The Lotus Revolution

The  Revolution without Leaders…

What is a dream when you can’t

Remember your dream

What is a song when you can’t


your voice sounds like broken glass.

What is love when you can’t

Understand love is like

The bitter night.

What is a smile when your

Face is always in a frown

What is a cry when there are

No tears.

What is pain when there is

no hurt.

What is feeling when you

Can’t feel your feeling.

What is emptiness when

Your body is unwhole

What it is

What it is

How Comes/Ezzay!

Many songs have burst forth as a result of the January 25th Egyptian revolution 2011, and some have very little to say. Perhaps the most popular song is by Mohammed Mounir known as the “Voice of Egypt” a Nubi who is very prolific when in interview. His song called “Ezzay,” which means “How come?” compares Egypt to a lover in the song.

‘I love you, and I know you love me, too, but you have to appreciate what I’m doing for you. I will keep changing you until you love me as I love you,’ …

The Youth’s Day of Anger

The straw that broke the camel’s back has been gestating for a long time even amongst the citizens of developed countries, people want change, but the real change is within. Only when we begin to see the world as an integral whole, can the liberty of reciprocal rights be honoured.

The youths Days of Anger gave courage to their parent’s generation. At last, if only for a moment, everyone can exhale. It proved that people do have the power to change, and that the real change can only come from them. It is in the midst of this realization that hope as a chance, but in this hope there must be real contemplation of what one truly needs for the good of the whole. Without this realization, all could be lost. It means living with the heart and the mind in unity in order to find one’s feet on the right path, it means realizing that life is more than what one can buy, or the status that one dons to claim superiority over…

Why the Army Won’t Shoot Protesters

Khalid Ibrahim Al-Laisi has been a soldier in the Egyptian army for 20 years. Today, far from shooting protesters, he says the time has come “to revolt against oppression.”

And as protesters vow to continue to press for President Hosni Mubarak to leave now, rather than at election time later in the year as he offered to do Tuesday, Al-Laisi, 38, is the face of an army that is one with protesters, not against…

The Student Who Sparked the Lotus Revolution

Just as Rosa Parks inspired and sparked the Black Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. because she refused to give up her seat to a white man forty years ago on December 1, 1955, out of tiredness and weariness from a long day of work, student Asmaa’ Mahfouz inspired and sparked The Lotus Revolution. This vlog was recorded on January 18th by Asmaa Mahfouz, the girl who helped start it all. She had shared it on her Facebook, and it had gone viral. It was so powerful and so popular, that it drove…


The Vice-President held a series of meetings with representatives of the full spectrum of political parties and forces, as a well as a number of youths from the 25 January movement.  The meetings arrived at the following consensus:

All participants of the dialogue arrived at a consensus to express their appreciation and respect for the 25 January movement and on the need to deal seriously, expeditiously and honestly with the current crisis that the nation is facing, the legitimate demands of the youth of 25 January and society’s political forces, with full consideration and a commitment to constitutional legitimacy in confronting the…

Egypt Strikes in Support of the Protestors

The strikes in actual fact have been going on throughout the youth uprising since the Day of Anger, January 25th. It is what helped to bring Egypt to quite literally a standstill when the underground metro in support allowed people through to their “destinations” without charge.  but the strike of Wednesday 09th became more noticeable because it was in the midst of a three days of return to almost normalcy as the police have been forced to work in service of the people. Thousands of state workers and impoverished Egyptians went on strike Wednesday after weeks of anti-government protests cast a spotlight on…

Statements of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

Based on the responsibility of the Armed Forces, and its commitment to protect the people, and to oversee their interests and security, and with a view to the safety of the nation and the citizenry, and of the achievements and properties of the great people of Egypt, and in affirmation and support for the legitimate demands of the people, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces convened today, 10 February 2011, to consider developments to date, and decided to remain in continuous session to consider what procedures and measures that may be taken to protect the nation, and the achievements and aspirations of the…

Governments Stamp Out Solidarity Protests

Security forces are violently putting down protests that have flared up across the Arab world inspired by or in solidarity with Egypt’s uprising, report Human Rights Watch and IFEX members in the region. In Ramallah, the Palestinian Authority used violence against peaceful demonstrators during a solidarity rally on 2 February. Witnesses told Human Rights Watch that regular police and “special forces” – identifiable by their uniforms – punched, kicked and detained protesters, as well as at least two journalists and a Human Rights Watch research assistant. On 30 January, Palestinian Authority security had shut down a solidarity demonstration in front of the Egyptian embassy in Ramallah, after…

Egyptian Armed Forces Have Taken Power

At the time of posting this on Feb. 11 2011, the Armed Forces had taken power on the Day of Departure of President Mubarak after his speech of Feb. 10 2011 enraged protestors further who massed today in the biggest demonstration to date. Former President Mubarak has now left Cairo…. A field army commander tells Ahram Online the just released communique of the Supreme Armed Forces Council means the army has seized power, for an interim period

The just released Communique #1 of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, announcing that the Council will remain in an …

They Did It!

The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people
when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers,
and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wakan-Taka (the Great Spirit),
and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. This is the real peace, and the others are but reflections of this. The second peace is that which is made between two individuals,
and the third is that which is made between two nations. But above all you should understand that there can never be peace between nations until there is known that true peace,
which, as I have often said, is within the souls of…

When the Going Gets Tough…

Abusive, aggressive emotions can fill the air clouding all judgment especially if one has a differing picture of reality.  It is at times like those when one knows that one is not valued for what one is, but must bow to a prevailing notion, no matter how off the track that notion is.

As the wind of change is blowing across the North African continent and maybe the Middle East, and empowered spirits grace the air, the devil still remains to be in the details.

