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Irish Republic Was Hijacked By Elites after Partition*

Irish Republic Was Hijacked By Elites after Partition*

This piece of European history might help to make sense of what is happening in Egypt now!

By James O’shea

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams told the McGill Summer School in Donegal that in Ireland,

“Almost 100 years ago partition created two conservative states ruled in their narrow self-interests by two conservative elites.”

He stated that in Northern Ireland,

 “The northern state was a one party state which reinforced the institutionalised use of discrimination, sectarianism and segregation.”

But he also stated that “Partition also affects this part of the island.

“This state is the product of the counter-revolution that followed the Rising and of a dreadful civil war which tore out the heart at that time of what remained of the generosity of our national spirit.

“As the idealism of the aborted revolution waned a native conservative elite replaced the old English elite with little real change in the organisation of Irish society and no real movement towards a rights based dispensation.”

Adams said compassionate and caring religion was one of the casualties.

“Religion was hijacked by mean men who used the gospel not to empower but to control, and narrow moral codes were enforced to subvert the instinctive generosity of our people.

“Women were discriminated against; gay and lesbian citizens were denied equality under the law and all the while scandals like the abuse in the industrial schools, the Magdalene laundries, Bethany Home and the barbaric practice of symphysiotomy were tolerated and encouraged.

“Those who suffered were mostly poor.

“The arts were censored. Our language undermined. Our culture corroded. Millions fled to England, the USA and Australia.

“A lesser people would not have survived.”

He stated that the institutions of government remained very partitionist.

“Moreover the institutions of this state, whether media, academia as well as the political elites are very partitionist.

“They have their backs to the border.

“While they are generally benign, policy makers knew little about the north and cared even less.

“Their concern is to protect the interests of the establishment as they understand it.”

This will only be changed when a genuine national spirit is recreated to replace the nonsense popular in some circles that this state is the nation and that Ireland stops at Dundalk or Lifford.”

He said the Good Friday Agreement was a foundation document for a new Ireland.

“We are living in a post Good Friday Agreement Ireland.

“This is most obvious in the north.

“But nowhere are the equality safeguards or parity of esteem measures of the Good Friday Agreement reflected in this state, in its governance or the protections for citizens.

“The Good Friday Agreement also envisaged that there would be a Bill of Rights for the north and a Charter of Rights for the island of Ireland.

“There is no Bill of Rights or Charter of Rights and no Civic Forum.

“The Good Friday Agreement also removed the Government of Ireland Act, under which the British government claimed sovereignty over the North, and provided for a poll on Irish unity.

“Such a poll will provide a unique opportunity for a real, inclusive and constructive debate on the future of Ireland. And as sections of unionism, like others, adjust in a more pragmatic and positive way to the merits and advantages of cross border cooperation, particularly on economic issues, we will see more progress,” he said.

The Limits of Liberty


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Egypt Denies Entry to Nobel Peace Winner Tawakul Karman*

Egypt Denies Entry to Nobel Peace Winner Tawakul Karman*

By Rizwan Khatik

Yemen’s Nobel Peace Prize Tawakul Karman has been denied entry into Egypt after she landed at Cairo airport “for security reasons”, officials say.

Ms Karman, the first Arab woman to win the prestigious prize, was reportedly held on arrival and ordered to fly on the same plane back to the Gulf.

She has voiced support to Muslim Brotherhood followers, calling Mohammed Mursi’s ousting “undemocratic”.

A prominent human rights activist, she was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2011.

On her Twitter account Karman had published that she would be coming to Egypt and going on a solidarity visit to the pro-Mursi large five-week sit-in at Rabaa Al-Adawiya Square in northeast Cairo pressing for Mursi’s reinstatement.

While Egyptian security sources did not give a reason for Ms Karman’s ban, Mena state news agency referred to her “solidarity” with supporters of the deposed Egyptian president.

Karman added that after the coup, Egypt has begun restricting rights and freedoms, with the pro-coup voices being the only ones currently heard. She said that thousands of anti-coup voices have been killed or imprisoned. She noted that she had headed to Egypt in order to bear witness to this injustice.

