African Jews Flood the Streets of Israel Demanding End to Police Brutality*

African Jews Flood the Streets of Israel Demanding End to Police Brutality*

When Netanyahu put into motion the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ false flags from Europe to Latin America then invited Jews from these regions to come ‘home’, this was a replay of How Fear was Instilled to Make Jews Leave for Israel in 1947 towards the establishment and populating of the land they now refer to as Israel. One can be sure that, that call did not include Africans whose Jewish ancestry has been removed from the media picture without even asking the question what makes refugees behave as if they have a right to protest in a country that is quite clearly xenophobic from a people who are under the delusion that they are superior to everyone else…

By M. David

From Oakland to Ferguson, to Beavercreek, to Baltimore and now to Jerusalem, the people are rising up against police brutality and murder. African-Israelis of Ethiopian Jewish descent have taken to the streets after a video of an Israeli police officer beating an Ethiopian Israeli, was leaked on social media.

Literally thousands of protesters, mostly members of Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish community, rallied in the streets of Jerusalem last Thursday, demanding an end to racism and racist, brutal and unchecked police actions in Israel.

While the incident recorded in the video took place last Sunday in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, the protests were centered around the entrance to the national Israel Police headquarters in Jerusalem.

The protest began with only a few hundred protesters but it quickly grew into the thousands by the time night hit.

The crowd then marched on the police headquarters, only a short distance from the Prime Minister’s Residence.

The video clearly shows an Israeli cop pushing an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian descent (Israel has mandatory military service). The man being pushed, Demas Fekadeh, hits the ground only seconds before a second officer enters the scene, beating Fekadeh.

See for yourself…

As the evening continued, protesters blocked the intersection between King George St. and Jaffa St.

If the Israel Police are to be believed, the protesters threw stones, bottles and even “fire bombs.” We saw no evidence of that, if anyone has photographs of this, please submit them to

Perhaps this was the police excuse for attacking 10 protesters seven of which needed to be rushed to hospitals for further treatment?

Images by Lior Mizrahi, and Ha’aretz

Ha’Aretz reports that the “Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat arrived at the scene and spoke to the protesters trying to lower the flames.”

He asked: “Do you doubt that the prime minister, ministers, and 120 Knesset members want to embrace the Ethiopian community?”

No one was feeling it. One protester shouted back: “I don’t want a hug. Look at me as you would look at a white person. I don’t need a hugs. That is a patronizing attitude that says that I’m incapable, so let’s give him a hug.”


In Operation Solomon, the Israeli intent behind airlifting the Ethiopian Jews (Falasha) out of Ethiopia was and has been eugenics…

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