The lotus rises from the mud as the diamond dawns from the coal, requiring the elements that sustain it to nourish it in recognition of its true essence.  When a generally obedient and patient people rise…

Revolution Support Network

After the masses of the Egyptian Youth came out to dispute the autocratic rule, which lasted for thirty years, they believed in their principles and legitimate demands. They faced with courage all forms of repression and terror exercised by the Egyptian government by killing, injuring, arresting and misleading the public opinion. The Egyptian Youth could bravely with unprecedented audacity to overthrow the regime of President Hosni Mubarak to step down.

But the victory was not an easy thing and it took place over the blood of our martyrs and the tears of the injured and their families in…

Private Sector and WFP Support Vulnerable Egyptians

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) met yesterday with representatives from the Egyptian private sector who pledged to continue to support WFP in providing food assistance to the most vulnerable Egyptian families affected by the economic slowdown following the last few weeks political crisis.

Representatives from Pepsico Tomooh, Vodafone Egypt Foundation, Banque du Caire, Banque Misr Foundation for community Development and Welfare, Star Care Foundation -Mercedes, CEMEX -Assiut Cement met with Mr. Gianpietro Bordingon, WFP Representative and Country Director in Egypt and senior WFP staff to discuss the first…

The March to Victory: Honouring the Dead

February 18th, a Friday like all Fridays is a good day to come together in Muslim societies.  The Million man march of the 18th Feb 2011 was beaten with a conservative estimate of two million, like the endless Nile, the people flowed into the Square. Commemorating and honouring the dead the respected Sheikh Qaradawi who had lived in exile, returned to his homeland as a result of Qatari politricks in 2009-2010, involving a takeover of The crowd was silent for the du’aa leading up to the congregational prayers, but talked much through Qaradawi’s actual sermon.

The crowd became attentive with the Prayer of Absence, as they were informed that of the 356 dead, not all bodies had been…

Sinai Bedouin and The Revolution – Video Statement

Statement by representatives of the majority of the tribes of North and South Sinai, regarding the Egyptian Revolution. They support the revolution and pledge to protect the eastern borders of Egypt. The Bedouin representatives consisted of around 350 mainly young Bedouin men from different tribes and met at Wadi Watir near the city of Nuweiba in South Sinai. They have elected a delegation to represent them in any negotiations with the government.

The tribes gathered together in the support of the downfall of the corrupt system, and conveyed respect for those who started the Revolution. They are aware of the martyrs who died in Tahrir Square

On the 11th and 15th of Feb. 2011, the tribes gathered at Nuweiba…

Egypt: Draft Proposal of the Constitutional Reform

Drafted by the Constitutional Reform Committee

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had tasked an 11-member committee of constitutional law experts headed by Justice Tarek El-Bishri to draft amendments to the constitution with a view to ensuring a credible transition to an elected civilian authority. On Feb. 25th 2011 the Committee announced its proposed amendments, which will be open to a public debate and re-drafting prior to being voted on in popular referendum. The following is a summary of the main changes proposed by…

Protestors Bear Witness to State Security Corruption

While a Muslim and a Christian family lash out in a violent feud in the Cairo governorate of Helwan over an ill-desired relationship between a Muslim and a Christian, half the public universities remain closed, and pro-Mubarak supporters start entering and frightening the children. The Armed Forces have been stretched thin by overseeing the Constitutional amendment and the referendum set for March 19th , meeting with the Youth movement of January 25th Revolution, ushering in the demands of the people for a new interim…

Egypt: Bullying a Return to Normalcy

The civility of those who have protested, and are still protesting for the revolution cannot be understated. Those who have supported them through strike actions, has also to be admired in order to bring about a change in the direction of the country that is for the common good of all citizens. They have acted with good intentions, and in doing so have permeated the air with hope for millions of Egyptians, brought a sense of community, and mutual responsibility, and have helped to remove the barriers that…

The People’s Democracy Stands Vindicated

To all those who have done their utmost to under the Egyptian January 25th Revolution, to eliminate the demonstrators, to bully and terrorize them, and to set Egyptian against Egyptian, and to ensure that former President Mubarak’s account is not frozen, and to involve external elements to prey on the people, the people who took their lives in their hands, and raised alarm. Despite the Armed Forces call for all documents found to be returned in the interest of national security, some individuals did go to the media, and at this point in time, what information…

A Generation of Neos

… a generation of Neos know that something is wrong, knows that it is unacceptable, knows what it is doing to them, their families and their friends, knows that the Matrix of their lives is a lie, a lie that has robbed far too many of their souls. Life can be better than this for everyone, it does not have to be this way, but others won’t listen, they accept their mental slavery, and without them, without defining the dream, without beginning to live that dream despite the odds, for that dream to work, it must be breathed into in order to come to life. After all, this is why the Neos exist to help the others to wake…

Egypt’s Interim Constitution

19th March 2011 was the day of the referendum of amendments to the Constitution. The air was electric, but the days since then fell auspiciously quiet. 25% of the 40 million voting population voted – above normal, but still was not a good reflection. There was a 70+% “Yes” for the amendments without knowledge of the whole constitution. Those who voted “No” to the constitutional amendments, did so for many reasons including the desire to see a completely new constitution reflective of the January 25th Revolution. The “No” votes were as follows:

Statement: The Free Front for Peaceful Change

The Free Front for Peaceful Change condemns and rejects the threats of Saudi authorities regarding the trial of the deposed president. We regard these threats as interference in the Egyptian internal affairs, objecting with the national and popular resolve endorsed by the great January 25th Revolution.

We also announce the formation of an official delegation of the Front to hand a memorandum of protest to the Saudi Ambassador at the statements made by Saudi authorities. These statements contradict with the resolve of Egyptians, who want to put the tyrant Mohammad Hosni Mubarak to…

Hosni Mubarak’s April 10 Speech

I have felt great pain – and still – due to the unfair campaigns and unjust accusations to which my family and I have been exposed, aiming mainly to endanger my reputation, question my honesty and mess with my military and political history during which I exerted big efforts for Egypt and its people, in war and peace.

