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U.K. Brexit Election 08 June 2017*

U.K. Brexit Election 08 June 2017*

A Very British Dictatorship

e.g. West Suffolk all 7 regions voted €U Out!

Tory MP Matthew Handcock campaigned to Remain. UKIP have no substantial representatives, nor leadership, but what other choice do I have? Corbyn’s a decent chap non war monger, but shadowed by LGBT political correctness gone mad and panders to the ever tedious anti-Semite lobby which is in effect international cultural Marxism. Lib-Dem Tim Farron is an odious joke.

The U.K. promotes freedom and democracy by interfering into foreign nation states and lies about Syria. Plus there’s incarcerating whistle blowers like Melanie Shaw who gets raped as a child and put imprison for talking about it.


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U.S. Embassy in London Insists on Interviewing Three Month Old Terror Suspect for Visa*

U.S. Embassy in London Insists on Interviewing Three Month Old Terror Suspect for Visa*

By Jim W. Dean

Tiny Baby’s Terrorism Interview Makes US Embassy Laughing Stock of the Internet

“You just can’t make stuff like this up” – Jim W. Dean

[Editor’s Note: This boggles the mind in its stupidity; that no one in the U.S. Embassy system wanted to draw attention to themselves by interfering in standard procedures. So a 3-month-old baby had to be brought down to London to be “interviewed” about poor grandpa mistakenly checking ‘yes’ instead of ‘no’ on the baby’s travel visa form about engaging in terrorism.

Sometimes our hunting down bad government is a long drawn out process of digging into dirty laundry to find what has been hidden there. But I chose this for publication for its wonderful simplicity.

We live in the age of computer processing and accountability of mid-level administration people being monitored by software for efficiency and the proper following of procedures. But what this case shows you is how easily the human common sense part of good admin work can totally disappear from the process.

And, if a simple situation like this got handled so badly, we have to ask ourselves, how many others that we don’t know about have been also, but over much more important issues… Jim W. Dean ]

U.S. Embassy in London


The U.S. embassy in London has become the butt of internet jokes after staff there interviewed a three-month-old baby on suspicion of terrorism. Young Harvey Kenyon-Cairns had been due to fly to Orlando, Florida with his parents and grandparents. His grandfather Paul Kenyon filled out his ESTA visa waiver application form, but made a mistake.

When he got the question of the form which asks, “Do you seek to engage in or have you ever engaged in terrorist activities, espionage, sabotage, or genocide?” Kenyon ticked yes instead of no.

As a result, Harvey, his mother Kaye and his grandfather Paul traveled with him on a ten-hour round trip from their home in Poynton, Cheshire, to the embassy in London’s Grosvenor Square.

Harvey, who isn’t talking yet, passed the interview and was eventually given permission to travel to the U.S. However, he wasn’t given the all-clear in time to travel with the rest of the family and Kenyon ended up having to pay an extra £3,000 ($3,767) to re-book tickets for Harvey and his parents.

Hearing about Harvey’s story, users of social networks were astonished that the embassy required him to visit in person for the interview, despite being aware that he is just three months old and obviously incapable of terrorism.

His grandfather joked that Harvey “has sabotaged quite a few nappies in his time.”

​​​”Baby Harvey was good as gold for the interview and never cried once. I thought about taking him along in an orange jumpsuit, but thought better of it,” Kenyon told the Guardian.

Others agreed with a point made by the child’s grandfather Paul Kenyon and criticized the inclusion of a question asking whether the visitor had ever engaged in terrorism.

“If you were a terrorist, I suspect you’d not be ticking yes on the ESTA form anyway,” the baby’s grandfather added.


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Libellous Attack by Mainstream Journalists Angered by SWEDHR Denounce of Unethical anti-Syria Propaganda*

Libellous Attack by Mainstream Journalists Angered by SWEDHR Denounce of Unethical anti-Syria Propaganda*

By Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli PhD, SWEDHR chair

Our article-series in The Indicter, denouncing videos for propaganda aims by the organization “White Helmets”, had a wide spread. The SWEDHR report was ultimately cited in the session of the United Nations Security Council, as evidence contesting sources on the alleged gas-attacks imputed to the Syrian government (April 12, 29017). We will soon be publishing a new, updated report on the White Helmets propaganda videos regarding the purported chemical attacks.


The reaction in the Western media on those revelations could be expected. The Western powers, which maintain the war against Syria by using proxy jihadist forces, have invested vast resources in the operation aimed to promote those proxy forces’ propaganda machine “White Helmets” which operate mainly in the al-Nusra Front (formerly al-Qaeda) held areas. The U.S. has provided to those ends 23 million dollars, added £32 million [US$39.78 million] funding assigned to the White Helmets propaganda project by the UK government. Germany and France have supplied equipment. Germany has raised its financial support to the White Helmets from $5.61 million $7.85 million”. And Sweden has been active in constructing for that organization a ‘human rights’ façade by means of bestowing the “White Helmets” the alternative Nobel Prize.

Hence, our revelations on the macabre using of children corpses for propaganda aims have produced bitter reactions from the part of the mainstream media of the above-mentioned Western powers. For instance, state-owned German TV network ARD/BR contacted me with the hypothesis that Russian Television RT would have indulged in “fake news” while reporting an interview I had with that network around our exposure of the White Helmets videos [See “Swedish Doctors for Human Rights Reply to German ARD/BR-Television ‘Verification Team’ ref. RT interview on White Helmets video“].

