ICC Issues Warrant for the Arrest of Bush and Obama

ICC Issues Warrant for the Arrest of Bush and Obama

From Alexandra

A top judge at the International Criminal Tribunal at the Hague, Judge Frederick Harhoff has issued international warrants for the arrests of both George W. Bush and Barack Obama for war crimes.

The world’s top war crimes prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal, Francis Boyle has initiated cases against Bush in several countries, cornering him – and he affirms that Bush and his advisors have been counselled by their attorneys not to travel around the world.

“We’re going to get them here, too. They killed 1.5 million Iraqis. As for US personnel,Bush and the rest of them murdered about 5,000 – so that’s why it’s going to take longer,because the offenses were so grave and so extreme, compared to Milosevic” [whom he
previously prosecuted].

Lawyers in South Africa filed for the arrest of Obama for genocide before his recent visit
there, charging the Obama Administration for its indiscriminate confinement of Muslims
without charge and for its targeted drone attacks on civilian Muslim populations across
the globe – which constitutes genocide.

South African lawyer, Yousha Tayob says that it’s a history that his nation can identify with
and knows only too well, saying, “Prior to 1993, we had an extensive history of detention without trial in this country and the feeling among South Africans today is: “You didn’t condone it then, why must you allow this to happen on an international basis today?”

In addition, former NSA officer, Scott Rickard has been investigating secret wars being fought with US Tax Dollars, that the American public is completely unaware of: a war in Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, the latter of which has now been separated into two countries, with the new “South Sudan” being used by big oil companies for the development of oil fields there, while food production has plummeted in the devastated countryside, resulting in mass famines.

Rickard also points out that the use of depleted uranium munitions in all of these battlegrounds results in the permanent nuclear contamination of these areas, which will inevitably lead to deaths by horrific cancers, within 10-15 years of the people continuously exposed. He notes that the US soldiers who have fought in these areas are beginning to die from this but it is “not being talked about.”

Many lawyers think that it will be difficult to try Obama while he is still in office, but that Bush and his advisors have now become “prisoners in their own country”, which is not punishment enough, in the minds of the millions of victims they have left in their wake.

Keith Olbermann talks with Jonathan Turley (law professor) about a piece in the conservative Daily Telegraph where Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, advises George W. Bush not to bring his book tour to Britain, because he could face arrest as a war criminal.

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  1. December we have Bush, and Obama both at the funeral for Mandela the Best Communist ever! Again the hague who supposedly has warrants for them refuses to take action!!! The HAGUE is bought and paid for by the world elites that control these two puppets!!!

  2. What good are these warrants if you refuse to enforce them? Obama and Bush were so scared they went and hung out in Africa together, and had a good ole time! Warrants are crap if you refuse to use them!! The HAGUE now is seen as the sham that it is! If you have enough money the HAGUE will leave you alone!

    • Or maybe, Africa is the only country they can go to, either way an awakening is going on and that is more important, because we will have to take responsibility for what we accept!!

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