minutes document the opening of the meeting where the Chair “reminds members that the proceedings, papers, and information before them were confidential and should not be disclosed.”

It was noted that in 1985, findings demonstrated a link between rubella immunization and an arthritic neurological disease (arthritis neurological sequelae), and chronic rubella arthritis. It was also noted that an SSPE related disease can be caused by infection from the rubell virus (i.e. German measles). That SSPE disease was a non-fatal form of autism, as believed by Dr. Rebecca Carley. Carley even went as far as to inform the listeners of her radio show she participated in that autism is a form of non-fatal SSPE, the cause of which is the removal of myelin, the nerve membrane after vaccine-induced encephalitis. Dr. Carley also believes that SSPE was changed to autism to hide what was glaringly obvious.

Carley’s findings are supported by a paper entitled titled Permanent Brain Damage After The Measles Vaccine – Cases Reported To Apudc [10] from September 8, 1982. This paper is in the Kew Archives Website.

So why do they keep imposing vaccines to the point of criminalizing those who refuse! And why is the founder of Microsoft, the philanthropic Bill Gates, listed as a member of the Committee of 300, threatening anyone who says anything against vaccines. This threat comes in the form of an internet-based anti-vaccine surveillance and alert system established by Seth Kalichman, that will find, analyze, and counter any communication perceived as misinformation on vaccines. Why, because Gates believes in his 2012 Letter:

 “Vaccines are the only high-technology product that needs to be delivered to every single child. To miss zero children, it takes an incredible amount of ingenuity, and that’s why we created the award [the Gates Vaccine Innovation Award].”

Gates’ smear campaign follows the U.Ks Advertising Standards Authority’s threat to Babyjabs.co.uk, a website that focuses on vaccine advice for parents. Babyjabs, stated that 1 in 3 jab may be causing “up to 10%” of autism in children in the UK. Babyjabs was asked to remove the information and any reference to MMR.

The release of the above mentioned documents may have come at an opportune time, as a global war is being waged to enforce vaccinations at all levels. It is time for every man, woman, and child to not only think about their own health, but to take their health as much as possible into their own hands, by first getting acquainted with their own bodies, and their rights. Modern allopathic medicine is but an infant in the sphere of health compared to many traditional systems, some of which the knowledge is fading due to the politics of the modern health system. For there is more than meets the eye to just profits why unelected global institutions are converging to ensure that we are all vaccinated via the elected institutions!


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Now It’s U.Ks Turn for Enforced Vaccines!

Now It’s U.Ks Turn for Enforced Vaccines!

By Hwaa Irfan

British citizens are to be the first to be experimented on Oops… sorry – to get the latest untested seasonal flu vaccine Fluenz/FluMist. All children enrolled in the public education system (what happened to the private schools… ahh yes, a different income bracket!) will be the very first that is after the U.S., where everyone is experimented on. Produced by AstraZeneca. Britain has given the U..S the largest contract outside of the U.S. in the process towards the single mandate of global governance.

In actuality, Fluenz has been around since 2003, and used in the U.S. for 10 years as FluMist. This vaccine contains a live virus applied as the name indicates as a nasal spray. The virus will live and breed for an expected 28 days.

The company toughts Fluenz as:

“It can be used in children, adolescents, and adults ages 2 through 49. FluMist may not prevent influenza in everyone who gets vaccinated.”

So why make it mandatory for all public school children!

The good news is that it is Mercury-free (thimerosol), the bad news is that anyone who has:

  • An allery to eggs/gentamicin/gelatin/ arginine
  • Had a life-threatening reaction to influenza vaccinations
  • Taken aspirin or medication containing aspirin 2 through 17 years old
  • A history of wheezing (under-5s)
  • /had Guillain-Barré syndrome [which may have been caused by other vaccines]
  • A weak immune system
  • Heart/kidney/lungs/diabetes problems
  • Pregnant/nursing
  • Taken Tamiflu®, Relenza®, amantadine, or rimantadine

….should not take Fluenz according to the company. Besides these can be used as arguments against one’s child having the shot

Children under 2 years of age should not take Fluenz (can cause wheezing).

The company also says the most common side effects is a runny/stuffy nose; sore throat; and fever over 100 degrees F.

In 2003, when the vaccine was out, and strong marketing a prerequisite…

“Apparently, the goal seems to center around frightening-or inducing enough guilt-that everyone would begin to demand the vaccine as soon as it is available. And at nearly $70 a dose, this will be a financial bonanza for MedImmune and Wyeth, who are expecting the vaccine to become the blockbuster new drug that will push MedImmune’s revenues to more than $1billion/year”  noted Cr. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, but how many are still swallowing the pill that is about profits not your health!

