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36 Brotherhood Detainees Killed Near Cairo*

36 Brotherhood Detainees Killed Near Cairo

The Anti-Coup Alliance issued a statement claiming that it had “obtained evidence of the assassination of at least 38 anti-coup detainees in a truck transferring them to Abu Zaabal prison.”

The group said it “puts full criminal responsibility” on the leaders of the July 3 military coup, including Egyptian army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Kamel, and demanded an international investigation into the “horrific crime.”

Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood supporters died on Sunday 18 August as police escorting prisoners in trucks exchanged fire with armed men near Cairo. Conflicting reports stated that some or all of those killed suffocated from tear gas.

Thirty-six Islamist prisoners were killed in Egypt while being transferred to Abu Zaabal prison in northern Cairo, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said. Police used force to prevent the escape of the prisoners when they began to riot.

“Thirty-six of the prisoners died of suffocation and crowding after tear gas was used to stop their escape,” the ministry said.

However, several different accounts of events emerged in Egyptian media, alleging the involvement of a group of gunmen who attacked the prisoner convoy. Furthermore, there were reports that a police officer was taken hostage by detainees during the melee.

According to the version given by the state media on and quoted by RT’s Bel Trew, a police truck transporting detainees was attacked by a group of armed men. During the incident, which was said to be taking place in a car park, a police officer was taken hostage. Officers responded by firing tear gas, and the people inside the prison truck subsequently suffocated to death.

Evidence elsewhere describes how the vehicles in which they were riding had been attacked with rocket-propelled grenades. Then it was reported that militants forced the vehicles to stop and ordered the police to lie on the ground before shooting them execution-style.

The Telegraph reported, the grisly photographs of the slain police “raised doubts: the bodies appeared to have been lined up after death. The hands of one were behind his back, as if tied, yet there was no binding.”

The detainees were held pending investigations into the Ramses Square clashes, the report added.

Meanwhile, the military has seized upon the deaths of 25 policemen which took place the following day in the Sinai desert near the Rafah border crossing with Gaza to bolster its pretense that the bloody state violence in Cairo and elsewhere is a “struggle against terrorism.”

Amr Darrag from Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party told RT that “the Muslim Brotherhood has always been protecting churches.” Citing a priest in Minya – where many Christian churches were attacked this week – Darrag said that the “attacks were orchestrated by thugs who cooperate with security forces.” He added that allegations of Islamist groups attacking the places of worship are unfounded. “These allegations are being propounded by the current [regime], in order to justify the aggression.”

Darrag also said that mass media often misinterprets the entire picture of the conflict, placing pro-Morsi protesters in one camp and government forces in the other. They are composed of “several fractions of Egyptians,” the politician said, adding that some are not organized or united under any banner. “They are all protesting and marching to regain democracy back.”


Auken, BV “Egypt’s Military Consolidates Dictatorship as Washington Reviews Aid”

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Jakarta, Paris and Others Protest for Egypt

Jakarta, Paris and Others Protest for Egypt

JAKARTA, August 19— Hundreds of Indonesian Muslims demonstrated in support of Egypt’s Islamists today after days of clashes with security forces there that left almost 800 people dead. Egypt’s army-installed authorities last week launched an offensive to clear protest camps filled with the Islamists who are loyal to Mohamed Morsi, ousted as president last month. The assault sparked days of deadly clashes between Islamist protesters and security forces in Cairo, Alexandria and elsewhere. About 1,000 demonstrators gathered at the landmark Hotel Indonesia roundabout in the centre of Jakarta before marching to the Egyptian embassy, police said. The protesters, who included many women wearing Muslim headscarves, brandished banners reading “Stop Killing Egyptians” and gruesome photographs of victims of the violence. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); “Save Egypt, their blood is our blood too. Stop killing our brothers and sisters!” a protester shouted through a microphone while the crowd responded by shouting “God is Great” in Arabic. Indonesia is the country with the world’s biggest Muslim population and events in the Middle East often spark protests. — AFP

French demonstrators have staged a rally in Paris to protest against the Egyptian military’s brutal crackdown on supporters of the ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, Press TV reports.

Egyptians living in France said they were shocked by Western leaders for failing to condemn the military-led ouster of Morsi.

