Heavenly Signs: From Solar Flares to Social Unrest

Heavenly Signs: From Solar Flares to Social Unrest

By Hwaa Irfan

News of the big solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection, CME from the Sun, on the weekend of global support for the Lotus (Egyptian) Revolution recall brought to my attention a possible connection , a connection that more often than not is denied. Anyhow I decided to explore the issue.

the big solar flare and Coronal Mass Ejection I am referring to is referred to by NASA as Sunspot 1401, which erupted at 16.00 UT. Not all eruptions proceed towards Earth, but Sunspot 1401 has been precisely that! Usually the visible signs of entry are geomagnetic storms that manifest as auroras, which with but Sunspot 1401 happens to be on January 21st. Out blasts of radiation are emitted from sunspots, hence the ability to affect human activity (even the economy). The last major series of eruptions from the Sun from 1979 – 1981 led to:

  • Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan
  • Nicaraguan president Anastasio Somoza was forced to cede power and the Sandinistas took over
  • The Shah of Iran was forced into exile and Ayatollah Khomeini came to power
  • Iraq invaded Iran, beginning an eight-year war
  • Israel bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor
  • China invaded Vietnam

This does not mean that sunspots are bad, and are therefore negative. It means we react negatively because we are locked into the negative patterns that emanate from functioning according to our lower desires – our miscreations.

January 24/5 2012

NASA’s Solar Dynmic Observatory has noted the strongest blast of radiation (Coronal Mass Ejection) since 2005 from a solar flare on Sunday/Monday 10.59pm/0359, ET/GMT arising from Sunpost 1402 (class M-8.7, next and final level is X-rated!). Rushing towards Earth at 2200 kilometres a second, the charged particles have been expected today, Tuesday 24 2012 14:18 UT,the eve before masses are to gather on Tahrir Square. Spaceweather warns there could be isolated reboots of computers onboard Earth-orbiting satellites, and interferance of polar radio communications.

Jan 24 2012

Spaceweather reports:

As predicted by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 24 at ~1500 UT (10 am EST).  A geomagnetic storm is brewing in the aftermath of the impact, but as this alert is being written it is too soon to say how weak or strong the storm might be.  High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after local nightfall; the hours around local midnight are often best for seeing the Northern Lights.  Chances for a good display favor observers in northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Alaska, and possibly northern tier US states such as Maine, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

January 23rd 2012 is the Year of the Water Dragon, the New Chinese Year. On that day According to USGS, 26 earthquakes took place in Alaska (8), Chile (3), China (1), Dominican Republic (1), Fiji (1), Hawaii (6), Indonesia (3), Japan (1), Puerto Rica (1), U.S. (California -1)…

The overall influence of the day 25 January 2012, points to the new that moves towards sustainability, but as always we have the God given gift of choice! Let’s pray as the Davos World Economic Forum focuses on capitalism, they will open to the insights as to why it is failing, destructive, and in dire need to be brought into line with the Universal Order! Unfortunately we are repeating the same negative patterns of anti-life:

  • U.S imposes sanctions on Iran’s third largest bank
  • U.S. signed in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, which was signed in 2011 by US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea which aims to control world resources for the benefit of the few. It will also control Internet activity, in other words police freedom of information.
  • Dissent amongst Libyan and Syrian rebels will bring further chaos to those countries for a civil unrest that was started by the rebels in the first place, but will be to the benefit of their foreign backers
  • According to USGS, 26 earthquakes took place in Alaska (4), Argentine (1), China (1), Columbia (1), Dominican Republic (1), Fiji (1), Flores Sea (1), Hawaii (6), Italy (1), Indonesia (1), Japan (1), Kuril Isl. (1), New Mexico (1), New Zealand, (1), Pacific Ocean (1), Panama (1), Papua New Guinea (2), Puerto Rica (1), Philippine Isl. (1), U.S. (Washington-1)…

The good…

  • People power in Libya is fighting back the barbaric rebels, i.e. NTC recognized by Western allies as Libya’s governing power
  • India has risen above the nasty boy games of U.S. and allies to play real politics, and will buy oil from Iran in gold, not dollars!
  • The Sun put its hat on for the marking of the January 25th Revolution. The Sun came out to play after an unusual month of freezing cold English weather and grey skies bringing refreshing winds as if to announce Egypt’s Arab Spring. The atmosphere was high, and community spirited, and finally State T.V. gave way to months of anti-Revolution propaganda to  the importance of what the Revolutionary youth had begun.