The Yemeni activist said that she considers herself responsible for unveiling the injustice that takes place in Egypt and the world, stressing that it is important that Egyptians preserve the achievements of the January 25 revolution.

She expressed regret that she was denied entry into Egypt, adding that this had happened because she defends and speaks about the achievements of the Arab Spring everywhere.

She refuted the criticisms directed at her over her closeness to the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that she defends human rights everywhere and in all places where rights are being violated, including Egypt.

She noted that she had criticized some of the Muslim Brotherhood’s policies from time to time.

Karman also pointed out that the current government in Egypt closed all the TV stations that opposed the military coup and that many of the anti-coup activists were arrested or killed in front of the world.

She expressed worries about Egypt’s future, saying that the military rule will be ousted within months, if not weeks.


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Return to the Land: When Necessity and Logic Means Wisdom

Return to the Land: When Necessity and Logic Means Wisdom

By Hwaa Irfan

Maybe there is still some hope for us yet! Truth doesn’t change hands, it remains the same from the Sumerian founders of the agricultural base of society, upon which as great civilization was built, to costly food imports, which means if you want to eat, plant it –the neglected wealth right under their feet!

Farming has become a patriotic act where students getting ready for school feed the chicken before leaving – a familiar sight to many in the days before the Washington Consensus.

The neo- liberal shift from developing and nurturing a real economy has turned food into a commodity on the stock market, and a billion-dollar threat to many countries in the Caribbean, a very fertile region.

Corporations have been left out of the picture with the Jamaican government motto “grow what we eat, eat what we grow” for the past 10 years. This really puts the consumer in touch with that which they consume, even though the colonial past of plantations and slavery are always present with the racism that goes with the region, – RESPECT!

Jamaica is now one of several countries that have given out thousands of seed kits to would be farmers, and has never regretted it! Four hundred schools have gardens maintained by students and teachers.

In Antigua and Barbuda, students go on regular planting missions, adding thousands of avocado, orange, breadfruit and mango trees to the islands, but in Jamaica, gardening and cooking are often part of every school day.

The New York Times describe some boys entering a Jamaican school, as their teacher Ms. Lewis quickly directs them to give water to the chickens, water the Scotch bonnet peppers, check on the callaloo — spinach to see if they are ready to harvest. Ms. Lewis proceeded to show a 14-year old boy how to loosen a carrot stalk. When the boy succeeded everyone cheered as Ms. Lewis told them: “You will not go to town and find carrots like this,”

Ms. Lewis has found that farming gave children with troubled backgrounds a reason to come. Farming beats RFID tags and has increased school attendance dramatically aided by the free and healthy breakfast made with ingredients that the students grew themselves.

 “You can’t think when you’re hungry,” Ms. Lewis said.

Antigua and Barbuda was on track to produce half its food this year

The Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture puts effort in providing information on cost, how to choose a pant to grow, where best to grow it, and how to grow it, and harvest it, although the campaign needs to make a greater dent in the imported foods bill with nonsensical items like J$750 million spent on imported French fries in 2012!

However with US$17.2 million pumped into the Jamaican initiative from the European Union, the Food and UN, Agriculture Organisation it kind of defeats the objective of self sufficiency, an ambition that is thwarted by the problematic elite of the country, as exampled by the import of banana chips and other by-products while their local farmers cant sell their fruits, and have and going to waste!


“As Cost of Importing Food Soars, Jamaica Turns to the Earth”

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Fake Washington Terror Threat*

Fake Washington Terror Threat*


By Stephen Lendman

They’re in various forms. They repeat with disturbing regularity. America’s war on terror targets Islam. At issue is duplicitous scaremongering. It advances Washington’s imperium.

Wars of aggression follow. False arrests target innocent victims. Terror threats repeat. They’re strategically timed. They change the subject. They divert attention.

They fool most Americans. They do so most of the time. Here we go again. Media scoundrels march in lockstep. They regurgitate Big Lies.

