British Paedophile Who Abused Over 200 Children in Malaysia Gets Life in Prison*

British Paedophile Who Abused Over 200 Children in Malaysia Gets Life in Prison*

By Amando Flavio                       

A British paedophile, who sexually abused more than 200 vulnerable children in Malaysia, has been sentenced to life in prison by the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales, known as Old Bailey in London.

According to the account of the story, 30-year-old warped Richard Huckle first travelled to the South East Asian country in 2006. He posed as a committed Christian, an English teacher, a photographer and above all, a philanthropist.

He then pretended to groom children, using his fake Christian values and charity work to lure many of these poor kids.  He was 19 when he first landed in Malaysia. He spent nine years travelling to the country. It is said his travels were frequent. He was arrested by investigators in December 2014, after returning from a trip in Malaysia.

Investigators reportedly found more than 20,000 appalling photos and videos of him with children. In some of the photos, he was seen sexually abusing a six-month old baby. He was also seen raping many boys and girls. Generally, Huckle, who has been described as Britain’s worst paedophile abused his victims, aged between six months to 12 years.

The horrendous part of Huckle’s sick crimes is that he filmed himself sexually abusing the children, sharing it on the dark web. Knowing what he wanted to do in Malaysia, Hukcle deliberately targeted an impoverished community in the country. According to prosecutors, in one of the videos found with Huckle, he was seen sexually abusing a baby girl wearing a nappy.

It was revealed in the Old Bailey Court that Huckle had a connection with an international paedophile syndicate on the dark web, where he posted his videos and photos abusing the poor children.

It is said he bragged on the dark web that he is the best paedophile. He even wrote a 60-page perverts’ handbook titled ‘Pedophiles & Poverty: Child Lover Guide’. He also awarded himself ‘PedoPoints’ for sexually abusing the children. Investigators discovered that he had used a paedophile crowdfunding website called PedoFunding to finance the abuse.

In court, Huckle pleaded guilty to 31 counts of sexual assault of a child under the age of 13; 12 counts taking indecent photos of children; six counts of assault by penetration; thirteen counts of rape of a child under 13; three counts of causing a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity; three counts of causing a child under 13 to engage in penetrative sexual activity; arranging or facilitating the commission of child sex offences by writing a child sex abuse manual; making 20,253 indecent images; and advertising child pornography. In total, Huckle admitted to 71 charges.

In an earlier hearing of the case, Huckle wrote a strange letter that was read out in court. In the letter, he claimed sex crimes were very endemic in Malaysia, and that authorities in the country cared less about the problem. He said this made him get carried away with his crimes in the country.

He boldly declared that he has no regrets staying in Malaysia, as it has improved his confidence and charisma. He blamed external factors for his dirty crimes, revealing that he had a poor upbringing, allowing people to lure him to the dark web. In a previous hearing before this letter was read, Huckle had said that he has little sexual experience with adults because he lacked confidence with women.

During his sentence, Huckle held his hands up like he was praying. When the court read the sentence, somebody from the packed courtroom shouted “a thousand deaths is too good for you.”

The Mirror reports that the police have even launched a special investigation against Huckle, suspecting that he might have abused children in the United Kingdom as well.


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