I preferred to give up my post as a president, placing the interest of the nation and its people over any other interest, and I chose to keep away from the political life, wishing all best and progress for Egypt…

Egypt:: Roundtable Talks in the Absence of Democracy

An announcement received on the same day as the event entitled: “Roundtable Discussion on Democracy Building in Egypt – Challenges and Sustenance,” pledges to: “…The international community supporting democratic developments and increased respect for human rights need to work closely with the countries in the region to identify strategies and focus areas to best foster the democratic reforms complying with the current situation…” It acknowledges that: “The current call for democratic reform…

A Born-Again Christian in Cairo

The English Club is a curious sign to see in an area that is a calm mixture of peoples with a professional- looking blue and white sign hanging up above a ground floor apartment; an area that is graced with the beauty of nature, and clean air until one meets the main road. One is comforted by the seemingly lack of discrimination, and the normalcy at which Egyptians of all status, and foreigners (African, Asian, and white) move around getting on with their respective lives. One could joke about the sign from a literal point of view, a club for expats where they could get away from the natives as is their general tendency…

Sinai Liberation Day

Sinai to many Christians around the world represents where Prophet Musa/Moses was handed the Ten Commandments by God although the evidence that there is points to Mount Catherine/Gebel Musa (as it is known to the Bedouin) in Egypt as being the mount in question.

The land of Sinai is a peninsula between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea known in ancient times as the Country of Turquoise, as it was known during the time of the Jewish historian Josephus, and is still referred to as such i.e. The Land of Fayrouz as it was known by the ancient Egyptians.  Sinai Liberation…

From Liberation to Re-enslavement

Sometimes, when something happens, one cannot comment, because it knocks the wind out of our sails. One maybe stunned for a while afterwards, knowing the wrongness in which something has prevailed, but yet unable to comprehend the extent to which we allow ourselves to be enslaved again, and again, and again.  That is the fuel of colonialism, the fuel that keeps it burning, because there are always enough people to do the work for the oppressor. Always it takes a burning reality to present its self in one’s life to recognize the silenced inner voice – until then, one remains enslaved while the

Egypt: Hope in the Midst of Change and Sectarian Violence

It is with disbelief that one heard the news, and the news was conveyed again by a very concerned Muslimah journalist. Fear sets in as people start a new day tired from that fear that arose out of the burning of a church in the overcrowded underprivileged area of Embaba in Cairo, Egypt. The surety  amongst Muslims and Coptic alike that the madness that seems to be pervading some Salafis are behind this atrocity, an atrocity that led to 12 deaths, and 186 wounded, and a growing number of arrests. If one was a foreigner looking for directions one would think that one was invisible as one approached a…

Egypt: Protecting the Right to Practice One’s Faith

This is one liberty that is increasingly amiss in the West, and replicated by some individuals and institutions in the Middle East and Africa. The 25 January Egyptian Youth Revolution took the lid of 30 years of not speaking one’s mind. As such, all voices have been speaking ever since that day, and sometimes with great ferocity. That ferocity has led to many clashes religious, secular, and otherwise, the most pronounced in the minds of the West being that between Christians and Muslims, or more specifically Salafis. The Salafis of Egypt became a growing visible entity during …

Rekindling the Pre-commercial Musical Trend of Ismailiyya

The three cities of the Canal (Port Said, Isma’iliyya and Suez) share similar traditions of music and song, though each has its special features.Three tributaries combined to bring these arts to Ismailiyya, which is located half-way along the Canal. The first of these was the Sudanese, who have lived in the oldest quarters of the city-the “Slave Stockades” (‘arayshiyyit il-‘abid)-since it was built in the last third of the nineteenth century.  The second was the interaction of local musicians with others from Port Said or Suez, as well as with the shipping passing through the Canal, which, at the end of the 1930’s, brought…

Living in the World’s Largest Open Museum

If one has ever been to the built up city of Cairo, in the summer heat that is enough to dematerialize one down into one recyclable homogenous substance, then it would have been extremely difficult to not have visited the Great Pyramid and/or the Saqqara; added to that of course is the acutely steep inward ‘climb up to the King Chamber, which is quite exhilarating when one reached the top. All that skill, sacred geometry and technology remains completely unmatched by modern technology like paradox of contemporary Cairo summer climate compared to the thrill of the refreshing, cooling winds of the Giza…

It’s Official: The ‘Arab Spring’ Goes West

Dubbed the “Spanish revolution”, the protest began with a march through Madrid on Sunday, led by young Spaniards angry at mass unemployment, austerity measures and political corruption. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero even voiced sympathy with the “peaceful” demonstrations ahead of Sunday’s regional and municipal elections. Organisers of the spearhead protest in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square called for a huge silent demonstration to begin in the early hours of Saturday, minutes after midnight. “We are calling on everyone to gather in Puerta del Sol and carry out the ‘silent protest’…

A Counter-Faith Revolution!?

As the weather heats up in week that bore witness to Hosni Mubarak’s sons Alaa’ and Gamal being finally imprisoned on serious charges of corruption, and incitement of violence on the protestors of the January 25th Revolution 2011, so too does the optimism of the Egyptian people with hope in their hearts of a different tomorrow. A poster went up in Al Hurriya Square depicting the number of Nubian lives lost in the Revolution who have passed unnoticed as the process of cleansing the governors brought in by former President Mubarak are replaced. With the detention of the Mubaraks faith has…

One Up for Mankind: Gaza-Rafah Border to Open Permanently

In the week following the 63rd commemoration of the ‘Great Catastrophe’ – El Nakba where all borders with Egypt, Syria, and Jordan met with protests by citizens of those countries as well as within Palestine itself, the governing Egyptian Armed Forces has decided to permanently open the Gaza-Rafah border. This will help to end the longest siege – four years – of a people. The border will be open from 8.00am – 9.00pm except for Fridays, and public holidays. Because Gazans democratically voted for Hamas, the people have been punished by Israel and its allies by having all borders including coastal borders closed..