Live Vaccines

In 2006 doctors in the U.S. expressed concerns because Fluenz/Flumist contains the live H1N1 virus, in a country where 60% of the population are immunodefficient or have weak immune systems. A point to note is that depression weakens the immune system, a growing problem in the Prozac Nation., the U.K.

Hospitals in Colorado refused to vaccinate with Fluenz/FluMist because a large percentage of the population have weak immune systems. Then there is the additional problem if doctors and nurses inhale the spray containing a live virus, which could in turn compromise the health of patients with weak immune systems. Then of course there is the fact that the live H1N1 virus can remain live for up to 28 days in the nasal passages, which means that it could be passed on to someone else through sneezing, and nose-picking.

For some unknown reason Fluenz/FluMist has remained the only vaccine containing a live virus after 1976, when more people died from the vaccine than the actual virus, which was the reason live vaccines were removed. In recent ties one only has to refer to Bill Gates (who declared this the century for vaccinations) experiment on the Indian population whereby his polio-vaccine containing the live virus of SV-40, a GMO-DNA that cannot be removed from the human body caused polio paralysis in 47, 000 people.

Sometimes, the direct link between the vaccine and the illness is difficult to ascertain, especially when there is a delay in the bodies external physical response which can sometimes take years, which can be due to an accumulative affect.

How many exist like one parent who reported under the advisement of her doctor for her daughter to take Fluenz/FluMist, yet at the same time take DTaP and IPV (Polio) shots. A pre-school duaghter who had no problem with these vaccines before or any other vaccines. That changed with the last round of  Fluenz/FluMist and DTaP and IPV (Polio) shots! In the space of a week, her daughter went down with a fever ended up going into a febrile seizure twice, and hence ended up in the emergency ward. Before her pediatrician demanded a flu test (she tested negative with any infection at the hospital), she was released from hospital with anti-seizure medication , therefore suppressing the symptoms, therefor containing the problem within her body. When finally a flu test was carried out, the pre-school child tested positive with H1N1.

It was learnt that Fluen/FluMist can cause false-positive readings within 14 days of dosing, but that would not have been known without demanding a flu test be carried out. However, the suppression of an illness rather than curing the illness will lead to further complications later known. The suppression was indicated by a seizure not following through – twitching of the child’s face from a rotatio  of  Tylenol and Motrin to treat her condition.

What’s the Fuss

Flu is not a disease, it is an infection, an everyday infection that if caught helps to strengthen the immune system. Since the inception of vaccines, we have become entrained to believe that our bodies are incapable of doing the work that they were designed to do, and hence we need to be protected against the very environment that sustains us.

We become subjected to alarmist medical propaganda like the 36,000 who die every year from flu, and over the years some communities react accordingly to any slight infection. However, what remains unsaid in the misinformation campaign is that of the 36,000 who die, those who die from pneumonia are included,  and flu-related deaths are but 1% of that statistic.

If one follows the trend today, the prediction of epidemics synchronizes with a campaign, usually to promote the uptake of a vaccine.  Example, the 1976 prediction of a swine flu epidemic as previously mentioned. The ‘experts’ predicted a pandemic on the scale of the flu pandemic of 1918. Other retrospectives noted by Patrick Carroll:

  • A report from US Secretary of War Henry L Stimson not only verified these deaths but also stated that  there had been 63 deaths and 28,585 cases of hepatitis as a direct result  of yellow fever vaccination during only six months of the war.
  • That was only one of the  14 to 25 shots given to recruits.
  • Army records also reveal that after vaccination became compulsory in the US Army in 1911, not only  did typhoid increase rapidly but all other vaccinal diseases increased at an alarming rate.
  • After America entered the war in 1917, the death rate from typhoid vaccination rose to the highest  point in the history of the US Army.
  • The deaths occurred after the shots were given in sanitary American hospitals and well-supervised  army camps in France, where sanitation had been practised for years.
  • The report of the Surgeon-General of the US Army shows that during 1917 there were admitted into the army hospitals 19,608 men suffering from anti-typhoid inoculation and vaccinia.
  • This takes no account of those whose vaccine diseases were attributed to other causes.
  • The army doctors knew all these cases of disease and death were due to vaccination and were honest enough to admit it in their medical reports.
  • When army doctors tried to   suppress the symptoms of typhoid with a stronger vaccine, it caused a worse form of typhoid paratyphoid.
  • But when they concocted an even stronger vaccine to suppress that one, they created an even  worse disease Spanish flu.
  • After the war, this was one of the vaccines used to protect a panic-stricken world from the  soldiers returning from WWI battlefronts infected with dangerous diseases.