The response of Western media journalists have also in occasions taken a bizarre, seemingly desperate character. This is the case of a report published yesterday (April 14, 2017) by Le Figaro, and authored by its correspondent in Moscow, Mr Pierre Avril  [photo at left]. In the article En Russie, une curieuse thèse reprise pour exonérer Damas, Le Figaro indulges in a series of libellous statements ad-hominem against the messenger of the objective research-conclusions they dislike.

Clearly, Le Figaro article carries none whatsoever argument in disputing the conclusions reached by the SWEDHR investigation on the White Helmets. In the absence of arguments based on facts, The Figaro journalist throw instead an slanderous, offensive attack on the author signing the SWEDHR report. I rebut here below the lies posted by The Figaro. I also comment the supportive statement  –likewise untruthful– done on behalf of the Le Figaro libel by a journalist of the Swedish TV, Mr Bert Sundström, formerly Swedish TV correspondent in Russia. Sundström is referred by Swedish Television as an currently active SvT correspondent.

This article is a first respond to the libellous attack in-persona against the chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR), perpetrated by Le Figaro correspondent in Moscow. According to Swedish legislation, the statements described below would clearly constitute a criminal offence. In my view, these attacks also show the level of corruption that Western mainstream journalists have reached with regards to journalism professional-ethics and to ethics generally considered.

In rebutting the lies referred to my person, partly regarding claims of an non-existing participation in the Swedish public debate, and partly on my positions on dictator Pinochet, I was obliged to use a profusion of public images of my person, literary portraying different episodes of my public life that are  covered by the libel. I hope that this image-reiteration will not result too annoying to the reader.

Screenshot above is from https://www.pressreader.com/france/le-figaro/20170414/281732679352668 

(1) Le Figaro libel: “M Ferrada de Noli attributes himself a professor title” [“se targe du titre de professeur“]

See my documented academic CV,  including facsimile of diplomas and certificates, and links. Here below a sample referred to only Professor titles (profesor titular = full professor):

1969, Professor of Psychology (profesor titular de psicología) at the University of Chile in Arica –to the best of my knowledge, at age 26, the youngest appointed full professor in Chile at that moment. 1971, Professor of Psycho-social methods at the University of Concepción. 1972, Invited Professor at Universidad Autónoma of Nuevo León, Monterrey, México. In Europe: 1997, Professor stipendiat of Social Psychology at Tromsö University, Norway. 2002, Professor of Public-Health Epidemiology at Gävle University College, Sweden. 2005, Professor Head of Research Unit of Trans-cultural Injury Epidemiology at Karolinska Institute, Dept of Social Medicine. 2004, title “Invited Professor” awarded by the Medical University of Havana, Cuba. 2006, Affiliate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile. 2007, Professor of International Health, Gävle University College. 2006-2011, Professor member of the Swedish Ethical committee for scientific research, alternative member, Uppsala region (Swedish government appointment). 2007, “Title of Distinction, Professor Emeritus of Public Health Sciences”, Gävle University College, Sweden.

(2-3),  Deceitful statement by Swedish TV journalist Bert Sundström:

Swedish TV (SvT) journalist Bert Sundström, whose reports are often broadcasted at SvT News, declares in Le Figaro smear report:  “In Sweden, nobody has heard about M Ferrada de Noli [“En Suède, personne n’entend parler de Marcello Ferrada de Noli.“]

Let me put it mildest. Nobody has hear about me in Sweden? Fine…except at the Swedish Television’s main news program “Rapport”, where Mr Bert Sundström actually works! [See screenshots below]. Not to mention exclusive interviews covering even personal aspects of my life done by Dagens Nyheter (DN), Ystad Allehanda, Arbetabladet, and other newspapers. And not to mention a variety of op-ed articles published in DN, signed by my own in capacity of Swedish professor and/or medicine doktor. And several exclusive interviews only on my research findings in DN, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, Expressen, etc.

And nobody has read in Sweden about Swedish Doctors for Human Rights? Fine…except for the readers of the main Sweden’s newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) , which has published op-ed articles signed by Swedish Doctors for Human Rights board members. And except for all Swedish physicians members of the Swedish Medical Association and academics or journalists following the Swedish Medical Journal [Läkartidningen], or “Daily Medicine”|Dagens Medicin],  where it is found publications done and signed both by SWEDHR, or separately by my own.

Sample of screenshots of different interviews I have had with Swedish Television along my participation in the Swedish public debate.

Most of the depicted personal interviews in the images below were conducted at the same news program or SvT network where Bert Sundström worked as SvT correspondent in Russia

In TV 4, Sweden’s second largest network


In Swedish TV Rapport – same News program in which Sundström’s currently works, and worked at the time


Documentary, SvT



Rapport News



Rapport News



Below, SvT


Below, Channel 4


(4) “Pinochet’s old companion”

The insulting crusade by journalist Pierre Avril crosses here very many “red lines”. He refers to my person as “Ancient compagnon de route de Pinochet”. At first glance I refuse to believe that what I am reading is actually written that way. To be totally sure, I look confirmation in dictionaries with my expectation it will say I read wrong. Nevertheless the insulting is clear, in both expression and intention:

The journalist says also he has read an article in Wikipedia about this author.  He then, could not ignore the reports documenting that I have instead been fighting Pinochet, been a prisoner of Pinochet, tortured by Pinochet forces, and that finally, I tried to take Pinochet to an International Criminal Court.

This one and only libel is more than enough for constituting a court case. As I anticipated above, according to Swedish legislation, and also according to Italian legislation, this is not only a terrible insult; it would constitute defamation, which is a criminal offence.

The reader may wish to visit these sites, containing my direct witness report as protagonist in different episodes of the resistance against the fascist Pinochet- Click on the images below (or captions) for each chapter.