“If you do accept the coup and still support, after all these massacres, the military forces, that means that you are pro-killing and you are an accomplice. Our first aim of the Revolution of the 25th of January was to clear our political stage from the army – and today we’re at the same point,” said Moayad Harb with Defense of Democracy in Egypt.
French President Francois Hollande has refused to directly criticize the Egyptian military, saying Egypt’s democratic process had merely been “interrupted.”

Washington has also refused to call Morsi’s ouster a coup because such acknowledgement would trigger an automatic congressional ban on the US aid to the Egyptian military.

“I want to address a simple word to our politicians here in France and in the US: today, if you are against [the coup], you have to say you’re against [it] and take the correct initiatives to block this aid and to stop dealing with this new government,” said Harb. – Press TV

Pakistani supporters of Islamic party Jammat-e-Islami (JI) hold up portraits of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi during a pro-Morsi rally in Karachi on July 7, 2013. Hundreds of Pakistani JI supporters rallied in support of Morsi in the Pakistan’s port city of Karachi.

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Mubarak to be Released*

Egypt Protests 4Mubarak to be Released*

A court in Egypt has ordered former dictator, Hosni Mubarak, be released in one of the remaining corruption cases against him.

According to Egyptian Judiciary officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, a court on Monday ordered Mubarak’s release in a corruption case in which Mubarak and his two sons, Alaa’ and Gamal, are accused of embezzling funds to renovate presidential palaces.

The officials added that Mubarak could be freed this week, but the court has decided to keep his two sons in custody.

The former dictator has been ordered released in two other cases against him which are the killing of protesters during the 2011 revolution that ousted him, and illegal earnings.

Mubarak is being retried for the demonstrators’ killing. However, he cannot be kept in custody anymore due to a two-year limit pending a final verdict.

He is also facing trial on allegations of accepting gifts from state newspapers but has already repaid their value.

The former long-time ruler was sentenced to life in prison in June 2012, but an appeals court later overturned the sentence and ordered a retrial.

Many revolutionaries in Egypt believe the former US-allied strongman should be sentenced to death over his leading role in killing demonstrators.



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An American living in Cairo through the Coup*

An American living in Cairo through the Coup*

An American living in Cairo through the Coup*

Shannon Abulnasr, an American living in Cairo, writes about surviving the chaos of a revolution

Even when it’s not gripped by a revolution or a coup, my neighbourhood is a lively place, with locals fighting out disputes in the streets with swords, machetes, guns and metal pipes.

I am an American living in the suburb of Bolaq in Giza, Cairo. It is very poor, densely populated and riddled with crime.

As most Egyptians will tell you when they hear about anything happening in Bolaq, it usually involves criminals. But after having lived through the first revolution and now this coup, I think I have seen it all.

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr passed last week, marking the end of Ramadhan and the month of fasting. Egyptians celebrated the day as usual, even in areas consumed by the recent protests.

My British friend Aaliyah El-Sayed visited the central gathering point for pro-Mohamed Morsi protesters, Rabba Addawiya Square, for her family’s Eid celebrations. There, men were handing out goody bags for children, along with £5 notes with a stamp on them and a statement about how Morsi was the legal president of Egypt, and not military ruler General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

My husband, a native Egyptian, and I wanted to take our two-year-old son to the zoo for the day, but we couldn’t because the zoo is very near Cairo University and it wasn’t safe to go amid the protests. Disappointingly, Eid was spent at home.

But far worse was to come.

On Tuesday night, Muslim Brotherhood members in my neighbourhood marched from our road on their way to Cairo University. My father-in-law had travelled about two hours to visit us, and had called my husband and asked him to meet him two blocks away from our home.

Unaware of the protests, the two were forced to use back routes because, as the protesters reached the main road, they were set upon by what Egyptians call “baltigaya” (thugs) – pro-army supporters with guns. My husband saw them attacking the protesters and looting a well-known franchise store owned by an Islamist called Tawheed al-Nour. Workers were injured and the store was gutted.

My husband and father-in-law managed to avoid two makeshift checkpoints the baltigaya erected and manned. They beat and arrested anyone who appeared to be affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood – any religious-looking man with a beard.

After they returned home, I told my husband to shave off his beard to keep safe. But he refused, deciding instead that he would trim it very short.