However governments spent millions preparing for a pandemic that never materialized in 1976. As the U.S. government led campaign took effect with greater uptake of the swin flu vaccine, so too did the number of cases of people who fell prey to Guillain-Barre syndrome. Guillain-Barre syndrome: debility, respiratory failure and paralysis. Guillain-Barre syndrome ca be fatal, and prior to the campaign affected 1 in every million annually. However, that changed after the flu vaccine campaign jumping to 1 in every 100,000 costing the government U.S$93mn in taxpayers money to compensate the victims of the swine flu vaccine.

However, retrospective research into large populations and epidemics, reveal that flu vaccines do not save lives.

Year Influenza Pneumonia Notes:


Flu Pnuemonia
2002 727 64,954
2001 257 61,777
1999 572 49,954

Statistics from National Center for Health Statistics (CDC/NCHS) Yearly Mortality (USA)

One can argue that vaccien technology is better today than yesterday, but the outcome remains the same, why!


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Government Evidence of the Dangers of Mercury in Vaccines

Government Evidence of the Dangers of Mercury in Vaccines

Natural News reports on a government report published in 2003 that admits to a dorect link between Thimerosal in vaccines, and nervous disorders in children.

(NaturalNews) A government report published in 2003 acknowledges a direct link between vaccines containing Thimerosal and Neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

For those who may not be familiar with thimerosal, it is an organomercury compound that has well known antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It is used as a preservative in vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, ophthalmic and nasal products, and tattoo inks.

Here is the study published at Pubmed.gov website:

“We were initially highly skeptical that differences in the concentrations of thimerosal in vaccines would have any effect on the incidence rate of neurodevelopmental disorders after childhood immunization. This study presents the first epidemiologic evidence, based upon tens of millions of doses of vaccine administered in the United States that associates increasing thimerosal from vaccines with neurodevelopmental disorders.”

What is Thimerosol

“Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines & natural products” reads the statement.

Drugs.com describes thimerosol as:

“Antiseptic used topically and as a preservative in vaccine preparations.”

What thimerosol is, is an organomercury compound used as an antiseptic and anti-fungal and as a preservative in vaccines, immunoglobulin preparations, skin test antigens, antivenins, ophthalmic and nasal products, and tattoo inks.

Under the laws of mass medication – one medication for all, Thimerisol in vaccines can cause autism, mental retardation and speech disorders in children.

– In 1871-2, England, with 98 percent of the population aged between 2 and 50 vaccinated against smallpox, it experienced its worst ever smallpox outbreak with 45,000 deaths. During the same period in Germany, with a vaccination rate of 96 percent, there were over 125,000 deaths from smallpox. (The Hadwen Documents)

– In Germany, compulsory mass vaccination against diphtheria commenced in 1940 and by 1945 diphtheria cases were up from 40,000 to 250,000. (Don’t Get Stuck, Hannah Allen)

– In the USA in 1960, two virologists discovered that both polio vaccines were contaminated with the SV 40 virus which causes cancer in animals as well as changes in human cell tissue cultures. Millions of children had been injected with these vaccines. (Med Jnl of Australia 17/3/1973 p555)

– In 1967, Ghana was declared measles free by the World Health Organization after 96 percent of its population was vaccinated. In 1972, Ghana experienced one of its worst measles outbreaks with its highest ever mortality rate. (Dr H Albonico, MMR Vaccine Campaign in Switzerland, March 1990)

The Food and Drugs Administration, U.S. states:

Over the past several years, because of an increasing awareness of the theoretical potential for neurotoxicity of even low levels of organomercurials and because of the increased number of thimerosal containing vaccines that had been added to the infant immunization schedule, concerns about the use of thimerosal in vaccines and other products have been raised. Indeed, because of these concerns, the Food and Drug Administration has worked with, and continues to work with, vaccine manufacturers to reduce or eliminate thimerosal from vaccines.

Thimerosal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in all vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine . A preservative-free version of the inactivated influenza vaccine (contains trace amounts of thimerosal) is available in limited supply at this time for use in infants, children and pregnant women. Some vaccines such as Td, which is indicated for older children (≥ 7 years of age) and adults, are also now available in formulations that are free of thimerosal or contain only trace amounts. Vaccines with trace amounts of thimerosal contain 1 microgram or less of mercury per dose.