PART I. That morning of September 11, 1973. A personal testimony

PART II. The Resistance aftermath. Prisoner at the Stadium

PART III. My life as Pinochet’s prisoner in Quiriquina Island

Part IV. Professor files VS. Pinochet, “Bring Pinochet to European Court of Justice”

(5) The “spying”

The libellous journalist Pierre Avril writes that I would have tasted espionage endeavours in Sweden [“En plus d’avoir goûté à l’espionnage“], a statement that he put forward immediately after his blunt lie about me being “Pinochet’s companion”. For the sake of the deception,  he deliberately omit that I was in fact in charge of the counterespionage unit of my former organization Movement of the Revolutionary Left, at that time fighting in Europe the macabre Operación Cóndor created by Pinochet and his tyrant-colleagues at the government of countries of Latin America’s southern cone.

A brief description of my activity in this front is found in my article “The Swedish collaboration with US/NATO spying“.

(6) Le Figaro questions to whom?

The journalist states that I have not answered questions to Le Figaro. I say that Le Figaro has never approached me in any form, or posed no questions whatsoever for me to reply.

(7) Assange and Donbass

Pierre Avril put forward a final “accusation” , that would have spend much time in my blog (The Professors’ Blog”) in the defence of Julian Assange and the denounce of fascists in Ukraine, for instance those that perpetrated the massacre in Odessa, three years ago.

The above is one thing that the otherwise libellous journalist got right. And I am proud of both have taken the defense of Julian Assange and I will continue denouncing the fascist in Ukraine.

My book “Sweden Vs. Assange – Human Rights Issues” published Libertarian Books, Sweden, is for free download.


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Five Chemical Weapons Tests U.K. Government Performed On Citizens*

Five Chemical Weapons Tests U.K. Government Performed On Citizens*

By Stuart J. Hooper

During the Cold War the British government thought it would be a good idea to test chemical and biological weapons against their own citizens.

Below are the top 5 chemical weapons tests conducted on British citizens.

1) Zinc Cadmium Sulphide Dispersal

Between 1953 and 1964 around 4600 kilos of zinc cadmium sulphide was dispersed from ships, trucks and airplanes. Scientists knew the chemical concoction had a ‘largely unknown toxic potential’, yet still conducted the experiment around Salisbury in Wiltshire, Cardington in Bedfordshire and Norwich in Norfolk. It was also dispersed across areas of the North Sea and English Channel, where the extent of its effects are entirely unknown. Today, we understand zinc cadmium sulphide to be carcinogenic.

2) Bacillus Globigii Dispersal in London’s Subway System

To find out whether the long distance traversal of aerosols through London’s tube system was done through the ventilation system or on board the trains, scientists released the bacteria Bacillus Globigii into the subway system. While some scientists are documented as having reservations about the experiment, it is unknown whether or not any adequate, if any, testing was done on the effects of the bacteria before its release. Today, we know it causes food poisoning, eye infections, and septicaemia.

3) Black Death Released Off Scottish Coast

Live plague bacteria were released just a few miles from the Isle of Lewis, an island that several thousand people called home. The experiment was thought to be safe as the prevailing wind should have blown the bacteria out to sea, however if the wind were to change direction thousands of innocent lives would have been at risk. It is well documented that at least one fishing vessel travelled through the plague cloud. We need not expand upon the effects of the plague.

4) Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Experiment in the Bahamas

The case of the fishing vessel becoming an unwilling participant in a plague field test meant that future chemical and biological tests were conducted further afield, where scientists knew of areas ‘without restrictions’. British overseas territories (AKA colonies or occupied lands), like the Bahamas, were the new playground. Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis was released near an uninhabited island in the Bahamas by scientists, despite the fact it can cause high fever, long term fatigue, headaches and occasionally death if it were to reach populated shores.

5) Experimental Nerve Gas Dispersal in Nigeria

In Obanaghoro, located in the South of British-occupied Nigeria, scientists spent over a year dispersing experimental nerve agents. The tropical environment was key to what the scientists were trying to test in relation to these particular agents. Again, the extent to which this nerve gas affected local populations and even employed locals, working as a part of the project, is entirely unknown. Sarin is known to have been tested here, which causes loss of bodily function and usually death, while those who survive are likely to suffer brain damage and psychiatric disorders.


Ulf Schmidt, Professor of Modern History at the University of Kent who carried out the research exposing all of these cases, said:

 ‘the government records I’ve been looking at are conspicuously silent on all this’.

He went on to say that

officials had clearly good reasons as to why the kind of experiments undertaken in Nigeria were strictly prohibited on the British mainland’.

Schmidt’s work has also found that 30,000 secret chemical warfare experiments were carried out between 1945-1989 on more than 14,000 ‘volunteer’ British soldiers. He believes that most of the soldiers were never given enough information to give informed consent. All of these findings and more can be found in the professor’s new book, Secret Science.

Do you believe similar, deadly experiments are still going today?


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Campaign launched to get Britain to Apologise for the Balfour Declaration*

Campaign launched to get Britain to Apologise for the Balfour Declaration*

A campaign launched by Palestinian activists and the diplomatic mission of Palestine in the U.K. has demanded that the British government apologise for the Balfour Declaration, writes Ahmed Kaballo.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 promised Zionist organisations a “Jewish state” in the homeland of the Palestinians, in what was at the time the British Mandate of Palestine. Ultimately it led to the creation of Israel after Palestinian land was stolen and ethnically cleansed.