I left for work on Wednesday and took a tuk-tuk, deciding against my usual 10-minute walk. At the nursery school where I teach, the previous night’s violence was all my foreign colleagues and I could speak about. By noon, we were told we could leave early because clashes had erupted all over Cairo. Bridges were closed, squares were blocked off by protesters and the chaos was spreading fast.

Before we left, we discussed that this was the first time we had all really felt the danger lurking among us, despite having survived the revolution. This time was different for all of us. The revolution was about an overwhelming majority united against Mubarak and the army supported the people.

But this time it is everyone against everyone, with bloodshed and seemingly an inevitable civil war.

When I got home, I forced my husband to sit in a chair while I trimmed his beard even shorter. I then forced him to shave the rest off completely.

I was terrified after reading news reports that snipers had been positioned all over town and were shooting those who appeared to be religious, with beards or niqabs – those they suspected of being allied to the Muslim Brotherhood.

I wasn’t going to risk it, nor would I let him risk it. It wasn’t worth it.

We remained at home on Thursday. Throughout the day we learnt of many friends who were shot and either killed or injured in the chaos.

One was shot in the face and had a bullet lodged under his eye. The hospitals are overflowing and, unable to find treatment, he returned home like that.

Another friend was shot in the leg and collapsed in the street. Strangers called my husband to help them find his home.

Yet another was shot in the shoulder. Another died of gunshot wounds.

All said they couldn’t find a hospital to take them and were sent home with their injuries uncared for.

My sister-in-law works at a specialist maternity hospital and said they were turning away many who had been shot in the head. One of their patients died and ambulance drivers told them to take the body to the mortuary themselves because they couldn’t. The mortuary was overflowing with people. Bodies were lying in the streets.

Families of dead protesters found that when they went to claim their loved ones’ bodies, officials refused to release them unless they agreed to sign off on a cause of death stated as “natural causes, suicide or accident”.

Ahmed Bedier wrote on his Facebook wall about how he had tried to claim his brother’s body and was told to indicate that his brother’s death was natural, despite the fact that he was shot to death. His plea for authorities to investigate caught the attention of international media.

Late on Thursday I asked my husband to go out and buy a few essentials we needed to survive the turmoil because stock was running low at stores everywhere and we needed to stock up on groceries.

He left home several times that day, forced to comb many different areas for necessities like nappies, chicken and other basics.

All the markets had run out of chicken, saying suppliers were unable to deliver. On his third trip, he finally found nappies.

He went further down the street to look for vegetables and came across a janazah (funeral prayer gathering) for a pro-Morsi protester at the end of the street.

As my husband arrived, the mourners were chanting anti-army slogans that were heard in the area.

The clashes began, machine guns were fired and my husband retreated home with only the nappies to show for his travels.

I wept as I cooked dinner that night, confused and anxious, unsure of what to think or do. As my friend and fellow American Heather Shaw said: “I’m in a state of a frozen heart for self-preservation.”

I feel the same way.

Egyptians mourn over the bodies of their relatives in the Al-Fath mosque in Cairo on Friday – The March of Anger


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11-Year Old Sitara Sets ‘O’-Level World Record*

11-Year Old Sitara Sets ‘O’-Level World Record*

A Pakistani girl has become the youngest student in the world to have passed the British Ordinary Level (O’Level) examination.

Sitara Brooj Akbar, at the age of 11, passed six O’level subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

In addition to this honour, Sitara also holds the title of being the youngest Pakistani candidate of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and successfully attained seven bands out of nine, scoring 7.5 in the testing system.

The little genius from Chiniot (Punjab) has been making headlines across local media, but is yet to receive any recognition from the Government of Pakistan.

“We don’t need any sort of monetary aid from the government, we just want the government to recognise that Sitara has made a shining example for Pakistan on the international stage and she is the daughter of Pakistan,” Sitara’s father Ali Akbar told

Ali Akbar added that the British Council has declared and recognized Sitara’s feat as the world’s youngest student to have passed O’level exams. However, she has only been declared the youngest IELTS candidate in Pakistan, and not across the world, as the British Council is yet to confirm her feat globally.

Speaking to, Sitara’s mother mentioned that her daughter is a great fan of Dr Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s sole Nobel laurete and aims to become a top researcher in the field of biochemistry.


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Australia Threatening Parents if they don’t Vaccinate their Children*

Australia Threatening Parents if they don’t Vaccinate their Children*

Ignore the deaths from vaccinations that keep filing in!

