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Mexico: Opening Statement By The International Indigenous Peoples Forum On Climate Change – COP 16

16th Conference of the Parties, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Cancun, Mexico, 29 November to 10 December 2010

Indigenous peoples, both male and female, around the world play a crucial role in climate change, because those that have not been driven away from the land have always been the caretakers of the very biodiversity which is crucial to survival on earth…

Opening Statement by the International Indigenous Peoples Forum on Climate Change, November 29th, 2010
Indigenous Peoples from all regions of the World held a preparatory meeting November 27 – 28 here in Cancun, and agreed to present the following statement to the opening session of COP 16th. First, we thank the Parties, the Chair and the Secretariat for this opportunity to express our views and concerns. We also express our appreciation to the Indigenous Peoples of this land and all of Mexico for allowing us to be here to participate in these critical discussions, upon which all of our survival depends.
Indigenous Peoples are on the front lines of the impacts of climate change around the world, whether we are from islands and coastal areas, the Arctic, the deserts, urban areas forests or mountain regions. Our traditional foods are diminishing, our waterways and sea ice habitats are disappearing, the rains that sustain us are drying up, and our homelands are falling into the rising seas. The situation is dire and urgent. Indigenous Peoples demand a change in the models of production and consumption that produce climate change, as well as decisive action for real solutions by State Parties at this session.
The threats to our survival and the violations of our internationally- recognized human rights as a result of climate change are increasing on a daily basis. Market-based mitigation strategies such as the Clean Development Mechanism and carbon offsets, including forest offsets and REDD, further threaten our human rights, including our right to free prior and informed consent among many others. Our land and territories, food sovereignty, bio-diversity, cultural practices and traditional life ways are being placed in further jeopardy, and we reject these false solutions.
For all these reasons, a central concern of Indigenous Peoples in all aspects of the work to be carried out at COP 16 is the obligation to ensure that the rights of Indigenous Peoples in all countries are respected, upheld and recognized in all final texts and agreements, consistent with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and other international human rights norms and standards.
We call for the implementation of formal mechanisms and methods of work during COP 16 that will ensure the full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples, including women, youth and elders. In closing, we call upon you, the Parties to adopt strong and concrete agreements here to produce real solutions that reduce emissions to 300 PPM while also mak

ing a firm commitment to protect our human rights. Our survival is in the balance. Our responsibility to our Peoples, our future generations, our Sacred Mother the Earth and to each other as brothers and sisters of the human family, requires and demands immediate and decisive action.
Thank you.


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Pearl Diane Williams, is the first indigenous Kalinago Carib person from Waitikubuli (Dominica) and possibly the Eastern Caribbean to be admitted to the Bar in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Pearl Diane Williams, is the first indigenous Kalinago Carib person from Waitikubuli (Dominica) and possibly the Eastern Caribbean to be admitted to the Bar in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

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  174. Man Harvests Water for 10,000 People in Driest Part of India*
  175. Whoever Controls Eurasia Controls the World*
  176. U.S. Plan to Spread Cholera across Syria and Turkey May be Failing*
  177. Johnny Depp Intends to Buy Site of Wounded Knee Massacre and Gift it Back to the Native American People*
  178. Israeli Colonel Leading ISIL Terrorists Captured in Iraq*
  179. Syrian Army Kills al-Nusra Leader*
  180. South African Student Uprising Wins Tuition Hike Freeze*
  181. Israeli Report Admits They Are Descendants of Khazars*
  182. Syrian Army Liberates 50 Villages in Aleppo Province*
  183. Israeli Forces Invade Palestinian Hospitals*
  184. U.S. Airstrikes Kill 22 Iraqi Troops in Ramadi*
  185. Research Shows Aboriginal Memories Stretch Back over 7,000 Years*
  186. Meet the Indian Women Trying to Take Down the Caste System*
  187. Gov’t Warns Farmers to Sell Livestock in Face of Spreading Drought in S. Africa*
  188. Captured Israeli Officer Details Israeli-ISIS Plan to Wipe-out all Islamic and Muslim Culture and Prevent Religions Coming Together*
  189. Angolan Fishing Community Asks Chevron for Oil Spill Compensation*
  190. Israel Harvesting Slain Palestinians’ Organs*
  191. Iraqi Forces in Control of 80 Percent of Anbar Province*
  192. Indigenous Hawai’ians Move One Step Closer Sovereignty from U.S.*
  193. Former Iraqi PM Slams the 60 nations in the U.S. –Led ‘anti’ ISIS Coalition*
  194. Indians Sue Britain for Return of Queen’s ‘Koh-i-Noor’ Crown Jewel*
  195. From Ghana Ebola as a Virus Does not Exist Except for Those Who Got Sick from the Shots*
  196. Indigenous Candidates Win Big in Washington State Elections*
  197. Mass Migration as Weapons of War*
  198. U.S. Refuses to Recognize Israel’s Annexation Of Syria’s Golan Heights*
  199. How France Loots its Former Colonies*
  200. 1 Million Syrians Return Home since Launch of Russian Anti-ISIS Operations*
  201. Syria Demands Israel Return the Golan Heights*
  202. The Guardians of Prophet Muhammad’s Burial Chamber*
  203. Canadian Mining Abuses in Africa*
  204. U.S. Stopping Iraqi Popular Forces’ from Freeing Ramadi from ISIS*
  205. Israel Grants Oil Rights in Syria to Murdoch and Rothschild*
  206. They get you to Hate Muslims so They Can Pocket There Wealth and Keep You Poor*
  207. Nigerian Army Kills 300 Minority Shia*
  208. Inuit Leaders Call for Healing and Education in Wake of TRC Final Report*
  209. Does Skin Pigment Act Like A Natural Solar-Panel?*
  210. Reclaiming the Tradition of Canoeing Downs Drugs and Ups Hope*
  211. Obama Spent $700 Million Promoting Homosexuality Overseas*
  212. Christmas in Damascus for Christians and Muslims*
  213. Syrian Army Female Battalion Fights to Defend Syria*
  214. Syrian Army Female Battalion Fights to Defend Syria*
  215. U.S. Program Forced Sterilization of Hispanic Women*
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