Palestinian groups and their supporters have attributed the plight of the Palestinian people, as well as a legacy of occupation, displacement and injustice, to the decision taken by the British colonial regime to give away Palestinian land. Thus, they have asked for a formal apology and for the British government to accept responsibility for the catastrophe that they caused.

The campaign to get the British government to apologise has received support from all corners of the world and even has the backing of a number of pro-Palestinian Chilean MPs who, from Santiago, made a public call on the U.K to apologise for Balfour declaration.

The Campaign is spearheaded by the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) which launched the initiative in an event hosted inside the UK Parliament a week ahead of the 99th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, last year.

In a Press Release, the PRC stated: “The Balfour Declaration, which had no basis of legal authority, promised the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, where the indigenous Palestinians amounted to 90% of the total population.”

They have also launched a petition and if it reaches 100, 000 signatures, the B0ritish Parliament will have to consider debating the subject. The petition, which currently has over 12,300 signatures, calls on:

“Her Majesty’s Government to openly apologise to the Palestinian people for issuing the Balfour Declaration. The colonial policy of Britain between 1917-1948 led to mass displacement of the Palestinian nation.”

Baroness Jenny Tonge, an independent member of the House of Lords, said pro-Palestinian MPs from across the spectrum would push the issue regardless of what happens with the petition. “There will be people in the House of Commons and the House of Lords who will be raising the issue all through the next year,” Tonge said.

The activists, backed by the Palestinian diplomatic mission in the UK, intend to pressure the British government in the lead up to the hundredth anniversary of the pledge in November 2017.

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has criticised the campaign and called it “amazing” because it shows the true nature of Palestinians who are “100 years on” challenging the very idea of a home for the Jewish people.

Moreover, the neo-Conservative Zionist think tank the Henry Jackson Society hosted an event in the House of Commons as a direct response to the Palestinian Return Centre’s meeting held in the House of Lords. The panel included Israel’s ambassador to the U.K. and other figures close to Netanyahu’s government.


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Vaccine Induced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome*

Vaccine Induced Chronic Fatigue Syndrome*

By Christina England

Every two years, for the past twenty years, a group of approximately 70 scientists have met at different locations around the world to discuss the effects that aluminum has had on living things.

In March 2017, they met in Vancouver, Canada, for this year’s meeting, titled The 12th Annual Keele Meeting on Aluminum, which was sponsored by the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMRSI).

One of the scientists who spoke at the conference this year was keynote speaker Dr. Romain Gherardi, from the Neuromuscular Pathology Expert Centre at Paris-Est Créteil University (UPEC).

According to Ms. Celeste McGovern, who reported on the conference and the presentations, Dr. Gherardi had given an extremely frightening overview of the most novel and profound aluminum research related to vaccination.

She wrote:

“Aluminum oxyhydroxide (Alhydrogel) and aluminium hydroxyphosphate (Adjuphos), are nano-materials widely used as immune stimulants or “adjuvants” of vaccines. Children have received them in increasing doses from the hepatitis B shot on their day of birth, in diphtheria-tetanus shots given repeatedly in their first six months of life and in pneumococcal, meningitis, HPV vaccines and more.

In at least seven different countries, patients with myalgic chronic fatigue syndrome have been described after they received one of these aluminum-containing vaccines. In France in the late ’90s, Gherardi began taking biopsies of the deltoid muscle of these patients and he discovered lesions in these – clumps of aggregated aluminium hydroxide engulfed in white blood cells called macrophages — at the injection site. Subsequent studies in mice found that aluminum in these cells slowly migrates to their brains where it seems to prefer to settle, permanently. He called the phenomenon Macrophagic Myofasciitis (MMF).”

Continuing on the subject of MMF, she explained that:

“MMF mainly manifests as joint and muscle pain, fatigue and weakness, cognitive dysfunction, including attention and memory impairment and sleep disturbances. And many MMF sufferers eventually develop one of more than 100 different autoimmune disorders from alopecia to multiple sclerosis, sometimes years after the initial illness. So MMF is described as a facet of “autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants” (ASIA) identified by leading Israeli immunologist Yehuda Shoenfeld in 2011.”

She stated:

“But the MMF picture is still developing.  Another French researcher, Jérôme Authier, presented his group’s findings published in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine this year showing that neuro-imaging of MMF patients’ brains by PET-scan reveals distinct patterns of impaired glucose metabolism in multiple regions of their brains.

New research presented by Housam Eidi of the University of British Columbia also looked at mouse brain function and aluminium (Al) concentration long after injections. Surprisingly, the researchers found the lowest dose of Alhydrogel exerts the greatest neurotoxic effects. And small particle size seems to be critical for this brain damage, Eidi explained”

Ms. McGovern’s information is further supported by the work of Dr. Sarah Myhill, a private medical practitioner from the U.K. who is particularly concerned that multiple vaccinations could be causing an epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Concerns About Too Many Vaccinations Being Given Together

In 2016, Dr. Myhill, a professional who in principle is not opposed to vaccination, wrote an article titled Vaccination: Pros and Cons.

In her article, she discussed whether multiple vaccinations and the overuse of antibiotics were responsible for the gradual erosion of the immune system.

On the subject of CFS, she stated that:

“Vaccinations are a two-edged sword because whilst they have the potential to prevent illness, they can certainly cause flares of CFS. Indeed, I have several patients with CFS dated from vaccinations such as flu or hepatitis B. However usually this has been on the background of overwhelming stress.” 

She continued:

Gulf War Syndrome.

