Egypt’s Wind of Change!

Egypt’s Wind of Change!

Unbeknown to many, the solar radiation packed flares that the Sun has beeen pumping out in 2012 has been stepping up its campaign to purge more of disorientated souls. Intolerable heat for many, but one that was becoming increasingly intolerable, not helped by power outages, and short termpers, but also a massive inability to listen to the other. How could they, the Sun is demanding that everything comes to the surface in  order that we might be purged. But here on earth as reason flies out of the window, especially in Cairo, with unbelieveable forces attempting to turn Egypt’a Arab Spring into a farce. The problem with that obessession, is that it isdriving the country into hell, as these self obssessed liberal secularists, and members of the Mubarak regime, are doing everything to turn the country upside down to rid themselves of a paranoia in the form of the recently elected President Muhammed Mursi.

As the closing ceremony that opened with a 27 tonne bell for a £27 million opening ceremony on the 27 July , drew to a close on the 27th  day of Ramadhan (Layla-tul-Qadr), on the 11 August 2012, the solar flares upped the momentum by Spaceweather account to a  long duration M1.0 solar flare at 11:55, peaked at 12:20 and ended at 12:57 UTC. The source of this solar flare was centered around Sunspot 1540. The plasma was magnetically pulled back in towards 1544 located to the east. On that day, when everything was going out of proportion, Mursi declared a decision, a decision that descended like a cloud of relief for those waiting to exhale, and like a downpour on those who only know how to control, and if not in control, evoke the kind of chaos that spells doom.

It was with pride that the driver pointed out Mursi’s home, and why shouldn’t he for the night before, Mursi on the night of Layla-ul-Qadr announced that the man that the revolutionaries could not get rid of, the man who tried everything to maintain control despite prooving indequate, was being retired by the recently elected President Muhammed Mursi the man many thought had betrayed them, the man that was getting difficult to defend as weeks of rebellion from Mubarak’s regime tried to defame him through switching on and off the electricity and water supply, and national security false flags across the country.

Having covered half the country going where the trouble is, it was with pride that many heard what they did not know what thy wanted to be said with all of the confusion, and fear that shaytan was grabbing Egypt by the horns and about to tear it apart.

  • Hussein Tantawi, head of SCAF (de facto ruler), has been retired
  • Chief of Staff Gen. Sami Annan, has been retired
  • Heads of navy, air defense, and air force  have been retired

A sweeping move but after the repeated calls from revolutionaries for the removal of the old regime from office, a necessary one as they had compromised the country’s security for their own game in the puzzle.

Both Tantawi, and Annan have been given roles as presidential advisors.

Like a gift to his people in the annual presidential Layla-tul Qadr address (in the past given through Al Azhar), Mursi also added:

  • That the illegal Constitutional addendum made by SCAF in the run-off to the first free run off to the presidential elections (June 18 2012) was canceled.

The above news brought people returning to the streets of Tahrir and the Presidential Palace, to show their support for decisions, which show that he is not just a leader… These decisions have been supported by a broad political spectrum, including a presidential hopeful, Abdel-Moneim Abul-Fotouh, also a former Muslim Brotherhood member as “a bona fide transfer of power to the president” according to Ahram Online.

The SCAF constitutional addendum was beginning to turn the whole transition into a joke, beset at every stage with someone submitting an appeal to the High Constitutional Court, that could render, the People’s Assembly, and the Ashura Council, unconstitutional along with the Constituent Assembly etc.

  • In turn, President Muhammed Mursi appointed a new vice-president reformist judge Mahmoud Mekki who welcomed.

Former judge Mahmoud El-Khodeiry told Ahram Online:

“We’ve been waiting for such decisions; we’ve been expecting them. I believe Mekki is a very good choice,” El-Khodeiry said of the reformist judge. He added that Egypt’s High Constitutional Court had “bet on a losing horse” when it had “favoured the SCAF” with its verdict in mid-June ruling parliament unconstitutional.

There are of course those who felt that Mursi should have consulted other political parties, but given the holes that have permeated every aspect to the point that one could not take a step forward, which Mursi can now do.

It is up to the people now, to ensure that there is a broad-section of society is always represented in order to keep at bay, their fears of Muslimbrotherhood/zionist/U.S control long before Qatar agreed to loan U.S$500 million in Egypt’s central bank last week. It will also mean that deadlines and schedules need to be put in place, and made public, as it pertains to the new Constitution, which will define Mursi’s ‘job description’, possible the presidential cabinet, and the nature of the upcoming parliamentary elections.

So the week of 11 August 2012, begins on an air of hope as Egypt’s Alexandria Cotton Exporters’ Association (Alcotexa) committed to sell 1,092 tonnes of cotton in the week that ended on 11 August (up on September 2011, to 86,360 tonnes, worth U.S$268.37 million, the Egyptian bourse in the green (no comment), and Ramadhan ending with the wings of hope that could not have happened overnight, and would require long consultations with people like Judge Mekki, a reformist who would be accepted by a broadcross-section as vice president.


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