What is it About Uluru?

What is it About Uluru?

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By Hwaa Irfan

If one could understand everything that one experienced one would be better placed in a better predisposition to take on the challenges of the coming new epoch, but it doesn’t always work like that! The leaps and bounds one would like to take are not meant to be until one has learnt from the little lessons in between.

So it was over 16 months ago whilst acquainting with a new colleague from distant shores that the waking dreams of the past returned in a flash of an image totally unfamiliar yet so vivid. To catch the moment whilst talking, I grabbed a pen and a sheet of paper blank on one side, and was able to draw the outline of what I could recall. There was no reason in mind why I should show it to the person I was speaking to, but I did, and asked them if they knew what it was. They fell silent, and the only words that escaped from their lips were, “It couldn’t be!” They refused to tell me much more than that which they also reneged upon.

As time passed I discovered that it was Uluru, the country from which the above mentioned person was resident.

Lingering as that image has done, I realize whatever it is I’m supposed to understand will be revealed over time, or when and if I’m ready to understand. I have written about it briefly before, yet the connection is not apparent from afar, and the indigenous knowledge remains undisclosed to piranypa, the non-Aborigines.

How it relates to me I cannot say apart from a recurrent dream I once I had as an adolescent. However a recently watched documentary gave me a clue not necessarily pertaining to me, but pertaining to the energy points of our Earth.

Uluru is better known as Ayers Rock to Australians. It is a large magnetic rock or mound located 25 degrees 20′ 41″ S 131 degrees 01′ 57″ E which is on a global grid/leylines (like the Great Pyramids of Egypt) in the Northern Territory of central Australia. Over 318 m (986 ft) high, 9.4 km (5 miles) in circumference, it sinks 2.5 km (1.5 miles) into the ground. Underground, Uluru forms a part of a rock formation that includes other sacred sites like Kata Tjuta integral to the Earth’s crust. This of course does not concur with the reductionist science of Western geologists as Uluru is gray with a red iron oxide coating, while Kata Tjuta is granite, quartz and feldspar.

Above ground, Uluru is a remnant of a larger mountain that has become an island mountain jutting out into a vast flat plain subject to atmospheric conditions in conjunction with the waterfalls that reflect changes in hue from blue – violet – red.

The Custodians

Many of the indigenous have been lost to time, and themselves as a result of colonial psychological, emotional and physical abuse. How there are those who still remember and/or have returned to a state of remembrance. In that state of remembrance, the sense of who they are and their place in this world is vibrant. They believe that the first race to take form on the Earth was the black race, then the red, the aborigines, the yellow race and then the white race.

They have a complex system of clans which live in small manageable communities the laws of which ensures the integrity of the environment, all life forms, and society which has very strict gender relations. Men and women do mix to the extent that the menstrual flow does not touch the men. Women elders are responsible for the initiation of girls, have their sacred places, while male elders are responsible for the initiation of boys, and have their sacred places of which Uluru is one. The human is not considered better and higher than the rest of creation, and it goes against the society to make a child feel bad about themselves, and are raised to not have attachment to material things, for all property is for the common good, and sharing is the means that supports this belief. To maintain their ties with the Dreamtime and hence guidance, they sleep between 7pm-11pm, and 4.00am-6.00am. Knowledge is only given to those who are ready to accept responsibility for that knowledge, and that includes the meanings behind their symbols!

The famous walkabouts can be likened to the spirit quests of the indigenous of America, accept that these walkabouts involve Songlines. As part of a young person’s initiation, a male elder will sing the lines to a young boy, and a female elder to a young girl, but a girl will not go on a walkabout for she has her menses to guide her.

The Sacred Site

The indigenous people of Australia, namely the Anangu have lived in that area for over 40,000 years making them the oldest continuous culture in the world. Care of what is now called Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park was returned to the Pitjantjatjara Aborigines and the Anangu since October 1985 by the Australian government on the condition that the Anangu would lease it back to the National Parks and Wildlife agency for 99 years under joint management; yet even still, much of what the indigenous knowledge remains indigenous, consisting of traditional laws and practices that facilitate the sacred significance that of Uluru.

Designated as a World Heritage Site, what is understood whether it be correct or not is that the indigenous peoples of Australia consider the ground beneath Uluru to be hollow like the empty space that exists within an atom. Uluru is a place of birthing that helped their ancestors to survive during the Great Flood.

They believe there to be a source of energy in Uluru which is the source of their knowledge, and is referred to as Tjukurpa/ djugurba/ djumanggani or the Dreamtime – a heightened state of consciousness and all events leaves an impression and its energy on the Earth. All that exists from the natural world arises out of Tjukurpa which holds the natural order of things, how the universe and how we came to be, our relationship to the natural world and how we should live, and when one ends one’ relationship with nature, and the ways of life that works with nature, one’s Dreamtime comes to an end. Everything from the Dreamtime was created from the beginning of time, and contains as essence/spirit, which is another way of saying that all that has been created by the Supreme Being has a life force. All paths trod before are known as Dreaming tracks or Songlines/ leylines that connect all sacred places of power. In reductionist science, these leylines do not exist!

The caves at the base of Uluru have been decorated by the Anangu from time immemorial, and continue to be painted over the old ones until the patterns of perfection are in place. However, the sacredness of Uluru is not respected by the National Parks and Wildlife agency which allows for tourists to climb the rock against the wishes of the indigenous peoples, which only allows their men to climb the mound – men have their sacred sites, and women have their own sacred sites.

It was on June 28, 2008  that the centre of the Milky Way happened to be over Uluru. Photographer Joseph Brimacombe after setting up his cameras saw a fireball (meteor) left of Uluru which he was able to photograph.

Another account…

“The desert night sky is the epitome of starkness. The darkness is as black as a mine shaft. The stars are so clear they don’t twinkle and you can almost make out their roundness. The stars and space are so astronomically definite that there’s no denying they exist, save at the highest levels of astrophysics. They just are. And at night you can see them. I mean, really see them.

“For a short moment during the solar eclipse, the moon cut a path of desert night across the land, twenty kilometers south of Leichhardt; six hundred kilometers north of Adelaide, the closest major city. The beam of darkness was so narrow you could see daylight at both ends, illuminating the hills on either side. The sun took an hour to get eaten away by the moon, shining with full force the whole time. We watched it slowly disappear, ten seconds at a time, through a non-prescription welding mask. The land changed colour from bright red to maroon, like a time-lapse movie of a sunset.

“Then: bang! Everything went black, like God had switched out the lights. My father said he noticed the silence – all the animals thought night had fallen. But I was watching the sun. The sun! It had disappeared! And in its place was an alien ring of light in the sky! A flaming eight-ball, the licking event horizon of a star gone black hole, a sight to inspire not just awe, but also panic. Where had the sun gone?

Though no bigger than a button, the eclipse occupied my entire field of vision. I saw a ring of beads – light filtering through the mountains and caverns on the moon – just like the Americans near us said we would. They watched the whole thing from next to their bus – with a powerful American filter lens hooked up to a powerful American telescope, hooked up to a powerful American DV camera, recording the event because they could.”

The reason for this journey is still not clear, probably because they is only one way to find out for what one needs to know one is not quite ready for as yet, and also because the knowledge remains with the custodians, but what one has learnt echoes the call made by many endeavouring to open our eyes before it is too late. Do we want to be left behind because the world that we knew and took as reality is no longer sustanibale, or do we want to be included in shaping a better world for ourselves and everyone else included.


McLean, B. “Interview with an Aboriginal Woman.” http://www.seizethemagic.com/lol/05worldinfo/05abowom.html


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