GWS is a classic example of a CFS with several causes. One probable cause was the many vaccinations that the soldiers received in one day. Some said they had 14 injections at one session. It is perfectly possible that this could have caused some sort of immune disruption resulting in CFS. (own emphasis)

This information we know to be true, because in his witness statement, Gulf War veteran, Mr. Richard Turnbull, told the court that he had received the following vaccinations and a few that he could not remember:

  • Anthrax
  • bubonic plague
  • cholera
  • typhoid
  • yellow fever
  • hepatitis A
  • hepatitis B
  • meningitis

We also know that his list of vaccinations should have also included the now discontinued MMR vaccination, Pluserix, and the pertussis vaccination.

This information is supported by the original supply agreement between the U.K. government and SmithKline & French, which shows that SmithKline & French agreed to distribute 1,400,000 Pluserix vaccinations (Urabe MMR) to the U.K. for use on the U.K.’s babies and the armed forces.

The agreement, which was signed in August 1988, stated:

“This Agreement’s designated contract reference is N1D0288.

SK&F have agreed to supply and NHS have agreed to purchase for onward sale to United Kingdom Health Authorities and the Armed Forces 1,400,000 doses of “Pluserix” (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine at a cost of 3.80 per dose (exclusive of value added tax) to NHS of as NHS shall require to facilitate the United Kingdom Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination campaign which commences on 3rd October 1988. The supply of vaccine shall be upon the terms of this agreement.”

See: Gulf War Syndrome: Documents Prove UK and US Military Personnel were Injected with Untested Vaccines for more information.

In her summary, Dr. Sarah Myhill stated that:

My concerns about vaccinations. My philosophy is always ‘mimic Nature’. A vaccination will never produce the same strength of immunity as getting the real infection. My worries are: The insidious erosion of the immune system. Giving vaccinations may block very useful cross immunity to other viruses. For example, there are some viruses which cause cancer. I do not wish to inadvertently block immunity to one of those! We are constantly meeting new viruses and our bodies have to learn to cope with them. We have no idea of what long term problems we are storing up.”

She could be correct because more and more of the vaccinations that are being recommended by our governments today contain aluminum as an ingredient. According to the free eBook published by the CMSRI, vaccines can induce autoimmune diseases in genetically prone individuals.

Toxic Amounts of Aluminum in Vaccinations

Dr. Robert Sears is another professional who is exceptionally worried about the effect aluminum is having on our health. In his paper, titled Is Aluminum The New Thimerosal?, Dr. Sears explained that aluminum is added to vaccinations to help them work more efficiently.

During his research, he came across a number of extremely worrying documents, including one written by the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN). Describing the document in depth, Sears wrote:

“The source of the daily limit of 4 to 5 mcg of aluminum per kilogram of body weight quoted by the ASPEN statement seems to be a study that compared the neurologic development of about 100 premature babies who were fed a standard IV solution that contained aluminum, with the development of 100 premature babies who were fed the same solution with almost all aluminum filtered out. The study was prompted by a number of established facts: that injected aluminum can build up to toxic levels in the bloodstream, bones, and brain; that preemies have decreased kidney function and thus a higher risk of toxicity; that an autopsy performed on one preemie whose sudden death was otherwise unexplained revealed high aluminum concentrations in the brain; and that aluminum toxicity can cause progressive dementia.”

He continued:

“However, none of these documents or studies mentions vaccines; they look only at IV solutions and injectable medications. Nor does the FDA require labels on vaccines warning about the dangers of aluminum toxicity, although such labels are required for all other injectable medications. All of these studies and label warnings seem to apply mainly to premature babies and kidney patients. What about larger, full-term babies with healthy kidneys?”

He explained:

“However, these documents don’t tell us what the maximum safe dose would be for a healthy baby or child, and I can’t find such information anywhere. This is probably why the ASPEN group suggests, and the FDA requires, that all injectable solutions be limited to 25 mcg; we at least know that that level is safe.”

If this information is correct, then why do so many of the recommended childhood vaccinations include far above the recommended amounts of aluminum?

According to Dr. Sears, the levels of aluminum included in childhood vaccinations are as follows:

  • DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis): 170–625 mcg, depending on
  • hepatitis A: 250 mcg
  • hepatitis B: 250 mcg
  • Hib (for meningitis; PedVaxHib brand only): 225 mcg
  • HPV: 225 mcg
  • Pediarix (DTaP–hepatitis B–polio combination): 850 mcg
  • Pentacel (DTaP–Hib–polio combination): 330 mcg
  • pneumococcus: 125 mcg (emphasis added)

These levels far exceed the safe levels recommended by ASPEN, especially when you consider that a newborn baby is vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine, containing 250 mcg of aluminum, at birth!

In fact, according to Dr. Sears, the FDA stated that:

“Although aluminum toxicity is not commonly detected clinically, it can be serious in selected patient populations, such as neonates (newborns), and may be more common than is recognized.” (emphasis added)

Since his paper, which was written in 2008, there are even more vaccinations containing aluminum.

Terrifying Neurodegenerative Plague Expected to Affect One in Two Americans

According to Ms. McGovern, no one can say how many of the one to four million Americans and millions more globally are suffering from serious chronic fatigue due to aluminum poisoning.

She continued with the following statement:

“No one can say how many of the current 50 million cases of autoimmune disease in America are a long-term fallout from shots taken years ago.

Terrifying as that is, there were two more days of this research presented.  A 2017 study in the Journal of Translational Medicine from Exley’s lab demonstrated the presence of some of the highest contents of aluminum ever observed in brain tissue in every section of tissue sampled from brains of patients with familial early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. So, could it be that when aluminum migrates from vaccines to brains it is somehow associated with Alzheimer’s disease, the terrifying neurodegenerative plague that is expected to affect one in two Americans by 2050?

