U.K. Going through an Earth Shift*

U.K. Going through an Earth Shift*

While the powers that be above ground are social engineering for the NWO, the Earth from which they have invaded so many parts of the world and are socially engineering for the NWO may not be in full agreement as they try to prevent the ‘Yes’ vote for the independence of Scotland. Well if we can’t live together in peace and mutual respect, we might as well in marital break-up terms ‘divorce’.

In recent years, England has undergone progressive incidents of geophysical upheaval, offering irrefutable evidence that her rock strata, undisturbed for centuries, is now pulling apart.

From dramatic cliff falls, landslips and sinkholes to loud booms and vibrations originating deep within the Earth – when combined with increased seismicity provides a seamless validation of yet another highly accurate Zeta prediction:

“England will not only be pulled down, on its western side, it is also obviously being torn in two at the River Humber. The establishment will come up with an excuse, as they always do, for the Earth changes in process, no matter how absurd their excuses become. The Eurasian Plate is being pulled apart, while the Atlantic is spreading apart. Rock layers get torn apart in this process, so the loose ground shifts as the base upon which it lies gives way. This process will continue and accelerate.”

As predicted, the process has accelerated and the establishment continues to respond with contrived excuses for these unprecedented events, leaving puzzled residents seeking rational explanations.

In February 2013, a powerful, upward-moving land surge demolished a railway at Stainforth, mangling the tracks in a twisted heap of debris that continued moving for weeks.

The establishment concocted an elaborate explanation for this event that ultimately blames saturated ground from excessive rainfall, the same excuse used to explain the sudden spike of landslips that occurred during December 2012.

While the British Geological Survey produced charts that support the notion of excessive rainfall in 2012, by mid-February 2013, when the Stainforth landslide occurred, their records indicate rainfall had subsided well below the monthly average (see below).

This chart also begs the question, why did only half as many landslips occur in December 2013 when the UK received more rainfall than it did in December 2012?

In June 2013, unexplained explosions were startling hundreds of residents, causing property damage and even knocking over trees, yet the establishment mostly attributed these deafening blasts to sonic booms.

When Southampton residents complained of being kept awake by low-frequency vibrations in October 2013, the establishment suggested the sound is caused by mating fish.

While these mystery booms and humming noises have continued into 2014, the establishment is now busy explaining the epidemic of sinkholes, as well the uptick in earthquakes.

In step with these events, a 4.1 magnitude quake occurred in the Bristol Channel on February 20, 2014.

February 24, 2014

Surreal seascape revealed by the storms: Ancient oaks and pines from 5,000-year-old forest rise as Welsh beach is washed away

The ancient forest was covered in peat before eventually being swallowed by the sea

Legends say trees and nearby township were flooded after a priestess neglected a magical well

Conditions inside the peat, devoid of oxygen and slightly alkaline, have meant the stumps survived

They were uncovered by the latest set of storms which washed away the peat layer

Rising from the beach in a surreal seascape, the remains of these ancient trees have been revealed by the storms.

Thought to date back to the Bronze Age, the shin-high stumps became visible for the first time when the peat which once covered them was washed away in torrential rain and waves pounding the shore.

Now they stud the beach near the village of Borth, Ceredigion, Mid Wales – an area already rich in archaeology, opposite the alleged site of Wales’s own take on the lost city of Atlantis.

Folklore has it that Cantre’r Gwaelod, or the Sunken Hundred, a once-fertile land and township, was lost beneath the waves in a mythical age.

The land is said to have extended 20 miles west of the present Cardigan Bay, but disaster struck and Cantre’r Gwaelod was lost to floods when Mererid, the priestess of a fairy well, apparently neglected her duties and allowed the well to overflow.

The location of Borth’s submerged forest is a well known secret. It stretches intermittently for two to three miles along the shore between Ynys-las and Borth and lies about half-way between high and low water. What makes it a secret is that it is normally hidden under a layer of sand and is only exposed under certain circumstances.

On the rare occasions when it is fully exposed a flattened expanse of peat containing the remains of numerous prostrate trees is revealed. Pine (Pinus), alder (Alnus), oak (Quercus) and Birch (Betula) have all been identified. The root systems of the larger trees are generally spread horizontally, though some also grow downwards. This is typical of trees growing in fen woods where the high-water table keeps all the tree roots with the exception of alder in the aerated surface layers of the peat.


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