IMF: Neocolonialism vs. Jan. 25th Revolution

A deep intake of breath, and somehow, is unable to exhale as the international elite’s International Monetary Fund succeeds finally in entrapping the January 25th Revolution, though one wonders how a government in transition is able to make such a commitment, yet hold back on Nile River agreements until there is an official government. Until then, hope for change seemed possible, but it seems like the kind of hope that Obama needs. The recently agreed IMF loan of US$3bn like all IMF loans comes with conditions that usually end up impoverishing a country than enriching it. While the Europeans …

Africa: GM Crop Take-up on the Rise Despite Evidence

Burkina Faso, Egypt, and South Africa, have started cultivating GM crops, while Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Malawi, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe are carryout field tests, some of the above results of which will take effect before they have reached a decision. On a continent that is seriously suffering from climatic changes and water security is an issue, GM crops demand a lot of water. The Tanzanian cotton Board has approved Bt cotton, which again, many evidenced based reports have proven to be a hazard.  This is more than implied by the governing clauses, which removes the companies and stakeholders of GM…

‘Audacity to Hope’: Egypt Says No to IMF

In the darkest hour, reason to hope can appear from anywhere even when the crumbling global system refuses to let go. This news is a few days old, for it was announced on July 01st 2011, but it one that should be marked, even celebrated, and that is the momentous occasion of a country rejecting the Empire that is represented by taking an IMF. Despite the American’s media to paint all the uprisings in the Middle East as American backed, Tunisia, and Egypt’s Revolution was and is precisely that. Because they were truly a people’s revolt, the U.S. and the rest of the international elite sought all means to…

Egypt: There is No Easy Walk to Freedom!

As a foreigner who has lived in the north and south of Egypt, one is fully aware of the marked difference between the two cultures. The culture of the south is calmer, and richer, because it has greater self identity culturally, and in faith (Muslims and non-Muslims).  In the northern city of Cairo, the battle of self identity is greater, as in any other city around the world, and the dog-eat-dog mentality as one foreigner put it prevails. It is with knowledge and understanding of the trials and tribulations of the Egyptian people, and the survival mechanisms that they put in place that one is able to live, for…

Symbolism, State-Controlled T.V. in the Art of Egyptian Youth

The “Maspero” exhibition is a multi-art exhibition by young Egyptian artists who challenge the iconoclastic national identity of the Egyptian Radio and Television building called “Maspero.” Art within art, the exhibition takes place in the original capital of Cairo, Fustat, surrounded by the grand limestone architecture of Coptic Cairo, is an art village in the architectural style of Hassan Fathy. If anyone has preconceived ideas as to what constitutes art, then it is an exhibition that one would not miss, but what would be missed are the challenges of one’s own perceptions that the exhibition presents. Curated…

Accusations, Trade, Politics and E. Coli

Now the accusations have been redirected to another food source, and another country where the ‘Arab Spring is present, Egypt with the UN threatening to boycott all Egyptian seeds in a region where there has been no E. coli outbreak at a time when all countries around the world are hypersensitive about their exports! By the 4th June, 12 E.U. countries had reported outbreaks, and a rare strain of E- Coli had been identified. What must be noted is that 8 genes have been identified in the new strain to be anti-biotic resistant. This was discovered by scientists in both Germany and China, which means…

Egypt: Old Media Restrictions Back in Place

The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by the new measures taken by Egypt’s ruling military council. In recent days, the military announced that it would actively enforce the Hosni Mubarak-era Emergency Law, which allows civilians, including journalists, to be tried in state security courts. Other recent anti-press measures include an Al-Jazeera bureau being raided and shut down, the military announcing a “temporary freeze” on issuing licenses to satellite television stations, and a foreign blogger being denied entry into the country. “For months now, the ruling Supreme Military Council of the…

Egypt: 10,000 Christian Protests Results in Injuries and Deaths

Today is a sad indictment on the January 25 Revolution as Egypt prepares for elections. A peaceful march that set out from the Cairo locality of Shubra on October 09th 2011, was in response to a Coptic guest house being converted into a church in the majority Muslim village of Merinab in the peaceful Upper Egyptian city of Aswan. Like all Christian protests, the march was to end at the T.V. state building Maspero situated on the Corniche, the main road that runs concurrent with the Nile. Reports from within the Maspero building described the protestors as being armed. Rocks and petrol bombs were…

 Egypt: Paper Made from Rice Straw!

It  was some years ago under Mubarak rule, that one recalls watching with intrigue how a local inventor had found a solution to a problem that plagued Egypt during the summer months, that of burned rice straw. For every summer during the harvest, the air would be polluted causing upper respiratory tract and eye infections. This man, whose name one cannot recall, had turned rice straw into cheap, but durable building material and demonstrated its durability and how functional it was. That was the last one heard of this invention, which probably in real terms would have posed a threat to the magnates…

From Tahrir Square to Times Square: Statement from Occupy Wall Street

After triumphing in a standoff with the city over the continued protest of Wall Street at Liberty Square in Manhattan’s financial district, the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread world wide today with demonstrations in over 1,500 cities globally and over 100 US cities from coast to coast. In New York, thousands marched in various protests by trade unions, students, environmentalists, and community groups. As occupiers flocked to Washington Square Park, two dozen participants were arrested at a nearby Citibank while attempting to withdraw their accounts from the global banking giant…

Global Day of Action against an Irrational Economic System

People are aching for change.There are about 40 million people who are either unemployed or severely underemployed. That’s the real number. The scourge of unemployment devastates all who are affected. For Black and Latino communities, the rate of unemployment is almost double the national average. Young people cannot find decent paying jobs. For those who took the path of college, the aggregate amount of student loan money owed to the banks is over $1 trillion. The banks pushed through legislation in Congress that prevents people being able to declare bankruptcy on student loans..

