Tony Blair Visits Caesarea, an Israeli Rothschild Estate*

Tony Blair Visits Caesarea, an Israeli Rothschild Estate*

Caesarea is a curious place for war criminal, and the Quartet’s Middle East envoy Tony Blair to wander off to, but so it is according to the Israeli ynet news. But that is where the home of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is – useful for slipping out of the limelight of citizen arrest, supporting the recent bloody Egyptian coup, and the ongoing bloodletting of millions Iraqis. The honor with which Blair seems to be showered with speaks plenty of his position amongst the cabal.

TAP reports:

Caesarea, in February 1948 the village was conquered by a Palmach unit commanded by Yitzhak Rabin and its people expelled.

In 1952, a Jewish town of Caesarea was established near the ruins of the old city, which were made into the national park of Caesarea Maritima.

“The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Development Corporation is the operational  arm of the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation, whose goal is to establish a unique community that combines quality of life and safeguarding the environment with advanced industry and tourism.

Today, the Chairman of the Caesarea Foundation and the CDC is Baron Benjamin de  Rothschild, the great grandson of the Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Caesarea remains today the only locality in Israel managed by a private organization rather than a municipal government. As well as carrying out municipal services, the Caesarea Development Corporation markets plots for real-estate development, manages the nearby industrial park, and runs the Caesarea’s golf course and country club, Israel’s only 18-hole golf course”.

Modern Caesarea (on the Mediterranean coast) is one of Israel’s most upscale residential communities. The Baron de Rothschild still maintains a home in Caesarea, as do many business tycoons from Israel and abroad.

Digging further…

Near Caesarea the town of Zichron Ya’acov was founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in 1882. Zichron Ya’acov was the name of Edmond de Rothschild’s father, more commonly known as James. Edmond de Rothschild although he died in France, arranged for his body to be reinterred near Zichron Ya’acov on the Heights of the Benefactor (Ramat Ha-Nadiv) a kunya given to Rothschild. Both his body and that of his wife Ada was taken for burial there by an Israeli warship and given a state burial.

There is a Rothschild Avenue in Caesarea, a Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv, and more. All of this underlines the special relationship between the Rothschilds and Israel, and hence why Israel remains protected as an entity, though an illegal and barbaric one.

It was at Caesarea’s Dan Hotel in 2010 that the Rothschild Caesarea Foundation’s Rothschild Ambassadors program was launched with the aim to train:

“young people interested in becoming the future business and social leaders of Israel,” according to the program’s official statement as reported by the Jerusalem Post. The program was to be overseen by the lady in the above photo, Baroness Ariane de Rothschild wife of Baron Benjamin de Rothschild who is also vice-chair of the Foundation. The Jerusalem also reports:

Benjamin’s great-grandfather Baron Edmond de Rothschild, “Hanadiv,” was one of the earliest patrons of Zionism, buying hundreds of thousands of dunams of land from the Ottomans and helping establish Rishon Lezion, Petah Tikva, Metulla and Zichron Ya’acov, which were among the first modern Jewish settlements in Palestine. The family later established the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation in 1962 in cooperation with the State of Israel, which received 50% of the ownership of the foundation.

Though boycotts are spreading, such moves won’t deter the Rothschilds’ support of Israel, she said, describing how the family is too well-established and too assimilated in the countries of Europe where they live to fear the shifting sands of anti-Israel sentiment.

“The Rothschilds are so well integrated in these countries, the Rothschilds of France are French, in America they’re American. The Rothschilds are very much part of European history. Our support of Israel has never affected us, said Baroness Ariane.

“Not only that, we’ve never had an ultra-Zionist outlook; we’ve always had a reasonable position vis-à-vis Israel and vis-à-vis the neighboring countries,” she said, describing how the family supports the two-state solution and that such a sense of balance “is very important for us.”

As a non-Jew, Baroness Ariane adds:

And I must say that even though my father-in-law [Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild] would say that a Rothschild must be three things: a Jew, a banker and a philanthropist. The difference though is to be a Jew is about what you do, what you do on a daily basis.

I’m sure religious people would profoundly disagree with what I say, but I feel very strongly about it.”

The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation enjoys a contentious tax exemption status. From this it is learnt that the joint agreement was on the basis that the Rothschild family bought land before Israel’s so-called independence, and that its the focus on promotion of ‘higher education’ earned what was not in their right to give, government transference of ownership and leasing rights to land in Caesarea. According to Globes [online], Israel business news This same agreement was ratified in 1989 and extended to 2022 by then-Minister of Finance Shimon Peres. The State Comptroller found that the tax exemption originated in promises by top government officials, including finance ministers to anchor the exemption in law. Although no such law has ever been passed, the tax exemption has remained in effect.

Why war criminal Blair is meeting Netanyahu (and whoever else) in Caesarea we may never know, but the fact that he is, along with the British Queen’s protection as provided for by recent laws, speaks much of what they hold dear, their interests which right now is at a crisis point!

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