Mohammed Mursi Declared 1st Civilian President

Mohammed Mursi Declared 1st Civilian President

In the sweltering heat of 36°C, 1.00pm, employess were given the official time to head for home, with many heading for Tahrir, if they could get in. All precuations were taken by those at Tahrir to ensure no weapons were entering the scene where 10s, of 1000s of Egyptians stand packed inside Tahrir Square, a momentous occasion arose, one that they have been waiting for inside Tahrir since the June 15/16 Run-offs.

The total number of registered voters in Egypt is 50,958,794

Runoff turnout: 26,420,763 (51 per cent)

Total number of valid ballots: 25,575,511

Total number of voided ballots: 843,252

Ahmed Shafiq won 12,347,380 (48 per cent)

Mohamed Mursi won 13,280,131 (52 per cent) – Ahram online

The 5th president of the republic, the first civilian leader, Muhammed Mursi was declared the winner, after a necessary one hour preamble by the Higher Election Committee, detailing the violations, investigations, and the result of those investigations before a final winner could be declared. Alive with red, white and black, the colours of the Egyptian flag billowed in the midst of a sea of joy at the announcement.

Thomas Jefferson wrote:

“And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

American educated, Muhammed Mursi made it, through all the trials and tribulations and the one constant factor throughut the 18 months since January 25th 2011, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces who have stripped any upcoming president of the powers that go with the job.

If this is the change that the Egpytian people fought and prayed for, then pray it be the one that they can look back on with pride. If it is not, then may all the warning signs be ever present to help them decide the best way forward – and as for the whispering shayateens, may their breath expire as the country wakens to the wider global economic crisis, the forces that lay within, and decisions of its own to make!

The 5th president, Egypt’s 1st elected president by the people, Egypt’s 1st  civilian president, Egypt’s 1st post- January 25, 2011 president gives his first address to the nation…

Part of his address from his first and symbolic address in front of the people in Tahrir Sqaure on Friday 29 June 2012


Muhammed Mursi’s official swearing in on Saturday 30 June 2012 at the questionable High Constitutional Court…

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