On August 2, The New York Times headlined “Qaeda Messages Prompt US Terror Warning,” saying:

“The United States intercepted electronic communications this week among senior operatives of Al Qaeda, in which the terrorists discussed attacks against American interests in the Middle East and North Africa, American officials said Friday.”

“The intercepts and a subsequent analysis of them by American intelligence agencies prompted the United States to issue an unusual global travel alert to American citizens on Friday, warning of the potential for terrorist attacks by operatives of Al Qaeda and their associates beginning Sunday through the end of August.”

Fact check

Al Qaeda’s a longstanding US asset. It’s used strategically as enemy and ally. Terror threats are fabricated. Bin Ladin was used as “Enemy Number One” years after he died.

Obama didn’t kill him. He was seriously ill with kidney disease. He had other illnesses. In December 2011, he died naturally. The Pakistan Observer reported it. So did BBC and Fox News.

In July 2002, The New York Times said he’s been dead for “almost six months.” He was “buried in the mountains of southeast Afghanistan.”

On August 1, 2013, The State Department headlined “Temporary Post Closures and Worldwide Travel Alert.” It’s like previous ones. They’re fake.

“The following posts normally open on Sunday will be closed” on August 3 and 4, 2013. It’s because of “increased security concerns.”

“For further information, please click on the links below. A Worldwide Travel Alert has also been issued.”

US Embassy Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

US Embassy Algiers, Algeria

US Embassy Amman, Jordan

US Embassy Baghdad, Iraq

US Consulate Basrah, Iraq

US Embassy Cairo, Egypt

US Consulate Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

US Embassy Djibouti, Djibouti

US Embassy Dhaka, Bangladesh

US Embassy Doha, Qatar

US Consulate Dubai, United Arab Emirates

US Consulate Erbil, Iraq

US Consulate Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

US Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan

US Embassy Khartoum, Sudan

US Embassy Kuwait City, Kuwait

US Embassy Manama, Bahrain

US Embassy Muscat, Oman

US Embassy Nouakchott, Mauritania

US Embassy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

US Embassy Sana’a, Yemen

US Embassy Tripoli, Libya

Whose PawnAccording to an unnamed senior American official,”more than the usual chatter” was intercepted. Specifics were omitted. There are none. They don’t exist.

They come at Ramadan’s close. They followed Russia granting Snowden asylum. They came three days after fake Israeli/Palestinian peace talks began.

They’re during worsening economic crisis conditions. They affect growing millions. They’re when Washington threatens escalated war on Syria.

They’re at the same time administration officials try justifying institutionalized global spying. Meta-data mining is standard practice. NSA monitors everyone it targets all the time everywhere.

Russell Tice is a former Office of Naval Intelligence/Defense Intelligence Agency/NSA analyst. His career spanned 20 years.

In December 2005, he accused NSA and DIA of unconstitutionally wiretapping US citizens. He got national attention, saying:

“Everyone at NSA knew what they were doing was illegal, because it’s drilled into our heads over and over that it’s against NSA policy, that you do not do that. The choice is to speak out and get fired.”

On August 1, he was interviewed on PBS’ News Hour. He said NSA collects “everything.” It accumulates content “word for word, everything of every domestic communication in this country.”

Every phone call, email, and other personal communication is gathered and stored. Nothing escapes its scrutiny. It lies claiming otherwise. Meta-data collection is official policy. It’s longstanding. It’s done with technological ease.

Earlier he said NSA “targets, sucks-in, stores and analyzes illegally obtained content from the masses in the United States.”

Elected officials are monitored. So are federal judges. Candidate Obama’s phone was tapped. His private emails were read.

Public awareness grows. Fearmongering diverts attention. False flags shift attention from what matters. Administration officials take full advantage.

On August 2, Russia Today headlined “US issues global travel alert over al-Qaeda attack threat,” saying:

It “warn(ed) US citizens about the ‘continued potential for terrorist attacks’ in the Middle East and North Africa.”