Reoccupying Egypt

At what point does one give up or keep trying is a question that frequents everyone’s’ mind especially when it one is confronted with the reality of a status quo that takes life instead of give life. On a scale of freedom versus oppression it differs for everyone and no more so than it does for the Egyptian masses. The sense of fervor, oneness and community that was so strong at the beginning of the revolution began to die once the conditions of the streets returned to normal that is once the masses stopped caring for their immediate environment. This had not dawned on the “revolutionaries” who found…

Egypt: Transgressors Midst the Revolutionaries

The notion of “freedom” can mean different things to different people, which in Islam means respecting the freedom of others. One of the growing concerns of the Egyptian people when they refer to national security is the growing crime rate on the streets… Men have felt a certain liberty after being set free from the shackles emasculation under the former President Hosni Mubarak, a liberty that is now compromised by the ability to take their position in society as breadwinners depending on status. The revolution has yet to take place, and the uprising has raised many unsettled social issues, the price of…

Egypt Votes: Phase One Day Two

The negative impact of the unusual wet weather has dissipated, as the event of the day begins at 8.00am, however by 11.00 am it is not too difficult to find people in their cars driving around still trying to find their polling station. Those who do not have private vehicles are dependent on public transport, mainly the reliable microbus service which usually has a driver who knows his route fairly well. The community spirit of the early days of the uprising is still in the air has one young microbus driver kept warm by the cavalier way in which he wears his shamagh suddenly stops in the middle of the road with..

Egypt: Did the Raids Serve a Purpose?

It is a matter of mind over matter when someone continues to talk in a manner that makes the perpetrator look innocent, and the perpetrated look guilty. That is the nature of U.S. official delivery of its foreign policy, especially when that policy has violated the soveriegnty of the country that it accuses. The most recent news to hit the fan – ‘Egyptian forces raid of NGO offices in Cairo’ is just another incident that will bring 2011 to a close, and will not stop there. If one just…

The Children of God’s Revolution 1

On the eve of a very important date, a date that the nations ruling powers have tried, but failed to take control of, the Youth of the January 25th Revolution have still not been heard within Egypt, and without. If it had, one would be aware of the intelligence of these youth who see life as something to be honored at all levels offering a renewal to the personal, family, society and what it means to govern. If one has bypassed all the media tripe that has silenced their public voice, one would be…

Egypt: Has SCAF Overplayed Its Hand!

So it has happened again folks, yet another football match that erupts in violence becuase the losers do not like the outcome. Accept this time, it is not just another gormless football match (sorry guys), that leads to mindless behavior. Even the opinion of the People’s Assembly’s emergency meeting noted the obvious – it was a planned. Even as this is written, protestors have congregated in Tahrir to attack the Ministry of the Interior, which is believed to be responsible for the deaths of 73 people, and 2,000 injured in the Port Said match between the Cairo-based Al Ahly, and the Delta team Al…

Militarization of the Middle East Despite Abuses*

A mysterious ship laden with weapons is expected to dock in Port Said, Egypt, this week. The MV Schippersgracht left Southport in North Carolina, the Pentagon’s largest ammunition port, on March 3, 2012. The ship is on contract to the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command, which refuses to explain what weapons are on board or what the ultimate destination of the weapons are, claiming security concerns. Data on the MV Schippersgracht shipment came from an investigative collaboration between Amnesty International, Transarms and the International…

From the Jasmine to the Lotus: Getting the Constitution Right

Having faith in the wealth of what one has is something that many of us have to awaken to whether it be on a personal or social level. When Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution seemed to pass through its period of unrest to vote in a new government on December 23 2011, a number of the Egyptian youth revolutionaries looked on with envy – they had made it, so it was believed. However, just as protests erupt on the streets of Cairo again amidst the air of “I told you so” as a growing number of people realize that they were too ready to handover governance of their country through a…

Egypt: Activism Denied

ANHRI denounces the Misdemeanors Court of Rod El Farag’s judge sentencing two years and a fine against 8 activists participated in a peaceful demonstration in solidarity with the Copts of Egypt after the bombing of Saints Church in Alexandria during the celebration of Christmas early January of the past year. On January 4, 2011, Mustafa Mohiy Eddin, Mohammed Atef, Mohammed Naji, Mostafa Shawki, Tamer Adel Abdulaziz, Ahmed Refaat, Dia Eddin Ahmed Rabi and Amr Ahmed Hassan participated in a peaceful demonstration in Shubra in front of the Virgin Church to denounce the terrorist attack…

Egypt Votes: Every Silver Lining has a Cloud!

People today in general want stability, regardless of the high price they have paid, and are willing to continue to pay as they close their eyes to the matrix of deception that prevents them from getting anymore out of their lives or the lives of others that pave the way to their false sense of stability.

Regardless of the constitutionality of the first free presidential elections in Egypt, the elections have ensued. Voters out in high numbers, as long as one does not notice that the numbers are in fact low in relation to the voting population – for some already decided that they would not lend their vote to…

Mubarak: Life for 30

After a suppressed silence erupted in protests across Lower Egypt, at the shock and awe of candidates Mohammed Mursi (Muslim Brotherhood), and Ahmed Shafiq, the anger and frustration of the people at what many feel is a rigged presidential election would seem to have been presented with a sacrificial bull.

All of a sudden out from nowhere, in the midst of an anti-Muslim propaganda campaign by SCAF and Co., (the co., being the members of a middle class who want a rush towards normalcy, normalcy being…

Revolution Recall II

For the fourth consecutive day, Egyptians protesting the exoneration of key regime figures have settled into sit-ins. In the cities of Suez, Alexandria and Arish, organized sit-ins are growing in size and formulating their demands. Meanwhile, former presidential candidates deemed revolutionary by some joined in the demonstrations. On Monday, the former hopefuls spoke to protesters in the iconic Tahrir Square, proposing the formation of a presidential council that would rival the military junta’s elections. Political groups, organizations and campaigns endorsed a march of millions scheduled Tuesday…

Egypt Votes or Does It!