By –passing all the Dooms Dayers on the Net, I found the following examples around the dates mentioned below:

Global Coherence Monitoring

Jan 05 – 09 2011: 7 solar flares had preceded culminating in Sunspot complex 1393 and 1388. =

  • Seven volcanoes on Level III alert, Indonesia
  • Volcanic activity causing 230 sq. m. of earth to rise around the Three Sisters volcanoes,  Oregon, U.S.
  • Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords,  Arizona was shot in the head killing at least five people and wounding several others.
  • A student protest gathers momentum on Armed Forces Day, Egypt to become the January 25th Revolution.

February 13, 2011: X-rated Solar flare 1158 erupted at 1738 UT (class M6) and on the 15th it became X-rated =

  • The Libyan unrest began
  • February 14 Revolution, Bahrain began
  • Copper futures fall, while Gold futures hit an all time high
  • Riots and civil unrest in Wisconsin, U.S.

June 7 2011: Sunspot complex 1226-1227 erupted (class M2, radiation storm S1, plus a big CME) =

  • June 5th, the Chilean Puyehue volcano started erupting – has been dormant for 50 years.
  • Upsurge in violence, Yemen
  • Somali refugees flee, Yemen
  • Civil servants strike, Botswana, Africa

June 21 2011: Sunspot complex 1236 erupted (magnetic fields above erupted, plus a big CME =  The former Tunisian president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and his wife were sentenced to 35 years in prison.

  • Heavy military activity across the U.S. involving the moving of heavy artillery, tanks, rocket launchers ground to ground ground to air in and around Alexandria Virginia.
  • Anti-austerity protests spread across Spain
  • NATO admitted launching a missile at a residential compound in Libya killing innocent women and children.
  • Pro-Ghadaffi protestors clashed with anti-Ghadaffi protestors in Deir Ezzor
  • Protests erupted in the city of Aleppo, Syria
  • Pro-Assad protests take place across Syria
  • Jordan’s Information Minister Taher Adwan resigned

August 3 -9 2011 Sunspot complex 1260 (class M1.4) , 1261 (class M1.1) and 1263 (class M9)=

  • Security Council condemns growing violence in Syria
  • Earthquakes: Bolivia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Easter Island, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Mexico, Fiji, Chile, Japan, Papua New Guinea

Obviously there is a lot more than anyone can digest in a short period, and what other ‘events’ are taking place, affect the form and the outcome, but all this serves to remind us is, we are a part of something greater than the boring lives we have reduced ourselves down to in the mistaken belief, that we were ever really free from our own devices!

22 Jan. 2012

NASA’s Spaceweather reports:

Earth’s magnetic field is reverberating from a CME impact during the early hours of Jan. 22nd. The hit compressed Earth’s magnetic field, briefly exposing some geosynchronous satellites to solar wind plasma, and disturbed the ionization structure of Earth’s upper atmosphere. As night falls on Jan. 22nd, Arctic sky watchers are reporting bright auroras in response to a polar geomagnetic storm

Bjørn Jørgensen observed this display from Tromsø, Norway

Does this look like an eagle or what?

Spaceweather Report

Jan 27 2012 – X-FLARE:  Earth-orbiting satellites detected a powerful X2-class solar flare today, Jan. 27th, at 1837 UT. The source was departing sunspot 1402.  The blast produced a spectacular CME (not Earth directed) and accelerated energetic protons toward Earth.  A low-level radiation storm is now in progress around our planet.

For those who asked, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred on 11 March 2011:

March 10 there was a CME strike on March 10, 2011 which resulted in a geomagnatic storm, which strucka mighty blow to Earth’s magnetic field at 0630 UT

March 07 Sunpsot 1166 erupted around 2323 UT from a powerful solar flare after 4 years without a flare.

March 03 the largest sunspot observed by NASA, Sunspot AR1339 80,000 x 40,000 km, wider than the Earth



McCraty, R. “Results from the Global Coherence Monitoring System – A Case Example from the Middle East.” http://www.glcoherence.org/monitoring-system/commentaries.html

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