In Somebody Else’s Shoes

When we push past our limits, our limits become lessWalk in Somebody Else’s Shoes

By Hwaa Irfan

Western news sources refer to her as an exotic dancer, and the Malaysian Mirror, refers to her as what she is a stripper and a rock dancer, who has reduced nature to stripping on top of the sacred mountain of Uluru. Alizee SerAlizee Sery, born in France, but of Corsican origin in 1984, is a sad icon of what programming does to a woman i.e. sexual objectification. An icon of French feminism that has set about this summer 2010, to continue its charade of what women should be reduced to in its campaign against Muslim women wear, we have Alizee SerAlizee Sery sharing:

    “I feel very comfortable with myself and my body and I wanted to show people that they can do things like this when they look good and feel good.”

How many times has showing the body means confidence in one’s body been used as a weak weapon against anything “other”. Without the faculty of reason, where in the thinking process is their room for the comprehension that her body is hers and not everybody else’s or that everybody else does not want to be like her. Feminism never got it, so why should Alizee SerAlizee Sery get it?

What does it mean to walk in somebody else’s shoes?

People of the Dreamtime

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