The increasing belief amongst ordinary Egyptians, and Egyptians who have faith in their people to clear the pathway to a new dawn, is that the elections have been rigged, and why not, at least it would be on the same footing as the U.S., the country that the ruling military, a large percentage of the elite, and the middle classes believe in blindly. The anti-Islamic campaigning that is meant to reduce the vote for the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Mursi has been unabaiting, changing minds amongst those who mistakenly believe that they actually have a choice between Ahmed Shafiq and Muhammed Mursi…

Egypt: Between the People and the State

The crisis that is blighting the country right now, is a crisis born out of neglect by the executive, the intelligensia, and the elite. It is a crisis that manifests in so many ways at so many levels, both apparent and not so apparent around the world today. When that which considers itself the state: the executive, the intelligensia, and the elite ignore the reason for their existence, all short term solutions fall back on itself. The currently elected parliament, was the first electoral body voted in by the people in November 2011. The constitutionality of this parliament was brought into question by appeals that were…

Tomatoes and Shoes for Clinton

The unrelenting heat as the Sun pumps out ultra-violet rays does not seem to abate the growing political awareness on the streets of Cairo, as hundreds of protestors ‘greeted’ Hilary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State after reopening a U.S. embassy in Alexandria four days before Ramadhan. This time, it was not the shoe thrown by Iraqi journalist,  as now former president G.W. Bush, or the black flags, and chants  of “No to the American tutelage over Muslim lands” and (يا للعار يا للعار, بعد الثورة إستعمار) “Ya lil Aar ya lil A’ar ba’s el-Thawrah el-Istimar”  (What a shame, What a shame – after the revolution comes

Mursi’s 30 Days and Counting

The worst media is the media that descends into a hate campaign against someone who does not deserve it. In post ‘revolutionary’ Egypt, that is referred to in the Qur’an as: “eating the flesh”

They neither add value,  or worthiness to their readers, and play no role in the development of their country at a time when the Ashura Council revises the way in which state-owned media is run selecting chief editors that are way below standard. For whatever reason the first civilian president Muhammed Mursi came to power, it is under conditions where certain presidential powers are held by the…

Mursi and SCAF Make Sweeping Reshuffle

In response to Sunday’s Sinai border attacks, President Mohamed Morsi, in conjunction with Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), announced a reshuffle of Egypt’s sensitive security positions on Thursday, including the posts of general intelligence chief, head of the Cairo Security Directorate, head of Egypt’s Republican Guards, and North Sinai governor.

The new head of the Republican Guards was the only military post appointed by the presidential office, as all military positions are assigned by the SCAF, which is headed up by Defence Minister Hussein…

‘Film-maker’ Disappears without a Trace While the Effect Sparks a 9/11 Incident.

The 11th anniversary of 9/11, the year that served as a vehicle to implement economic, national security policies and to reorganize the world’s natural resources, as well as lay the path to a centralized one government world under the guise of war-on-terrorism  was commemorated by the kind courtesy of a film defaming Prophet Muhammed (SAW). The film had the desired affect, to inflame Muslims around the world.

First cited as a Dutch film by CNN, the film was financed by the irreligious American pastor Terry Jones, a CIA informant, the same pastor that was prevented from burning a copy of the Qur’an in 2010 publicly…

Egypt Joins the List of Countries That Reject GM Corn

Egypt began importation of Monsanto’s GM corn, MON 810, in 2008. Two shipments of 70 and 40 tons respectively were received. The first batch of 70 tons, was recieved in Egypt December 2012, and was planted in 10 governorates! The second shipment was received in January 2012, but was seized by the Agriculture Ministry according to Louise Sarant writing for the Egypt Independent.

Biosafety expert for the Ministry of Environment and Microbiology and Immunology Professor at Egypt’s 6th of October University, Osama El Tayeb told Sarant that the two former Ministry of Agriculture…

Anti-U.S. Protests Turns the West on Its Heels!

The reaction to Innocent of Muslims, was excessive Islamically, but it was never just about the cheap 13 minute trailer that led led to an Israeli-U.S. false flag – the mysterious killing of Arabist, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens (Libyans actually saved him, but he ended up dead!?), and three other still unamed staff from the Embassy. Unbeknown to the Israeli-U.S.-Saudi operation, instead of triggering a larger false flag so that invasion into Syrian, Lebanon, and Iran etc., would be possible, insulting Prophet Muhammed (SAW) served to channel the observations of the people, the extent to which U.S. and others have been playing chess with their countries, hence the protests spread like …

Mursi Spells Out New Arab US Relations

On the eve of his first trip to the United States as Egypt’s new Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi said the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values and helping build a Palestinian state, if it hoped to overcome decades of pent-up anger.

A former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mr. Mursi sought in a 90-minute interview with The New York Times to introduce himself to the American. . .

Arab Spring was Used to Expand Control Over Nations*

Many oil-producing nations such as Saudi Arabia, the US, the UK, Japan and Kuwait have pledged $165 million to fund an initiative of the World Bank that will allegedly prop up countries that have been affected by manufactured Arab Spring uprisings.

Along with the approval of the UN, International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the Islamic Development bank and the OPEC fund for International Development are supporting the partnership.

The IMF and the World Bank, at a meeting in Tokyo, focused talks on the Middle East and their economies of which recent Arab Springs have paved the way for globalist influence in the region. . .

The Nature of Secularism

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy Arguing because we refuse to listen, refuse to remove a perception of reality that no longer exists – lost in a maze that is destroying those they turn to, with the West full of broken promises that it is no longer willing to mete out to their citizens. This is the case in Egypt, more pointedly Lower Egypt currently, as unknowingly each segment of the population with their own piece of blanket is tearing the country apart to the amusement of their Western mentors–  one doesn’t need a President to do that!