It comes weeks ahead of the 12th 9/11 anniversary. It’s also the Benghazi, Libya first anniversary.

The travel alert remains throughout August. The State Department “alert(ed) US citizens to the continued potential for terrorist attacks, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa and possibly occurring and emanating from the Arabian Peninsula.”

“Current information suggest that al-Qaeda and affiliated organizations continue to plan terrorists attacks booth in the region and beyond and they may focus efforts to conduct attacks in the period between now and the end of August.”

Americans were warned about potential dangers on subways, air travel, railways, ships, other forms of public transportation, and prime tourist sites.

Media scoundrels regurgitate fearmongering. They do it ad nauseam. On August 3, CNN headlined “US issues global travel alert, to close embassies due to al Qaeda threat.”

Embassy closings and travel alert warning remain in place. Britain and Germany said they’ll “close their embassies in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, on Sunday and Monday. The UK Foreign Office said it was a precautionary measure.”

An unnamed US senior official in Yemen called the threat there “much worse than it has (been) in a long time.”

According to other unnamed US officials:

“Various Western targets – not just those tied to the United States -are under threat.”

Former US ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill said:

“There have been incidents where they’ve closed down a number of embassies in the Middle East because the information is not specific enough to say that ’embassy X’ got to be closed as opposed to other embassies.”

“But I think this, closing all of these embassies in the Middle East to North Africa, is in fact unprecedented. At least, I didn’t see this during my career.”

Unsubstantiated fearmongering lacks credibility. The usual “experts” hype it. US broadcasters and cable channels feature them. So do major broadsheets.

Notable past terror attacks were false flags. Perhaps Obama has another one in mind. Perhaps multiple ones. Maybe something major.

Last April’s Boston Marathon bombing was a black ops scheme. It was state-sponsored terrorism. Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were set up. They were innocent patsies.

They had nothing to do with it. Police murdered Tamerlan in cold blood. Dzhokhar faces longterm hard time.

The FBI bears responsibility for US terror plots. So does CIA. It’s longstanding policy. Post-9/11, it escalated.

Bush declared war on terrorism. Obama continues what he began. Washington needs enemies. When none exist, they’re invented.

Muslims are America’s target of choice. Innocent victims are entrapped. Doing so lets FBI operatives claim fabricated war on terror victories.

It lets NSA officials saying spying uncovers plots before they hatch. It lets America get away with murder. It does so on a global scale.

Lies, damn lies, and repeated lies facilitate state sponsored terrorism. It remains ongoing. Lots more is planned. America’s waging war on humanity. It’s longstanding US policy.


CIA Agent Baer: “THEY Want Us To Believe There’s Another 9/11 Coming!”

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Kerry Boosts Egyptian Military Dictatorship*

Kerry Boosts Egyptian Military Dictatorship*

As Egyptian State TV claims June 30  as a ’revolution’, the real youth behind the January 25 Revolution that ousted former President Mubarak reappear with the return of Mubarak’s Secret Police stating June 30 coup to be a violation of revolutionary legitimacy.

By Patrick Martin

US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed Thursday 01st August 2013 that the Egyptian military was “restoring democracy” when it overthrew the country’s elected president, Mohamed Mursi, in a July 3 military coup.

Speaking in Pakistan—another country where the US has backed military dictators who overthrew elected governments—Kerry told a television interview program, “The military was asked to intervene by millions and millions of people, all of whom were afraid of a descendance into chaos, into violence.”

He continued, “And the military did not take over, to the best of our judgment so–so far. There’s a civilian government. In effect, they were restoring democracy.”

This claim was so brazenly false that his Pakistani television interviewer was compelled to ask whether the military had restored democracy “by killing people on the roads?”

Kerry’s comments are in line with the decision by the Obama administration not to call the overthrow of an elected president a coup, in order to avoid triggering legal requirements for a cutoff of the $1.3 billion annual US subsidy to the Egyptian military.

The Muslim Brotherhood denounced Kerry’s statement, with spokesman Gehad el-Haddad asking if Kerry would endorse the overthrow of President Obama by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel if large protests took place in the United States.

