Fears of a British Policed State Rising Midst the Elite Paedophile Scourge*

Fears of a British Policed State Rising Midst the Elite Paedophile Scourge*

Brian Gerrish of UK Column says that there’s a rush of people contacting him advising there’s something very nasty going on behind the scenes.  A new quasi-Marxist fascist political system is being prepared.  Christopher Storey wrote in his book (missed the title) that this was the plan, giving great details.

People are to be taken off the land.  People’s property is being stolen from under their feet.  The destabilisation phase is beginning.  Trouble in the economy.  Trouble in politics.  If you show resistance, you’ll end up in a psychiatric unit.  More shocking details given in the video.  Britain is descending into a vicious Police State.

The aim is to bring violence onto the streets to collapse democracy.  Child abuse is being used to bring people onto the streets, to foster division between communities.  Rotherham.  No one’s been convicted. 1400 children abused by gangs in Rotherham, gangs branded as Asian in the media.  Child abuse by white people is being ignored by the media.  Child abuse is being used to create the violence on the streets, which will justify the ending of democracy.

50% of child abusers are women.  This is also being ignored.

David Cameron is using Military Police and Naval Personnel to protect him.

Westminster is putting child abuse revealers under a regime of terror.

Stay peaceful.  Don’t allow the deviants in Westminster to push us into violence.  That’s exactly what they want.



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