Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On? REMIX – Rebel Diaz ft. Dead Prez and Rakaa Iriscience

The Chilean brothers of Rebel Diazz

Rebel Diaz Releases New Video in Light of Baltimore Uprising

The song challenges the political status quo through advocating the necessity of carrying out radical changes to ensure Black Lives Matter.

The Chilean brothers of Rebel Diaz, a New-York-based hip hop duo, released a new song entitled “Which Side Are You On” which encouraged workers to join unions and impulse radical change.

The lyrics, inspired by the U.S. folk song by musician and activist Pete Seeger, highlights various social ills within U.S. society, including political conformism, the prison industrial complex and economic inequality, while the video-clip includes numerous references to the recent police killings of Black men in the United States, including the latest in Baltimore with the death of Freddie Gray.

The song features hip-hop legends Dead Prez and Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples; a highlight of the video is when Rapper m1 of Dead Prez in the second verse takes shots at the traditional Black leadership by questioning their loyalty to the new generation radical Black activists.

Although the rapper slams the many “fence sitters” without naming them, the video clip then shows images of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, militants of the older generation of Black activists.

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