Read Scientists Prove Link Between Aluminum and Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease for further information.
The 12th Annual Keele Meeting on Aluminum is one of the many events sponsored by the Children’s Medical Safety Research Institute (CMSRI), a medical and scientific collaborative that was established to provide research funding for independent studies on causal factors underlying the chronic disease and disability epidemic.

For evidence-based research on aluminum, visit the GreenMedInfo.com Research Dashboard.


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Israeli Submarine Set-up for Syrian Gas Attacks*

Israeli Submarine Set-up for Syrian Gas Attacks*

By Gordon Duff

“What the story doesn’t tell is that the Israeli submarine with 84 onboard, went down with teams of IDF commandos who had been in Syria placing radio repeaters disguised as rocks. The repeaters were later used to send out messages “in the clear” misattributed to the Syrian Army, “confessions” of the use of Sarin gas. Evidence from these Israeli repeaters was presented to the U.N, after the August 2013 Sarin attack in Ghouta that killed 1000.”

Today we learned that the primary evidence the U.S. has shown its NATO allies on the Syrian gas attack isn’t satellite images, easily exposed as photoshopped.  It is radio intercepts of Syrians screaming out “get me more sarin gas..”

{For today’s parallel account from a chemical warfare expert at MIT, please read: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/04/12/busted-white-house-syria-report-obviously-false/}

Well, VT has caught them before and has this this time as well.  Bear with us while we head into the past and weave a yarn of duplicity and criminality, where America becomes the evil empire Reagan warned us about.

Veterans Today broke the story of an Israeli submarine being sunk by Syria on May 22, 2013.  We had learned that Israeli teams had been inside Syria for some time, planting radio repeaters.  Israel figured President Obama would fall for their trick, repeaters in rocks, screaming out:

“Thank goodness those Americans will never catch us Syrians using Sarin gas on our own people for no reason…we are just going to chat away because we are bored and stupid.”

This isn’t a new ploy, not new for Israel and not knew for necon America, and there has never been anyone quite as “neocon” as Trump.  From Veterans Today (and the Washington Post) 2012, the U.S. using phony radio traffic to start a war

In 2007, an American armada, troop ships, aircraft carriers, guided missile cruisers and destroyers sailed into the Persian Gulf.  Their plan was to land Marines on Iranian soil, a plan hatched by Vice President Dick Cheney and White House officials including Karl Rove, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Clarke. Vice Admiral Kevin Cosgriff

Military command of this invasion, to be done without consultation of congress or the United Nations was left to Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff and Admiral Will J. Fallon, both career opportunists with extremist political views, willing to do anything for promotion and the curry favor from the powerful criminal figures in U.S. government.

Their “cover story” was to sale a frigate up the Shatt al Arab, a disputed waterway between Iraq and Iran, hoping to stimulate a “response” from Iran.

Their real plan was to create the response themselves, as was done by the Navy during the Tonkin Gulf Incident in 1964 when America “invented” an attack by North Vietnam as a prelude to a 10 year war America eventually lost.

Their plans were to create phony radio traffic simulating an Iranian attack in order to push America into authorizing hostilities that they, themselves, had perpetrated in as part of a conspiracy.

In the interview below, Vladimir Putin discusses, among other things, America’s phony radio intercepts.

You see, it was phony radio intercepts, they call it SIGINT for signals intelligence, from the USS Maddock,  that was used to justify America’s entry into the Vietnam War, which killed millions and wiped out a generation of Americans.  Phony radio intercepts are the heart of every war.  In 1967, Israel claimed that it had to go to war because of radio intercepts between Egypt’s Nassar and Jordan’s King Hussein.  Lest we forget, Israel pummeled the USS Liberty, offshore in international waters. to prevent real radio intercepts that would have proven their fake interception to be just that, fake.

USS Liberty


It was Israel that jammed communications by the USS Liberty allowing the crew to be slaughtered, the same Israel whose radio repeaters were used during the August 2013 Ghouta sarin attack and, I think we can safely surmise, the Idlib attack as well.  We begin with backstory, enjoy:

[ Editor’s note: It was time for Gordon to do one of his retrospective dot connectors. It is not that we are running out of current news; but because after years of covering a story, its beginning, middle and ending can get blurred.

We also like to keep pointing out how quickly mainstream media seems to forget, as they never put much effort into retrospection, even though it is easier to see what and why things were done after a few years, which makes you more aware of what is going on now.

I fear some of this is due to the unpleasant reality of their thinking that the public has no retention, so that effort would be wasted. Under the massive perception management assault we all endure, more and more people reject anything and everything that conflicts with what they want to believe.

Fewer readers are really searching for information and truth, but for validation of what they already believe. Fox News can explain the psychology to you in detail.

That sad state of affairs emanated from one of the early artificial intelligence studies. A computer was programmed to talk to interviewees and answer their questions. The purpose was to expose the weaknesses and improve the programming.

But what the system did was always repeat back what the participant asked, and then posed another question back to the participant; and this same process was repeated, for hours even. The scientist was astounded to see subjects loving the experience; and what he discovered was going on was that they loved being validated; they loved having their thoughts and words repeated to them over and over, and having the illusion of talking to someone/something that “understood them”.

This was quickly jumped on by the crowd manipulators as one of their main perception management tools, and with all the google profiling available as to what people’s interests are, this information is a goldmine for political operators who use it extensively in not only finding supporters, but keeping them revved up, and inexpensively, too. We are becoming plantation critters to them, in a literal senseJim W. Dean ]

On February 24, 2016, Turkey announced that it took the Syrian city of al Bab when ISIS resistance mysteriously collapsed. The day before, Veterans Today published a story, based on a live interview on the ground at al Bab, that Turkey had just loaded 950 ISIS fighters on trucks and was moving them north, into Turkey for redeployment to al Raqqah.

