Mursi’s First Decree

Mursi’s First Decree


The bad news is those who do not want anything to work, unless it is their way, and improves their interests regardless of faith, and class!

The 7 days between Mursi’s acceptance speech, and his first decree, have been mixed. On the part of those who continue to refer to him as an ‘Islamist’, and/or Muslim Brotherhood, , there is ongoing nit-picking, assumptions of Western stereotypical Islamophobic perceptions of what may happen, long with attempts to undermine Mursi’ authority on the streets by increasing insecurity, (e.g. theft by persons driving around in expensive cars), and violence between those for and those against, and ‘interpretations’ of what is acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior i.e. haram.

In terms of those who accept Mohammed Mursi has their president, there is a feeling of reassurance that Mursi is there for the people on the streets, as demonstrated by the rush to public spaces in support of his first declaration to reinstate the  parliament elected by the people that was disbanded by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, SCAF the week of the announcement of the winner of the presidential elections  on June 15, 2012.

Declared on June 08, 2012, President Mursi’ decree proves the case of not pleasing all of the people all of the time with those dead set against him, not able to work with what is, and therefore for the common good of all the people to the extend 10 lawsuits have been filed against his, and postponed by the Administraive Court. This has been followed by attacks against Mursi by the Judges Club, accompanied by threats thus revealing the way the countries  judiciary ‘judge’ the situation. This squares the situation culminating in a geological response of a 6.4 earthquake on the Sinai peninsula, but originating from South Turkey!

Aiming to resume business on Tuesday 10 2012, one wonders what the point is. Will the People’s Assembly (parliament) beable to act objectively, in the knowledge that the countries executive, judicial and elite bodies are against them, and even so doing, with what powers?

From Mursi’ point of view, the decree does not invalidate the Supreme Constitutional Court decision or SCAF, as once the new constitution is in place, the parliament has to be re-elected within 60 days, however in real times, it is really quite meaningless, despite being a president (on paper) who:

  • Needs an active parliament in place
  • The people need an active parliament in place
  • The thousands of individual cases that have presented themselves on the doorsteps of the presidential palace, deanding Mursi’s personal attention.
  • The 3 ombudsman that Mursi has instituted in order to deal with the thousands of individual cases, e.g. a former patient who received the wrong operation.

The Court rendered the decree invalid, and the Muslim Brotherhood threatens a million man march, but it is time to prove trustworthiness so that a people’s democract moves past the 51% (in real terms 25% of the voting population) that voted for Mursi !

The disolution of parliament was wrong in the light of being the first elected body by the people since Jan 25, but constitutionally wrong, so does one continue to perpetuate a series of unconstitutional acts that have taken place the ruking executive body, SCAF or does one clean the mess before more damge can be done, and that is the short-sightedness of vocal self interested parties that personalize issues around  Mursi – these are the same people who unintentionally want to bring the country to its knees through a series of IMF loans, that one notes, did not help the U.K. or Greece!

Challanged by SCAF, and members of the elite (generally pro-regime i.e. Shafiq), the current (second) constitutional assembly will be undermined by such a move, after all it is unconvenient to what was a series of politcal moves to disempower the Muslim brotherhood, under the belief that Muslim Brotherhood is governing Egypt through Mursi. With the State Information Service media in their hands, they can create alot of confusion in their personalized goals that are rooted in their self interests and the interest of the powers external to Egypt becuase they have control and access to the media, and most of these media people come from such a background, or ambitions to such a status

The result, is that now the Egyptian public knows the limitation of Mursi’s powers as president, and therefore cannot place all their hopes on him though he has not yet been given a chance to prove his capabilities.  Egypt might yet face another scenario whereby the country has a failed president to add to the list of failed interim prime ministers, cabinets, and parliament under the governance of the ruling executive because none of them have ever been given any power to work with!

The good news is that Egypt’s urban inflation is down by 7.3%, and the people – the ordinary class, and some middle citizens remain politically awake, alert, and untroubled by the increasing violence on the streets, which might be ‘engineered’ and small compared to Western societies.

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