Here is where the battleground is between the state vs. the people, and faith vs. secularism after 30. . .

Mursi’ Constitutional Declaration

The Unofficial Text

In a surprise move Thursday, President Mohamed Mursi issued a new Constitutional Declaration.

The declaration began by stating that the January 25 Revolution had mandated the president with the responsibility to achieve revolutionary demands and to root out remnants of the old regime from Egypt’s state institutions. It also called for the building of a “new legitimacy built on a constitution” to promote “principles of freedom, justice and democracy.”

Ahram Online provided a translated version of Thursday’s Constitutional Declaration.

We have decided the following. . .

Mursi’ Latest Decree Divides what was Already Divided – the Nation*

Why would Mursi take such a serious step by temporarily extending his powers, knowing the depths of the ocean he swims in? Is there more at stake than he is letting on, does it reflect his bias, or is he throwing down the gauntlet to the contenders… the counter-revolutionaries within the establishment!

Egyptian hospitals treated injuries sustained during rallies against President Mohamed Mursi’s decree extending his powers, which sparked one of the biggest nationwide protests since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

Protesters storm an office of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice party and set fires in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, Egypt, on Nov. 23, 2012. . .

Dirty Politics: The Ethical Slip

The abnormal rain clouds that have blanketed the skies since President Mursi made the Constitutional Declaration that was an emergency attempt to secure an insecure-able situation i.e. to secure the country’s main institutions until a Parliament was in place depicted the intentions of those behind the backlash to Mursi’s declaration. They are the kind of people one could not trust one’s life with, because as the days have progressed with each successive violent protest it became more and more evident the extent of the corruption. Pivotal to the Big Lie, has been Egyptian media that climaxed with the death of 118 youth and 126 injured outside of the Presidential Palace.  Most of the population is rightly. . .

Reading Between the Lines: Who’s Calling for Justice?

. . . clear examples, and sometimes those activists have stretched the meaning of activism in its literal sense supporting a regime, whether Western or otherwise.

It shocked me to hear one university professor, someone I know say adamantly that he would not vote in favor of a draft Constitution to go to public Referendum in Egypt. The reason for the shock was purely emotional – he does not like Muslim Brotherhood. The anti-Mursi nationwide media has been successful in its propaganda campaign, like the West and certain Arab countries have been on Libya, and now Syria. From this professional I would have expected a process of reasoning based on actually reading the. . .

Egypt Votes: Constitutional Referendum

Away from the biased gaze of the local press, complete silence fell across Cairo, a city that castes itself as the image, which is often referred to as a separate entity by those who live away from the complexes of Cairo.

The Select Electoral Committee’s Zaghloul El-Balshi stated that 50% of 25 million registered voters out of 10 governorates voted in the first round. Unprepared for a large turnout, this is what precisely happened to the amusement of some women voters waiting in line in Sharqia. The government was indeed surprised, and had to extend the opening hours of the polling station to 11.00pm. After all the. . .

The Illusive Missing Mubarak Fortunes

In August 2012, the report ‘Illicit Financial Flows from Africa: Hidden Resource for Development’ involving the High-Level Panel on Illicit Financial that was formed in 2011 by African finance ministers found that amongst the countries U.S$70.5bn illegally left Egypt. How much more has left the country since the January 25 2011 Revolution once the elite realized they were losing ground is another question to a long list of questions.

Now Ahram Online reveals part of the corruption amongst the much esteemed judiciary, that involved blocking the hunt for the Mubarak fortune much needed by the country right now. . .

Libya, Syria, and Egypt All Planned*

The truth about Syria is being revealed by activist and blogger ‘Syrian Girl’ (Mimi Al-Laham) who spells out what others fear to think, let alone say. For example, everybody realizes that the Americans are arming al-Qaeda but few know that the Rothschild national banks are behind the attacks on Libya and Syria.

These banks are at the heart of the New World Order run by a global elite intent on controlling the rest of the world by putting it into un-repayable debt. They do it by ensuring that everybody is trapped into borrowing money at high interest. For ever after, the interest is paid, paid and paid again to keep. . .

The Black Block!

They seem to take themselves seriously, as they cause havoc, destruction, death and spread fear amongst the nation – ironic as they swear to defend a revolution that has bear no resemblance to that revolution, but instead reflect the drama has currently expounded by state TV as if victory is near editing any interviews contrary to their propaganda, and echoing sentiments of the motley National Salvation Front, whose tactics are reminiscent of the Mubarak regime, during the January 5th revolution, and during the presidential elections.  Well dressed, well equipped, the Black Block’s marketing campaign hints of something else at play, even as a member was caught and discovered to be an Israeli. .

Running Out Of Dollars!?*

. . .  So in the game, where the last player to crush their currency inevitably loses, the question is who is next. The answer may well be America’s latest best north African friend, and custodian of the Suez Canal: Egypt.

As Reuters reports, in the ongoing underreported counterrevolution against the Muslim Brotherhood’s US-backed regime, the local population is increasingly scrambling to preserve their local-denominated paper wealth by converting it into the same currency that Bernanke is hell bent to crush some by some $85 billion per month. Problem is – Egypt is out of dollars. A run on Egypt’s pound has left foreign. . .

Egypt: Busy Controlling Smuggled Weapons*

Egyptian security forces seized US-made anti-tank and surface-to-air missiles destined for Gaza early January, and not for the first time, with weapons seized n the way from Libya before Benghazi-gate exposed the Libya CIA base unknown to even Libyan authorities. Egyptian security officials say they have seized two tons of explosives headed to the Sinai Peninsula from Cairo. The explosives were seized in the main Suez Canal transport tunnel that links Egypt to the Sinai. The truck driver is being questioned.