Based on this evidence and a strange battle narrative that had made little sense tactically, this deception by Turkey fits the Erdogan profile. Turkey has always coveted a buffer zone in Northern Syria and had, as it seems, used their own military to seize it some time ago, as our sources confirmed.

Now, as part of a coalition between Russia, Iran, Syria and themselves, they staged a battle in order to occupy Northern Syria officially. This may well be why the Syrian Arab Army is moving forces north and east to block Turkey from moving further into Syria, rather an attack Idlib or retake Palmyra.

What we are seeing is continued deception, not just in Syria but Iraq as well. But let’s look at the concurrent move by the Trump administration. President Trump had said reports damning Syria, who was actively fighting ISIS where others were, were largely fake news. One key example has been chemical warfare.

Here is another story that was buried and for good reason, because it is tied to a deception about Syria’s use of chemical weapons and how Israel was party to fabricating proof about these accusations, which are being taken to the United Nations Security Council this week by the U.S. under orders of President Trump, a violation of his promises to not only voters but Russia as well. From SyriaNews, May 22, 2013:

“Syrianews managed to confirm the news we received a couple of days ago that a Syrian Navy boat destroyed an Israeli submarine off the Syrian coast at 150 metres depth on 02 May 2013 around 2 – 2:30 am. We were not told the type or size of the submarine but we were confirmed it was destroyed.

In the details we managed to get: the enemy object was detected and orders were given to one of the nearby boats to destroy it which they did with a torpedo (not told which type), then it was monitored sinking until landing on the seabed off the coast.

A heavy movement of Syrian Army helicopters was observed over the site where the submarine was destroyed.

It’s not the first time Syrian Navy engage with enemy and hostile objects. At the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian Navy spotted a German navy ship on a reconnaissance mission and harassed it away, a German minister then complained of the Syrian Navy acts claiming the ship was not spying, just listening and collecting information!”

What the story doesn’t tell is that the submarine with 84 onboard, went down with teams of IDF commandos who had been in Syria placing radio repeaters disguised as rocks. The repeaters were later used to send out messages “in the clear” misattributed to the Syrian Army, “confessions” of the use of Sarin gas. Evidence from these Israeli repeaters was presented to the U.N. after the August 2013 Sarin attack in Ghouta that killed 1000.

Now the United States under Trump is trying to renew these long ago exposed fake charges and pile on more. We might add that Russia tried repeatedly to introduce evidence on this Sarin case and subsequent uses of mustard and chlorine gasses by not only ISIS but U.S. backed rebels as well. The FSA went so far as to post video on YouTube showing them using gas projectiles in Syria but seemingly the CIA can’t crack into YouTube.

Jeffrey Silverman after one of his beatings by U.S. contractors, angry over his reporting


We can go further, correspondent Jeffrey Silverman, Georgia Bureau Chief for Veterans Today and featured contributor for New Eastern Outlook, investigated a U.S. facility in Tbilisi, Georgia, funded by USAID and built by Bechtel Corporation.

Silverman got plans of a U.S. lab, called the Lugar Laboratory, named after a famous American politician, formerly called the National Reference Laboratory of Georgia. According to plans for the facility that Silverman received from sources and subsequently published and statements by employees there, the U.S. had built a bio-chemical weapons facility.

A subsequent investigation showed how American corporate security operating in Georgia, working with the security services of Ukraine and Turkey, had moved chemical weapons to Syria where they were deployed by ISIS with the assistance of officers from the military of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In December, 2014, I met with the Syrian Ministry of Justice in Damascus and reviewed his records on this issue including reports of a Syrian Spetsnaz attack on a production and storage facility in Northern Syria and the results of that attack which included captured Turkish, Saudi and Qatari military officers and considerable documentation and physical evidence of chemical weapons deployment.

This evidence has repeatedly been offered to the United Nations, the evidence has been made available to the press, and the intelligence services of the United States most certainly. We also know that President Trump has had all of this made available to him and that he is aware of the “Lugar Lab” in Tbilisi and Israel’s role, aided by the Coventry U.K. based Syrian Human Rights Observatory and the Reuters News Agency, in a disinformation campaign against Syria.

Let’s look at issues of the massive amounts of military equipment terrorists have received. We are aware that units of the Syrian Army joined the rebels and took equipment with them including tanks, artillery and missile launchers. We are also aware that, when ISIS took Mosul, they captured tanks, Humvee’s and much more.

However, the fleets of Toyota Hilux “technical” with reinforced suspension and gun mounts are something else. These vehicles were delivered, already armed and converted, to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. With the hundreds of these units that have been captured or destroyed, no one has ever recorded the serial numbers of a single truck.

Similarly, when al Qaeda shows up with the latest TOW and Stinger missiles, in new shipping containers labeled “Raytheon Corporation/USA” nothing is said about that as well.

Then there is the issue of drones. In 2012, the Turkish Army signed a contract with Israel, despite bans put in place after the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident, to buy drones. Though many of the drones ISIS uses are commercially available and supplied to them by, well we don’t really know who, do we, some of them carry weapons and are of the same type as those delivered by Israel to Turkey. Imagine that.