Kerry’s remarks appear to have taken the White House by surprise. An official told the Wall Street Journal, “He [Kerry] did not stick to the script.”

While in fact backing the military junta, the administration has sought to maintain an official posture of neutrality between it and the Muslim Brotherhood and Mursi, with whom it worked closely during the year that Mursi was in power. Washington fears the social consequences of an escalation of the military’s crackdown against the Brotherhood, which is continuing to carry out demonstrations despite the killing of scores of its supporters and imprisonment of hundreds more.

The US is also seeking to balance between conflicting alliances in the region. Turkey and Qatar, two of Washington’s closest allies in the war for regime-change in Syria and the campaign of sanctions and provocations against Iran, are closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Moreover, by openly equating the military junta with democracy and ignoring its bloody repression against unarmed protesters, Kerry has further exposed the fraud of Washington’s pretenses of support for democracy and concern for the protection of civilians. He has demonstrated the hypocrisy of the claims that the US intervened in Libya and is seeking the overthrow of Assad in Syria out of humanitarian and democratic considerations.

Meanwhile, US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns has returned to Cairo for his second visit since the coup. Egyptian officials said Burns would meet with both the military-backed government of interim President Adly Mansour and representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood. There was no confirmation of this by the Brotherhood, whose leaders refused to meet with Burns during his previous visit.

In a further show of support for the junta, the Obama administration confirmed Wednesday that it has decided to go ahead with the biennial military exercises in Egypt called Operation Bright Star. These have been conducted since 1981, except for 2011, when the mobilization was cancelled in the midst of the political turmoil that followed the ouster of the Mubarak dictatorship.

Operation Bright Star, set for mid-September, is one of the largest military exercises in the world, with as many as 90,000 troops from 11 countries participating. This year’s exercise serves as both a tacit endorsement of the Egyptian military overturn and a dress rehearsal for a US military intervention in Syria.

Also on Wednesday, the Senate voted by 86 to 13 to back the Obama administration’s refusal to cut off aid to Egypt, with a large majority of senators of both parties declaring that US national security interests required ignoring the legal requirement that aid be terminated to any regime resulting from a military seizure of power.

The claim that the Egyptian military did not “take over” on July 3 is cynical and absurd, given that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), headed by General Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, named a new interim president to replace Mursi and effectively dictates the decisions of its civilian puppet.

Al-Sisi himself holds the posts of deputy prime minister and defense minister, in addition to his role as the chief of staff and head of SCAF, demonstrating who exercises real power in the new regime.

Mursi has been held incommunicado by the military for a month. The crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and Mursi’s Freedom and Justice Party, its political arm, continues unabated. On July 31, the prime minister appointed by Mursi, Hashim Qandil, was sentenced to a year in prison on charges stemming from a lawsuit over the privatization of the Tanta Flax and Oils Company.

Whatever the merits of the suit brought by employees of the company, the conviction and sentencing had a clear political purpose.

Mursi himself faces much more serious charges that could bring the death penalty. He is being investigated on murder and conspiracy charges in connection with a raid on an Egyptian prison that freed him and other Brotherhood leaders in 2011. Essentially, he would be charged with escaping from a prison term ordered by the Mubarak dictatorship and continued under the military junta that replaced Mubarak in February 2011.

Prosecutors have brought charges against the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, and two other top officials, deputy guide Khairat al-Shater and senior leader Rashad Bayoum, for a June incident in which anti-Islamist protesters were killed outside the group’s headquarters in Cairo.

As crowds gathered Friday in pro-Mursi protests in Cairo, riot police fired tear gas and sought to disperse the gatherings, while officials threatened to break up the two major encampments of Brotherhood supporters in the capital.

Information Minister Dorreya Sharaf el-Din announced on Wednesday that the military-backed government has ordered police to set up cordons around the pro-Mursi protests, claiming they were an “unacceptable threat” to national security.


Edward Luttwak’s 1968 book Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook.

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