Egypt’s Troubled Waters in the Midst of Calm

If those who’s bid for power could be won with the support of the people, there would be less exploitation, manipulation, and in general less bullying no matter how subtle or barbaric ,but dirty politics knows only one way of doing things when the people seek the truth. One can generally go about one’s life amidst the pocket of ugly tactics to destabilize the country. There is still joy and laughter, along with the outbursts of anger that has become a part of daily life since the youth’s January 25th Revolution in 2011. The shadow self has raised its ugly self has promised by the Pluto in Capricorn Grand

Heavenly Signs: The Swan and the Eagle !?

Shifting from a heavy feeling felt in week leading up to the pro vs. Anti-Mursi protests of June 28 th – 30th when life burst into a mode of urgency from the preceding calm, a walk out onto the balcony was blessed by one feature of the cloudy night sky that became visible after what seemed like a star moved with the speed of a vehicle fading to red and then nothing as it moved from my right to my left. Known as the Summer Triangle, apparently it is predominant in the mid-northern latitudes, but here it has been in the South. The cloudy haze was party the Milky Way. Apparently this asterism is a sign of transition. . .


Heavenly Signs: The Swan and the Eagle !?

Shifting from a heavy feeling felt in week leading up to the pro vs. Anti-Mursi protests of June 28 th – 30th when life burst into a mode of urgency from the preceding calm, a walk out onto the balcony was blessed by one feature of the cloudy night sky that became visible after what seemed like a star moved with the speed of a vehicle fading to red and then nothing as it moved from my right to my left. Known as the Summer Triangle, apparently it is predominant in the mid-northern latitudes, but here it has been in the South. The cloudy haze was party the Milky Way. Apparently this asterism is a sign of transition. . .

Al-Azhar Institute Refutes Call for Jihad in Syria*

Al-Azhar Institute denied the statement issued by a number of clerics who met in Cairo on Thursday 13 June 2013 calling for so-called ‘Jihad in Syria’.

Sheikh Ali Shames, along with a number of al-Azhar clerics, reiterated in a statement that al-Azhar did not participate or sign on the statement that called to so-called ‘jihad’ in Syria.

Moreover, clerics like Mohammad al-Arifi and Youssef al-Qaradawi called on for jihad in Syria, with sectarian and provocative tones that called for killing Muslims.

Egyptian Military Coup Post Morsi

Two million on streets for anti-Mursi protests; 4 dead in Upper Egypt is the coverage, but it is blank statement considering a population of 80+ million for a man who has never been allowed to do his job or given the support to since he took office. Regardless, 16 protestors are dead including an American student, Andrew Pochter killed by a protestor, and 781 injured in clashes across Egypt since Sunday, all because the people who were the eyes, ears, and hands of Egypt in the first few months of the January 25 Revolution, 2011, went blind with suspicion fuelled by the ongoing counter-revolutionary actions. . .

Life Under General Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi

The text of the Egyptian Armed Forces Statement

Washington Behind Egypt’s Coup d’Etat*

Globalist El-Baradei Heads Egypt’s Interim Government*

Did the Heavens Unleashed Fireballs over Protests at Cairo, and Rio de Janeiro

Just as Before Egypt’s Coalition Splits Over Interim President Broad Powers*

New World Order Kills Democracy in Egypt

Palestinian Passengers in Limbo this Ramadhan Due to Egyptian Ban*

Erdogan refuses to speak to Egypt’s El-Baradei*

Egyptian Army’s Story Doesn’t Hold Up!*

The Grand Scam: El-Baradei and his Liberal Elites*

Egypt in a Coma!

Egypt Security Forces Open Fire on Morsi Supporters*

The Voice of the January 25 Youth Amidst the Resurrection of the Military’s Secret Police

Kerry Boosts Egyptian Military Dictatorship*

Egypt Denies Entry to Nobel Peace Winner Tawakul Karman*

As in Egypt So Tunisia Must Follow!*

Bloody Wednesday

Without Shame!

Egypt: British tourists in Red Sea resort of Hurghada advised to stay inside hotels

Egypt: Irish citizens escape Mosque violence following tense stand-off

An American living in Cairo through the Coup*

Egypt rallies head to No.10: Protesters gather as more clashes feared

Mubarak to be Released*

Jakarta and Paris Protests for Egypt

36 Brotherhood Detainees Killed Near Cairo*

“Silence is Complacency”: Against the Coup in Egypt*  

Four-finger ‘Rabaa sign’ – The Symbol of Protests against the Egypt Military Coup*

A Letter to a Martyred Daughter*

Egypt Widens Crackdown and Meaning of ‘Islamist’*

Why Rabaa Al-Adaweya?: The Story Behind the Mosque*

Renewed Protests against Egyptian Army*

Egypt Court Rules against Banning Porn Websites*

The Road to World War Three

President Mursi’s Economic Achievements Slips Out of the Misinformation Campaign*

Egypt Military Court Sentences 11 MB Members to Life in Jail*

Egypt’s Military Government Prepares to Ban Muslim Brotherhood*

Saudi Sent Death-Row Inmates to Fight Syria*

Egypt Worsens Conditions for Gazans*

Egypt: Despite Fear Rallies and Protests Ensue

Egypt Journalist Faces Military Court Over ‘Lies’

Egyptian Arrested for Naming Donkey after General*

Egyptian Military Trials of Civilians is Challenged*

Egypt: Silencing all Voices Accept the One it Wants to Hear*

The Man that Led the Counter-Revolutionary Coup: Egyptian, Jew or Both?

US, Saudis-Israeli, Qatar “Arab Spring Coup” in Sudan*

Canadians Caught in the ‘Islamist’ Net on Hunger Strike in Infested Egyptian Jail*

Sisi’s Student Paper and Egypt’s New Regime*

Egyptian Christians Against General Sisi*



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