The inactivated flu vaccines referred to are by brand names:

  • Tripedia (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)
  • Fluzone (multi-dose presentation) (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)
  • Fluvirin (multi-dose presentation) (Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Ltd.)
  • Afluria (multi-dose presentation) (CSL Limited)
  • Tripedia Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.
  • Infanrix (GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals)
  • DT – no trade name (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)
  • Td – no trade name (GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals)
  • Decavac (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)
  • TT – no trade name (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)
  • Agriflu – Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Ltd.)
  • Fluvirin (multi-dose vial) Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Ltd.
  • FluLaval (ID Biomedical Corporation of Quebec)
  • Menomune A, C, AC and A/C/Y/W-135 (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)

Institute for Vaccine Safety also includes:

  • Generic (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)
  • Afluria single and multi‐dose (CSL Limited)
  • JE‐Vax  (Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.)

FDA itself referred to:

“Several cases of acute mercury poisoning from thimerosal-containing products were found in the medical literature with total doses of thimerosal ranging from approximately 3 mg/kg to several hundred mg/kg. These reports included the administration of immune globulin (gamma globulin) (Matheson et al. 1980) and hepatitis B immune globulin (Lowell et al. 1996), choramphenicol formulated with 1000 times the proper dose of thimerosal as a preservative (Axton 1972), thimerosal ear irrigation in a child with tympanostomy tubes (Rohyans et al. 1994), thimerosal treatment of omphaloceles in infants (Fagan et al. 1977), and a suicide attempt with thimerosal (Pfab et al. 1996). These studies reported local necrosis, acute hemolysis, disseminated intravascular coagulation, acute renal tubular necrosis, and central nervous system injury including obtundation, coma, and death. (IOM)”

It is a little futile to expect the government to do something about the problem, especially in the U.S. because their program/policy is to vaccinate everyone for everything – why… follow the money, but it is for potential consumers to become aware of the false notion that vaccines are the cure all to illness, and that within that vaccines more so today than in the past are not properly tested before going onto the market, and the pharmaceutical industry is only interested in profits, not health. These factors many will not face until it is too late, or when they begin to question why “I am/my child is beign forced to take a vaccine by law!


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India: Bill Gates Financing Untested Vaccines that Spread the Disease It Claims to Cure!

India: Bill Gates Financing Untested Vaccines that Spread the Disease It Claims to Cure!

Philanthropist, Bill Gates has been at it again, in the field of biotechnology. This time, in India, his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been busily financing a mass polio virus vaccination program in India.

The Salk oral vaccine causes the familiar polio paralysis, which are the same symptoms of non-polio acute flaccid paralysis, of which 47,000 cases were reported in 2011 in India alone.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation program in India was promoted as “The Last Mile: Eradicating polio in India.” The promotional video displayed numbers showing thousands of cases of polio in India decades ago, with the number of cases dropping to 42 by 2010. But it appears that wild polio virus stats have been traded for polio from vaccines and non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP).

Salk vaccine contains SV-40 (Simeon virus 40), which comes from rhesus monkey kidney cells, but in recent times has been ‘evolved’ into genetically engineered DNA. Dr. Bernice Eddy of the National Institute of Healtg, Division of Biologics used to grow polio vaccines in 1961. This vaccine was then injected into hamsters, the result of which were tumors proving itself to be an animal carcinogen.

” ‘If you continue to allow these contaminated [polio] vaccines to go out, I guarantee you that over the next 20 years you will have epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen’. – Bernice Eddy’s testimony to the U.S. Congress in 1972.”

In 2011, Dr. Robert Bell, former vice-President of the International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital has been reported to have said:

“The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination.”

Dr. Maurice Hillerman, head of vaccines at the pharmaceutical giant Merck validated Eddy’s findings and confirmed that all vaccines produced by Merck contained cancer viruses, of which the hepatitis vaccine was the main cause of the AIDS epidemic in the U.S.

SV-40 is a GMO-DNA that cannot be removed from the human body. The uptake of this virus disturbs the coding of human DNA, therefore the recipient, and has been linked to surges in cancer that occurred in the 1950s. Removed by federal law from circulation.

With the support of UNICEF, World Bank and the Rotary Club, the GMO SV-40 lived on to fulfill its campaign slogan, :The Last Mile… to become the last mile for many who instead of being relieved from the risk of catching polio contracted polio from the vaccine. Instead of using the millions spent on playing with life through untested genetic engineering of DNA the money should be spent on the conduits of polio, poor sanitation and water supply, but this would improve the lot of far too many.

Now, India carries the burden of 47, 500 cases of polio paralysis as revealed by surveillance data, a direct result from walking the “Last Mile…” like the Gates malaria campaign in Africa. In 2010, the Gates polio program in 16 countries that were previously free of polio became infected (60%). These vaccines are oral not injected and therefore contain the live virus – is it therefore surprising that those who take the vaccine become infected!?

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