By Eliza Borrello

What;s in a Vaccine

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that parents who choose not to have their children vaccinated will miss out on thousands of dollars in government benefits.

Speaking at Westmead Hospital in Sydney on Sunday, Mr Rudd said those who do not vaccinate their children will not get the Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplement.

The payment is worth $726 per child, per year and is paid when children are vaccinated at one, two and five years of age.

Since last year, parents who have not immunised their children have not received the benefit; however, those registering as so-called conscientious objectors have.

Under Labor’s policy, exemptions would only be made on religious or medical grounds.

Labor says it wants to boost immunisation rates and prevent children who are not vaccinated from getting diseases like whooping cough and measles, and putting others at risk.

The Government says the science of immunisation “cannot be disputed”.

“Immunisation is the safest and most effective way for parents to protect their children from disease, and one of the most important public health measures at our disposal,” a Government statement said.

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek told Sky News the plans will boost immunisation rates.

“It is one of the single more effective and cheapest ways of keeping our community healthy,” she said.

“We think about 3 million lives are saved a year around the world.

“We’re very lucky that in Australia so many of these diseases have almost disappeared that sometimes people become a bit complacent.”

Kids Flee Deadly Vaccine by David DeesAustralian Medical Association president Dr Steve Hambleton says the benefits of immunisation far outweigh the risks.

“The strong message here is the Government is rewarding people who do the right thing … [and] fully immunise their children,” he told ABC News 24.

“If we can get the immunisation rates above 90 per cent, we will abolish diseases like measles and can we can attack things like whooping cough.”

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, which is read by thousands of voters in key western Sydney seats, has been running a campaign critical of parents who do not vaccinate their children.





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Actor Wesley Snipes Freed After 3 Years for Refusing to be Taxed*

Actor Wesley Snipes Freed After 3 Years for Refusing to be Taxed*

By Hwaa Irfan

Giving up US citizenship has been in the news recently with 1,780 expatriates relinquish their passports at  U.S. embassies – an up from 235 at the beginning of the global economic crisis in 2008 according to Andy Sundberg, secretary of Geneva’s Overseas American Academy. In 2011 that figure was 1,781.

The U.S., is the only nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD that taxes its citizens wherever they are side living. To add insult to injury, US citizens have  to pay capital gains tax to the US government if they sell a property in Britain that is their main residence.

Even then the U.S. does not let that go without a price. As Bloomberg reports, a fee has to be paid – an exit tax of US$450 on unrealized capital gains if their assets exceed US $2mn or their average annual U.S. tax bill is more than $151,000 during the past five years.

The wealthy can afford to exercise their constitutional right (read the small print of the original constitution) as exampled by the Republican Parties refusal to let Obama increase taxation on the wealthy that hardly pay any tax as introduced by former president Bush Jnr.

What was not so widely covered is one man who refused to stand, deliver, and skip the country, actor Wesley Snipes. Snipes of Blade fame – to the mainstream audience – was convicted for willfully failing to file tax returns for 1999, 2000 and 2001 in February 2010.

At least for those years, Snipes can swear that he never contributed to the shedding of someone’s blood in another country.

However, Vibes is of the opinion like many that:

Some people would point out that Wesley Snipes had plenty of money, and that he could have easily handed over his extortion fee and still be able to eat.  However, if a wealthy man was walking down the street and was attacked by a mugger, would people still carry that same perception?  Would everyone condemn this person for attempting to stand up against his mugger?  Because Wesley Snipes, and every other person who is forced to fill out a tax form, is by principle a victim of theft.

Unfortunately, he is still being treated like a common criminal, i.e. under constant supervision , while low-wage earners are being treated as indentured labour!



Broom, G “Wealthy Americans Queue to Give Up Their Passports”

Vibes, J.G. “Actor Wesley Snipes Free after 3 Years in a Government Cage For Refusing to be Mugged”

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Broom, G “Wealthy Americans Queue to Give Up Their Passports”

Vibes, J.G. “Actor Wesley Snipes Free after 3 Years in a Government Cage For Refusing to be Mugged”

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Goldman Sachs Bribes Senate for Bailout Bill!

The History of Your Enslavement

Global Banksters Gunning for Correa for Taxing Them!*

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