Then there is the U.S. military air facility inside Jordan and the C130 aircraft without markings that are on the runway. In addition, US Special Forces have at least two airfields inside Syria, reported by mainstream news media but quickly forgotten, even visited by one CNN reporter, but when those facilities are used to drop supplies to ISIS, as is alleged by the Iraqi government, they suddenly vanish, from the media at least.

As President Trump relies on media that republishes these stories and uses material like this as his basis for attacking the mainstream media as fake, and rightly so, why does he not include this information in his policies as well, seeking redress?

What we have is broad support for terrorism by the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and the Gulf States, so obvious it can’t be ignored, so illegal, so heinous, one might think something should be done.

When Israel simply walks away from having a submarine sunk, and starts a multi-year deception of paying off families of the dead, silencing them, and repainting hull markings to cover the loss, as we have also confirmed, what else is being done?

Former Military Contractor Tries to Sell Secret Surveillance Rock on eBay for $10 Million

By Dana Liebelson

Most people check out eBay for vintage shoes, collectable Lord of the Rings swords, and limited edition Bruce Springsteen posters. But last week, eBayers had the opportunity to bid on national security surveillance equipment, intended to be disguised in a fake rock (rock not included, although you can get one at Home Depot). The technology was allegedly accredited by the Department of Defense and developed for Lockheed Martin in the early 2000s. But Lockheed never bought the commissioned project. So Gregory Perry, a former subcontractor who has done cybersecurity work for the Executive Office for United States Attorneys (EOUSA), advertised that for a starting bid of $3 million—or a “buy it now” price of $10 million—you could get hundreds of pages of development instructions, two years of email backups with Lockheed, and some hardware, including a specialized radio. All of this would supposedly equip you to build your own “RockCam,” intended to be used to take encrypted video and audio of US critical infrastructure, like nuclear power plants and oil and gas pipelines.

Welcome to the bizarre world of fake-rock subcontracting.

“Selling this collection of information is an attempt at recouping all or a portion of my investment of time, effort, personal monies, and sweat equity,” Perry tells Mother Jones.

Perry, who has 100 percent positive buyer’s feedback on eBay, received dozens of bids when he first put the item up weeks ago. He took it down because he felt his story had received adequate exposure—and none of the bids were anywhere close to his original $10 million asking price. But he relisted the auction last week with a minimum bid because he “might have a serious buyer at this juncture.” As of publication, Perry had ended the auction on Sunday with zero bids, which is also the case with the $1,795 3-D printer that Perry was selling.

In the late ’90s, Perry worked for NETSEC Inc, a contractor that installed firewalls and did intrusion detection for EOUSA. (His employment by NETSEC was confirmed to Mother Jones by Zal Azmi, former chief information officer for EOUSA and the FBI.) Then, in 2002, Perry was hired by a subcontractor called Advanced Wireless Automation (AWA), where he owned a 10 percent founder’s share of the company. The subcontractor’s shining product was the RockCam, which is either a video camera with a lot of batteries or a high-tech piece of surveillance equipment, depending on who you ask. Perry says that RockCams—which on the outside, look like rocks—contain devices capable of sending encrypted information via 900 MHz radio to a main communication hub. According to the eBay listing, each high-resolution image and video is tagged with geographic coordinates, and the rock also contains environmental hardware, “such as temperature and humidity sensors for sampling weather-related data from the area.” The batteries last for three years. Here is a picture of the technology:

Perry says that Lockheed agreed to pay between $250,000-$500,000 for the final version of the device. (A Lockheed financial statement Perry sent Mother Jones shows that Lockheed was billed $4,000 for each public key encryption system, which doesn’t include the rest of the hardware.) Perry says his $96,000 salary was funded by these purchases as well as the investors that put money into the company. But Perry claims that after the RockCam was certified by DoD, he was fired by his fellow AWA shareholders (none of whom contacted by Mother Joneswould comment) and the company dissolved because Lockheed did not pick up the product. Then, a couple years later, “spy rock” arrived:

Last year, Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff to Tony Blair, admitted that MI6, the British secret service, had used a spy rock, planted in a park in Moscow, to communicate with secret agents there in 2006. Powell called the security breach “embarrassing.” After the rock was discovered, Russian leader Vladimir Putin then ordered a crackdown on foreign-funded NGOs, accusing them of destabilizing the country.

Perry claims that spy rock borrows technology he developed with RockCam—and as a result, he wants compensation for his 10 percent shareholder’s claim. However, there’s no evidence that Lockheed made the famous spy rock (MI6 does not answer press questions). According to Wired, it’s not entirely outside the realm of possibility that Lockheed is in the fake surveillance rock business, as it’s leaving small wireless sensors—disguised as rocks—across the Afghan countryside, in order to perform “unobtrusive, continuous surveillance” for decades. But one technology expert told Mother Jones that RockCam is a glorified camera, and spy rock acts as a mailbox for uploading wireless files, so the only thing they have in common is the fake rock (Perry argues that his design has “wireless networking capabilities”).

Melissa Dalton, a spokesperson for the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Skunkworks Group, would not comment on the eBay sale nor documents Perry sent Mother Jones allegedly showing his relationship with the company. Mark Wright, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, says that on cursory investigation, “We couldn’t find any knowledge of DOD involvement with this project.” However, after sending additional requested information about the project, another DOD spokesperson said that “we’re researching it” but did not respond by deadline.

Wayne Mitzen—a technology developer with several patents who worked with Perry at NETSEC and currently makes sex toys—says that this eBay listing isn’t actually that unusual. “One of my clients, who invented wireless microphone technology, mentioned his stuff’s ended up on eBay, too. It happens,” he says. “It’s the Snowden effect. Everybody thinks they’re Snowden, you know?”*


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